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Eight Weeks: Hip Hop/R&B

ホーム  Eight Weeks  

Hip Hop / R&B

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Volume 4: Ugly Funk Breaks (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BBB 004. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Wot I Want (vocal version) (4:02)
  2. Ugly Funk Breaks (instrumental version) (4:13)
Review: Peak time dancefloor action with this 45 with the familiar classic b-boy sampling fodder coupled with an infectious r & b vocal club monster. It's never had a physical release till now. On the flip it's instrumental breaks galore for B-Boy/B-Girl back flips action from a sought after uk trio release now in handy 45 form with tuff breakbeats and smattering of electro vibe...Only 200 copies..
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 in stock $10.02
Volume 3: Show Me The Funk Breaks (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BBB 003. Rel: 18 May 20
  1. Show Me The Funk Breaks (instrumental) (3:47)
  2. Harder Breaks (instrumental) (4:08)
Review: The Atlanta based B Boy Breaks series continues with another drop of serious cuts to get beat jugglers, sample diggers and just straight up funk lovers going hog wild over the lashings of drum breaks. First up on the A side there's some widescreen, expansive beatdowns taking place with the massive "Show Me The Funk Breaks" - a fela esque sax screaching ,hammond organ swirling classic you already know from the many times it's been lifted for its treasured sonic ingredients. "Harder Breaks" on the flip is another monumental jam, presented here in instrumental form most recently used for the theme tune of a UK TV show . The evergreen groove is just crying out for someone with the skills to drop some serious turntablism all over this one.

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 in stock $9.49
Cat: FBDC 7002. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. Deadley Medley (feat Royce Da 5'9 & Elzhi) (3:41)
  2. Welcome (Gotta Go) (4:03)
 in stock $16.36
Turn It Up Loud! (white vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 2020 7002. Rel: 07 Apr 20
  1. Turn It Up Loud! (feat Craig G) (3:11)
  2. Blow Your Mind (3:17)
Review: Over recent months and years, Bristol-based DJ/producer Boca 45 has served up more donuts than an average branch of Krispy Kreme. To continue the metaphor, we'd say that his latest - which features guest rapper Craig G on side A - is one of those 'premium' ones with fancy glazing and a gooey centre. "Turn It Up Loud" certainly delivers in instant hit of energy and a sugar-rush, with Craig G turning hype man over a notably crunchy, early Beastie Boys inspired beat from Boca 45. Flipside "Blow Your Mind" delivers similarly sweaty and crunchy drums, with rock riffs and breakbeat lifts being joined by tight scratches and all manner of dusty-fingered vocal samples. Just like a real donut, it will leave you bloated but happy.
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 in stock $12.13
It's All There (yellow vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 2020 7003. Rel: 06 Jun 20
  1. Boca 45 - "It's All There" (feat Swaby)
  2. Boca 45 & The Bryan Munich All Stars - "Hot Wheels The Chase"
Review: For the latest coloured vinyl missive on his 2020 Donuts label, veteran DJ/producer Scott Hendy AKA Boca 45 has enlisted the help of some of his many music industry mates. Kelvin Swaby, lead singer of The Heavy, lends his voice to A-side "It's All There", a low-slung chunk of flash-fried funk-rock rich in Prince-style guitar licks, jaunty bass and loose-limbed drum breaks. Over on side B, the Bristolian crate digger is joined by The Bryan Munich Allstars - an outfit whose members include Beak and Portishead man Geoff Barrow - for a fiery cover of Badder Than Evil's much-sampled 1973 funk bomb "Hot Wheels". Boca 45's new version rocks hard, with the ensemble cast laying down a scintillating funk-rock revision that will delight all those who loves the '73 original.
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 in stock $13.46
On Another Planet (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: JB45 001. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Jorun Bombay & The Espressolites - "Peas In An Alternate Universe" (4:22)
  2. Jorun Bombay - "Mister Magic" (A Jorun Bombay edit - alternate version) (3:19)
Review: When it comes to delivering party-starting funk and soul 45s, Jorun Bombay has an impressive track record. His latest seven-inch is rather fine, too. On the A-side he joins forces with a trio of musicians to offer up "Peas In An Alternate Universe": a riff on JBs classic "Pass The Peas" that layers extended organ and trombone solos over a groove dominated by crunchy breakbeats and virtuoso bass guitar. Flipside "Mister Magic" is a deeper, warmer and more laidback affair, with tidy electric piano parts, toe-tapping drums, occasional string-laden disco samples and warm bass being joined by a simply wonderful new vibraphone solo.
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! low stock $16.35
Rolla (7")
Cat: FTS 001. Rel: 13 May 20
  1. Rolla (2:41)
  2. Someday (feat Marja Kaiser) (3:45)
 in stock $7.65
Attraction (12")
Cat: RM 068. Rel: 20 May 20
  1. You Came In Time (feat Phabo & Jordan Lee) (3:28)
  2. Beyonce (3:10)
  3. The Answer (feat Ayelle) (3:32)
  4. The West Coast (interlude) (1:04)
  5. Je Plane (feat Crenoka) (3:35)
Review: If smooth, synth-powered soul is your bag, we'd suggest checking out this EP from French future R&B star Jean Janin AKA Cezaire. It begins with a sumptuous slice of '80s soul revivalism featuring guests Phabo and Jordan Lee (the really rather good "You Came In Time") and ends with a bubbly chunk of deep electro-soul ("Je Plane", featuring Crenoka). In between, Janin treats us to some sparse, drowsy and distant lo-fi soul ("Beyonce"), a spacey slown jam featuring immaculate lead vocals by Ayelle (the synth-bass-propelled goodness of "The Answer"), and an all-to-short tribute to talkbox-sporting Los Angeles synth-funk jams of the 1980s ("The West Coast").
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 in stock $11.60
Cat: TREE 016. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. Raisin Kane (3:35)
  2. Raisin Kane (instrumental) (3:31)
 in stock $16.88
  1. Structure/Foundation (What's The Plan) (3:42)
  2. Structure/Foundation (What's The Plan) (instrumental) (3:41)
 in stock $16.88
Testify (7")
Cat: DFTD 602. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Testify (3:09)
  2. Testify (acappella) (2:59)
Review: Davie is a brand new singing for Defected who grew up with a father who was a pastor in the local church. That is where he eventually start this own journey and with elements of Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson added in, he now lands with a fully formed, heart swelling soul sound. It comes on Defected after label A&R Simon Dunmore hunted Davie down having heard him singing on an advert for Wild Turkey bourbon in the cinema. A big and bubbly dance song with lively instrumentation and warm bass, it will get any party started.
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Played by: Seamus Haji
 in stock $11.08
Cat: FMG 8011. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Face Of Love (Johnny Juice remix) (4:25)
  2. Face Of Love (DJ Spinna Refreak) (7:19)
  3. Face Of Love (Mell Starr remix - UB 7" edit) (5:05)
  4. Indiscreet (Johnny Juice remix) (5:43)
  5. Indiscreet (DJ Spinna Refreak) (7:56)
  6. Indiscreet (Mell Starr remix - UB 7" edit) (4:44)
Played by: I Love Hip Hop
 in stock $14.51
Yosky Wosky Pisky Wisky (blue vinyl 7")
Cat: BAM 004. Rel: 29 May 20
  1. Yosky Wosky Pisky Wisky (4:41)
  2. Dimanche Matin & Cergy (4:14)
 in stock $11.60
Self Medicated (white vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: EFP 012. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. Self Medicated (3:01)
  2. Gonna Have A Drink Today (3:43)
  3. Meeting Of The Minds (feat Day Tripper) (2:37)
  4. Goin' Dutch (2:56)
  5. She Blew Smoke (interlude) (0:41)
  6. Pop's Pills (2:56)
  7. Doctor's Orders (2:18)
  8. Self Medicated (instrumental) (2:53)
  9. Gonna Have A Drink Today (instrumental) (3:45)
  10. Meeting Of The Minds (instrumental) (2:40)
  11. Goin' Dutch (instrumental) (2:54)
  12. She Blew Smoke (instrumental) (0:43)
  13. Pop's Pills (instrumental) (2:54)
  14. Doctor's Orders (instrumental) (2:05)
 in stock $22.15
I Ain't No Joke (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: MRB 7163. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. I Ain't No Joke (3:56)
  2. Eric B Is On The Cut (3:42)
Review: Mr Bongo's Eric B & Rakim reissue series continues via a fresh pressing of the hard-to-find U.S seven-inch single release of the NYC duo's second single, 1987 gem "I Ain't No Joke". Rakim's distinctive vocals naturally take centre stage on side A, albeit over a sparse-but-strong Eric B beat high on the kind of crunchy drums, headline-grabbing scratches and sampled horn motifs that marked out the duo's best collaborative work. As with the original American single, the B-side boasts "Eric B On The Cut", a quality cut-and-paste affair in the style of Grandmaster Flash's "On The Wheels Of Steel" that's little more than a highly impressive DJ routine.
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 in stock $14.25
Cat: MRB 7162. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. I Know You Got Soul (4:46)
  2. I Know You Got Soul (dub) (4:41)
Review: There can be few hip-hop heads who don't know Eric B & Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul", a Bobby Byrd and Funkadelic-sampling beast from 1987 that remains one of rap's most recognizable moments. The rap from Rakim is iconic, but it's the Eric B beat behind - all loose-but-heavy, snare-heavy beats, recognizable guitar licks and chorus-style blasts of Bobby Byrd vocals- that makes the track such a club-ready hip-hop classic. Here it gets the reissue treatment on "45" courtesy of Mr Bongo, with the duo's brilliant vocal version being joined on the flip by the overlooked, delay-laden "Dub Mix". For those who covet alternate versions of classic cuts, this instrumental revision is a must.
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 in stock $13.46
Hope/Nope (limited 7")
Cat: MI 018. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. Hope/Nope (feat Sasac) (3:14)
  2. Guest List Etiquette (feat Joyce Wrice) (3:41)
  3. Hope/Nope (instrumental) (3:15)
  4. Guest List Etiquette (instrumental) (3:40)
 in stock $13.46
Funky President Edits Vol 7 (7" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: JRC 7007. Rel: 30 Apr 20
  1. Flight #2 (4:03)
  2. Greddy Foot (3:19)
Review: Nearly five years after the first seven-inch appeared, the seventh volume in J Rocc's on-point "Funky President Edits" series lands. As with the tracks contained on previous volumes, the showcased cuts have long been staples in his DJ sets and should be considered "tried and tested bombs". First up on side A is "Flight #2", a shuffling, ear-pleasing affair that combines jangling elements from a semi-acoustic Afro-Soul cut with borrowed chorus vocals and languid, laidback percussion. "Greddy Foot", on the other hand, is a low-slung funk bomb -a slightly dubbed-out revision of a James Brown original with additional vocal samples from other Godfather of Soul workouts.
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 in stock $15.30
Cat: FSK 002. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. Made It Weird (feat Open Mike Eagle) (3:58)
  2. Sisa Wabaya (feat Muthoni Drummer Queen) (3:59)
 in stock $13.72
Cat: SK 003. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. Hit The Bell (feat Sneaks & Haviah Mighty) (3:24)
  2. Firewalls (feat Petite Noir) (4:12)
 in stock $11.88
Cat: SK 004. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. I'm Getting Tired (feat Earl St Clair & Beth Ditto) (3:30)
  2. The Studio (feat Bibi Bourelly & Barny Fletcher) (4:46)
 in stock $11.88
Too Complex (red vinyl 7") (1 per customer)
Cat: DR 12187. Rel: 22 Apr 20
  1. Too Complex (4:43)
  2. It's Your Life (3:50)
Review: Last year Chopped Herring Records offered up a fine album of vintage demos from Massachusetts MC La Da Head Toucha, a rapper who never quite hit the heights commercially many expected he would. That was not for the want of trying though, and his double A-side 1997 debut remains a much-loved underground hip-hop classic. Here it gets the reissue treatment, appearing on seven-inch for the very first time. A-side "Too Complex" is superb, with La Da Head Toucha delivering Q-Tip style flows over a sparkling, golden-era beat that makes great use of Don Blackman samples. Flipside "It's Your Life" is a deeper affair built around a slightly stripped-back beat which is nevertheless a bona-fide head-nodder.
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 in stock $19.79
Tierra (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 008. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. Tierra (3:46)
  2. Laced Up (4:10)
 in stock $10.03
My Bitch California Based Now (7" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: TKR 132BK. Rel: 02 Jun 20
  1. My Bitch California Based Now (feat Jaye R) (3:30)
  2. You A Shook One Lord You Not God Body (2:25)
 in stock $16.36
Cat: FBDC 7001. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. Snow (feat Sean Price - remix) (2:53)
  2. Ridin' Around (4:38)
 in stock $16.36
Lyrical Tactics (7" limited to 300 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: DON 003. Rel: 21 Apr 20
  1. Lyrical Tactics (3:37)
  2. Lyrical Tactics (instrumental) (3:39)
Review: Dondi Records latest celebration of underground U.S hip-hop history sees them offer up a new edition of Brooklyn artist Mister Voodoo's most celebrated cut, 1996's "Lyrical Tactics". Produced by regular beat-making collaborator Henri Charlemagne, the A-side "Rap Mix" is a near perfect fusion of boom-bap beats, dusty jazz samples, on-point scratches and a confident lead vocal from Mister Voodoo that remains one of his best lyrical flows. The flipside instrumental mix is tasty, too, with Charlemagne scratching in key snippets of Mister Voodoo's vocal ("using lyrical tactics...tactics...lyrical tactics") over his own rock-solid beat.
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 in stock $10.02
Cat: F CB 7R 007. Rel: 27 Apr 20
  1. Mophono X Tenshun - "Goons" (2:35)
  2. Mophono X The Heavy Twelves - "Spy vs Spy" (2:58)
Review: The latest must-check missive in CB Records' "Change The Beat" series, which was inspired by the legendary San Francisco party of the same name, comes courtesy of label regular Mophono and collaborators Tenshun and The Heavy Twelves. The former lends a hand on A-side "Goons", a formidably fuzzy and lo-fi fusion of chaotic, loose-limbed drums, throbbing bass and intergalactic noises. The Heavy Twelves replace Tenshun in the studio on flipside "Spy vs Spy". Operating at a lower tempo with dirtier bass, grime style stabs and dub noises aplenty, it's arguably even stronger than the A-side.
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 in stock $10.03
Wanawake (12")
Cat: SWAMPX 1. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Wanawake (3:26)
  2. Wanawake (instrumental) (3:28)
  3. Wanawake (Loefah remix) (5:28)
Review: It's easy to see why Loefah snapped up this single for Swamp 81. For starters, bass-heavy beat-maker Sumgii has already contributed a number of killer missives to the label's digital catalogue, and "Wanawake" contains one of his fattest beats to date - a sparse, warped, sub-heavy affair that sits somewhere between regular hip-hop and 21st century grime. Then there's the fine bi-lingual English/Swahili rap that sits atop it from Nah Eeto, a rising star of Kenya's blossoming underground. Her style and delivery is distinctive and on-point, working in perfect harmony with Sumgii's killer backing track. Loefah naturally supplies the obligatory remix, placing Eeto's vocal atop a crunchy bed of hip-house style James Brown breaks and stirring synthesizer chords.
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 in stock $10.03
Cat: MRB 7168. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. The World Is Yours (4:46)
  2. The World Is Yours (instrumental) (4:44)
Review: First featured on Nas' peerless 1994 album "Illmatic" - a classic that really should be in your collection - "The World Is Yours" is a classic Pete Rock production that has never appeared on a seven-inch single before. Mr Bongo has decided to set the record straight, pairing the album version, which includes some of Nas' most potent lyrics, delivered in fine style as you'd expect, with an instrumental take that showcases Pete Rock's brilliant beat and tight, on-point scratches. It's a deliciously baggy beat all told, with sampled pianos and subtle jazz lifts combining cannily to create a suitably laidback, golden-era groove.
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 in stock $13.98
Cat: OUTRUN 009. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. John Parm - "No Soul Fo Sale" (feat Frase) (3:39)
  2. John Parm & Blazino - "Dance With Me" (2:58)
Review: Brussels newcomer John Parm is showing some serious funk flex on this tasty new 7" for the ever more essential Outrun label, who now hit release number seven. Boogie, disco and soul all colour the squelchy bass lead grooves and dazzling synths of "No Soul Fo Sale" featuring Frase. He then links with Canadian Blazino for flipside "Dance With Me" for some old school vibes with its vocoder vocals. Whichever side you choose, these are red hot summer burners that will fill any floor and remain in memory thanks to their vital hooks and pop sensibilities.
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 in stock $10.03
Simon Says (7" 再プレス)
Cat: WM 7001. Rel: 16 Apr 20
  1. Simon Says (2:52)
  2. Simon Says (instrumental) (2:04)
 in stock $12.93
Cat: FNSD 602. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Golden Oldies (3:36)
  2. It's Gone (feat Slug Of Atmosphere & Eamon) (4:09)
Review: Rawkus Records regular R.A The Rugged Man has received plenty of plaudits for his recent album "All My Heroes Are Dead", which marked his return to the full-length format after a gap of seven years. Here he delivers a limited-edition "45" featuring one of the album's most potent cuts, Slug and Eamon hook-up "Golden Oldies". Featuring a blend of crunchy beats, sweet '70s soul samples, loved-up chorus vocals and some tight, on-point raps from the man himself, the track lives up to the nostalgic promise of its title. Over on the flip there's a first vinyl airing for the previously cassette-only 2013 cut "It's Gone", a stuttering slab of 21st century boom-bap produced by former DMC World Champ DJ Noize.
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 in stock $13.20
Cat: NER 24945. Rel: 22 Apr 20
  1. Sound Bwoy Bureill (vocal) (4:25)
  2. Sound Bwoy Bureill (instrumental) (4:24)
Review: Classic Brooklyn hip-hop alert! First released on 12" way back in 1995, Smif-N-Wessun's "Sound Bwoy Bureill" is a golden-era treat. It sees Tek and Steele - then fresh faces on the scene rather than the grizzled veterans they are today - spout forth over a killer beat produced by Evil Dee and Mr Walt. That beat is sparse but heavy, with crunchy kicks and snares being accompanied by little more than reggae vocal samples, moody chords, occasional electric guitar notes and a suitably deep bassline. You can hear it loud and clear on the flipside instrumental version, though it also provides a near perfect bed for the duo to showcase their flows on the superior A-side vocal mix.
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 in stock $10.30
Wontime (7")
Cat: NER 24946. Rel: 04 May 20
  1. Wontime (vocal) (4:42)
  2. Wontime (instrumental) (4:46)
Review: Regular Juno customers will no doubt have noticed the recent spate of Smif-N-Wessun reissues from Wreck Records. This is the fourth "45" pressing in an ongoing series that also includes similarly must-have golden-era hip-hop gems as "Bucktown" and "Sound Bwoy Bureill". "Wontime" was first released in 1995 and sees the NYC duo spit typical thoughtful, on-point rhymes over a beat crafted from little more than the James Brown "Funky President" drum break, some deep and drowsy chords and occasional snatches of Spoonie G's early hip-hop classic "Spoonie Rap". That deep, head-nodding beat can be heard in full on the accompanying flipside instrumental mix.
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 in stock $10.30
We Rollin' For You (blue vinyl 7")
Cat: FCM 089. Rel: 27 May 20
  1. We Rollin' For You (5:06)
  2. We Rollin' For You (Max I Million & Ion Zaar remix Medley) (5:01)
Review: Terrel Wallace AKA Tall Black Guy's previous release was a delicious deep house rework of a classic Chaka Khan cut. Here he returns to his hip-hop roots with a track dedicated to the memory of legendary Swedish beat-maker DJ Devastate. In its original form, "We Rollin' For You" is a sparkling chunk of rolling, loose-limbed instrumental hip-hop rich in crunchy, off-kilter MPC drums, stirring stream samples, and brilliantly chopped and re-arranged heavenly vocals. On the flip you'll find a more experimental, sharply edited "remix medley" - in effect a series of short takes with barely time to breathe in between, which together form a coherent suite - from Max I Million and Ion Zaar.
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 in stock $15.04
Trendsetter (12" + insert)
Cat: ECM 087. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. Intro (0:47)
  2. Cold Winter (feat Vic Spencer) (1:28)
  3. Christmas Night (feat Ty Farris) (2:04)
  4. Barry White Shit (feat G Perico) (1:16)
  5. Puzzles (feat Daniel Son) (2:00)
  6. Shell Casings (feat Capo) (1:55)
  7. Outro (0:31)
  8. Intro (instrumental) (0:45)
  9. Cold Winter (instrumental) (1:29)
  10. Christmas Night (instrumental) (2:06)
  11. Barry White Shit (instrumental) (1:13)
  12. Puzzles (instrumental) (2:00)
  13. Shell Casings (instrumental) (1:57)
  14. Outro (instrumental) (0:29)
 in stock $16.63
Cat: RV 0012LP. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Callyourmom Cloud (Smile Often) (5:25)
  2. Evenmoreslumshit (1:49)
  3. Fort Condor (2:02)
  4. Healingwind (2:12)
  5. HQ(Hadto) (2:46)
  6. Icicle Int (1:36)
  7. Layflat (2:51)
  8. LOVELESS Lowkeycetra (2:52)
  9. Nite (Viii)  (2:53)
  10. No Doubt (1:51)
  11. Onlydreams Continue (3:29)
  12. One4wedge Int (1:33)
  13. RED (Step) (2:27)
  14. Shinra (Beta) (3:35)
  15. Outheslums (2:28)
  16. Vii (1:54)
  17. Sektors (1:15)
! low stock $24.80
JORUNPMC (blue vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: AE 037. Rel: 07 May 20
  1. Check Out This (4:27)
  2. Stay Back (Keep Your Distance) (3:52)
  3. Yum (3:40)
  4. Jorun It (Live On Air) (3:19)
  5. Lower Your Expectations (3:33)
  6. Down With Jorun (3:05)
  7. Funky Fresh For '83 (2:14)
  8. Rock The Party (4:30)
  9. The Truth Is Forever (feat Jay Quan) (2:13)
  10. MDM Freestyle (live At Echo Park) (3:22)
  11. Can't Hang With Us (3:25)
  12. QS (3:44)
  13. Boom Box (3:54)
Review: Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill are as true-skool as hip hop gets, flying the flag for classic '80s and '90s approaches to production and with switched on lyrics to match. Over the past seven years AE Productions have been working hard to bring this formidable duo to wider attention, and now they're ready to drop an album of sure shots to get you pop-lockin' like it's Christmas in Hollis. From laid back party starters to furiously fast flows, this is a masterclass in real hip hop, in deference to the roots of the culture but bringing its own flex to get heads new and old nodding in satisfaction.
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 in stock $28.48
JORUNPMC (limited cassette)
Cat: AE 037CASS. Rel: 12 May 20
  1. Check Out This (4:38)
  2. Stay Back (Keep Your Distance) (4:00)
  3. Yum (3:45)
  4. Jorun It (Live On Air) (3:23)
  5. Lower Your Expectations (3:36)
  6. Down With Jorun (3:09)
  7. Funky Fresh For '83 (2:18)
  8. Rock The Party (4:38)
  9. The Truth Is Forever (feat Jay Quan) (5:40)
  10. MDM Freestyle (live) (3:30)
  11. Can't Hang With Us (3:51)
  12. QS (4:06)
  13. Boom Box (3:57)
Review: Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill are as true-skool as hip hop gets, flying the flag for classic '80s and '90s approaches to production and with switched on lyrics to match. Over the past seven years AE Productions have been working hard to bring this formidable duo to wider attention, and now they're ready to drop an album of sure shots to get you pop-lockin' like it's Christmas in Hollis. From laid back party starters to furiously fast flows, this is a masterclass in real hip hop, in deference to the roots of the culture but bringing its own flex to get heads new and old nodding in satisfaction.
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Played by: Dynamite Cuts
 in stock $11.35
Cat: LCB 111. Rel: 09 Apr 20
  1. From A Distance (2:37)
  2. Lonely Afternoon (2:45)
  3. Echoes (1:50)
  4. Aura (1:47)
  5. On The Late Night Tip (2:37)
  6. Elsewhere (3:11)
  7. 80's Droptop Coupe (2:47)
  8. Catching The Sun (2:31)
  9. Green T (2:30)
  10. African Groove (3:10)
  11. Boardwalks (2:13)
  12. Bastard Blues/Second Smile (2:36)
  13. Misty Dawn (2:29)
  14. Spirit Animals/Something In The Night  (2:20)
 in stock $24.26
Boom Shakalaka (picture disc LP)
Cat: IRS 062. Rel: 12 May 20
  1. Boom Shakalaka (feat Dehab) (3:05)
  2. Hook It Up (2:20)
  3. Ankle Breaker (2:34)
  4. Razzle Dazzle (2:27)
  5. He's Heating Up (feat Nicknack) (3:17)
  6. He's On Fire! (1:51)
  7. From Downtown (feat Yadira Brown) (3:04)
  8. Shattered Backboard (1:52)
  9. Slamma Jamma (feat Keeper) (3:29)
  10. Alley-oop (2:44)
  11. Is It The Shoes? (3:37)
 in stock $33.51
Cassowary (LP)
Cat: FP 17191. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. 114° (part 1) (3:25)
  2. She Funked Me (3:39)
  3. Belt Notch! (4:03)
  4. Starlight (3:47)
  5. Price Went Up (2:17)
  6. 114° (part 2) (3:18)
  7. Roach (3:36)
  8. Superhiro (3:35)
  9. Moth (3:33)
  10. Cyclical (3:19)
  11. 114° (part 3) (3:33)
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This Is The Real Actual Soundtrack To The Movie Sorry To Bother You By The Coup (Soundtrack) (heavyweight white vinyl 2xLP + insert (comes in two different sleeves, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: MOND 180. Rel: 08 May 20
  1. OYAHYTT (feat Lakeith Stanfield) (4:13)
  2. Hey Saturday Night (feat Tune-Yards) (4:15)
  3. Anitra's Basement Tapes (5:49)
  4. Whathegirlmuthafuckinwannadoo (feat Janelle Monae) (3:46)
  5. Monsoon (feat Killer Mike) (4:03)
  6. Level It Up (3:56)
  7. Over & Out/Sticky Sunrise (feat Janelle Monae) (3:20)
  8. We Need An Eruption (2:50)
  9. Crawl Out The Water (feat E-40) (3:48)
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Unlocked (LP)
Cat: LVR 844. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Track 1 (1:23)
  2. Take It Back V2 (2:49)
  3. Lay Up M4A (1:45)
  4. Pyro (Leak 2019) (1:23)
  5. Diet (2:24)
  6. So Incredible PKG (3:17)
  7. Track 7 (2:03)
  8. Cosmic M4A (2:49)
Review: These are buoyant times for leftfield hip hop rooted in experimentation and lo-fi sonics, and here comes Denzel Curry returning with a serious lesson for all newcomers. Hailing from Carol City, Florida, Curry has been dropping pure fire for more than 10 years, but his current form is pushing him even further into the global rap conscious. Kenny Beats is taking no prisoners on the production, while Curry's righteous anger gets processed, re-pitched and mashed up and still it lands every blow. Moving through skits, mad samples and heavyweight tracks, this is everything a visionary hip hop LP should be.
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Million Wayz To Murda (LP + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRGR 1068LP. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Deathwish (3:23)
  2. U Hoez Gone Get Kidnapped (5:42)
  3. Clicked Up Makin' Stangz (4:30)
  4. Lifestyle Of A Thug (4:42)
  5. Smoka Blunt Or Somethin' (3:10)
  6. Robbin' Spree (4:10)
  7. Million Wayz To Murda (Lil Ramsey & Crime Click Souljaz) (6:59)
  8. Lifestyles Of A Thug Radio (4:30)
  9. No Remorse (5:36)
Review: Since its initial cassette and CD-R release way back in 2006, Da Crime Click's sole album (so far) "Million Wayz To Murda" has become something of a must-have amongst collectors of "gangsta" hip-hop. Happily, the album has finally been pressed to wax, with a stripped-back track listing that focuses on the six-piece act's full vocal numbers. It is an undeniably lo-fi and underground affair, with multiple members of the group dropping thug rap and gangsta style rhymes with skittish, stripped-back drum machine beats and cheerily cheap synthesizer sounds. The whole thing sounds like it was recorded in someone's garage, but that's no bad thing; after all, if the beats and rhymes are good - which they undoubtedly are - then polished production is not required.
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Cat: TKR 105LP. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. 10x (3:05)
  2. Hold Up (2:50)
  3. Fangs (feat Meechy Darko) (3:04)
  4. World Of Sin (2:29)
  5. Different (2:31)
  6. No Shorts (2:44)
  7. Whitey Bulger (1:44)
  8. 10x (instrumental) (2:59)
  9. Hold Up (instrumental) (2:34)
  10. Fangs (instrumental) (3:04)
  11. World Of Sin (instrumental) (2:29)
  12. Different (instrumental) (2:35)
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Dueling Experts (blue marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: MMG 001421. Rel: 15 Apr 20
  1. Dueling Experts (3:21)
  2. Pray Hands Emoji (2:23)
  3. Part Of Life (2:06)
  4. Dark Ninjas (2:52)
  5. The Middle Finger (2:33)
  6. The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting (1:57)
  7. Two Isn't Enough (2:36)
  8. The Cause Of My Ignorance (2:49)
  9. A Secret Document (2:21)
  10. Arnold Palmer Sipping Arnold Palmers (2:33)
  11. Black Belt (1:36)
  12. Stones In A Glass House (2:10)
  13. Baby Shark (2:38)
  14. Your Fragile Limbs (2:54)
Review: Recognize Ali and Verbal Kent are both hugely successful underground hip-hop MCs in their own right, so seeing them join forces as Dueling Experts for this debut album on Mello Music Group is more than a little exciting. It's rather good too, thanks to an attractive mix of solid boom-bap backing tracks (carefully crafted by fast-rising producer Lord Beatjitzu) and fine conscious raps from Ali and Kent. At times they trade verses, while at others they join forces or deliver solo spots that expertly showcase their individual rap styles. The result is an album that has the feel of a future underground hip-hop classic; certainly, it's a set that the heads won't want to miss.
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City Of Sin (2xLP)
Cat: RRRDM 1LP. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Big Band Fam (feat Hypeman Sage) (3:15)
  2. Click Clack Boom (3:19)
  3. City Of Sin (3:54)
  4. Outlaws (feat Hypeman Sage) (4:17)
  5. Fever (feat Crash party) (3:04)
  6. Tommy & Loretta (feat Odjbox) (6:41)
  7. Fall From Grace (3:58)
  8. The Arrest (feat Hypeman Sage) (3:47)
  9. It's Alright (3:39)
  10. Fianca (feat Chinnha) (4:11)
  11. Locked (3:09)
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Cat: LCB 115. Rel: 15 Apr 20
  1. Love Apple (3:02)
  2. Sense Of Inner Joy (2:54)
  3. Rotten Heart (3:41)
  4. Stranger To Myself (3:33)
  5. Midnight Ocean (3:47)
  6. Empty Street (3:46)
  7. Dawn (3:09)
  8. 5 AM (3:32)
  9. A Recipe For Lucid Dreaming (4:51)
  10. Laid Back (4:01)
  11. Slow Clock (3:57)
  12. Nightmare (2:37)
  13. Broken Lights (3:12)
  14. From Formless (5:02)
  15. Transition (3:25)
  16. Behind Closed Eyes (4:10)
  17. Journey Back To Okinawa (3:42)
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First Storm (gatefold LP)
Cat: LPFFINC 080. Rel: 08 Apr 20
  1. Four Fifteen (1:42)
  2. New View (2:54)
  3. Die Tonight (feat Nomad) (3:10)
  4. Better Way (feat Ceschi) (3:09)
  5. Lord Taketh (feat Mestizo) (3:30)
  6. UNDERGROUND (feat Cadence Weapon) (2:37)
  7. ZaapZ (2:44)
  8. Black NASA (feat Onry Ozzborn) (3:11)
  9. Long Game (feat Dope Knife) (3:14)
  10. Lawnchair (feat Taylor Jade) (2:11)
  11. Hurricane Ex (feat Kay The Aquanaut) (3:38)
  12. First Storm (feat Myka 9) (3:42)
  13. Ocean Steps (1:57)
  14. Verbeke 91 (0:28)
 in stock $21.10
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