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Quan (Sensation)
 in stock $7.70
Cat: T4 001. Rel: 06 Nov 00
  1. Quan (Sensation) (DJ Oni Capla & Brian Les Palmas mix)
  2. Quan (Sensation) (radio edit)
  3. Quan (Sensation) (Eno T Srevillo mix)
Fever's Burning
 in stock $6.06
Cat: HUMT 005. Rel: 04 Dec 00
  1. Fever's Burning
  2. The Realness
 in stock $6.06
Nitemare (12")
Cat: UNDS 003. Rel: 08 May 00
  1. Nitemare (Spearhead mix)
  2. Nitemare (original mix)
Positive Negative
$7.99 SAVE 33%
 in stock $5.35
Cat: NN 4008. Rel: 26 Mar 01
  1. Positive Negative (Zafiro mix)
  2. Positive Negative (original mix)
  3. Positive Negative (second mix)
Taking The French Kick
 in stock $6.06
Taking The French Kick (1-sided 12")
Cat: KICK 1. Rel: 11 Dec 00
  1. Taking The French Kick
The Cocktail EP 2
 in stock $7.99
Cat: QMT 056. Rel: 18 Apr 16
  1. Don't Leave Me (QM remix) (5:57)
  2. Hard To Get (7:16)
  3. Too Far Gone (7:55)
The Switchdisk EP
 in stock $8.80
The Switchdisk EP (CD single)
Cat: RAZOR 003. Rel: 02 Aug 10
  1. Switchdisk - "Aggressive Groove"
  2. Adam Michaels vs Switchdisk - "Into The Sound"
 in stock $5.78
Jacknife (12")
Cat: BASH 035. Rel: 22 Mar 99
  1. Jacknife (Highboard Screamer mix)
  2. Jacknife (Highboard Bomb mix)
  3. Jacknife (Springboard Solo)
Keep It Coming EP
 in stock $7.16
Keep It Coming EP (CD single)
Cat: TB 068. Rel: 22 Mar 10
  1. Keep It Coming
  2. Keep On
Large Fries & A Hamburger
 in stock $7.99
Cat: WL 021. Rel: 02 Oct 00
  1. Large Fries & A Hamburger
  2. Booya
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