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Back In Stock: Funky/Club House

  1. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
  2. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (One Rascal dub)
  3. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (bonus beats)
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Cat: BBE 438SLP1. Rel: 09 Feb 18
  1. Brighter Days (Masters At Work mix - Kai Alce edit) (5:32)
  2. Brighter Days (Underground Goodies mix) (5:31)
 in stock $12.00
Salsoul Sounds Familiar (heavyweight 2xLP + insert) (1 per customer)
Cat: SALSBMG 16LP. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It)" (DJ Spinna ReFreak) (7:41)
  2. The Strangers - "Stimulation" (Twice & Volcov edit) (5:15)
  3. Ge-Ology - "Re-Fingered With Love" (feat Sonya Distel) (8:50)
  4. Joe Bataan - "Latin Lover" (Specter edit) (6:58)
  5. Civil Attack - "On The Phone" (Mark Grusane edit) (7:27)
  6. Jamie Lynn - "You Ain't Got No Money" (Twice & Volcov edit) (6:31)
  7. The Salsoul Orchestra - "Salsoul Rainbow" (Kai Alce NDATL edit) (9:10)
Review: The current owners of iconic disco label Salsoul have previously been criticized for some of their remix choices - most notably Marquis Hawkes' revisions of classic Logg tunes - but we can't envisage many finding fault with this superb compilation. It features revisions of classic and little-known cuts from DJs and producers associated with Italy's Sounds Familiar crew. Highlights include a killer cover of Candido classic "Thousand Finger Man" by GE-OLOGY (here titled "ReFingered With Love"), a superb re-edit of The Strangers' P-funk cut "Stimulation" by Twice and Volvov, a dusty, Theo Parrish's Ugly Edits style tweak of "Salsoul Rainbow" by Kai Alce, and a typically on-point rearrangement by Mark Grusane of Civil Attack's little-known boogie floorfiller "On The Phone".
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 in stock $15.02
Cat: TX 117. Rel: 22 Mar 02
  1. Move Your Body
  2. Baby Wants To Ride
Review: Re-press.
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 in stock $12.51
All You Need Is House (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CVR 002. Rel: 08 Jul 13
  1. All You Need Is House (original mix)
  2. All You Need Is House (Bobby Starr mix)
  3. All You Need Is House (Milty Evans Whitebeard mix)
  4. All You Need Is House (Ty'z classic dub)
Review: Tyree Cooper's All You Need Is House EP is a proud celebration of the genre, done Chicago style and rammed home by Marco's wailing vocals. Through solid drums and strong vocal hooks, Cooper's original beats down hard justifying the need for a 180g pressing. It rattles and hums until dropping into a tom-drum and snare solo similar to Runaway's "Brooklyn Club Jam". Bobby Starr's mix brings Marco's Teddy Pendergrass-sung vocals to the fore, while Milty Evans gets a little techier with a cut up approach, adding white noise flashes and lots of filterwerk. Cooper second take comes via a "classic dub" which draws a link between squelchy baile funk and a Masters At Work drum track.

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 in stock $6.25
Bah 032 (1-sided etched 140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BAH 032. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Cambodian Dream (8:07)
Review: In the space of a year Bahnsteig 23 has positioned itself as a label of note with a strong run of 12"s that draw on a rich spread of influences from cosmic disco to world music to provide a little more spice in your dancefloor selections. Portland's Elliot Thomas takes his Etbonz alias out for its first proper outing here after a split 7" with Dro Carey some years back. This single-sided jam serves to raise the intrigue around the project further still with its dense, organically enhanced production and dreamy atmosphere, keeping the tempo slow and simmering for the early part of the party.
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 in stock $9.90
Cat: MDB 100RE. Rel: 16 Feb 17
  1. Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Director's cut Signature club) (7:11)
  2. Million Dollar Bill (Frankie Knuckles Director's cut Signature dub) (6:56)
  3. Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons vs Cajjmere Wray club) (8:08)
  4. Million Dollar Bill (Freemasons vs Cajjmere Wray mixshow) (6:26)
 in stock $12.51
Cat: BBE 262CLP1. Rel: 12 Jan 15
  1. Karizma - "The Power" (DJ Spinna Acid Row mix)
  2. Bah Samba - "Moonlight" (DJ Spinna Galactic soul vocal)
  3. Angela Johnson - "Got To Let It Go" (DJ Spinna remix)
  4. Yvette Rovira - "I Remember Love" (DJ Spinna remix)
  5. Kerri Chandler with Harley & Muscle - "You Can't Lie" (DJ Spinna remix)
Review: Spinna's double-decade document on BBE is an essential lesson in the dark art of remix craft. And here are five perfect examples. His take on "The Power" by Karizma subverts from the off as we're washed with a waterfall of bitter sweet acid. The remix of Bah Samba's "Moonlight" shows Spinna at his most cosmic and reflective while "Got To Let It Go" is straight up jazz church music. Deeper again we find him in straight up bassline soul mode on the Wonder-esque "I Remember Love" while his take on "You Can't Lie", a hookup between Kerri Chandler and Harley & Muscle, is more street soul than it is house music. Truly timeless.
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 in stock $16.53
Square (12")
Cat: JDJ 6005. Rel: 24 Oct 02
  1. DJ Touche - "Square"
  2. Dr Luke & Liquid Todd - "Stick 'Em" (The Wiseguys remix)
  3. Dr Luke & Liquid Todd - "Stick 'Em" (DJ Touche re-edit)
 in stock $5.20
Cat: GR 1210. Rel: 28 Nov 16
  1. Deep Inside (Of You) (Soul Trance) (9:01)
  2. Deep Inside (Of You) (The Jungle & The Temple) (8:12)
  3. Deep Inside (Of You) (Touch & Go) (5:47)
  4. Deep Inside (Of You) (The Deep Creep) (8:24)
  5. Deep Inside (Of You) (Love Romance) (2:51)
 in stock $13.82
Bombay Disco 2 Sampler (limited 12")
Cat: COS 60212. Rel: 07 Nov 14
  1. Asha Bhosle - "Jab Chaye" (Brother Cleve re-edit)
  2. Bappi Lahiri - "Dance Music" (Brother Cleve Studio 29 remix)
Review: Ahead of the second Bombay Disco compendium, Cultures Of Soul tease us with two show-stopping Brother Cleve edits. As with the inaugural album, this collection celebrates the subcontinent's more obscure cinematic soundtracks and what's known in India as the item number, the cabaret style dances performed in Asian cinemas. "Jab Chaye" remains in its original incarnation with mild touches on rhythm and arrangement while "Dance Music" has been given a complete flip-around with chunky jacking beats that complement the frenetic tabla drums consummately. Album teasers don't get much more exciting than this.
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 in stock $10.21
Cat: BBE 235CLP. Rel: 26 Nov 15
  1. Mark Rogers aka Hollywood Beyonce - "I Promise" (More Beats For Passion mix) (4:55)
  2. Soul Dhamma - "Don't Run Away" (8:23)
  3. Jimi Polo - "Take Me Higher" (7:09)
  4. Karen Anderson - "I Work Hard To Love You" (Jeremy Allnew Midday mix) (6:01)
  5. Susan Clark - "Deeper" (Benji Candelario Deeper Than Deep unreleased mix) (6:35)
  6. UBQ Project - "We Can Make It" (unreleased dub) (5:59)
  7. Teleport - "More I Get" (feat Russell Patterson) (7:26)
  8. Tribal House - "Mainline" (Roger S Ego Trip mix) (6:22)
 in stock $16.43
The Core (12")
Cat: OLIV 3/OLIVE 003. Rel: 20 May 03
  1. The Core (original mix)
  2. The Core (extended dub)
  3. La Vie Drole (original mix)
  4. La Vie Drole (dub)
 in stock $1.03
Cat: OPAQ 034F. Rel: 04 Apr 07
  1. Rock & Roll Queen (original club mix)
  2. Rock & Roll Queen (Fuzzy Hair remix)
  3. Rock & Roll Queen (Groove Rebels remix)
 in stock $5.22
Cat: 096556. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Keep On Moving (club mix - feat Caron Wheeler)
  2. Keep On Moving (Big Beat acappella)
  3. Keep On Moving (Nellee Hooper 7" mix)
  4. Keep On Moving (Teddy Riley's Rubba Dub)
  5. Keep On Moving (The First Movement)
  6. Keep On Moving (Teddy Riley's bonus beats)
Played by: Mauritzio
 in stock $9.65
Cat: SVT 081. Rel: 18 Jul 12
  1. All I Want
  2. We Are The Future (feat Lil Magdalene)
  3. Fellow
  4. Get Down
 in stock $8.33
Cat: DCLX 010. Rel: 21 Oct 10
  1. Take Me Baby (original mix)
  2. Take Me Baby (Finnish Bass Boy mix)
  3. Take Me Baby (Vega mix)
  4. Take Me Baby (Slappa Organ + DRX70 Chorus mix)
 in stock $10.95
Dreems (CD)
Cat: 776874 6. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Summer
  2. Nothing About You
  3. Vedra
  4. Fame
  5. Don't Let Me Be
  6. Chuffed
  7. Rock Non Stop
  8. Because Oui!
  9. Dreams
  10. Calliope
  11. W18
  12. Walking In The Sunshine
Review: Following the recent tragic death of founder member Philippe Zdar, this could well be Cassius' final bow. "Dreems" - the long-serving Parisian duo's fifth studio album - would be a fitting swansong. Less concerned with the potential of Ed Banger style power-pop, its' various glassy synth-pop moments (see the Owlie voiced "Don't Let Me Be") are outnumbered by vibrant, funk-fuelled tracks that pay homage to their own "French Touch" house heritage. "Rock Non Stop", for example, is like something from debut album "1999", "Cause oui!" is an exuberant mash-up of synth-pop, hot and heavy house and hip-hop featuring Beastie Boy Mike D and "Calliope" recalls the late night hedonism of Zdar's work with Etienne de Crecy as Motorbass. Rest in peace Philippe.
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Played by: Ursula 1000
 in stock $10.17
Cat: DMCHITS 171. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. 5 Seconds Of Summer - "Easier" (clean)
  2. Carrie Underwood - "Southbound"
  3. Chainsmokers - "Call You Mine" (feat Bebe Rexha)
  4. Cheryl - "Let You"
  5. Craig David - "When You Know What Love Is" (radio)
  6. Dynoro & Ina Wroldsen - "Obsessed" (Tiesto remix)
  7. Ed Sheeran - "I Don’t Care" (acoustic)
  8. Ed Sheeran - "Cross Me" (feat Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock - clean)
  9. Emeli Sande - "Extraordinary Being"
  10. Fatback Band & Liam Keegan - "I Found Lovin'" (Scotty edit)
  11. Hot Chip - "Melody Of Love" (radio)
  12. Jess Glynne & Jax Jones - "One Touch"
  13. John Gibbons - "Hotstepper" (radio)
  14. Kaiser Chiefs - "Record Collection" (clean)
  15. Katy Perry - "Never Really Over"
  16. Mark Ronson - "Find U Again" (feat Camila Cabello - radio)
  17. Miley Cyrus - "Mothers Daughter" (original clean)
  18. Morrissey - "Lady Willpower"
  19. Pink - "Can We Pretend" (feat Cash Cash - main)
  20. Pinkfong - "Baby Shark" (remix)
  21. Tiesto, Jonas Blue & Rita Ora - "Ritual"
  22. Wiley, Sean Paul & Stefflon Don - "Boasty" (feat Idris Elba - Kingdom 93 remix clean)
  23. Will I Am - "Pretty Little Thing" (feat Lady Leshurr Lioness & Ms Banks - clean radio)
 in stock $11.73
Cat: MJMY 2019. Rel: 12 Jun 19
  1. Calvin Harris - "Giant" (feat Rag N Bone Man)
  2. Lewis Capaldi - "Someone You Loved"
  3. Meduza - "Piece Of Your Heart" (feat Goodboys)
  4. Europa (Jax Jones & Martin Solveig - "All Day & All Night" (feat Madison Beer)
  5. Sigrid - "Don't Feel Like Crying"
  6. Sam Smith & Normani - "Dancing With A Stranger" (Stormby remix)
  7. George Ezra - "Pretty Shining People" (Jack Wins remix)
  8. Jax Jones/Years & Years - "Play"
  9. Lauv & Troye Sivan - "I'm So Tired"
  10. Sigala & Becky Hill - "Wish You Well"
  11. Zara Larsson - "Don't You Worry About Me"
  12. Mark Ronson - "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" (feat Miley Cyrus)
  13. Becky Hill & Weiss - "I Could Get Used To This"
  14. Kygo & Rita Ora - "Carry On"
  15. MK - "Body 2 Body"
  16. CamelPhat X Cristoph - "Breathe" (feat Jem Cooke)
  17. Khalid - "Talk" (Disclosure remix)
  18. Lizzo - "Juice"
  19. Billie Eilish - "Bad Guy"
  20. Ava Max - "Sweet But Psycho"
  21. Shawn Mendes - "If I Can't Have You"
  22. Jonas Brothers - "Sucker"
  23. Ava Max - "So Am I"
  24. Cardi B & Bruno Mars - "Please Me"
  25. Lil Nas X - "Old Town Road" (feat Billy Ray Cyrus)
  26. Alec Benjamin - "Let Me Down Slowly"
  27. Ariana Grande - "7 Rings"
  28. Little Mix - "Think About Us" (feat Ty Dolla $ign)
  29. Madonna & Maluna - "Medellin"
  30. Ariana Grande - "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored"
  31. Dua Lipa - "Swan Song"
  32. Miley Cyrus - "Mother's Daughter"
  33. Ed Sheeran - "Cross Me" (feat Chance The Rapper)
  34. Post Malone - "Wow"
  35. Stormzy - "Vossi Bop"
  36. Wiley, Sean Paul, Stefflon Don - "Boasty" (feat Idris Elba)
  37. Marshmello - "Here With Me" (feat Chvrches)
  38. Tom Walker - "Just You & I" (R3hab remix)
  39. Taylor Swift - "Me!" (feat Brendon Urie)
  40. Pink - "Walk Me Home"
  41. Katy Perry - "Never Really Over"
  42. Avicii - "SOS" (feat Aloe Blacc)
  43. Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber - "I Don't Care"
  44. Mark Ronson & Camila Cabello - "Find U Again"
  45. Mabel - "Don't Call Me Up"
 in stock $15.91
Cat: DJODM 232. Rel: 03 Jun 19
  1. Avicii - "SOS" (feat Aloe Blacc - Laidback Luke Tribute remix)
  2. Digital Farm Animals - "Lookin' For" (feat Danny Ocean - R3hab remix)
  3. DJ Licious - "Naked" (Friend Within extended remix)
  4. DJ SKT - "Raindrops"
  5. Ellie Goulding - "Sixteen" (Don Diablo extended remix)
  6. Fatback Band & Liam Keegan - "I Found Lovin'"
  7. KC & The Sunshine Band & Tony Moran - "Give Me Some More" (feat Nile Rogers - Rosabel Latin Vox 2)
  8. KDA - "The Human Stone" (feat Angie Stone - extended)
  9. Kokiri - "Friends" (feat Joe Killington - AlphaLove extended)
  10. Michael Rice - "Bigger Than Us" (7th Heaven club mix)
  11. MK - "Body2Body" (extended)
  12. Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - "Black Star Dancing" (12 mix)
  13. Syn Cole & Dakota - "Light Go Down" (Smokin’ Jack Hill remix)
  14. Ten Ven - "Talk To Me"
  15. Van Halen - "Jump" (Armin Van Buuren extended)
  16. Wh0 - "Happy People" (feat Byron Stingily - extended)
 in stock $11.73
  1. Anne Marie & James Arthur - "Rewrite The Stars" (Wideboys Hands In The Air remix)
  2. Ava Max - "Sweet But Psycho" (Paul Morell extended remix)
  3. Calvin Harris & Rag N Bone Man - "Giant" (Laidback Luke extended remix)
  4. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - "Promises" (Mousse T extended Disco Shizzle)
  5. Calvin Harris & Sam Smith - "Promises" (OFFAIAH extended remix)
  6. George Ezra - "Shotgun" (Danny Dove extended remix)
  7. George Ezra - "Shotgun" (The Wild extended remix)
  8. Halsey - "Without Me" (Illenium remix clean)
  9. Jax Jones & Years & Years - "Play" (Purple Disco Machine remix)
  10. Jess Glynne - "Thursday" (Jack Wins extended remix)
  11. Little Mix - "Woman Like Me" (feat Nicki Minaj - Banx & Ranx remix)
  12. Little Mix - "Woman Like Me" (feat Nicki Minaj - Wideboys club mix)
  13. Mabel - "Dont Call Me Up" (ADP remix)
  14. Mark Ronson - "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" (feat Miley Cyrus - Martin Solveig remix)
  15. Panic! At The Disco - "High Hopes" (Gozzi remix)
  16. Rita Ora - "Let You Love Me" (MOWE remix)
  17. Sam Smith & Normani - "Dancing With A Stranger" (Cheat Codes remix)
  18. Tom Walker - "Just You & I" (R3hab remix)
 in stock $11.73


Back In Stock: Funky/Club House
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