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  1. Cassiano - "Ela Mandou Esperar" (2:14)
  2. Dom Salvador E Abolicao - "Uma Vida" (2:47)
 in stock $8.43
AEIOU (12")
Cat: FVR 151. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. AEIOU (Dimitri From Paris remix) (7:44)
  2. AEIOU (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco dub) (7:01)
Review: First released last summer, Cotonete and Roberto Di Melo's "AEIOU" is a deliciously warm and woozy chunk of jazz-funk/revivalist Latin disco fusion that sounds like it was recorded in 1978 rather than 2018. This time round, Dimitri From Paris is at the controls, offering up two arguably superior "Special Disco Mixes" that not only boasts more audio clarity around key instrumental parts (particularly the horns, walking bassline and previously buried Clavinet lines) but also add some fizzing new electrofunk synths. As a result, the A-side vocal version sounds like a disco scene anthem in waiting, while the high-octane flipside dub is percussive, sweaty and full throttle in the best possible way.
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 in stock $13.37
Cat: BRZ45 067. Rel: 11 Sep 17
  1. Dalila - "Canto Chorando" (4:22)
  2. Neyde Alexandre - "Perplexidade" (2:22)
Review: The Brazil 45s / Mr Bongo outlet is back with its classic moves, coming through with some truly special soul blends out of the Brazilian golden era. Dalila and Neyde Alexandre feature in this latest 7", the former with 1968's "Canto Chorado", a slow-burning bubble of funky exotica - surely impossible to find in its original shade - and the latter with a funky little bomb from 1971 by the name of "Perplexidade" - surely the smoothest, sexiest soul number out this week! Lovely stuff.
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 in stock $8.55
Afro Stomp (12")
Cat: KKS 009. Rel: 13 Jun 18
  1. To Fela's People (feat Villy) (9:54)
  2. Baba (5:47)
  3. Afro Stomp (6:25)
Review: Southern Italian sort Giovanni Damico has been in a good run of form of late, as anyone who picked up his recent EP on Lumberjacks in Hell with confirm. This retro-futurist three-track excursion is rather fine, too, with the White Rabbit Recordings founder brilliantly joining the dots between jaunty Afrobeat, rubbery boogie and spacey electrofunk. All three tracks boast classic Afro-funk guitars, with killer A-side "To Fela's People (featuring Villy)" also boasting punchy horns, tactile synth bass and some life-affirming hip-hop rhymes. Over on the flip, "Baba" is a more traditional Afrobeat workout - albeit with the addition of some mind-altering analogue bass and vintage synth flourishes - while "Afro Stomp" is a bouncy, Baldelli-inspired chunk of Afro-cosmic disco.
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 in stock $10.96
Cat: OB 02. Rel: 08 Apr 19
  1. Mixed Messages (3:44)
  2. Confusion (3:46)
 in stock $11.76
 in stock $8.55
  1. De Evergreens - "Es Lilin" (3:03)
  2. Les Jaguars De Casablanca - "Gonzales" (2:36)
Review: Here's something to set the pulse racing: a must-have seven-inch containing two curiously off-kilter cuts from obscure "beat generation" bands of the early 1960s. Der Evergreens "Es Lilin" (that's "Ice Lolly" in English, apparently) is a sun-kissed rhythm and blues cover of a Sudanese love song recorded in Rotterdam in 1965. It's fairly short but very, very sweet. Arguably even better is Les Jaguars De Casablanca's 1962 cover of surf classic "Gonzales". The band was truly international - Spanish and French guitarists and a Moroccoan rhythm section - and on the resultant recording you can tell. Think of it as an "outernational" take on the Shadows, and you're close.
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 in stock $11.76
Back 2 Afrika EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SMS 007. Rel: 19 Nov 18
  1. Tropical Boogie (8:50)
  2. Afrika (2018 edit) (7:08)
  3. Cosmic Safari (13:15)
 in stock $13.90
Olhos Coloridos (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45040. Rel: 24 Feb 16
  1. Sandra De Sa - "Olhos Coloridos" (4:27)
  2. Equipe Radio Cidade - "Bons Tempos" (3:39)
 in stock $10.43
AEIOU (12" 再プレス)
Cat: FVR 149. Rel: 23 Sep 19
  1. AEIOU (6:36)
  2. AEIOU (dub version) (6:47)
Review: Thanks to their superb collaborative album "Atemporal", many are now fully aware of the joint musical explorations of French band Cotonete and Brazilian singer Di Melo. That wasn't the case in early summer 2018 when their first single, "A.E.I.O.U", landed in stores. The record became a sleeper hit, was later remixed by Dimitri From Paris and is now given the re-press treatment. The original version (side A) is an inspired fusion of warm, breezy Brazilian disco and jaunty jazz-funk with one of the strongest, catchiest choruses we've heard in years. It's utterly ace all told, as is the more spacey and synth-laden B-side "Dub" mix. If you don't already own a copy, do yourself a favour and grab one of these.
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 in stock $12.03
Cat: 45 2971 BLACK. Rel: 28 May 14
  1. Soul Makossa (long version)
Review: Sampled by everyone from J-Lo to Jay-Z, Manu Dibango's 1972 classic is perhaps one of the most influential and heavily referenced afrofunk tracks of all time. Echoing with shades of every genre we know and love today, it still sounds just as timeless, infectious and ultimately agenda-setting today as the first time you heard it. If your collection doesn't sport this original yet, now is most certainly the time.
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 in stock $13.64
Cat: BM 1702. Rel: 02 Oct 18
  1. In The Pocket (5:57)
  2. In The Pocket (version) (5:32)
 in stock $20.06
  1. Nu E Injoseala (N-am Carti De Credit) (3:43)
  2. I Love You Viata Mea (Lema) (4:40)
Review: By now Future Nuggets have surely been established as one of Romania's leading exponents of leftfield electronic oddities, and they don't disappoint on the surprising delights of this new 7" from Renato Din Sala and Ion Din Dorobanai. There's an Eastern lilt to the vocals and melodies on both tracks, but they're framed by some wonderfully quirky synth parts and budget drum machines. "Nu E Injoseala (N-am Carti De Credit)" in particular capitalises on cranky monosynth squelch and organ wails, while "I Love You Viata Mea (Lema)" takes a more energetic approach and works some Rhodes-like sounds into the mix.
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 in stock $6.95
Dem Say Ah (7" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: PTF 008. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Dem Say Ah (Akoya Re Rub) (4:17)
  2. Dem Say Ah (7 Inch edit) (4:17)
Review: "Der Say Ah" has long been a banger on dance floors tuned into international sounds. It's the sort of bouncy afrobeat and sax-laced classic that has been fetching huge amounts online. DJs like Gilles Peterson and Nightmare on Wax have been playing it for yonks and now, after many years of it being out of print, it is back courtesy of Push The Fader. The Akoya Re-Rub mix here was mixed by Ben Kane who worked on D'Angelo's Black Messiah, so this sounds beyond good. The 7" version comes from DJ Spinna with extra keys from Ticklah, psyched out bass and extra dub feelings.
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 in stock $18.72
Ardeu (12" in hand-painted sleeve)
Cat: P0 27. Rel: 18 Sep 19
  1. Avan (4:06)
  2. Intenso (5:05)
  3. RRRRRR (4:11)
  4. 25 (3:46)
Review: DJ Firmeza's 2015 debut, "Alma Do Meu Pai", was a gloriously bass-heavy, multi-cultural melting pot of 21st century dancefloor sounds that perfectly encapsulated the Lisbon scene from which he emerged. This belated sequel is equally as thrilling, with bombastic opener "Avan" setting the tone via heavy, Kuduro-influenced drums, layered tribal percussion hits, clonking melodies and urgent vocals. "Intenso" is if anything even sweatier and more percussively punchy, while "RRRRRR" is a thrusting chunk of wild tribal techno rich in dense drums and voodoo vocal yelps. As for "25", its another off-kilter drum workout just crying out for peak-time plays.
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Played by: Ray Mang
 in stock $13.10
Aroo (12")
Cat: ATFA 023LP. Rel: 23 Mar 18
  1. Aroo (4:03)
  2. African Techno (4:34)
  3. Ghana Baby DJ (5:03)
  4. Monkey (4:16)
 in stock $12.03
Hard 2 Handle (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: MM 04. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Hard 2 Handle (DJ Suro Refix) (2:29)
  2. Por Eso (DJ Suro Refix) (3:15)
 in stock $9.09
Brazuca B Boy (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: WAXNERDS 010. Rel: 15 May 19
  1. Brazuca B Boy (4:11)
  2. Sep 19th (3:27)
 in stock $13.90
Basa Basa (7")
Cat: PH 45014. Rel: 22 Mar 18
  1. Basa Basa (4:08)
  2. Sahara Akwantuo (3:46)
Review: Those with a deep knowledge of Berlin's Ghanaian ex-pat "burger-highlife" scene may already be familiar with Lee Dodou, a singer who recorded a number of classic singles and albums during the 1980s as part of bands Georg Darko and Kantata. He retired from music in 1991, but has been persuaded to return to action by the Philophon team. This comeback single is pretty impressive all told, with A-side "Basa Basa" - a triumphantly celebratory chunk of 1960s "concert party" highlife rich in punchy horn lines and Dodou's full-throated vocals - being joined on the flipside by the slower, synth-laden "Sahara Akwantou". Brilliantly, the label describes this as "kraut-life" due to its unique (and rather good) fusion of highlife and German kosmiche.
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 in stock $9.36
Cat: STEDIT 006. Rel: 26 Jun 19
  1. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori edit) (7:40)
  2. Sigi Sele (Ben Gomori Disco dub) (5:42)
  3. Djina Mousso (Tom Jay edit) (6:13)
Review: For those who dig dancefloor-friendly takes on World Music classics, the Sterns Edits label - a collaboration between producer Ben Gomori and long-serving African and Brazilian music specialists Sterns Music - should be an imprint to watch. The label's latest must-have EP boasts fresh revisions of killer cuts from the epic back catalogue of Malian artist Nahawa Doumbia. Gomori works his magic on 1987 cut "Sige Sele", first sticking rolling house beats beneath the original's cut-glass strings, funky bass, storming horns and superb vocals (the A-side "Edit"), before opening the flipside with a largely vocal free "Disco Dub" that's arguably even better. To round things off, Tom Jay offers a similarly tooled up take on the more synthesizer-heavy "Djina Mousso".
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 in stock $10.69
Cat: GR 1246. Rel: 18 Feb 19
  1. Going Back To My Roots (9:44)
  2. Going Back To My Roots (Danny Krivit Chant edit) (5:37)
Review: While the later Richie Havens and Odyssey covers were far more commercially successful, you can't beat Lamont Dozier's original 1977 version of "Going Back To My Roots" - a near ten-minute workout that starts as a disco-soul stomper, ends as a chant-along Afro-funk stepper, and was arranged by none other than South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela. Dozier's impeccable take takes pride of place on side A of this Groovin' Records reissue, with a fresh re-edit by Danny Krivit - who previously tweaked the Richie Havens version - on the flip. Brilliantly, Krivit ignores much of the song, instead extending and rearranging the sweaty, tropical end section of Dozier's original mix into an inspired track of its own.
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 in stock $14.44
  1. Charaunitsy aka Sorceress - "Ya Zhdu Tebya" (Fulgeance edit) (5:10)
  2. Mirdza Zivere - "Vienmer But" (Fulgeance edit) (5:02)
  3. Tatyana Kochergina - "Igray Skripka Igray" (DJ Scientist edit) (6:53)
Review: The love of all things Soviet and disco has been established by French/German duo Fulgeance and Scientist for several years now, having reached a peak last year with their album The Soviet Tape on First Word. Now they return with their own edit series on brand new label Excursions. With eyes squared fully on the floor, each obscurity is given some serious groove muscle for the floor... Charaunitsy's soulful croons and yearning horns are given an additional kick/snare swing, Latvia's Mirdza gets a deliciously camp turbo charge while Ukraine's Tatyana Kochergina gets a full-on Philly treatment with lavish strings and a bassline that won't say nyet.
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 in stock $5.34
  1. Bulawayo Kwela - "Mysterious Africa" (with Albert Nyathi - Danalogue dub) (4:34)
  2. Elliot Phiri - "Nomalanga" (2:54)
  3. David Tapfuma - "Magamba" (4:32)
  4. David Tapfuma - "Magamba" (Esa Zimtronix Direct mix) (5:19)
Review: This compilation style outing from Southern African music enthusiasts Nyami Nyami is billed as "an ode to the music of Zimbabwe past and future". Side A boasts cuts from two Bulawayo-based "Kwela" outfits: a terrific, heavily percussive future dub interpretation of Bulawayo Kwela's "Mysterious Africa" by The Comet Is Coming producer Danalogue, and the sparse, sun-kissed acoustic bliss of Elliot Phiri's "Nomalanga". Turn to the flip for two versions of Hararre-based David Tapfuma's beautiful "Magumba". There's the original version, where Tapfuma sings over a solo mbira melody, and a superbly glassy-eyed, synth-heavy 21st century club version by Auntie Flo collaborator (and hugely talented producer) Esa Williams. As good as the rest of the EP is, his version is worth the admission price on its own.
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 in stock $15.78
San Juan (green marbled vinyl 7")
Cat: MAS 020. Rel: 01 Feb 18
  1. Los Leones De La Cumbia - "San Juan" (3:21)
  2. Discos Resaca Collective - "Movimiento De Cumbia" (2:29)
 in stock $9.62
Cat: BRZ45 072. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Helio Matheus - "Mais Kriola" (4:16)
  2. Doris Monteiro - "Maita" (2:53)
Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock $8.36
Sambalanco (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45037. Rel: 25 Jan 16
  1. Noelita - "Sambalanco" (2:59)
  2. Doris Monteiro - "E Isso Ai" (3:00)
 in stock $8.02
  1. Afro Spazio (Mushrooms Project dubby mix) (7:19)
  2. Notte Stellata (DJ Rocca Loren mix) (7:22)
 in stock $12.30
  1. Marcos Valle - "A Paraiba Nao E Chicago" (4:39)
  2. Don Beto - "Nao Quero Mais" (2:11)
Review: For the latest volume in their ongoing Brazil 45s series, Mr Bongo has decided to change tack. The two tracks showcased here are from the golden age of Brazilian boogie. On the A-side you'll find Marcos Valle's "A Paraiba Nao E Chicago", a largely overlooked cut from his 1981 full-length Vontade De Rever Voce. While not as instantly as infectious as some of his better-known singles, it's still superb; a breezy, blue-eyed soul cut full of rising horns and sweet Portuguese vocals. On the B-side, you'll find Don Beto's 1978 disco-funk jam "Nao Quero Mais", a superb track that was seemingly inspired by the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running".
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 in stock $8.49
Nedir Ne Degildir? (remastered) (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: PHS 020. Rel: 02 Dec 14
  1. Yaralarim
  2. Arabam Kaldi Yolda
  3. Adam Olmak Dile Kolay
  4. Dar Agaci
  5. Kolum Nerden Aldin Zinciri
  6. Ayrilik
  7. Birak Beni
  8. Haberin Varmi
  9. Mehmet Emmi
  10. Kaslarin Karasina
 in stock $31.56
Samba Na Madrugada (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 333361. Rel: 19 Jul 18
  1. Arvoredo (2:19)
  2. Maioria Sem Nenhum (2:34)
  3. 14 Anos (2:31)
  4. Sofreguidao (2:36)
  5. Momento De Fraqueza (2:18)
  6. Minha Confissao (2:32)
  7. Perfeito Amor (2:25)
  8. Mascarada/Minhas Madrugadas/Injuria/Recado/O Sol Nascera/Jurar Com Lagrimas/Rosa De Ouro (7:03)
  9. Depois De Tanto Amor (3:02)
  10. Samba Original (3:00)
  11. Alo Alo!/Sol Da Manha (4:02)
 in stock $38.50
Wait For Me (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: HC 037DLX. Rel: 07 Sep 15
  1. Wait For Me (3:18)
  2. Agbe Fe Avi (3:08)
  3. Mieva Do (3:15)
  4. Babaa Na Ayele (3:05)
  5. Do You Know My Name (7:46)
  6. Vino La Medo (8:46)
  7. Motherless Child (4:52)
  8. I Need A Horse (3:25)
  9. Tirez Tirez (8:46)
 in stock $31.29
Valimbilo (LP + insert)
Cat: BJR 031. Rel: 13 Nov 18
  1. Malay Nama (8:55)
  2. Fiaina Sarotsy (4:12)
  3. Aomby Mazavaloha (6:22)
  4. Bekapamaky (6:15)
  5. Kalitaky (2:05)
  6. Relela (5:34)
  7. Mivaliky Tany Toy (6:40)
 in stock $20.59
Very Aomby (LP + insert)
Cat: BJR 019. Rel: 14 Jun 17
  1. Tsiefa (0:49)
  2. Very Aomby (9:10)
  3. Tany Antsimo (4:17)
  4. Havandra (3:54)
  5. Hazo Latsakandoha (5:29)
  6. Ko Boseke (4:10)
  7. Halandongo (9:13)
 in stock $19.79
Cat: LR 157LP. Rel: 02 Aug 19
  1. Raiments (3:23)
  2. Bopoluchi (4:08)
  3. Make Enquiry (5:17)
  4. Stockholm Syndrome (3:27)
  5. Sohni (4:39)
  6. Auberjinn (4:38)
  7. Love Liesse (3:44)
  8. Conch & Crow (6:03)
  9. Souterrain (8:50)
Played by: Kaoru Inoue
 in stock $16.98
Cat: MFG 064LP. Rel: 02 Apr 19
  1. O Ganga Tu Bahati Ja (3:46)
  2. Cham Cham Cham Cham (7:26)
  3. Sajni Sajni Tere Bin (4:05)
  4. Bhaja Re Bhaya/Mat Kara Moha Tu (4:10)
  5. Kayse Jau Tore Pas (2:29)
  6. Raga: Bhairava (Bharion) (24:10)
 in stock $25.40
The Poet Of The Bossa Nova (limited gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 101002. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Ouverture (6:51)
  2. Monologo De Orfeu (2:55)
  3. Um Nome De Mulher (2:07)
  4. Se Todos Fossem Iguais A Voce (3:35)
  5. Mulher, Sempre Mulher (1:59)
  6. Eu E O Meu Amor (1:44)
  7. Lamento No Morro (2:09)
  8. Pela Luz Dos Olhos Teus (2:03)
  9. Garota De Ipanema (2:14)
  10. Insensatez (2:26)
  11. A Felicidade (2:41)
  12. Chega De Saudade (3:30)
  13. Primeira Namorada (2:19)
  14. Samba Em Preludio (3:52)
  15. Eu Nao Existo Sem Voce (3:19)
  16. Voce E Eu (2:30)
  17. Agua De Beber (2:11)
 in stock $13.37
Mikel Laboa (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ELK 963. Rel: 27 Sep 18
  1. Kantuz (7:16)
  2. Dialektikaren Laudorioa (Lekeitio 3) (6:39)
  3. Komunikazioa-Inkomunikazioa (Azken Pasartea, "Ez") (6:21)
  4. Denbora Galduaren Bila (1:44)
  5. Bentara Noa (6:28)
  6. Orreagarako Introa (2:34)
  7. Orreaga (Lekeitio 6) (6:19)
 in stock $25.00
Cat: MSRLP 001. Rel: 06 Apr 17
  1. At The Jubilee Gardens (3:37)
  2. Stonetown Shakedown (4:12)
  3. Bagamoyo (4:30)
  4. Juju Chant #1 (0:51)
  5. Liberated Thoughts (4:14)
  6. Mala Mali (4:47)
  7. People's Republic (3:54)
  8. Fubica (4:21)
  9. Juju Chant #2 (1:02)
  10. Barabara (4:28)
  11. Poacher's Lookout (4:01)
  12. Flowers For Lions (4:10)
Review: David Hanke is a man known for his wild and illustrious array of aliases. Through the years, he's appeared under the names Black Soyls, Madball Scientists, Mankoora and Rengades Of Jazz, among many others. Dem Juju Poets is his latest creation and, needless to say, it is perhaps his most accomplished and mature project to date. We don't want to take anything away from his previous productions but there's just something utterly fluid about this latest reincarnation. Matasuna is the new label to launch this new Liberated Thoughts LP, and we're sure this will go down a storm with all the jazz-funk crew, particularly the followers of Giles Peterson's DJ sound. Hanke's approach is playful and diverse, branching out into all sorts of jazzy vibrations that are tied together by funky, off-kilter outernational vibes. Plenty of breaks, bass bumps, and party moves for all sorts of vinyl playaz - oh boy, check those horns on the masterful "People's Republic"!
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 in stock $14.84
Victor Deme (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HS 187VL. Rel: 04 Dec 18
  1. Fond De Cour (intro) (0:39)
  2. Djon'maya (4:07)
  3. Toungan (3:28)
  4. Cherie (4:26)
  5. Deni Mouke Ila (4:35)
  6. Burkina Mousso (4:11)
  7. Deni Kemba (3:23)
  8. Djarabi (4:23)
  9. Dankan (3:25)
  10. Peuple Burkinabe (5:12)
  11. Sabu (5:01)
  12. Djabila (6:19)
  13. Le Passage De L'Arc A Bouche (interlude) (1:08)
  14. Tama Ngnogon (4:41)
  15. Dala Mogoya (4:48)
 in stock $21.94
Cat: PSR 021. Rel: 10 Apr 18
  1. Legba, God Of The Sacred Gate (5:58)
  2. Damballah, Sky God (Wedo Lele Wedo) (3:22)
  3. Agwe, Goddess Of Sea Ceremony (2:35)
  4. Erzulle, Goddess Of Love (2:16)
  5. Ogoun, God Of Power (2:44)
  6. Litany (Action De Grace) & Libation (0:55)
  7. Ghede Chant (5:38)
  8. Invocation To Azacca, God Of Agriculture (1:10)
  9. Azacca Possession (2:59)
  10. Ghede, God Of Crossroads (2:34)
  11. Azacca (1:30)
  12. Congo Cult (2:21)
  13. Petro Cult (2:06)
  14. Banda Dance For Ghede (5:33)
  15. RaRa Festival (6:06)
  16. Mardi Gras Carnival (1:07)
Review: Maya Deren was an avant-garde American filmmaker with a sideline in field recordings. During the early 1950s, she traveled to Haiti to investigate the country's notorious voodoo religion, in the process getting some of the first recordings of traditional songs and tribal chants. While Elektra Records released some of these in 1953, it took until 1980 for the full set to be come out. Wisely, Psychic Sounds has licensed that album, Divine Horsemen - The Voodoo Gods of Haiti, for this superb reissue. As you'd expect, the recordings are on the fuzzy side, but hugely atmospheric. Densely percussive and rich in chanted vocals, with the humid stickiness of local wildlife audible in the background, they feel like essential echoes of a now distant past.
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 in stock $23.00
Cat: JUMP 134LP. Rel: 13 Nov 17
  1. Bailando Sobre La Ruinas (3:47)
  2. Los Zombis Estan De Moda (3:31)
  3. Ska Mundo Ska (feat Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra & Hana Kobayashi) (3:47)
  4. Se Solto La Bestia (3:32)
  5. La Temperatura (3:57)
  6. Los Que Se Quedan, Los Que Se Van (3:26)
  7. Cementerio 'E Mis Amores (2:30)
  8. Todo Esta Muy Normal (3:15)
  9. Estoy Buscando Algo En El Caribe (4:35)
  10. Es Ist Kalt In Berli (feat Dr. Ring-Ding & Tommy Leb) (3:59)
  11. Mano Poderosa (4:11)
  12. A Mi Me Gusta El Desorden (feat Raggabund - Coco Munchen version) (3:44)
 in stock $17.10
Electric Africa (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: TWM 10. Rel: 05 Sep 17
  1. Pata Piya (6:29)
  2. Electric Africa (10:16)
  3. Echos Beti (6:12)
  4. L'Arbre A Palabres (11:44)
 in stock $31.29
African Voodoo (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: HC 63. Rel: 14 Jun 19
  1. Groovy Flute (2:36)
  2. Soul Saxes Meeting (3:01)
  3. African Pop Session (2:55)
  4. Walking To Waza (4:05)
  5. Out Of Score (2:48)
  6. Ba-Kuba (3:52)
  7. Zoom 2000 (3:57)
  8. Aphrodite Shake (3:27)
  9. Wilderness (3:11)
  10. Jungle Riders (3:02)
  11. Iron Wood (2:46)
  12. Coconut (2:09)
 in stock $28.61
Cat: BM 1803. Rel: 13 Nov 18
  1. Frequences Vacances (4:46)
  2. Deshaies (9:00)
  3. We Shall Overcome (6:57)
  4. Mosaique (3:02)
  5. Therese (4:45)
 in stock $27.80
Dila (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: FORDIS 05. Rel: 08 Aug 19
  1. Inez (2:32)
  2. Adeus Bomfim (3:02)
  3. Madalena (2:34)
  4. Fim De Papo (3:41)
  5. Saberas (3:12)
  6. O Morro Nao Tem Vez (2:31)
  7. Como E Que E Bicho? (2:06)
  8. As Paredes Tem Ouvidos (3:06)
  9. Festa Para Um Rei Negro (Samba Enredo Do Salgueiro/71) (3:42)
  10. Selecao De Mangueira (4:57)
  11. Perdoei (2:46)
  12. Refem Da Solidao (2:19)
Review: Little is known about DIla, a Brazilian singer who tragically died in a car crash weeks after the release of her self-titled debut album in 1971. All that remains is the album - here reissued for the first time by Far Out Recordings - and a handful of references in the Brazilian media to her tremendous talents. "DIla" is a sensationally good album; a wonderfully summery, sun-kissed and soulful collection of samba songs that veers from bluesy jazziness (see the laidback and smoky "O Morro Nao Tem Vez"), to sweaty, carnival-ready dancefloor workouts (the brilliant "Saberas"), via the attractive, horn-heavy jauntiness of "As Paredes Tem Ouvidos").
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En Orbita (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: PEACE 011LP. Rel: 12 Feb 18
  1. Saludo (1:08)
  2. El Cohete (5:11)
  3. Ay China! (3:45)
  4. Llora (6:37)
  5. Paseando Por La Galaxia (1:15)
  6. La Cumbia Del Astronauta (4:19)
  7. En Tren Pa' Necoclí (4:50)
  8. Sin Documento (4:51)
  9. Mr Poof (1:39)
 in stock $24.33
  1. Dioubo
  2. Tioro Baye Thierno
  3. Yaye Boye
  4. Cintorita
  5. Con El SAHEL
  6. Bamba
  7. Caridad
  8. Kaele
  9. Massani Cisse
  10. Finkale Garape
  11. Diamonoye Teye
  12. Gueth
 in stock $31.01
Pair (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RUP 011. Rel: 11 Sep 19
  1. You & Me (feat Moullinex) (3:35)
  2. Coupe Leluk (3:21)
  3. What U Gonna Save (5:40)
  4. Pra Todos (3:22)
  5. Kiss Dance (3:13)
  6. Falam Nada (2:28)
  7. Let's Take Care (Nature) (4:02)
  8. Had A Plan (3:57)
  9. Like Zaga (feat Alex D'Alva) (3:57)
  10. Time Is Good (4:40)
 in stock $21.38
Cat: AAR 008. Rel: 14 Nov 17
  1. Two Faces (feat Switzboiz & Rashid Metal) (3:37)
  2. Money (feat The TALE) (3:50)
  3. Talanga (feat Kongo K) (4:00)
  4. On S'en Funana (feat Kongo K) (4:14)
  5. Bal Shaka (feat Kongo K) (6:21)
  6. Body Expression (feat The TALE) (4:34)
  7. Yobe Dance (feat Kongo K - extended mix) (5:26)
 in stock $15.78
Go Tropikal (limited green vinyl LP)
Cat: NOFRIDGE 22. Rel: 02 Feb 18
  1. Rene Lacaille Ek Marmaille - "Groix" (Djclick rmx) (4:20)
  2. Neba Solo - "Mussow" (Meets MPS Pilot - Djclick rmx) (5:14)
  3. Djclick - "Assiwome" (Fet Djenny Djella - club mix) (6:03)
  4. Djclick - "Cidade Tiradentes" (feat Panikinho) (3:56)
  5. Emilsen Pacheco Y Su Bullerengue Tradicional - "Ya Nos Vamos Ya" (Djclick rmx) (4:29)
  6. Djclick - "Super Bueno!" (4:24)
  7. Djclick - "Cidade Tiradentes" (feat Panikinho - acappella) (2:34)
$13.36 SAVE 33%
 in stock $8.95
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