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Back Catalogue: Indie

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The Fireside Sessions
Cat: 250734 430. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Reaching Out To You
  2. On The Edge Of All This
  3. The Curve Of Earth
  4. Dance With Me
  5. Light Years
 in stock $8.52
Tequila Island
Cat: FIKA 073CD. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Song For Siggi
  2. Living Without You
  3. Like A Fool
  4. Underwater
  5. Like A Song
  6. Tequila Island
  7. Sober In Barcelona
  8. Vermut
  9. Gin In Me
  10. Four Time We Kissed
  11. Little Irene
 in stock $11.12
Bushy Luxury (The Whole Story)
  1. Wake Up
  2. Dirty Mood
  3. Help Rich, Kill Poor
  4. She Pulls Trick
  5. Story From The Wood
  6. Castal Muck
  7. Too Young To Die, Not Too Young To Fuck
  8. She's The One For You
  9. Disease Of Conceit
  10. AIDS Kills, Who Wants To Die
  11. Waiting
  12. Dirty Talk
  13. Sex City
  14. Cannot Wait Till Morning
  15. Sick For Her Love
  16. Sunday Blues
  17. Angel
  18. Won't Get Over It Long Time
  19. Bushy Luxury (The Whole Story)
  20. Who Wants To Look Like Dave-iD (part II)
 in stock $13.34
Lost Chance
Cat: RUSCD 8214. Rel: 16 Jan 20
  1. Super Bad
  2. Sax Maniac
  3. Almost Black
  4. White Cannibal
  5. I Got You (I Feel Good)
  6. Melt Yourself Down
  7. Hell On Earth
  8. King Heroin
  9. My Infatuation
 in stock $12.53
Tanya Donelly & The Parkington Sisters
  1. Automatic
  2. Dance Me To The End Of Love
  3. Days
  4. Ocean Rain
  5. Let Me Roll It
  6. Kid
  7. Different Drum
  8. Devil You Know
  9. You Will Be Loved Again
 in stock $13.91
The Consummation Of Right & Wrong
  1. Scene 1
  2. Scene 2
  3. Scene 3
  4. Scene 4
  5. Scene 5
  6. Scene 6
  7. Scene 7
  8. Scene 8
  9. Scene 9
  10. Scene 10
  11. Scene 11
  12. Scene 12
  13. Scene 13
  14. Scene 14
  15. Scene 15
  16. Section 2
 in stock $18.64
Super Natural
Cat: HGR 020CD. Rel: 25 May 17
  1. Dream
  2. Base Is Loaded
  3. Something's Gonna Get Its Hands On You
  4. No Fool
  5. Aldecide
  6. Boil Yer Blood
  7. Shallow Grave
  8. Heavy Lounge #1
  9. Till It's All Gone
  10. Everyone But Me
 in stock $15.02
Protean Threat
Cat: CF 129CD. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. Scramble Suit II
  2. Dreary Nonsense
  3. Up Beat Ritual
  4. Red Study
  5. Terminal Jape
  6. Wind Run
  7. Said The Shovel
  8. Mizmuth
  9. If I Had My Way
  10. Toadstool
  11. Gong Of Catastrophe
  12. Canopnr '74
  13. Persuaders Up!
 in stock $14.74
Deforming Lobes: Live
Cat: DC 716CD. Rel: 29 Mar 19
  1. Warm Hands
  2. Squealer
  3. Breakfast Eggs
  4. The Crawler
  5. Finger
  6. They Told Me Too
  7. Cherry Red
  8. Love Fuzz
Review: To be a fan of Ty Segall must be a rewarding thing as the Californian singer-songwriter can deliver at the very least one album per annum. This does nothing to diminish the quality of his much loved and trusted music and this time around, with the help of his backing group the Freedom Band, he delivers a live album recorded at Los Angeles' Teragram Ballroom. Mixed by American legend Steve Albini, this album even comes with a rendition of a Segall track commissioned by Comedy Central, and though "Deforming Lobes" may be on a slightly different tip from Segall's cover album "Fudge Sandwich" - and the four albums he released in 2018 - there's no denying the raw take of a wild, uncensored performance.
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 in stock $11.12
Joulupukki EP
Cat: VICP-64628. Rel: 16 Dec 08
  1. All Around Christmas
  2. All Around (Yuksek remix)
  3. All Around (Chateau Marmont remix)
  4. Good Boy
  5. All Around (Fugu remix)
  6. 24x7 Boy (acoustic live version for OUI FM)
  7. Uniceron's Tooth Explodes Through A Storm
  8. All Around (Lecube remix)
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 in stock $23.15
Joy Comes In Spirit
Cat: IL 2049CD. Rel: 04 Jun 18
  1. Breathe In
  2. Showers
  3. Shovel Moonlight
  4. Subducta. Psalm 69
  5. Letters I Wrote
  6. Blue Mountain Ridge
  7. Rollin In The Rapids
  8. TDs (Surf)
  9. Supernatural Women
  10. Shimmers In The Sun
  11. Summon
  12. Spectrom
  13. All Within
  14. Morning Joy
 in stock $13.34
We Feel Safer At Night
Cat: EJR 034CD. Rel: 04 Aug 08
  1. We Feel Safer At Night
  2. Coco On The Corner
  3. Enough
  4. Joshua & The professor
  5. Sofia
  6. They Built You Up Too Fast
  7. She Works In Banking
  8. Fever
  9. The Native Astronaut Grows Restless
  10. The Ratio Song (Finding Things With Numbers)
  11. Last Night, Never Again
  12. Draw A Map
  13. Track 13
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 in stock $12.31
Cat: TRUE 1102. Rel: 15 Jul 15
  1. Pieces
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Palace
  4. Two Thousand Miles
  5. Invisible Ways
  6. Bad Situations
  7. Running Still
  8. Thinking
  9. If You Stay
  10. Darling Dreamer
 in stock $15.86
The Night We Called It A Day
Cat: KRCD 017. Rel: 25 Jun 10
  1. Tell Me Something
  2. Zimmer
  3. Wheelchaired
  4. Marlene
  5. Yepepe
  6. Crabp
  7. Cassis
  8. Safety
  9. Spiders
$15.57 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.67
Beautiful Thing
Cat: WIGCD 403. Rel: 20 Apr 18
  1. Dreaming Another Life
  2. Beautiful Thing
  3. Deep Cut
  4. Roll On Blank Tapes
  5. Suspicios Of Me
  6. A Hit Song
  7. Oh Baby
  8. There's Nothing To Hide
  9. I Feel You
  10. Out Of Time
 in stock $8.72
The Way & Colour
Cat: CAK 094CD. Rel: 23 Apr 14
  1. Rose 4 U
  2. Not For Long
  3. Tied Up Tied Down
  4. Sticky
  5. Breathe Low Deep
  6. Voices
  7. More Than I Ask For
  8. Toi Toi Toi
  9. Reconsider
  10. All The SAme
Played by: Sunrise Highway
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 in stock $4.17
Teen Men
Teen Men (CD)
Cat: BRN 235CD. Rel: 16 Jul 15
  1. Hiding Records (So Dangerous)
  2. Adventure Kids
  3. It's All Rushing Back
  4. The Sea, The Sea
  5. Rene
  6. Township (Not Sure)
  7. Fall Out A Tree
  8. New Kind
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Kids Being Kids
 in stock $10.09
Thirteen (CD)
Cat: MOCCD 13824. Rel: 21 Nov 19
  1. Hang On
  2. The Cabbage
  3. Radio
  4. Norman 3
  5. Song To The Cynic
  6. 120 Mins
  7. Escher
  8. Commercial Alternative
  9. Fear Of Flying
  10. Tears Are Cool
  11. Ret Liv Dead
  12. Get Funky
  13. Gene Clark
 in stock $8.89
Volcano (CD)
Cat: HVNLP 135CD. Rel: 03 Mar 17
  1. Certainty
  2. All Join In
  3. I Wanna Be Your Mirror
  4. Oh! The Saviour
  5. Born Into The Sunset
  6. How Would You Like To Go?
  7. Open Air
  8. In My Pocket
  9. Celebration
  10. Mystery Of Pop
  11. Roman God-Like Man
  12. Strange Or Be Forgotten
Review: These English psychedelic pop ingenues may have retreated to their home studio to record their second effort, yet what's emerged is their most expansive and forward-thinking blast into the ether to date - taking on board kaleidoscopic keyboard-driven soundscapes as well as sunny eccentricity. these widescreen anthems draw a line in the cosmic continuum from The Flaming Lips through MGMT to the vast blue yonder, yet with individual character and songwriting chops to spare. Rising far above the majority of the overly reverential and predictable realm of the contemporary psych scene, Temples' aural marriage of the artily transcendental and the poppily terrestrial marks them out as genuine contenders for greatness.
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 in stock $8.72
Hot Motion
Cat: ATO 0502CD. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Hot Motion
  2. Yuo're Wither On Something
  3. Holy Horses
  4. The Howl
  5. Context
  6. The Beam
  7. Not Quite The Same
  8. Atomise
  9. It's All Coming Out
  10. Step Down
  11. Monuments
Review: When is a psychedelic rock album not a psychedelic rock album? Anyone who has quickly scrawled answer-on-postcard reads "when it's Temples" can go straight to the top of the class. Evidently you have been paying attention over the course of the British three piece's last two full length records. It's not that things don't sound pretty out there and trippy. All the elements to achieve that are here, but the accessibility is ramped up to the level of a pop album, with arrangements owing more to traditional song craft than anything particularly experimental. Don't read that as criticism, though. Tracks like "Not Quite The Same" are huge, proud, instantly catchy but far from obvious numbers. "You're Either On Something" thumps and lunges through its various permutations, "Atomise" pares everything back, luring us in, before opening up into a frantic, grunge-metal guitar line. We can only imagine the fun they had recording it.
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 in stock $12.23
No Snare
No Snare (CD)
Cat: KLP 217CD. Rel: 09 Jun 10
  1. Got To Let Go
  2. Like The Snare That's Gone
  3. Only The Sounds You Made
  4. Nothing At All
  5. Day Number
  6. But The Shape Is Wide
  7. Nowhere Good Enough
  8. Unforunate Friends
  9. When I'm In The Dark & You Take The Light
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 in stock $10.23
See Without Being Seen
See Without Being Seen (CD in hard-back book case)
Cat: CINECD 1. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Troops
  2. Homa's Coma
  3. Planetarium
  4. Spaceship In My Barn
  5. Insect Children
  6. My Vymura
  7. Window Ledge
  8. Sugar & Spies
  9. White Stone On Earth
  10. People On Sight
  11. Let's Do It Again
  12. Empty Night Train Home
  13. Lazy Finger Shake
 in stock $15.86
Off Off On
Cat: RT 0148CD. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Found Out
  2. Started Again
  3. This Is What You Did
  4. No Such Thing
  5. Slider
  6. Coming To Get You Nowhere
  7. Carry Us Please
  8. Off Off On
  9. Shin Bone Soap
  10. Was Magician
  11. Keep Going
 in stock $10.58
I Ain't Buyin' It
Cat: EMP 047CD. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. The Money Guys
  2. Are You Okay
  3. What Is Coming
  4. Alternator
  5. Reflection Chamber
  6. New Star-Ell
  7. Egypt
  8. Give The Land To The People
 in stock $11.12
Diviner (CD)
Cat: WIGCD 438. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Diviner
  2. Straight Lines
  3. Earthly Needs
  4. Love Crimes
  5. Stop Motion
  6. In My Name
  7. Anywhen
  8. Human Knot
  9. Spherical Time
  10. Impossible Object
Review: Long time member of Domino Records' Wild Beasts, Hayden Thorpe of the group now ventures out on his own with a debut album called "Diviner". Taking its reference points from minimal piano, 80s synth inspirations, and vocal intonations that sound like they land somewhere between James Blake and Hercules and Love Affair's Anohni, Thorpe's debut delivers a melancholic and poppy tribute to a sound that's full of introspection, expression and delicacy. With the album's approach to modern contemporary and classical rising to the fullest in its penultimate track, "Spherical Time", "Diviner" is both a journey through space as much as it is future pop, multi instrumentation and R&B.
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 in stock $11.12
Cat: 405053 8519754. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Prelude: Tercio De Muerte
  2. Beyond The Veil
  3. Last Ride
  4. Valentina
  5. The Past Will Always Be
  6. Devil That You Don't Know
  7. Death Card
  8. Sundown
  9. Eyes Of The Night
  10. Mi Amor La Luna
  11. Black Neon
  12. Night Flower
  13. Shadowlight
 in stock $13.07
O (CD)
Cat: TL 31. Rel: 16 Jun 08
  1. Tall Tall Grass
  2. Pot Kettle Black
  3. Cacophony
  4. I Found You
  5. Alligator Skin
  6. Chandelier Lake
  7. Dust Me Off
  8. Falling Without Knowing
  9. Poor Man's Ice Cream
  10. Blood Flower
  11. Too Excited
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 in stock $21.24
I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk
  1. I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk
  2. Phone
  3. Fog City
  4. I Love You
  5. Lorelei
  6. Neighborhood Light
  7. I Can Dream You
  8. Until You Walk
  9. I Saw Snow Today
  10. Indisposed
  11. Forever Chained
  12. Fog City (outro)
  13. Harm Reduction (Morning)
  14. Harm Reduction (Street & Inside Mind)
 in stock $13.07
Positive Mental Health Music
Cat: SWP 002CD. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Buddha
  2. Rosalina
  3. I Feel Fine
  4. Rooster
  5. Closest Shave
  6. Growing In Age
  7. New Boi
  8. Golden Rope
  9. It's No Use
  10. Dip
  11. People
 in stock $11.68
No Treasure But Hope
Cat: SLANG 50236. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. For The Beauty
  2. The Amputees
  3. Trees Fall
  4. Pinky In The Daylight
  5. Carousel
  6. Take Care In Your Dreams
  7. See My Girls
  8. The Old Mans Gait
  9. Tough Love
  10. No Treasure But Hope
Review: If you're a fan of Antony and the Johnsons then Tindersticks should be familiar by now. Or at least Stuart Staples' voice should be, even if you've never come across the band before. But whereas Antony et al exist in a flamboyant queer disco cabaret, this lot occupy a place far less counter cultural, much sweeter and more tender. "No Treasure No Hope" a string-infused, piano-focussed chamber pop declaration of sweet nothings, both for those who are still with us and those who have come and gone. And it's not all romance. Comparisons are made between father's relationship with son and relationship with his own father ("The Old Man's Gait"). Tears falling into beers ("Trees Fall"). And delightful, innocent worlds are presented via songs like "The Amputees". Back on fine, late-night dark barroom form, it's the finest Tindersticks have given us in years.
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 in stock $9.83
Greyland (CD)
Cat: EZRDR 073CD. Rel: 02 Mar 17
  1. Sesame
  2. Like A Child
  3. Sharkwhirl
  4. Lynx
  5. Baby
  6. Ekon
  7. Little One
  8. Thirsty Sponge
  9. Ink
  10. Greyland
 in stock $14.74
Olympic Girls
Cat: MA 0159CD. Rel: 30 Jan 19
  1. Olympic Girls
  2. School Of Design
  3. How Much
  4. Sparklers
  5. Holograms
  6. Kore Waits In The Underworld
  7. Bounty
  8. One Million Flowers
  9. My Love Leda
  10. Stars, False, Fading
  11. Cold Enough To Climb
 in stock $11.12
Hot Wet & Sassy
Cat: GI 366CD. Rel: 30 Oct 20
  1. Centaur Skin
  2. Pit
  3. Headless To Headless
  4. Stabbed By A Knight
  5. Chinese Aquarius
  7. Jinmenken
  8. Babysitter (feat Trent Reznor)
  9. Road Warrior Pisces
  10. Poisonous Horses
  11. Mythemim
  12. Body Double
  13. Motherfuckers 64
  14. Perfect Shadow
 in stock $12.79
In Memory
In Memory (CD)
Cat: FB 007CD. Rel: 30 Oct 15
  1. Rapids
  2. Through Me Again
  3. The Old Door
  4. 4 Am
  5. Prelude
  6. In Memory
 in stock $13.63
At Weddings
Cat: LBJ 276CD. Rel: 10 Aug 18
  1. Any Other Way
  2. Untitled 1
  3. Tornado
  4. You Are Here
  5. A Video Game
  6. I'm Not Scared
  7. Seventeen
  8. Self-Help
  9. Untitled 2
  10. February
 in stock $10.96
The Shadows
Cat: GZH 082CD. Rel: 07 Mar 18
  1. Side By Side
  2. Homes Fires
  3. The Shadows
  4. Winifred
  5. The Ghost Of John Maynard Keynes
  6. To Sleep
  7. The Golden Elevator
 in stock $13.91
I Feel Alive
Cat: TOP 002CD. Rel: 31 Mar 20
  1. Direct Sunlight
  2. I Feel Alive
  3. Pirouette
  4. Ballads & Sad Movies
  5. Colder & Closer
  6. Witching Hour
  7. Take Down
  8. Drowning In Paradise
  9. OK Fine Whatever
  10. Looking To Remember
  11. Too Much
Review: Say the words 'soft rock' to most people and they won't necessarily conjure images of cool bands making edgy statements with sophisticated sounds. And that's why most people are wrong, or have at least failed to strike up a relationship with Montreal outfit Tops. Since 2012 the troupe have been making music exactly like that, and with 'I Feel Alive' the recipe proves particularly potent. You could identify shades of Fleetwood Mac on more than one occasion here - the disco hues of 'Direct Sunlight' is one example, while 'Colder & Closer' makes light work of throwing some synth pop into the mix further down the line. Ultimately, though, it's as much about sharp lyricism as anything else, with tales of adultery, the relentless drag of casual sex and more making for quite the poignant take on modern life.
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 in stock $12.53
Silver Tongue
Cat: MRG 707CD. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Good Scare
  2. Last Forest
  3. Dressing America
  4. Records Of Your Tenderness
  5. Two Of Everything
  6. Good Grief
  7. A Few Blue Flowers
  8. Gracious Day
  9. Silver Tongue
 in stock $11.12
Happy In The Hollow
Cat: TLV 118CD. Rel: 25 Jan 19
  1. Sequence One
  2. Mistake A Stranger
  3. Energy
  4. Last Warmth Of The Day
  5. The Willo
  6. Jolt Awake
  7. Mechanism
  8. Strangulation Day
  9. You Make Me Forget Myself
  10. Charlies's House
  11. Move Through The Dark
Review: With the mass of TOY material out there we have London label Heavenly to thank, however this latest expedition sees the Brighton act land on Tough Love for the first time, a label straight outta their hometown. Happy In The Hollow presents the band's fourth LP overall and it's an album painting dystopic visions, however inspired to no end. Across the LP we are graced with synths that swoon and chime in unison to ghostly backing chorals, to the more ambient, end of the world strolls through darkened forests ("The Wilo). There are some more traditional UK jangly guitar moments, like "Jolt Awake", or beat down punk trappings of "Energy". Punk meets ends of the earth is here.
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 in stock $9.47
Songs Of Consumption
Cat: TLV 124CD. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Down On The Street
  2. Follow Me
  3. Sixty/Forty
  4. Cousin Jane
  5. Fun City
  6. Lemon Incest
  7. Always On My Mind
  8. A Doll's House
Review: Another psych-rock album from Toy, one of the few remaining genre acts that haven't faded into obscurity since the revival almost a decade ago? Well, not quite. What they warned us about with "Happy In The Hollow" - the track that preceded this long form - is now inescapable. A band that have discovered a sharper, less forgiving edge wield this powerful, streamlined pop sword and do some real damage. The fact "Songs Of Consumption" is a covers album only makes the stylistic direction more pronounced. If you've heard the originals of tracks like the Stooges' "Down On The Street" or the almost-unknown Nico bomb "Sixty/Forty" you appreciate what's been done here even more. Respectively dancefloor electronica and exotic, dreamy soundscapes in those two cases. Reinventions by the reinvented.
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 in stock $9.73
Sublimity (CD)
Cat: MD 636. Rel: 03 Oct 08
  1. Albion
  2. Goodbye Old Friend
  3. You Hold The Fire
  4. Dance Alone
  5. Opium Head
  6. Oh Sleep
  7. Triple Threat
  8. Confusion
  9. Absinthium
$23.35 SAVE 25%
 in stock $17.52
Cat: UTR 061CD. Rel: 27 Nov 14
  1. Beach Babe
  2. Medicine
  3. Big Feeling
  4. Skin
  5. Hair
  6. Leaves
  7. Boredom
  8. Cinema
  9. Cheshire Cat
  10. Teeth
  11. Shyness
 in stock $4.73
Trash Kit
Trash Kit (CD)
Cat: UTR 036. Rel: 13 May 10
  1. Knock Yr Socks Off
  2. Cadets
  3. New Face
  4. 50 Woman
  5. Pig Cat
  6. Tattoo
  7. Filipino Song
  8. Bugsy
  9. Natascha
  10. Sun Spots
  11. Gorey
  12. Chinese Boy
  13. Bad Books
  14. Trash Kit
  15. Fame
  16. Freetime
  17. Wolfman
$11.96 SAVE 33%
 in stock $8.01
Sails (CD)
Cat: SS 012CD. Rel: 05 Sep 18
  1. Moments Like Switches
  2. Wasted Eyes
  3. Into The Water
  4. Mopping Forwards
  5. Loser
  6. Unlike You
  7. Last Night (I Dreamt Of Killing You)
  8. Out Of The Water
  9. Failure Is A Bastard
  10. Leftover Lines
 in stock $13.34
10 Songs (Deluxe Edition)
10 Songs (Deluxe Edition) (2xCD box set + art prints)
Cat: 405053 861986. Rel: 09 Oct 20
  1. Waving At The Window
  2. The Only Thing
  3. Valentine
  4. Butterflies
  5. A Million Hearts
  6. A Ghost
  7. All Fall Down
  8. Kissing In The Wind
  9. Nina's Song
  10. No Love Lost
  11. Waving At The Window (demo)
  12. The Only Thing (demo)
  13. Valentine (demo)
  14. Butterflies (demo)
  15. A Million Hearts (demo)
  16. A Ghost (demo)
  17. All Fall Down (demo)
  18. Kissing In The Wind (demo)
  19. Nina's Song (demo)
  20. No Love Lost (demo)
 in stock $12.34
Visitors (CD)
Cat: RPUT 23CD. Rel: 05 Apr 18
  1. All My Life
  2. When Will I See You Again
  3. Visitors
  4. Flashing Before Your Eyes
  5. Heavy Cloud
  6. Sunday In The Park
  7. Saturday Far Away
  8. The Illusion
  9. Mary Anne
  10. My Friend
  11. Strange Love
  12. Child Of God
 in stock $9.19
Lovelaws (CD)
Cat: LL 001CD. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Mykki
  2. I've Been Fine
  3. Love Leaks
  4. The Dream
  5. Tutorial
  6. Dram
  7. Safe
  8. Sassafrass (interlude)
  9. Take One
  10. Too Sweet
 in stock $5.57
Now (reissue)
Cat: MOCCD 13650. Rel: 30 Oct 18
  1. Smoke (La Vie En Fumer)
  2. Hit Parade
  3. Strung Out On Strings
  4. Golden Boy
  5. My Head Is My Only House Unless It Rains
  6. God-Bird-Change
  7. I'm Just A Mess
  8. Cathy's Clone
  9. This Town
  10. Pound Of Flesh
  11. You're No Fun
 in stock $8.89
I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life
Cat: 4AD 0052CD. Rel: 19 Jan 18
  1. Heart Attack
  2. Coast To Coast
  3. ABC 123
  4. Now As Then
  5. Honesty
  6. Colonizer
  7. Look At Your Hands
  8. Home
  9. Hammer
  10. Who Are You
  11. Private Life
  12. Free
 in stock $8.35
Dead Club
Dead Club (CD)
Cat: FTH 390CD. Rel: 06 Nov 20
  1. Eating The Dead
  2. Death Is The New Sex
  3. SDC
  4. Three Birds
  5. A Million Colours
  6. Carry You
  7. The Last Day
  8. Tsunami
  9. Man
  10. Scared To Death
  11. Fatally Human
  12. Woman
Review: Long-serving experimental folk band Tunng reportedly put a lot of thought into the subject matter and lyrics behind their new album, Dead Club. According to their label, the set is part of a wider project the band have started in order to spark wider conversations about death and grief. Given all that has happened in 2020, it's arguably more relevant than ever, and the fact that the London band is able to tackle the subject is a surprisingly positive and musically ear-catching way is particularly impressive. As usual, the album delivers a blend of traditional, acoustic, electric and electronic instrumentation, with vibrant vocals providing the ear-catching focal point atop an attractive and imaginative musical mixture. We can't decide whether it's their best album to date, but it's certainly hugely enjoyable.
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