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Back Catalogue: Indie

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Bring It On Back
Bring It On Back (CD single)
Cat: AT 0263CD. Rel: 18 Nov 06
  1. Bring It On Back
  2. Jane Jones
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Harmony Avenue
Cat: MRG 671CD. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. J Terrapin
  2. (Don't Break My) Devotion
  3. Father Coin
  4. Yesterdang
  5. Post No Bill
  6. Broadstairs Beach
  7. Dolly Dream
  8. Mary Magazine
  9. Truth Like A Mirage
  10. Motherman
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Hyper Romance
Cat: VLF 021CD. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Another Life
  2. Dead, Again
  3. Walk The Line
  4. Woman
  5. Day By Day
  6. Metal Violets
  7. Suddenly I Know Who You Are
  8. Caroline
  9. Burning Hour
  10. Hyper Romance
  11. Pink & Blue
 in stock $11.32
Hata Payi
Hata Payi (CD)
Cat: SLANG 50194. Rel: 05 Apr 19
  1. Sana Gore Bir Sey Yok
  2. Suphe
  3. Yangin
  4. Gordugum Ruya
  5. Kalbim Kopru Gibi
  6. Hala Berbat
  7. Kendine Ragmen
  8. Istemezdim
  9. Toz
  10. Bir Sey Olur
  11. Ne Teselli Ne Avuntu
Review: Turkish synth pop pride Jakuzi land a major record deal with the always trustworthy City Slang. Debuting in 2017 with the indie pop Fantezi Muzik LP, the trio, straight out of Istanbul's yet to be mined alternative pop scene, sees the group this time around deliver something that's slightly darker than before. Darker in the sense, that is, that their music now sounds more like Depeche Mode and The Sisters of Mercy, or even These New Puritans, than the sun-catching sounds of their previous release. Gothic tendencies to their instrumentalisation remain throughout the LP, and dark disco plays a part too alongside strands of post-punk guitars that all coalesse into a LP that will no doubt appeal to the shadier realms of pop and synth music lovers.
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No Problem
Cat: VVR 741160. Rel: 19 Aug 10
  1. Cross The Fader
  2. I Think I Like U
  3. Short & Entertaining
  4. Secrets
  5. Jericho
  6. Gentleman
  7. The Outsider
  8. By The Numbers
  9. Junior
  10. She's Gonna
  11. When Do You Wann Stop Working
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 in stock $12.31
Living In Extraordinary Times
Cat: 405053 8393637. Rel: 03 Aug 18
  1. Hank
  2. Coming Home (part 2)
  3. Leviathan
  4. Heads
  5. Many Faces
  6. How Hard The Day
  7. Extraordinary Times
  8. Picture Of This Place
  9. Hope To Sleep
  10. Better Than That
  11. Mask
  12. What's It All About
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 in stock $11.88
Places (CD)
Cat: LBL 110-2. Rel: 20 Sep 07
  1. Look Me Up
  2. Cake Parade
  3. Need Your Needs
  4. Long Week
  5. More Lights
  6. Henry & Hanzy
  7. Comfortable Headphones
  8. Hard Feelins
  9. Places
  10. Cheap Champagne
  11. You Can't Have It
  12. Only Cause You're Young
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 in stock $19.74
Queen High Straight
Cat: WJCD 2020. Rel: 18 Apr 20
  1. Queen High Straight
  2. Perilous Beauty
  3. Free Man Walk
  4. Stomp Down, Snuck Up
  5. Little Melvin
  6. Marlene Et Fleur
  7. A Heart Breaking Liar's Promise
  8. Here Comes The Beautiful One
  9. Chicken Street
  10. Testimonial
  11. Bar Room Brawl & Benzedrine Blues
  12. Ratfucking
  13. She Likes To Be (Underneath Somebody)
  14. Bliss Hotel
  15. Freak In
  16. The Impression Of Normalcy
  17. I'll Be Here When The Morning Comes
  18. Cancel It I'll See Him On Monday
  19. Sugar Boy
  20. Kill Some Time Blues
 in stock $14.16
Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Gentlemen Take Polaroids (limited numbered hybrid SACD)
Cat: IMT 3519450SACD. Rel: 19 Jan 17
  1. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  2. Swing
  3. Burning Bridges
  4. My New Career
  5. Methods Of Dance
  6. Ain't That Peculiar
  7. Nightporter
  8. Taking Islands In Africa
  9. The Experience Of Swimming
  10. The Width Of A Room
  11. Taking Islands In Africa (Steve NYE remix)
 in stock $53.21
Live From The Budokan Tokyo FM 1982
Cat: VPD 616. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Burning Bridges
  2. Sons Of Pioneers
  3. Alien
  4. Gentlemen Take Polaroids
  5. Swing
  6. Contonese Boy
  7. Visions Of China
  8. Nightporter
  9. Ghosts
  10. Still Life In Mobile Homes
  11. Methods Of Dance
  12. Quiet Life
  13. European Son
  14. The Art Of Parties
  15. Bamboo Music
  16. Taking Islands In Africa
  17. Life In Tokyo
  18. Canton
  19. Good Night
 in stock $12.66
Beyond The Pale
Cat: RT 0129CD. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Save The Whale
  2. Must I Evolve?
  3. Am I Missing Something?
  4. House Music All Night Long
  5. Sometimes I Am Pharaoh
  6. Swanky Modes
  7. Children Of The Echo
 in stock $9.62
Brave New Waves Session
Cat: AOF 311CD. Rel: 12 Feb 18
  1. Whitfield, Sarah & The Birchfield Road Affair
  2. Sex Engine
  3. Blame (It On The Libyans)
  4. Girl-Go
  5. Grey Flannelette
  6. The Party's Over
  7. Interview With Brent Bambury
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 in stock $8.30
To Love Is To Live
Cat: 869511. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. I Am
  2. Innocence
  3. Flower
  4. We Will Sin Together
  5. A Place Above (feat Cillian Murphy)
  6. I'm The Man
  7. The Rooms
  8. Heroine
  9. How Could You (feat Joe Talbot)
  10. French Countryside
  11. Human
 in stock $11.89
Jessica's Brother
Cat: FIKA 065CD. Rel: 25 Jul 18
  1. Getting Obscene
  2. All The Better
  3. One Of The Guys
  4. Dylan
  5. Humdinger
  6. Overnight Horror
  7. Come Around
  8. Hare
  9. Lulu Walls
  10. Cold, White & Blue Day
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 in stock $10.95
AM Jazz
AM Jazz (CD)
Cat: DOOK 150482. Rel: 13 Feb 20
  1. Good Mood
  2. Upside Down
  3. Hexagons
  4. Beatheart
  5. Tol Circle
  6. Feel OK
  7. Wonders Amber
  8. Eggshell
  9. Lander
  10. AM Jazz
Review: Manchester's Jim Noir returns with ten tracks as strong as anything that he's offered us before. A man known for his mastering of melody and ability to convey complex thoughts and feelings with relatively succinct and direct lyricism, he's the kind of artist you could easily forget how much you've missed until the next release arrives, and the memories and feelings come flooding back. Opening on the soft croon of "Good Mood", it's not long before Noir's true talent begins to show. "Upside Down"'s synth bass reverberations underpin Casio stardust punctuation and slow harmonious keyboard refrains. "Wonders Amber" invokes a journeyman, if not space-age Western theme tune. "Tol Circle" introduces ambient jazz vibes to melting pot. It's varied without every feeling like someone is trying hard to surprise, as if the different stylistic decisions made here came completely naturally. Most likely because they did.
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 in stock $13.87
V (CD)
Cat: SC 252CD. Rel: 15 Aug 14
  1. V
  2. Dynasti
  3. Dean & Me
  4. All White Everything
  5. When I Need You
  6. Fagelsangen
  7. Full
  8. Innerlight
  9. Hold Me
  10. I
  11. Be Here Now
  12. All Ways, Always
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 in stock $5.94
Cover Two
Cover Two (CD)
Cat: JAPW 2CD. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Kiss
  2. Spread
  3. Under Control
  4. Not The Way
  5. I Keep Forgettin’
  6. Life’s What You Make It
  7. Out Of Time
  8. On The Beach
  9. There Are Worse Things I Could Do
  10. Running
Review: It's a bit of a landmark period for Joan Wasser - this album arrives ahead of her 50th birthday, her last studio album was the exceptional 'Damned Devotion' and last year we also got the self explanatorily-titled 'Joanthology'. Now she gives us 'Cover Two', her second album of covers - a particularly problematic undertaking for any artist, but one she has long-since proven adept at. As ever the choices are personal and therefore make for a random playlist - opening with a heartbreaking, lunging acoustic version of Prince's 'Kiss', and featuring The Strokes' 'Under Control' re-read as classy, sultry R&B. Talk Talk's timeless 'Life's What You Make Of It' becomes a surreal piece of sophisticated avant-pop, 'Out of Time' by Blur is turned into a breathy, enigmatic piano solo. Taking on some big pieces and coming out on top, we expected no less.
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 in stock $10.71
Nectar (CD)
Cat: 019029 6839030. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Ew
  2. Modus
  3. Tick Tock
  4. Daylight
  5. Upgrade
  6. Gimme Love
  7. Run
  8. Sanctuary
  9. High Hopes
  10. Nitrous
  11. Pretty Boy
  12. Normal People
  13. Afterthought
  14. Mr Hollywood
  15. 777
  16. Reanimator
  17. Like You Do
  18. Your Man
Review: Whereas Joji's acclaimed 2018 debut album was an evocative and atmospheric concoction that sat somewhere between lo-fi trip-hop, experimental R&B and bubbly electronica, this hotly anticipated follow-up is a much bolder and more musically advanced affair. That means that the Japanese-Australian artist's evocative, eyes-closed vocals come cloaked in sweeping strings, crunchy guitars and twinkling pianos, while resting on booming basslines and punchy, tweaked hip-hop and R&B beats. It's a formula that only enhances his already impressive songs, while the presence of some high-profile collaborators - Diplo and Yves Tumor included - only emphasizes the top-tier circles he's now moving in.
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 in stock $13.58
Cannibal House Rules
Cat: SOL 024CD. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Theme To Cannibal House Rules
  2. God Is Goth
  3. Power Moves
  4. Sticky Love
  5. Cannibal's Reprise
  6. Cake World
  7. The Cannibal's Den
  8. I Tried To Lose You (But I Don't Know How)
  9. Firestarter
  10. Escape From Sex City
  11. Idiot In Love
  12. Waves
  13. It's Hip Not To Try
  14. Voices From Beyond
  15. Cannibal House Rules
  16. You're Surrounded
 in stock $8.79
The Mother Stone
Cat: SBR 244CD. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Flag Day/The Mother Stone
  2. You're So Wonderful
  3. I Dig Your Dog
  4. Katya
  5. All I Am In You/The Big Worm
  6. No Where's Where Nothing's Died
  7. Licking The Days
  8. For The Longest Time
  9. The Hodge-Podge Porridge Poke
  10. I Want To Love You
  11. The Great I Am
  12. Lullabbey
  13. No Where's Where Nothing's Died (A Marvelous Pain)
  14. Thanks For Staying
  15. Little Planet Pig
 in stock $11.32
Super Natural
Cat: HGR 020CD. Rel: 25 May 17
  1. Dream
  2. Base Is Loaded
  3. Something's Gonna Get Its Hands On You
  4. No Fool
  5. Aldecide
  6. Boil Yer Blood
  7. Shallow Grave
  8. Heavy Lounge #1
  9. Till It's All Gone
  10. Everyone But Me
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 in stock $9.20
Don't Let The Devil Take Another Day
Cat: 019029 5158248. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Hurry Up & Wait (CD1)
  2. You're My Star
  3. Suzy
  4. Katie
  5. I Wanna Get Lost With You
  6. Help Me Make It Through The Night
  7. I Stopped To Fill My Car Up
  8. Before Anyone Knew Our Name
  9. Mr Writer
  10. Rewind
  11. Local Boy In The Photograph (CD2)
  12. Feel
  13. Into The World
  14. This Life Ain't Easy (But It's The One That We All Got)
  15. Boy On A Bike
  16. No-One's Perfect
  17. Show Me How
  18. Maybe Tomorrow
  19. Traffic
  20. Just Looking
  21. Dakota
 in stock $11.31
Shallows (CD)
Cat: SHR 181. Rel: 30 Sep 15
  1. Distortion
  2. Oh, Emily
  3. Big Valley
  4. Three, At Least
  5. Seeing Skulls
  6. The Stars Over Somerville
  7. Defiance
  8. Bold Love
  9. Our Shadows Anchor Us To The Earth
  10. Seawater Kisses
  11. Untitled 4
  12. Reef & Wreck
  13. Swum
  14. Sea Life
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 in stock $7.35
Release The Dogs
Cat: MRG 677CD. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Alight
  2. Dogs
  3. Starts
  4. Steepest Stairs
  5. Salt Mine
  6. Man
  7. Small Town Death
  8. After You
  9. Time
$9.63 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.23
Pocket Moon
Cat: GY 94CD. Rel: 24 Oct 19
  1. You Never Know
  2. Blue Eyed Boy
  3. Tongue Of A Child
  4. You're Running Away, David
  5. Morning Sun, Slow Down
  6. Yellow Jacket Blues
  7. Pocket Moon
  8. The Last Time I Saw You
  9. Sean Foley's Blues
  10. Time Slows Down In Dreams
  11. Blue Lullaby
 in stock $11.32
Hit Reset
Hit Reset (CD)
Cat: HAR 096CD. Rel: 25 Jan 17
  1. Hit Reset
  2. I Decide
  3. Be Nice
  4. Rather Not
  5. Planet You
  6. Let Me Go
  7. Mr. So & So
  8. Record Breaker
  9. Hello Trust No One
  10. I'm Done
  11. Roses More Than Water
  12. Time Is Up
  13. Calverton
$11.06 SAVE 35%
 in stock $7.19
For Ever
For Ever (CD)
Cat: XL 927CD. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Smile
  2. Heavy, California
  3. Beat 54 (All Good Now)
  4. Cherry
  5. Happy Man
  6. Casio
  7. Mama Oh No
  8. House In LA
  9. Give Over
  10. Cosurmyne
  11. Home
  12. (More & More) It Ain't Easy
  13. Pray
Review: Following the runaway success of their Mercury Music Prize nominated 2014 debut album, Jungle moved to Los Angeles to record the follow-up. It didn't work out for a variety of musical and personal reasons, so they headed back to London and recorded "For Ever" instead. While some of the lyrics reflect on their musical and personal issues during that time, the resultant songs are as soulful, polished and jaunty as you'd expect. Check, for example, the sun-kissed disco-pop of "Heavy California", the sumptuous lo-fi soul shuffle of "Cherry", the head-nodding grooves and lyrical melancholy of "Happy Man" and the grandiose, bittersweet brilliance of "House In LA".
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 in stock $8.78
Un Deux Trois
Cat: CD OUTRE08. Rel: 26 Mar 20
  1. Soudain
  2. Grave
  3. Drole D'histoire
  4. En Solitaire
  5. Walili
  6. Le Verite Nue
  7. Bizarre
  8. Tu Mens
  9. Que Le Nuit
  10. Ah Bah D'accord
  11. Adolescent
 in stock $13.30
Corpse Flower
Cat: IPC 211CD. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Ballade C33
  2. Camion
  3. Chansons D'Amour
  4. Cold Sun Warm Beer
  5. Browning
  6. Hungry Ghost
  7. Corpse Flower
  8. Insolubles
  9. On Top Of The World
  10. Yard Bull
  11. A Schoolgirl's Day
  12. Pink & Bleue
Review: Half journeyman, half David Lynch bar scene, all twisted crooner-dom, and at least a little tongue in cheek, Mike Patton & Jean Claude Vannier are aiming straight for the alternatives with this 12-strong collection of bizarre ballads and obscure odes that will appeal to rarer tastebuds. There's the spoken word and strummed guitars guiding us through the various parts of "A Schoolgirl's Day". The Sinatra-does-sarcasm of closer "Pink & Bleue", and the way "Hungry Ghost" aurally recalls "Everybody Knows" by Leonard Cohen. Truly unique stuff, despite its debt of gratitude to troubadour totems, counterculture rock and The Rat Pack, it's as rooted in the 21st Century as anything you'll hear today. The production process involved two creators in two different parts of the world, Patton and band in L.A., Vannier with a full orchestra in Vienna. Not that you can tell considering how complete the record feels.
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 in stock $13.02
Jack Waterson
Cat: LL 039CD. Rel: 12 Apr 19
  1. Smile
  2. Prepare For A Long Fall
  3. Fly Wallenda
  4. The Legend Of Shorty George
  5. Religion Of Death
  6. Flashback
  7. They Won't Help You
  8. Stay
  9. Larceny
  10. All Hail The Emperor
Review: Adrian Younge has done some mighty collaborations in recent years, from work with Venice Dawn and Delfonics to Ghostface Killah and Souls Of Mischief. The skill and scope of this songwriter and producer is broad, and it's no different on this latest project with Venice Dawn's Jack Waterson. You can hear the ghost of Syd Barrett in tracks like "Larceny", while "The Legend Of Shorty George" channels a little early Bowie magic. Elsewhere the influences are more contemporary. With a generous dose of sunshine and psychedelia, this is a rich, rewarding record from artists steeped in the great tradition of heady, adventurous albums to intrigue and satisfy in equal measure.
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$15.29 SAVE 25%
 in stock $11.47
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Back Catalogue: Indie
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