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Back Catalogue: House

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Cat: SRMPIECES 02. Rel: 15 Apr 10
  1. Joaquin Joe Claussell - "With More Love Piano Version"
  2. LESP - "Feedback"
  3. Mental Remedy - "Love Key's Demo"
  4. The Bayara Citizens - "Suwaya"
  5. Hidden Revealed - "Mystical Wonderland"
  6. Bonga - "Ritual"
  7. Mampo - "Village"
  8. Karin Lapidot - "Spirits Of The North Dubbness"
out of stock $13.83
  1. Andy Compton - "Creation" (feat Celestine) (7:19)
  2. Jean-Luc Ponty - "Dance Of The Spirits" (Peter Croce re-edit) (6:43)
  3. Alton Miller - "For You" (7:36)
  4. Lafleur - "Latin Groove" (3:51)
out of stock $12.75
Twilight (12")
Cat: ESP 018. Rel: 22 May 06
  1. Twilight
  2. Twilight (instrumental)
  3. Twilight (Mash S Flipside mix)
  4. Twilight (Mash S Flipside mix instrumental)
out of stock $13.01
  1. Delfonic & Max Graef - "Kimmenschwitzer" (part 1) (3:37)
  2. Kickflip Mike & Reverend G - "Magic Loop" (6:24)
  3. Axel S - "Riesenglied 95 (Fur Nano)" (4:47)
  4. Hubert Daviz - "9To5 Wecker" (2:46)
  5. Luds & Reverend G - "Tungston" (5:18)
  6. Cuthead - "Track 1.1" (5:40)
out of stock $9.22
Cat: YAM 002. Rel: 16 Jun 17
  1. Tom Esselle - "Lelet" (8:24)
  2. MSSS - "This Is A Modern Drugs Party" (7:23)
  3. SofaTalk - "Truth Theme" (5:17)
  4. Leonidas - "Shesha" (dub) (5:35)
  5. Z Lovecraft - "Oceanic" (4:32)
out of stock $9.49
People (12")
Cat: MGBK 001. Rel: 25 Jan 18
  1. Get Pissed - "Peopl" (5:49)
  2. Get Pissed - "Monk Speaks" (5:46)
  3. Laroye - "Connected" (6:12)
  4. Laroye - "Connected" (Dark dub) (4:17)
 in stock $9.75
  1. Willie Hutch - "Slick"
  2. Los Monequitos De Matanzas - "Lo Que Dice El Abacua"
  3. Lou Bond - "To The Establishment"
Review: GAMM waste little time in dropping the second round of Scandodelic edits from man like Seegweed who presents a trio of tweaks that straddle the lines between disco, beatdown Latin and heavenly soul. The familiar tones of Sir Willie Hutch open proceedings in richly orchestral disco style with a tweak of the iconic singer's "Slick" lifted from the OST to The Mack starring a certain Richard Pryor. Seegweed's main embellishment concerns adding some neat percussive touches as the brass heavy arrangement makes any major surgery redundant. Alongside this is a lolloping expansion of Afro Cuban act Los Monequitos De Matanzas which is caked in sonic dust. Do check the flip for Seegweed's take on Lou Bond that adds a delightful broken bump to the singer's psychedelic soul masterpiece "To The Establishment".
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out of stock $8.67
Cat: TS 055. Rel: 04 Mar 14
  1. Good Lovin (DJ Spinna Old School acid remix)
  2. Good Lovin (Oh No remix)
  3. Good Lovin (T&S HLIC remix)
Review: Nicole Wray's Lady outfit undergoes a trio of remixes; Each one adding a whole new dynamic to the instant sing-along modern disco gem. DJ Spinna goes for a classic late 80s bump-n-shuffle remix with a squidgy 808 bassline and strutting beats. Oh No adds a lavish percussive arrangement giving it the same flavour Quantic gets when he works with Alice Russell. Finally T&S look back to Motown for inspiration as we're teased with dramatic cinematic orchestration before a big funk riff flies into the mix. Drop any of these versions and you're guaranteed good dancefloor loving.
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out of stock $9.75
Cat: ESP 029. Rel: 26 Nov 07
  1. Pressure (Universal Sun club mix featuring Mark de Clive Lowe)
  2. Pressure (Universal Sun club instrumental featuring Mark de Clive Lowe)
Review: New release from Japan label Especial with production from Mark de Clive Lowe & Chris Cox as a new outfit called Universal Sun. Already supported by Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Domu, Jazzanova, Karizma, Simbad and Rainer Truby.
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out of stock $14.09
  1. Let It Fall (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul remix) (7:59)
  2. Let It Fall (7:28)
Review: Moulton Records released veteran vocalist Lady Alma's collaboration with the Rainmakers, "Let It Fall", in the summer of 2018 as a digital-only single. DJ Spinna thought that it should make it out on wax, so he's snapped up their original version and reissued it on his label Wonderwax. You'll find that original mix - a wonderfully warm, dreamy and soulful workout that layers twinkling pianos, electronic bass, atmospheric organ chords and her superb vocals over a skipping broken house beat - on the flipside, with Spinna's brand new "Galactic Soul" revision on the A. He gives it a little more galactic flavour via squelchy synth-bass and futuristic electronic motifs, while beefing up the beats for a heavier dancefloor experience. It's a great remix, though we still prefer the smooth and sensual original version.
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 in stock $14.09
Cat: FSR 024. Rel: 26 May 05
  1. Lanu - "Mosquito Coast"
  2. Eddit - "Samba Do Bell" (No Comply remix)
Played by: Freestyle Records
out of stock $5.29
Awon Iye (12")
Cat: MGBK 003. Rel: 31 Jan 19
  1. Right & Wrong (4:47)
  2. Awon Iye (Atjazz remix) (6:49)
  3. Awon Iye (feat Maia Barouh ) (7:56)
  4. Basamsike (6:16)
out of stock $9.22
Un Olandese A Milano (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DNIP 01. Rel: 27 Nov 17
  1. Do For Love (feat Juno) (5:05)
  2. Sprookjesbos (4:32)
  3. So Damn Fine (3:35)
  4. Se Io (feat Juno) (6:10)
  5. Enjoy Losin' (4:19)
  6. Lanero Voleva Una Hit (5:17)
Review: Dutch producer Larry De Kat has been spotted delivering an album to Lazare Hoche and sliding his wares onto SlapFunk and Dungeon Meat alike, but his Katnip label it the one to watch for some of his most personal wares. This new release finds him purring his way through downtempo, soul-inflected selections that open out a whole new dimension to this talented, versatile producer. Juno's vocals are the icing on a particularly funky cake on "Do For Love", while "So Damn Fine" is an instrumental beat worthy of D'Angelo (sadly not included). The jazzy licks pour out of this release like honey - Larry De Kat just upped his game yet again and we strongly advise you to take heed.
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 in stock $8.41
Higher! (12")
Cat: CFR 014. Rel: 11 Jul 18
  1. Higher! (feat Erik Rico) (6:00)
  2. Escape Through Time (7:26)
  3. Higher! (Byron The Aquarius remix) (6:13)
  4. Spirit Of Harmony (6:22)
Review: The productions of City Fly co-founder Ashley "Arthur Jr" Stevenson just seem to get better and better. "Higher!" marks his return to the Leicester-based label following outings on Better Listen and Kolour Ltd, and is unquestionably his strongest EP to date. The title track, featuring the sugary-sweet vocals of Erik Rico, is particularly good, boasting a near perfect balance between rolling electronic grooves, dusty samples and luscious soul-jazz instrumentation. There are plenty of highlights elsewhere across the EP, too, from the loopy, sample-house goodness of "Escape Through Time", to the smooth, jazz-flecked deep house breeze that is closer "Spirit of Harmony". Arguably best of all, though, is the deep, jazz-funk flecked revision of "Higher!" by fast-rising star Byron The Aquarius that opens side B of an essential EP.
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out of stock $9.49
Jingito (12")
Cat: LSBW 03. Rel: 08 Sep 16
  1. Jingito (8:11)
  2. Magic Black Woman (7:41)
Played by: Ricardo Miranda, LK
out of stock $12.75
Cat: SR 004. Rel: 09 Sep 13
  1. Let It Go (Sophisticado vocal mix)
  2. Let It Go (ReelSoul instrumental mix)
  3. Let It Go (Josh Milan Honeycomb vocal mix)
  4. 1929
Review: Following the summer-sizzled "LOVE Song" comes another smooth soul schooling from Victor Lavender. Smoking keys and a lolloping bassline set the scene as Diviniti's vocals cause a spell-binding ear roadblock to great effect. For something deeper and more percussive jump on ReelSoul's drum-heavy instrumental while Josh Milan Honeycomb extends the soul aspects and injects a tiny bit of jazz to recipe giving it a confident MAW-like polish. "1929" completes the set with more jazzed out leanings thanks to the dreamy keys and piano work, tied together neatly with a funky squidgy bassline and subtle percussion elements.
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 in stock $13.56
Rescue Me (12")
Cat: SR 06. Rel: 26 Jan 17
  1. Rescue Me (The Sophisticado Love mix) (7:58)
  2. Rescue Me (The Jam Master mix) (6:25)
  3. Rescue Me (The Sean Ali & Corey Munk Julious remix) (10:36)
out of stock $16.00
Alejate (12")
Cat: XSRM 00365. Rel: 17 Sep 08
  1. Alejate (Joe Clausell's Sacred Rhythm version)
  2. Alejate (Joaquin's Disparate Alejate dub version)
  3. Alejate (Joe Clausell's Sacred Rhythm radio edit)
out of stock $7.58
Tiptoe (7")
Cat: LT 085. Rel: 08 May 18
  1. Tiptoe (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul remix) (4:36)
  2. Tiptoe (3:33)
Review: Trevor Lawrence Jr impresses us on a constant basis, with his debut album paving a new way for funk and soul music all around the world, subtly swinging to the delicate touch of deep house at its core. This time, however, the imprint is Local Talk, and they've decided to release the "Tiptoe" single onto glorious 7", a format which is perfect to showcase its slow, meandering waves and delightfully seductive vocals; there's a DJ Spinna remix, on top of Lawrence's magnificent single, with the experienced producer coming through smooth and effective thanks to some elegant beat-work and plenty of soulful vibes. Killer!
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Portrait 01 EP (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: AR 002. Rel: 15 Aug 14
  1. Seeds
  2. Mankind
  3. Still
  4. Origin
Review: Sam Shepherd knows talent when he hears it. He certainly saw something in London producer LAY, and the man better known as Floating Points has contributed production duties to her superb debut EP. With woozy live instrumentation - including some sublime strings, acoustic guitars and keys - joining sumptuous, sun-kissed grooves and shuffling, soft focus rhythms, Portrait 01 has Shepherd's fingerprints all over it. There's naturally much to admire, from the breezy, string-drenched hug of the deep house-tempo "Seeds", to the skittish, bass music-tempo bounce of the equally saucer-eyed "Still", which features a glimpse of LAY's honeyed vocals). The sparse, deep, jazz-flecked "Origin" is also delightful. As debuts go, it's borderline stunning.
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out of stock $10.58
Cat: IDLE 029. Rel: 11 Jun 15
  1. Life Through Analogies (6:59)
  2. My Heart Stopped Beating (4:19)
  3. Salix (6:36)
Review: Having wowed hearts and minds with his Dinas Oleu LP for Fear Of Flying, Leif has been quietly issuing out singles for sister label Sudden Drop, but now this new release finds him branching out to pastures new for Bristolian imprint Idle Hands. With the new territory comes a new slant towards broken beat productions, as "Life Through Analogies" layers up all manner of disorientating found sounds around a shaking beat. Leif's knack for serene melodies is still intact though, as is evident on the sumptuous "My Heart Stopped Beating", while "Salix" represents the moodiest of all the tracks. It's a marvelous fresh move for an ever-developing artist, and it sounds right at home on Idle Hands.
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out of stock $8.41
Montpelier/Rumex (100 gram vinyl 10")
Cat: TIO S3. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Montpelier (5:47)
  2. Rumex (6:19)
Review: Fresh from delving into his ambient side on the pastorally-enhanced "Loom Dream" album for Whities, Leif revives his self-manned Tio Series with another double-shot of delicate but impactful cuts outside the conventional slipstream of modern techno. The rhythms fall crooked, the synths trickle, bubble and cascade around the groove and the atmosphere remains humid and heady, especially on ear-snagging B-side "Rumex". "Montpelier" sports more explicit dubby flourishes and a spread of sonic flora and fauna in the middle distance that truly brings the track to life.
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Bluebird/Number 13 (100 gram vinyl 10")
Cat: TIO S2. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. Bluebird (7:03)
  2. Number 13 (6:35)
Review: After the widespread acclaim for "Shoulders Back" and "July V", Leif fires up his 10" TIO Series with another pair of dazzling, future-minded cuts for the more inquisitive dancefloor. Increasingly he's been moving away from house and techno conventions towards intriguing broken beat variations, and that's apparent in abundance on this new release. "Bluebird" rides on a set of tough but dynamic drum ripples, but the stand-out element is the gorgeous twinkling arpeggio that pirouettes over the top of the beat. "Number 13" meanwhile takes a moodier, dubbier approach without losing that deft programming, harmonic warmth and crafty rhythmic interplay that has become Leif's calling card in recent times.
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out of stock $9.21
Cat: LGN 020. Rel: 20 Jul 09
  1. Back Again
  2. Back Again (radio edit)
  3. Boogie's Gonna Get Ya
  4. Boogie's Gonna Get Ya (Art Bleek's Broken Head version)
out of stock $6.50
Cat: WAP 240F. Rel: 13 Jun 08
  1. Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr Oizo mix)
  2. Little Bit Of Feel Good
  3. Little Bit Of Feel Good (NTEIBINT remix)
  4. Little Bit Of Feel Good (Sr Coconut mix)
out of stock $8.67
  1. Linkwood Family - "Piece Of Mind" (8:08)
  2. ... Skit (0:45)
  3. Linkwood - "Hear The Sun" (5:08)
  4. Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends - "Aksman" (2:19)
Review: The "Firecracker EP 3" is a tasty 10" that's blowing up all over the shop. The main cut is the Linkwood Family's "Piece Of Mind". You'll be hearing a lot of this over the summer for sure. This release is not to be missed.
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out of stock $11.39
  1. Linkwood Family - "Miles Away" (8:19)
  2. Fudge Fingas - "Gettin' Togetha" (3:41)
  3. Linkwood - "Fate" (3:19)
Review: Repress of the already legendary 1st Firecracker EP, 'Miles Away' by Linkwood Family. Nearly 3 years since its first exclusive
appearance in London's Vinyl Junkies, this elusive record (only 500 were pressed) has picked up a huge cult following including
Derrick May, Moodymann, Theo Parrish, DJ Spinna, Danny Krivit, Osunlade, Mike Clark, and many more. The record holds 3 killer
Detroit influenced soul grooves, once again, these tracks come lovingly packaged (using only lithographic printing processes) with
this official re-issue being pressed on 180g heavyweight vinyl. Tip!
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out of stock $11.39
  1. Linkwood - "What's Up With The Underground?" (4:49)
  2. Linkwood - "What's Up With The Drums?" (4:18)
  3. Fudge Fingas - "Escape" (5:22)
  4. Track 4 (skit) (0:43)
  5. The Complainers - "Bacon Rolls" (2:42)
out of stock $11.39
Cat: FLRS 048. Rel: 20 Oct 06
  1. High Clouds
  2. Yellowtail
Played by: TJ Kong
out of stock $9.75
Herbie's Jam/Oliver (hand-stamped 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: STAMP 004. Rel: 21 Jul 15
  1. Herbie's Jam (6:25)
  2. Oliver (5:15)
Review: London's Lodger makes his comeback on the young Stamp imprint with another two slices of mesmerizing house funk. "Herbie's Jam" is a neat little number featuring plenty of jazzy brass instrumentation, gentle piano keys and a punchy percussive roll. Over on the flip, "Oliver" is more playful, bringing in a bumpy, guitar-led hook and shreds of vocal samples jumping in and out of the groove. Lovely.
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out of stock $9.22
Cat: 2045 BLACK. Rel: 26 Jul 18
  1. One Way To The Other (9:36)
  2. Oh It's You Again (2:57)
  3. The Island (3:06)
  4. When You Get It (2:36)
Review: UK dance legend, Dego, is back on his own 2000black imprint, stomping and storming through the place with nothing but ethereal house vibes. He's got Lord with him this time, a newcomer onto the block, and it's clear that the duo has some chemistry running real deep - "One Way To The Other" chugs along to a jazzy note, made more danceable by a heavy bassline, while the flip kicks off with "Oh It's You Again", a dusty house nugget with the sort of percussion that recalls the early 90s Detroit era; "The Island" is a continuation of that, this time dubbier and more beat-centric, and "When You Get It" further develops the groove with a gentle, melodic string of jazzed-out notes. All killer - no filler!
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out of stock $8.95
Cat: TNCL 005. Rel: 16 Oct 08
  1. Keep On (Restless Soul vocal mix)
  2. Keep On (Restless Soul instrumental mix)
out of stock $6.50
Cat: LWM 001. Rel: 12 Jan 09
  1. Spiritual Journey
  2. Journey Rhythm Dub
  3. Habitable Zone
out of stock $21.69
Cat: LGN 019. Rel: 08 Apr 09
  1. Chips 'N' Curry
  2. Vibin'
  3. Good To Be Here
  4. Wayback
out of stock $7.05
Space Fire Truth (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 023. Rel: 05 Sep 16
  1. Along Came Ra
  2. Doorway To Another Dimension Of Being
  3. Universal Language
  4. World Is The Space Ways
Review: Uzuri proudly welcomes Giorgio Luceri with the 1st of 2 eps signed on the label for 2016 . with previous releases on Jamal Moss's Mathematics imprint , On the Prowl ++ , 'Space Fire Truth' sees Giorgio charting new territory to his previous output & coming correct in the process .
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Failing Upwards (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: LHLT 014. Rel: 07 Nov 18
  1. Einbahnstrassen Sound (6:56)
  2. Oase (7:05)
  3. Rex Dubius (5:48)
Played by: Tilman
 in stock $11.12
Cat: STSEP 003. Rel: 16 Jun 11
  1. Clouds
  2. Thought We Were Alone (feat Milosh)
  3. Slow Ground
  4. Demon Spawn (feat Pegasus Warning)
  5. Thought We Were Alone (feat Milosh - Gang Colours remix)
  6. Thought We Were Alone (feat Milosh - Eliphino remix)
  7. Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mizrahi & Eli Gold - Money vs Gold remix)
out of stock $7.58
  1. Omm/Louvacao A Imenja (Throwing Snow remix)
  2. Nao Existe Molhado Igual Ao Pranto (Illum Sphere remix)
out of stock $6.50
Cat: PAX 204. Rel: 19 Mar 05
  1. Melba
  2. Lisa
out of stock $8.67
  1. What You Wanna Ask For (Theo mix) (9:48)
  2. What You Wanna Ask For (Dego mix) (10:11)
Review: Sound Signature's latest release is an all-star crew affair, with an impressive cast list of vocalists, musicians and producers joining main man Theo Parrish in the studio. He's at the controls on the sublime A-side mix, a jazzy affair where layered twinkling electric piano motifs, spacey chords, jazz-funk riffs and sumptuous deep house grooves combine on a fearlessly loose and organic dancefloor workout. On the flipside friend of the family Dego offers his interpretation, adding even more warmth and some tasty additional hand percussion parts whilst wisely utilizing most of the original version's intricate musical elements.
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 in stock $11.92
  1. Swinging To The Bass (Rahaan extended mix)
  2. Swinging To The Bass (Rahaan dub)
  3. Swinging To The Bass (Bruce Ivery remix)
Review: The music of London based collective Los Charly's Orchestra dips a 70s boogie sound with a Latin touch, and lends itself well to the exemplary mixing talents of Chi-town don Rahaan, who remixes "Swinging To The Bass" for Dopeness Galore Holland. Rahaan captures the funk that lies at the core of this track, using it as the base on which to manipulate and twist the music. It's a light footed disco cut, with a hook that slices clean through the spattering of jazz-licked murmurings. The dub mix overwhelms you with a driving bass line and tinkling piano solo, with Rahaan borrowing each epic element and composing a fresh and lively sound. Do check.
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out of stock $15.46
Cascade (12")
Cat: 2038 BLACK. Rel: 23 Jun 16
  1. Cascade (5:20)
  2. The Inside Is The Outside (7:21)
  3. The Believer (4:17)
Review: Back in 2012, the collective talents of Dego, Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah and Matt Lord combined for a superb album on 2000Black. Last year saw the quartet reconvene in the studio for a 12" snappily titled Off The Christmas Card List (possibly named in homage to anyone calling their music broken beat) which was mooted as a precursor to a new LP! Another taster now arrives on 2000 Black in the shape of the Cascade 12", brandishing a triplet of toasty future boogie standards primed for dancefloor deployment. The warm Rhodes, shuffling percussion and occasional twisted FX of "The Inside Is The Outside" stand out, as does the sweet soul strut of "The Believer", though there is a reason the title track hogs the A-side. That reason? It's a delight!
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out of stock $8.41
Two Way Here One Way Go (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: 2040 BLACK. Rel: 23 Feb 17
  1. Two Way Here One Way Go (5:09)
  2. No Facetime (Errors) (4:39)
  3. BBQ (5:32)
Review: The latest missive from the reliable 2000 Black camp is a collaborative affair, featuring the combined talents of Kaidi Tatham, Mr Mensah, Matt Lord and Dego (this time under the Ranks alias). With such talent on show, it's unsurprising that A-side "Two Way Here One Way Go" - a rolling, club-ready fusion of Tony Allen style drums, Afro-futurist sounds and killer musical touches - is thoroughly fantastic. It's accompanied by two tasty B-sides: a pitched down, synth-heavy shuffler entitled "No Facetime (Errors)" and the starry, up-tempo, Herbie Hancock style jazz-funk-meets-Restless Soul grooves of "BBQ".
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out of stock $8.41
Cat: SWAT 002. Rel: 15 Aug 17
  1. Amerikkkan Poets (8:12)
  2. Amerikkkan Dub (5:27)
  3. Amerikkkan Rhythms (6:26)
  4. Amerikkkapella (5:33)
Review: A love letter to the Basement Boys 2001 classic with Ras Baraka "An American Poem", Malik Ameer Crumpler lays down an incredible, wry and poignant sermon over a swing beat that builds into some fine freeform horn work from Leron Thomas. A fusion that spans Sheffield, Paris and New York, pays homage to Gil Scott Heron and delivers a critical message, the timeliness of this is legitimate. The acapella is incredibly handy, too. With sunrays this strong, everything else is a lightbulb...
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out of stock $13.29
Cat: GROW 002. Rel: 22 Feb 13
  1. Session 1: We Know How To Swing Take
  2. Session 2: We Used To Paly It Loud Take
Played by: DoubtingThomas
out of stock $8.67
Architect (CD)
Cat: SPH 0001CD. Rel: 10 Feb 15
  1. 1929/Atmospheric (LP mix)
  2. Magic
  3. It's The Real Thing
  4. Thanks I Get
  5. Rial
  6. Havana
  7. Bunda Experience/Toronto
  8. Heritage Song
  9. Eyes The Never Lie
  10. Motion Sick Ness
  11. Inspiracion Del Corazon (Inspiration Of The Heart)
  12. Time Traveler/Atmospheric (LP mix)
out of stock $16.00
So Many Ways (2xLP)
Cat: GVRLP 004. Rel: 22 Nov 13
  1. Let Me Fly Away (with Dragon)
  2. Stand Up (with Pete Simpson)
  3. A Little Faith (with Peter Oakden)
  4. Can't Deny (with Souled & Yannah Valdevit)
  5. Futuristic Interlude
  6. Yes You Can
  7. Seaside Interlude
  8. Summer Vacation (with Yannah Valdevit)
  9. When I'm Seeing You (with Vicky Flint)
  10. That Dream
  11. Outro
Review: It's happening quickly for Russian producer Lay Far, whose breakthrough year in 2012 saw him sidle up to labels such as 4Lux, and now he rounds off an even stronger 2013 with his debut album for Chicago stable Glenview. His is a well-rounded vision of deep house that draws on the soulful roots of the genre while embracing the charms of modern methods for a sound that hits on a whole lot of levels. From the sassy roll of "Yes You Can" to the nasty bass and swing of "Let Me Fly Away" there's a lot of meat to these productions, but it's not all funky flexing as R&B-tinted "Stand Up For Love" ably demonstrates.
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Cat: GVRCD 004. Rel: 22 Nov 13
  1. Intro
  2. Let Me Fly Away (with Dragon)
  3. Stand Up (with Pete Simpson)
  4. A Little Faith (with Peter Oakden)
  5. Can't Deny (with Souled & Yannah Valdevit)
  6. Futuristic Interlude
  7. Yes You Can
  8. Seaside Interlude
  9. Summer Vacation (with Yannah Valdevit)
  10. We Are The Drum
  11. When I'm Seeing You (with Vicky Flint)
  12. That Dream
  13. A Piece Of Devotion
  14. So Many Years (with Sarah Winton)
  15. Outro
out of stock $21.16
Southport Weekender (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: BBE 277CCD. Rel: 05 Jun 14
  1. Reginal Omas Mamode IVth - "Keep On Walking" (LeFto mix)
  2. The Breathing Effect - "Daydream Prison"
  3. Nikitch - "Don't Know Why"
  4. Om Unit - "Shine Your Light"
  5. Diggs Duke - "Is It Love?" (feat Vaughan Octavia)
  6. Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers - "It Sure is Funky"
  7. Some Sete - "Esquindindin"
  8. Elias Rahbani - "La Dance De Nadia"
  9. Peshay - "Kickin' It With The Piano Trio" (feat Tonunion)
  10. Zara McFarlane - "Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay Ay)" (eat Leron Thomas - Yoruba soul remix)
  11. Genius Of Time - "Drifting Back"
  12. Pablo Sanchez - "Out & About" (Kyodai remix)
  13. Rondenion - "Well Done"
  14. Karizma - "Hear & Now" (feat Osunlade)
  15. Detroit Swindle - "Under The Spell"
  16. Kid Fonque & Zaki Ibrahim - "2Sides"
  17. Sam Sanders - "Face At My Window"
  18. Reginal Omas Mamode IVth - "Keep On Walking" (unmixed)
  19. The Breathing Effect - "Daydream Prison"
  20. Nikitch - "Don't Know Why"
  21. Om Unit - "Shine Your Light"
  22. Som Sete - "Esquindindin"
  23. Sam Sanders - "Face At My Window"
  24. Peshay - "Kickin' It With The Piano Trio" (feat Tonunion)
  25. Zara McFarlane - "Angie La La (Ay Ay Ay Ay)" (feat Leron Thomas - Yoruba soul remix)
  26. Pablo Sanchez - "Out & About" (Kyodai remix)
  27. Karizma - "Hear & Now" (feat Osunlade)
  28. Detroit Swindle - "Under The Spell"
  29. Kid Fonque & Zaki Ibrahim - "2Sides"
Review: Given his popularity amongst the soulful cognoscenti, it's little surprise to find globetrotting Belgian DJ LeFtO - a man renowned for the depth and diversity of his record collection - curating the latest Southport Weekender mix. His mix - here featured on the first of two discs - is superb, though it's the variety and quality of the unmixed tracks on CD2 that makes this a must-have for open-minded DJs. Shimmering, bass-heavy futurism and heady deep house sits side by side with samba, African rhythms, jungle-tempo jazz (one of Peshay's recent outings for Tru Thoughts), twinkling Latin house, future R&B and calypso (the excellent Armals Trinidad Cavaliers). Throughout, there's not a duffer in sight. In a word: essential.
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