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ホーム  Labels  Accidental Jnr
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Accidental Jnr

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A Pair Of Remixes
Cat: ACJ 161. Rel: 09 Nov 21
Deep House
  1. Moloko - "Sing It Back" (Herbert Tasteful dub) (6:03)
  2. Louie Austen - "Hoping" (Herbert High dub) (6:36)
Review: In the prelude to his upcoming album 'Musca', two classic remixes appear by 'domestic house' legend Matthew Herbert. This time, they're given a never-before pairing on his own singles sublabel, Accidental Junior. In an intuitive move, the A-side houses none other than a new remaster of Herbert's classic remix of Moloko's 'Sing It Back', a song which has enjoyed an unlikely resurgence in popularity on the international hard dance circuit in recent years. On the B, one can find a lesser-known diggers' delight: Herbert's headsy 'High Dub' rerub of weirdo jazz crooner Louis Austen's 'Hoping'. As they always have been, both remixes are playful, hi-fi audiophile's auspices, dealing divinely in Herbert's trademark clockwork sound.
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 in stock $18.34
Cat: ACJ 157. Rel: 12 Aug 21
  1. Quibble (5:38)
  2. Chicken (4:31)
  3. Potatoland (5:51)
  4. Bleeper (5:26)
Review: Jerome Hill returns to Matthew Herbert's cult Accidental Jnr after his first foray on the label back in 2020. This time the London acid artist gets deep inside your brain with his percolating rhythms and squelchy synths of opener 'Quibble' which is brilliantly unhinged. 'Chicken' bangs the box with jacked up drums and perc and 'Potatoland' is a gritty and experimental mix of busted sound effects, scurrying bass and booming kicks. Last of all is the wonky, unhinged and detuned synthesis of 'Bleeper' which is a real 5am head wrecker. Tunes like this will always sound way out in a world of their own, just as you would expect from this label.
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 in stock $9.99


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