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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B

ホーム  Back Catalogue  

Hip Hop / R&B

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Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa (CD)
Cat: MMG 001192. Rel: 23 Oct 18
  1. Brushstrokes
  2. Reflection
  3. My Block
  4. Cocaine Fingertips
  5. Grace Of God (feat DJ Los)
  6. That Place
  7. Word
  8. Decisions
  9. Timberlan'd Up (feat Royce Da 5'9")
  10. Come Back Home
  11. Mona Lisa
 in stock $13.30
Everything Is Love
Cat: 190758 77832. Rel: 20 Jul 18
  3. BOSS
  4. NICE
  5. 713
 in stock $10.34
Dese Unreleased: Fifteen Years Later
  1. Inhale (Poetree On The Hook)
  2. Back On The Scene
  3. One More Time
  4. Know The Pain
  5. Hands To The Sky (feat Etcetera & Abisidian)
  6. Thas Whassup (feat Skipp Whitman & Etcetera)
  7. Over Ya Head (feat Etcetera)
  8. Lookin Like That
  9. Skin Flute (feat Mic Stylez & Etcetera)
  10. Wink At Me
  11. So Damn Cool (intro By Lindsey Grey)
 in stock $14.16
The Best Of The Crests: 16 Fabulous Hits
  1. 16 Candles
  2. A Year Ago Tonight
  3. Six Nights A Week
  4. Angels Listened In
  5. Gee (But I'd Give The World)
  6. Step By Step
  7. I Thank The Moon
  8. Pretty Little Angel
  9. Journey Of Love
  10. Trouble In Paradise
  11. Earth Angel
  12. Flower Of Love
  13. Always You
  14. If My Heart Could Write A Letter
  15. Molly Mae
  16. Isn't It Amazing
 in stock $16.14
Amparo (CD)
Cat: CDCB 194. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. 9 Minutes
  2. Cana
  3. Asociacion
  4. GinTonic
  5. Craaazy (feat Maple Syrup)
  6. Flootish
  7. Adapta (feat Gadget )
  8. Inner Space Travel
  9. Madrid3am
  10. Neededit
  11. La Guinda (feat Slim Jeff & Wezt MAAD)
  12. Rainy Nights (feat Saib )
  13. EL32
  14. Lavapies
  15. Last Kiss
  16. UhYea
  17. Worknite (feat Odyssee)
  18. Wave King (feat Jay BNDCKS  )
  19. Whoreallyknows
  20. On Sunday
 in stock $17.84
Big Conspiracy
Cat: 194397 33182. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Conspiracy (feat Icee TGM)
  2. Helicopter (feat Icee TGM)
  3. Fight For Your Right
  4. Triumph
  5. Play Play (feat Burna Boy)
  6. Cucumber
  7. Repeat (feat Koffee)
  8. Fortune Teller
  9. Reckless
  10. No Denying
  11. Must Be
  12. One & Only (feat Ella Mai)
  13. Love, Peace & Prosperity
  14. Deeper Than Rap
Review: It's been a while since we heard from J Hus, whose 2017 set "Common Sense" was rightly acclaimed for fusing grime and dancehall with sounds more commonly associated with contemporary African music and R&B. Now back doing what he does best after a stint in prison for carrying a knife, J Hus has delivered an album that builds on his impressive work to date. Beat-maker Jae5 has delivered some of his best backing tracks to date - sparse and weighty, but with greater use of more traditional instrumentation such as brass and electric guitar - while J Hus' accompanying lyrics and flows are as thoughtful and insightful as they are raw and uncompromising. Surely wider acclaim awaits in the months and years ahead.
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 in stock $14.16
Good Days Never Last Forever
Cat: CDMSR 096. Rel: 17 May 18
  1. GDNLF
  2. Been On (feat Choo Jackson)
  3. Alright (feat Benji)
  4. Time On It
  5. HN
  6. The Light (interlude)
  7. Simple (feat Benji)
  8. Best Friend (feat Benji)
  9. Heart Dance
  10. The Light
  11. No Script
  12. Outro
$11.32 SAVE 20%
 in stock $9.05
Walking With Lions
Cat: FB 5195CD. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Blushi & Aykroyd
  2. Francis Scott Key
  3. Walking With Lions
  4. Lil Snitch (skit)
  5. The 1st Time (feat DJ Premier & Slug Of Atmosphere)
  6. Stephen
  7. Drive On
  8. Runyon Canyon (feat Sid Wilson)
  9. HitIt&QuitIt
  10. 38 Minutes (feat Sick Jacken & Slaine)
  11. Highway (feat DJ Premier)
  12. Lighters Up (feat Tiffany Topol)
 in stock $15.57
The Fall Of Hobo Johnson
Cat: 009362 4899143. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Typical Story
  2. Mover Awayer
  3. Uglykid (feat Elohim)
  4. You & The Cockroach
  5. Subaru Crosstrek XV
  6. Moonlight
  7. Happiness
  8. All In My Head
  9. Ode To Justin Bieber (feat Jack Shoot & Jmsey)
  10. February 15th
  11. Sorry, My Dear
  12. I Want A Dog
$10.84 SAVE 40%
 in stock $6.51
Nectar (CD)
Cat: 019029 6839030. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Ew
  2. Modus
  3. Tick Tock
  4. Daylight
  5. Upgrade
  6. Gimme Love
  7. Run
  8. Sanctuary
  9. High Hopes
  10. Nitrous
  11. Pretty Boy
  12. Normal People
  13. Afterthought
  14. Mr Hollywood
  15. 777
  16. Reanimator
  17. Like You Do
  18. Your Man
Review: Whereas Joji's acclaimed 2018 debut album was an evocative and atmospheric concoction that sat somewhere between lo-fi trip-hop, experimental R&B and bubbly electronica, this hotly anticipated follow-up is a much bolder and more musically advanced affair. That means that the Japanese-Australian artist's evocative, eyes-closed vocals come cloaked in sweeping strings, crunchy guitars and twinkling pianos, while resting on booming basslines and punchy, tweaked hip-hop and R&B beats. It's a formula that only enhances his already impressive songs, while the presence of some high-profile collaborators - Diplo and Yves Tumor included - only emphasizes the top-tier circles he's now moving in.
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 in stock $13.58
Cat: ADHDCD. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Screening Evaluation (skit)
  2. I Lied (intro)
  3. Isis (feat Logic)
  4. The War (feat Young Thug)
  5. Chris (skit)
  6. I Love
  7. Devils Work
  8. Lotto
  9. Kevin (skit)
  10. Gold Mine
  11. Finally (feat Chris Brown)
  12. 10 Bands (feat Timbaland)
  13. Revenge
  14. Comprehensive Evaluation (skit)
  15. ADHD
  16. Still Cant Love (feat King OSF & Fabolous)
  17. Will
  18. Broke & Stupid
 in stock $15.29
Full Circle
Cat: MRBCD 194. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Keep It Movin
  2. Wicked (feat Fliptrix)
  3. Ikoja (feat Elde)
  4. Huami (feat Terri Walker)
  5. Sometimes (feat Ruby)
  6. Wayside
  7. Time Ticks
  8. U&I
  9. We On (feat Sampa The Great)
  10. Situationships (feat K Waltz)
  11. Custom Made (feat Ayo The Yung African Pioneer)
Review: Jungle Brown's much anticipated second album is finally here, and packed with collaborations with exciting peers like Sampa The Great, Fliptrix and Terri Walker. The trio of Ric Flo, MAEAR & Tony Bones are in fine form with their ever soulful hip hop taking subtle hints from grime, house and trap. "Keep It Movin" and Huami" are for golden era fans, while "Sometimes" flips the script with a tight, bumping house beat and buttery raps. "Custom Made" is a rhythmically inventive, richly layered track and is one of many highlights on a standout album.
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$9.62 SAVE 20%
 in stock $7.71
Complicate Your Life With Violence
  1. Part One: Introducing An Inconspicuous Man
  2. Behavior Report
  3. Say It All
  4. Dead Battery
  5. Part Two: Conscription Sentence
  6. Summer Camp
  7. Cool Hand (feat Chester Watson)
  8. Borrowed Brass (feat Zeroh & Lojii)
  9. Part Three: Hero Complex
  10. My Everything Is Bulletproof
  11. Clay Pigeons (feat Billy Woods)
  12. Devil's Piano
  13. Part Four: Last One Left
  14. After Alley Life
  15. Ghost Town
  16. The Light
  17. Part Five: No Peace For The Peaceful
 in stock $12.75
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Back Catalogue: Hip Hop/R&B
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