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Entropy (double 12")
Cat: ADID 089. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Deep House
Entropy (8:07)
It Comes Around (6:55)
Marimba Minimo (7:50)
Kikiri (9:36)
Bona Fide & Zone+ - "Alter Ego" (8:56)
Third Time's A Charm (9:32)
Bona Fide & Wassu - "Love Sparkles" (6:21)
Luminous (6:52)
Review: Bona Fide returns on All Day I Dream with his first proper release named Entropy. The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer has certainly found a fitting home for his style of dreamy house on Lee Burridge's label, with highlights on the full-length not limited to: the mesmerising title track with its sublime steel drums playing centre stage, the deep dive into the exotic that is 'It Comes Around', through to the deep and sensual mood music of 'Alter Ego' featuring Zone+, the melodic fantasy of with 'Love Sparkles' with Wassu and the blissed-out closing cut 'Luminous' which is the perfect soundtrack to open-air rooftop style fun in the sun.
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Limitless EP
Cat: ADID 103. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Deep House
Seeking Solitude (6:44)
Limitless (6:35)
Guardians (6:48)
Review: The faultless All Day I Dream label is back with more zoned-out sounds for loved-up dances in the open air under a hot sun. Pippi Ciez is in charge of this one and it opens up with the beautiful melancholy of 'Seeking Solitude' which has chords draped over smooth rolling drums. 'Limitless' then lifts off into the stars with airy, floaty-light chords and wispy pads all ensuring you are cast adrift from your woes and left free to float in a happier place. Last of all, 'Guardians' is a sublime and supple deep house lament.
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Homily (12")
Cat: ADID 108. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Minimal/Tech House
DIM KELLY & Mondingo - "Homily" (7:42)
DIM KELLY & Maya Safar - "Like When We Love" (7:29)
DIM KELLY - "Rising Child" (6:25)
Review: Dim Kelly has previously proven to be one All Day I Dream's most reliable contributors, unleashing a series of EPs full to bursting with emotive, soaring and subtly tech-tinged progressive house treats. He has a trademark sound of sorts - think sweeping strings, life-affirming melodies and sumptuously dreamy chords - and it can be heard loud and clear on his latest three-tracker. Check first Mondigo collaboration 'Homily', where eyes-closed male vocals and melancholic piano motifs rise above immersive chords and suspenseful tech-house beats, before admiring the more uplifting and colourful dancefloor bliss of the Maya Safar-voiced 'Like When We Love'. To round off another immaculate EP, Kelly reaches for twinkling pianos, luscious orchestration and more metronomic beats ('Rising Child').
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Storm (12")
Cat: ADID 092. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Deep House
Storm (feat Reigan) (7:25)
Serenity (6:28)
So Free (feat Reigan) (6:44)
Clair De Lune (4:41)
Review: Double Touch make their return to German label, All Day I Dream, with their four-track EP, 'Storm'. Like soaking into an ambrosial dream, Reigan's beautiful vocals, reminiscent on 90s trip hop, drift effortlessly through the emotive core of the titular track, 'Storm'. For 'Serenity', a cherubic, cascading melody twirls gracefully around the driving, percussive spine of the track - replete with a sense of endlessness, this track is like looking into a distant horizon. 'So Free', the second track to feature Reigan's ethereal vocals, rides a rousing orchestral wave, precisely punctuated at points by soft garage-esque rhythms. And as the release draws to a close, a deep house reimagining of the classical piano piece, 'Clair De Lune', is a lesson in combining two supposedly disparate musical spheres. A fantastic release, perfect for roof-down listening or ecstatic dancefloors alike.

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Alba EP
Alba EP (12")
Cat: ADID 107. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Deep House
Alba (8:59)
Meine Liebe (8:01)
Make Believe (feat Shyam P) (7:55)
Follow The Light (7:57)
Review: All Day I Dream add yet another release to their nimbic repertoire, proving they've still got their heads in the clouds and would much prefer to stay there (trust us, it's not worth it down below). This time it's a fresh four-track ascendancy from producer Fulltone, and, take it from us, the tones are indeed full. Of grace, that is: opener 'Alba' is an expository sea of wonder and jubilance, establishing a mood of Atlantean trance and posi-energy frenergy, and recalling the more authentic ends of 90s trance, the many gems of trailblazers Apollo Records springing to referent mind. Then there's the German amour of 'Miene Liebe' and the Shyam P collab 'Make Believe', both of which propagate twin fantasies of exigent love and belief, while closer 'Follow The Light' strips things back to a more minimal burster, letting up on some of the pads and textures for a ridgier, roomier release.
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Eastbound Silhouette
Cat: ADID 090. Rel: 17 Feb 23
Deep House
Water Steers (8:04)
Sequoia (4:47)
Tears (8:49)
Lune (9:32)
Water Steers (9:20)
Tears (11:27)
Review: London's All Day I Dream label is instantly recognisable for its use of clouds as its EP covers, a trend it has kept up since since its first release in 2011. This latest wispy six-track EP from Tim Green is a beautiful floater, very much unafraid of plunging its head into the deepest and most rapturous of clouds. Opener 'Water Steers' very much sounds like we're floating up to the pearly gates, with its stretched-out choir samples and voxy one-shots opening to a tricky single-key house track. From there, it's all blissful yet rave-worthy, with tech-trancers like 'Tears' and 'We've Been Here Before' not letting up from the crossrhythmic formula, but still laying down a slowly-revealed emotion.
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The Night Is Blue EP
Cat: ADID 099. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Deep House
The Night Is Blue
Gold Of Gold
Review: UK beatmaker Tim Green is no stranger to cooking up epic techno tracks. He has done so many teams before on home label Cocoon but here he explores a different vibe on Lee Burridge's All Day I Dream. 'The Night Is Blue' is a perfectly smooth and seductive rolling house soundtrack for lazy daytime sessions somewhere hot. 'Gold Of Gold' brings nice loose percussion and hypnotic vocal wails next to lush chords and 'Jewel' then slows it down. The jumbled beats are topped with more curious melodies and bird class to make for another daytime delight.
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Viaje De La Vida
Cat: ADID 077. Rel: 17 Feb 22
Deep House
Someone Like You (6:33)
Rain In June (6:54)
I Remember You (6:51)
Viaje De La Vida (7:29)
Joie De Vivre (8:38)
Review: Never mind just all day, Lee Burridge must be dreaming of this music every second of every night as well because he manages to unearth more of it on a constant basis. It's like aural wallpaper, a sonic lava lamp to gaze at, zone out to, and lose yourself in. Mass Digital is the latest to offer up four teaks of people are calling yoga house with his Viaje De La Vida EP. 'Someone Like You' kicks off with a joyous and celebratory feel, full of hope and choral melodies. 'Rain In June' is similar, with lovely keys racing down and 'I Remember You' then slips into something deeper for later in the evening but still with those churchy bells up top.
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Omala (12")
Cat: ADIDIW 005. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Deep House
Omala (8:03)
Phyla (6:59)
Bhurma (Ambient version) (5:27)
Valerian (feat Modulo) (6:51)
Review: Tricky, textural minimal once again from All Day I Dream, delivering another EP from their mainstay Greg Nairo. 'Omala' sonically expresses the deft inner workings of a jellyfish; pulsating and pushing through the abyssal waters comes 'Phyla', with its white noise sweeps and plucky stabs conveying a near-oceanic sense of curiosity. An ambient version of the former track 'Bhurma' makes the B; this is mover music for deep-sea-dwelling Drexciyans on vacation.
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Ode To Life Formation EP
Cat: ADID 091. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Deep House
Ode To Life Formation (7:10)
Ode To Life Formation (Anton Tumas Reformation) (7:39)
Ode To Life Formation (Anton Tumas reprise) (6:10)
Review: London's All Day I Dream label has been using clouds on its EP covers since its first release in 2011. The latest huffing of the vapours is a cumulonimble EP from Noraj Cue and Anton Tomas, two dreamy and deft masters of texture local to the label. The track Cue contributes to the EP, 'Ode To Life Formation', is impressive, with an ear-caressing bassline taking centre stage as echoic blips and cuts float around its suspenseful stasis. The remixes on the B by Tomas add trembling wind chimes and additional melodies to the mix, overall providing a neat coda to the track's vision.
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The Final Straw EP
Cat: ADID 080. Rel: 24 Mar 22
Deep House
The Final Straw (with Black Soda) (7:23)
Rascals (6:53)
Los Que Caen (6:44)
The Cypriot (7:58)
Review: Following accomplished, if arguably overlooked, EPs for Tale & Tone and Akbal Music, Jim Ruder pitches up on All Day I Dream with four more slabs of melodious, atmospheric and soul-enriching house music. Check first the fabulous EP opener 'Final Straw', a full vocal collaboration with Black Soda piled high with chiming melodies, drifting chords, bittersweet clarinet snippets and chunky bass, before admiring the (synthesized) steel pan sounds and beefy beats of 'Rascals'. Elsewhere, 'Los Que Caen' is fill to bursting with sparkling, life-affirming cheeriness, while 'The Cypriot' is an immersive, intoxicating, sub-heavy tech-house wonder tailor-made for heads-down 4AM moments.
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Tags: Tech House
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Simi (12")
Cat: ADID 095. Rel: 18 Apr 23
Deep House
Simi (7:57)
Sansi (6:42)
Moonshine (8:22)
Review: Roy Rosenfeld has ben a mainstay of the All Day I Dream label for a while now, but he keeps on serving up the goods, so why not? His latest outing is another balmy and breezy house meditation that arrives just in time for lots of outdoor dancing, which is where this music best suits. 'Simi' is the long form opener which takes up the while of the A-side with its rolling beats, wispy melodies and gently uplifting atmospheres. 'Sansi' offers more dreamy and hypnotic sounds as does 'Moonshine', which might be the most enjoyable of the lot.
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A Winter Sampler V
Cat: ADID 093. Rel: 24 Mar 23
Deep House
Limara & Dimitri Nakov - "Nocturne" (feat Natacha Atlas) (8:21)
Camelot - "Moon In The Desert" (7:30)
Fulltone - "Nowhere To Go" (6:47)
Vandelor - "Happy Man" (8:08)
Somelee - "Sacramental Song" (6:58)
Valdovinos - "Extremely In Green" (7:45)
Double Touch - "The Promises" (feat Reigan) (6:23)
Bai - "Kalevala" (6:14)
Kamilo Sanclemente - "Go Home" (8:35)
Atsushi Asada & Hiroyuki Kajino - "Utopia" (9:01)
Ramiro Drisdale - "Pound Away" (7:24)
Arina Mur & Fluida - "I Saw A Cat" (7:22)
Review: All Day I Dream presents its fifth winter sampler - 12 sublime tracks that flaunt the label's signature sound of emotive, clean and pristine deep house. Enlisting the aid of established artists like Double Touch, Fulltone and Kamilo Sanclemente to uplift the newcomers like Limara, Arina Mur and Fluida, this sampler is a fitting soundtrack for the late-wintery colder months.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Summer Sampler 2022
Cat: ADID 087. Rel: 19 Dec 22
Deep House
Layla Benitez - "Fizzy Pop" (feat Max Milner) (6:37)
Cocho - "Nerves Of Love" (7:25)
Ale Russo - "Strange Beings" (7:47)
Mass Digital - "Little Things" (8:20)
Double Touch & Flowers On Monday - "True" (7:05)
Obbie - "Rainforest Walk" (7:46)
Nebula - "Visionaire" (8:46)
Draso & Bona Fide - "Vals" (7:53)
Valdovinos - "Behind You" (feat Lucio Consolo) (7:38)
Andy Woldman & Liam Sieker - "Eudaemonia" (feat Wilma) (6:16)
Gerbas & Faka Oren - "Ambiencia" (6:37)
D Note - "The Garden Of Earthly Delights" (Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Revisit) (7:55)
Review: Whether this is a look back on last summer or a very keen preview of the coming summer we don't know, and neither do we care: it's warming music that sets your mind to longer, brighter, better days. And that has always been the MO of the All Day I Dream label, run by UK great Lee Burridge - music to feel good to. It's grown-up, classy stuff with a meditative vibe, breezy melodies and rolling drums that slowly cast their spell and take your mind away. And that's the story on this bumper triple pack with plenty of long and winding grooves from artists like Cocho, Mass Digital, Double Touch & Flowers On Monday amongst many more.
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Tags: Tech House
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