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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B

ホーム  Back Catalogue  

Hip Hop / R&B

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The Hunger EP
The Hunger EP (CD single)
Cat: EFS 002. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. The Hunger (intro)
  2. Raise Ya Right Fist
  3. Make It Happen
  4. All Is Well
  5. Shalom
  6. Shalom (outro)
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 in stock $5.27
A Beautiful Mess
Cat: HHE 019. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. NYC To CDG
  2. MSNBC: My Story Needs Better Clarity
  3. A Day In The Life
  4. Excited
  5. MOM: Migraines Of Milan
  6. Promissory Note
  7. SMEO: Sweat My Edges Out
  8. A Beautiful Mess
  9. Carter P
  10. I Hate You
  11. Misunderstood
  12. Zoo
  13. NYC To Cali
  14. Too Many (feat Breeze Brewin' - remix)
  15. Nexus (Bonus Beat) (bonus track)
  16. Too Many (bonus track)
  17. I'm Fly (bonus track)
  18. Love Sexy (bonus track)
  19. Love Sexy (Messy mix - bonus track)
  20. MSNBC: My Story Needs Better Clarity (Wiz remix - bonus track)
 in stock $13.57
My Own Worst Enemy
Cat: CDFB 5112. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Boston
  2. Just Call My Name (feat Jaysaun)
  3. Voices
  4. School'em
  5. Streets Is Callin' (feat Diamond D & Jaysaun)
  6. Pay The Price (feat Jaysaun)
  7. Wishing (feat Masta Ace)
  8. Right Now! (feat Pete Rock)
  9. Stop Dat (feat Krumb Snatcha & Jaysaun)
  10. Revolution (instrumental)
  11. Boston (instrumental)
  12. Just Call My Name (instrumental)
  13. Voices (instrumental)
  14. School'em (instrumental)
  15. Streets Is Callin' (instrumental)
  16. Pay The Price (instrumental)
  17. Wishing (instrumental)
  18. Right Now! (instrumental)
  19. Stop Dat (instrumental)
  20. Revolution (instrumental)
 in stock $13.29
Still Writing In My Diary - 2nd Entry
Cat: JIVECD 41824. Rel: 29 Apr 04
  1. Part 2
  2. Did You Miss Me (feat. Baby and TQ)
  3. Jam Y'all
  4. Freek-A-Leek
  5. O It's On (feat. Young Buck of G Unit)
  6. Let's Roc
  7. Stick Em Up
  8. Get On Dis Motorcycle (feat Bubba Sparxxx)
  9. Break Me Off (feat. Missy Elliot)
  10. Boy's Bathroom
  11. U Don't Want Dat (feat. Lil Jon)
  12. What You Know About It
  13. I Swear
  14. Roll Off
  15. Be Country
  16. He Spoke To Me
 in stock $13.84
Ha Chu
Ha Chu (CD)
Cat: DFPRROM 11CD. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Toot My Own Horn
  2. Trix
  3. Tea, Of Course (with Iggy Pop)
  4. Hannibal Lecture (feat Jason Williamson)
  5. I Love Duck
  6. Carrot Cake
  7. Kun G Chicken
  8. The Music Made The Decision
  9. Dried Saliva
  10. Cancelled Check
  11. Can't Be Too Romantic
  12. Debtors Skyline
  13. PM Don
  14. Al's Courtyard
  15. Into Old Punks (with Jason Williamson)
  16. Hall N Oats (feat Jason Williamson)
  17. Script
  18. The New York Hustle
 in stock $11.39
Watch & Learn
Cat: BS 074CD. Rel: 23 Jul 20
  1. Intro
  2. World Champion
  3. No Contest (feat Akrobatik)
  4. Watch & Learn
  5. Out Here (feat Guilty Simpson)
  6. Interlude
  7. God Gene (feat Napoleon Da Legend)
  8. Fake Love (feat Space Honey)
  9. Out Of Bounds
  10. It Goes On
 in stock $19.26
Neighborhood Supastar 4
Cat: SCMM 355. Rel: 19 Jul 17
  1. No Rental
  2. Hella Dope (feat Tha Jacka & Erk Tha Jerk)
  3. Ate Of That (feat Joe Blow, Blaxk Jesus & Lil Yid)
  4. Feddi World
  5. Right Now (feat Sobxrbe & Ziggy)
  6. Cool Minute (feat J Stalin, Lil Blood & Rayven Justice)
  7. Reasons (feat Mozzy, G Perico & Boby Luv)
  8. All White All Black (feat Cookie Money)
  9. In My Trap (feat Johny Cinco & VL Deck)
  10. Barbie
  11. Actavis & Fanta (feat Skeme & Jazz Lazer)
  12. Put Down My Cup (feat Bandgang Lonnie Bands, 9000 Rondae & Molly Brazy)
 in stock $14.10
Global Warming: Meltdown (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 888430 14902. Rel: 10 Jul 20
  1. Global Warming (feat Sensato)
  2. Don't Stop The Party (feat TJR)
  3. Feel This Moment (feat Christina Aguilera)
  4. Back In Time (feat in Men In Black)
  5. Hope We Meet Again (feat Chris Brown)
  6. Party Ain't Over (feat Usher & Afrojack)
  7. Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) (feat J Lo)
  8. Have Some Fun (feat The Wanted & Afrojack)
  9. Outta Nowhere (feat Danny Mercer)
  10. Tchu Tchu Tcha (feat Enrique Iglesias)
  11. Last Night (feat Havana Brown & Afrojack)
  12. I'm Off That
  13. Timber (feat Ke$ha)
  14. That High (feat Kelly Rowland)
  15. Do It (feat Mayer Hawthorne)
  16. Sun In California (feat Mohombi & Playb4ck)
  17. All The Things (feat Inna)
Review: This 17-track set brings together two vital - and phenomenally successful - releases from Pitbull's expansive catalogue: hit-filled 2012 album "Global Warming" and the EP that followed a year later, "Meltdown". Both are superb examples of Pitbull's in-your-face, party-starting style, in which his distinctive raps and guest spots from fellow musical A-listers (think J-Lo, Enrique Englasias, Mayer Hawthorne, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Christiana Aguilera and Chris Brown) ride bold, energetic backing tracks that join the dots between hip-hop, EDM and, thanks to some particularly cheeky sampling, elements from all manner of well-known pop, soul and rock tracks. The emphasis is on fun from start to finish, and in these troubled times many of us need that in our lives.
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 in stock $6.24
The Golden Buddha
Cat: BRK 168CD. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. Magnetic Lord
  2. Fireworks
  3. Hood Legends (feat cuts By The Architect)
  4. Smart Too Late
  5. You Are King (feat Xiomara)
  6. I Climb (feat Marvelous Mag, Xiomara & Hus Kingpin)
  7. Shots At Your Highness (feat Turbin)
  8. Pieces Hittin
  9. Salute My G's (feat Marvelous Mag)
  10. Black Egypt (feat Tristate)
  11. Royal Blood (feat Killa Kali)
  12. Siddhartha
  13. Take It Higher (feat Xiomara)
  14. Fast Not Slow (feat AZ)
  15. Fly Writings
 in stock $17.35
Cat: SPCD 1188. Rel: 10 Mar 17
  1. Waves
  2. East Seattle
  3. Bulletproof Windows
  4. Past Life
  5. Everybody (interlude)
  6. The Mirror Between Us
  7. Sacred Geometry
  8. Arithmetic
  9. Navi Truck
  10. Lightro (Looking For The Light)
  11. Dissolving In A Daydream
  12. My Mother's Words
  13. Beautiful
 in stock $8.50
Hollywood's Bleeding
Cat: 080671 3. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Hollywood's Bleeding
  2. Saint Tropez
  3. Enemies (feat Dababy)
  4. Allergic
  5. A Thousand Bad Times
  6. Circles
  7. Die For Me (feat Future, Halsey)
  8. On The Road (feat Lil Baby, Meek Mill)
  9. Take What You Want (feat Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott)
  10. I'm Gonna Be
  11. Staring At The Sun (feat SZA)
  12. Sunflower (feat Swae Lee)
  13. Internet
  14. Goodbyes (Young Thug)
  15. Myself
  16. I Know
  17. Wow
 in stock $6.50
PRhyme 2
PRhyme 2 (CD)
Cat: PRHYME 02CD. Rel: 13 Mar 18
  1. Interlude 1 (Salute)
  2. Black History
  3. 1 Of The Hardest
  4. Era (feat Dave East)
  5. Respect My Gun (feat Roc Marciano)
  6. WOW (With Out Warning) (feat Yelawolf)
  7. Sunflower Seeds (feat Novel For Summer Of '96)
  8. Streets At Night
  9. Rock It
  10. Loved Ones (feat Rapsody)
  11. My Calling
  12. Made Man (feat Big KRIT & Denaum)
  13. Relationships (skit)
  14. Flirt (feat 2Chainz)
  15. Everyday Struggle (feat Chavis Chandler)
  16. Do Ya Thang
  17. Gotta Love It (feat Cee-Lo Green & Brady Watt)
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 in stock $7.99
Price Of Fame
Cat: CDDDM 2990. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. A Few Words From Shaun Price & Mrs Price
  2. Big Gun vs Lil Gun (feat MOP)
  3. Center Stage
  4. Boston George (feat Tek)
  5. Sit Your Ass Down Skit
  6. Pigs (feat Steele)
  7. They Ain't Fucking With Us (feat Rockness Monsta)
  8. Remember The Time (feat Illa Ghee)
  9. Wait For It (feat Lil Fame)
  10. Peter Pop Off (feat Rim, Teflon & I-Fresh)
  11. Enemy Of The State (feat Conway The Machine, Guilty Simpson & Lil Fame)
 in stock $12.75
The Professionals
Cat: MMS 034CD. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. My House (CD 1: vocals)
  2. The Pros
  3. Payday
  4. Give N Take
  5. Superhumans
  6. Buggin
  7. CDP Smackdown
  8. Timeless Treasure
  9. I Jus Wanna
  10. Away Too Long
  11. Make Due
  12. Tired Atlas
  13. Dishonored Valor
  14. My House (CD 2: instrumentals)
  15. The Pros
  16. Payday
  17. Give N Take
  18. Superhumans
  19. Buggin
  20. CDP Smackdown
  21. Timeless Treasure
  22. I Jus Wanna
  23. Away Too Long
  24. Tired Atlas
  25. Dishonored Valor
 in stock $12.47
Kirlian (CD)
Cat: MMG 001432. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Gravewave
  2. Tobe
  3. Spawn (feat Motorkam)
  4. Layman
  5. Cesar Llavez
  6. Palma Dutch (feat Sam Cooper)
  7. C2 = A2 + B2
  8. Nuketown
  9. Macrowave
  10. Jimi
  11. Zodiac Cognac
  12. Seeking A Friend For The End
 in stock $10.84
What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down?
  1. When The Grid Go Down (feat George Clinton)
  2. Grid (feat Cypress Hill & George Clinton)
  3. State Of The Union (STFU) (feat DJ Premier)
  4. Merica Mirror (interlude)
  5. Public Enemy Number Won (feat Mike D, AD Rock & Run DMC)
  6. Toxic
  7. Yesterday Man (feat Daddy-O)
  8. Crossroads Burning (interlude)
  9. Fight The Power Remix 2020 (feat Nas, Rhapsody, Black Thought, Jahi, YG & Questlove)
  10. Beat Them All
  11. Smash The Crowd (feat Ice-T & PMD)
  12. If You Can't Join Em Beat Em
  13. Go At It (feat Jahi)
  14. Don't Look At The Sky (interlude)
  15. Rest In Beats (feat The Impossebulls)
  16. Rip Blackat
  17. I Am Black (Closing)
Review: Given all that's happened in 2020, Public Enemy has picked the right time to regain their mojo. On What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down, their new album, Chuck D and company has done just that, delivering a set that's as angry, wise, righteous, weighty and impactful as any they've released since the turn of the '90s. It contains a few fresh re-makes of classic cuts - including an insanely good 2020 version of 'Fight The Power' featuring Nas and Questlove - but for the most part these are 100% brand new tracks, made in cahoots with an all-star cast of collaborators (George Clinton, DJ Premier, Cyprus Hill, the Beastie Boys and Run DMC all feature), and sporting lyrical content that's every bit as on-point and furious you'd expect.
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 in stock $11.67
Unreleased 92-98
Cat: 115000 B2DSCD. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Dead Men Tell No Tales
  2. Get On Up
  3. Show Stoppa
  4. Think Big (feat Sadat & Lord Tariq)
  5. Say Goodbye (feat Missy Elliot)
  6. Last Night I Dreamed (feat Andrea Martin)
  7. Doin' Mc's Sum'n Terrible (feat Tommy Gunn & Frank Nitti & The Rascals)
  8. Yes Yes Y'All (Clean Mix) (clean mix)
  9. Get It Up Get It Off
  10. Comin' From The Underground (feat Da King & I & Trends Of Culture)
  11. Down For My Crown (feat Bas Blasta)
  12. My Hood Is Your Hood
 in stock $15.73
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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B
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