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Back Catalogue: Funky/Club House

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Cat: PSR 009. Rel: 29 Jun 06
  1. I Never Knew (280 West mix)
  2. I Never Knew (280 West dub)
  3. I Never Knew (280 West reprise)
Review: Jersey's veterans 280 West make a big-time return to Phuture Soul with this powerful three-track EP of soulful, garagey vocal house. "I Never Knew" is classic Jersey, a big-time male vocal with some chunky drums and disco horns blasting away on the hypnotic, catchy soulful groove - the A-side "West" mix is a stormer for the clubs. On the flip you've got a super-fat dub mix and the beatless reprise mix to do some DJing damage with. Fans of DJ Spen and the East Coast sound will be all over this big time release.
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Washing Up (12")
Cat: SKINT194. Rel: 12 Jan 11
  1. Tomas Anderson - "Washing Up" (Tiga remix)
  2. Dave Clarke - "Dirtbox"
  3. Goose - "Bring It On" (MSTKFT JFK remix)
  4. X-Press 2 - "Lazy" (feat David Byrne)
Review: Skint cull four of their biggest hits from last years fifteenth anniversary comp for this twelve inch that demonstrates the breadth of their output. Side A pitches Tiga's classic 07 electro reworking of Tomas Anderson against the industrial techno pressure that is Dave Clarke's "Dirtbox". On the flip you get a reminder of when MSTRKRFT were actually quite good with their thumping rework of Goose which is an uneasy bed fellow for X Press 2's chart bothering deep house collab with David Byrne. These tracks have been out of print for ages so it's nice to get another opportunity to grab them on vinyl.
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Cat: MINISTRY 026. Rel: 25 Apr 07
  1. Sonic Empire 2007 (Arnold Palmer remix)
  2. Sonic Empire 2007 (Jean Elan remix)
  3. Sonic Empire 2007 (clubmix 2007)
Review: Ministry Of Sound bring you Backside Artists vs Green Plank with new remixes of 'Sonic Empire', the best Members of Mayday tune ever! Includes mixes by Arnold Palmer.
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out of stock $8.62
Cinema (12")
Cat: DV 746. Rel: 29 Apr 11
  1. Cinema (Laidback Luke remix)
  2. Cinema (extended mix)
  3. Cinema (Congorock remix)
  4. Cinema (Skrillex remix)
Played by: DJ Rap
out of stock $8.62
Bottoms Up (12")
Cat: SSE 011. Rel: 03 May 07
  1. Bottoms Up (main mix)
  2. Bottoms Up (alternate mix)
Review: Louis Benedetti teams up with Bass Master Gene Perez and brings us "Bottoms Up", some foot stomping instrumental house. "Bottom's Up" showcases Gene in top shape, laying a solid hip-shaking groove while dropping his signature "riffs" and "licks" at the right spots. In addition to the house mixes, there is also a special bonus track recorded live while rehearsing with Selan on a Fender Rhodes. Often imitated but never duplicated, Gene Perez deserves our recognition for his influential style and flavour that he brings to house music and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented musician.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: CLB 001. Rel: 17 Apr 07
  1. Take Me Out (Tino Calambar & Max Armani vocal mix)
  2. Escape (Tino Calambar & Max Armani vocal mix)
Review: This is the first release on the new sister imprint of Future Sound Corporation! A superb debut release by AMCT who offer two pumpin' groovy bombs full of phat electro parts! Contains: Take Me Out and Escape; both tracks are solid as a rock so do not miss out!
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out of stock $8.62
  1. Don't Quite Get It (original mix)
  2. Don't Quite Get It (instrumental)
  3. Don't Quite Get It (vox tool)
out of stock $9.70
You (12")
Cat: SLAP 030. Rel: 29 Apr 06
  1. You (So What mix)
  2. You (Harness & Spencer remix)
Review: Gregory Del Piero, of Subliminal and Swing City fame is back, this time on San Francisco's soulful house outlet Loveslap. Chuncky bass countered with a smooth rhodes line make the basis for the original mix of Visions as Billy Love's r&b style vocal skim back and forth throughout the beat. Remix duties here come from Charles Spencer himself, who slows down the track, adds some jazzy lounge styled piano riffs, a stand up bass, and some 60's soul-jazz horns.
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out of stock $8.62
  1. Listen To Ya Mamma
  2. Are You Hip
  3. Please Stay
  4. Greenskeepers (Are You Hip remix)
Review: New talent Tracy Cooper returns to Greenhouse for a sizzling four-track EP that's just loaded with jazztastic house grooves. This is an excellent release that follows in the Greenhouse vein of Slum Science, Blacksoul etc. with plenty of Chicago-flavoured grooves working the floor. "Listen To Ya Mamma" kicks things off with a strong building filtered groove over some heavy punchy drums and stabs, while "Are You Hip" is a pure swinging jazzer for the Mike Dixon and Stacy Kidd heads. "Please Stay" is a funky party track that works well on the floor with a seriously stripped down, bumping DJ Heather flavour. Closing it all out is the Greenskeeper's remix of "Are You Hip" which cuts things up nicely for a more jacking Joey Youngman type of groove. Hot release for the househeads here.
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out of stock $8.62
Junk (remixes) (12" promo)
Cat: 12TIVDJ 248. Rel: 28 Sep 06
  1. Guru (Flashover mix)
  2. Guru (D Ramirez remix)
Review: Limited upfront promos of this huge record, feat Gang Starr's Guru of all people. The Flashover mix is Ferry dropping his trancetastic best with a full on hands in the air mix , while on the flip the man of the moment, D Ramirez, delivers a full on electrohouse monster. Big Tune!
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out of stock $6.47
Junk (12")
Cat: 12TIV 248. Rel: 03 Nov 06
  1. Junk (Flashover mix)
  2. Junk (Body Snatchers vocal mix)
  3. Junk (D Ramirez dub)
Review: Huge record feat Gang Starr's Guru of all people. The "Flashover" mix is Ferry dropping his trancetastic best with a full-on hands-in-the-air mix, while on the flip the man of the moment D. Ramirez delivers a full-on electrohouse monster.
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So Free (12")
Cat: HOME 9. Rel: 23 Jan 07
  1. So Free (Groove Assassins main Tweek mix)
  2. So Free (Louis Benedetti Acid vox)
  3. So Free (Jovonn Soulmoov vocal mix)
  4. So Free (Jovonn Soulmoov instrumental mix)
Review: If you've been looking for a serious song to drop during your set, a song that peels heads off the wall and has them working up a sweat, then this is the song that's gonna do it. If you thought the original was dope wait until you hear theses remixes. Jovonn comes with his classic underground raw sound that is a must to play at 3am. Louis Benedetti decided to switch it up on your ass with his mix and bring back that Chicago acid house sound!
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out of stock $0.00
  1. Turn Those F***ers Up! (Bootleg mix)
  2. Turn Those F***ers Up! (Boogie Down dub)
  3. Turn Those F***ers Up! (Jon Pegnato remix)
  4. Turn Those F***ers Up! (JP's instrumental remix)
Review: Originally released last year and now repressed, great 4 tracker of bumpy funky house.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: DND 007. Rel: 20 Feb 07
  1. Shake It Like A Jamaican
  2. Smash The Computer Up
Review: The legends Dillon & Dickins are back, featuring Gramma Funk. They come with a thumping double a-side track of pumping main-room electro entitled 'Shake it like a Jamaican', on DND Productions.
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Take Control (12" )
Cat: TC 001. Rel: 09 Dec 06
  1. Take Control (vocal mix)
  2. Take Control (Underground mix)
Review: Underground house mixes of the Amerie tune from London dudes DJ Leo & Guy Robin.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: GDOCTOR 002. Rel: 04 Apr 07
  1. Love Is My Game
  2. Love Is My Game (Skitofrenix remix)
  3. Preacher In The House
  4. Love Is My Game (Sidney Samson remix)
Review: After their huge hit 'Can't Stop Playing', this Spanish/Dutch duo teamed up again for their massive follow up on G-Doctor.
'Love Is My Game' is the perfect mix between electro funk and peak time house, mixing soul vocals, new-jack beats and up-to-date synths. With the amazing crowd reactions to this track in mind, the duo decided to make a video for the song, which will soon be viewable.
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out of stock $8.62
  1. Earnshaw & Giles - "Deja Vu (Main Musical Mission)"
  2. One51 - "Together As One" (club mix)
  3. Spiritchaser - "These Taers" (original mix)
  4. White Soul Project - "Ever Love" (original mix)
out of stock $8.62
  1. Faithless - "Insomnia" (Monster mix)
  2. Grooveyard - "Mary Go Wild!"
  3. Adventures Of Stevie V - "Dirty Cash (Money Talks)" (12 inch Sold Out mix)
Played by: Spirit Tag
out of stock $8.62
  1. I Wanna Rock U (Chrissi D! vocal mix)
  2. I Wanna Rock U (Chrissi D! dubstrumental)
  3. I Wanna Rock U (Luca Cassani dub)
Review: "I Wanna Rock U" is one of the classic anthems of house music legends Farley Jackmaster Funk vs. Giorgio Moroder. Originally written in 1982 by electronic dance music pioneer and producer legend Giorgio Moroder. This track is now ready to get his 2007 treatment by Germanys DJ and producer Chrissi D. He's turned this classic anthem into an uplifting house stormer for all prime time dancefloors! Already played by big names like Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Tom Novy and Freemasons, This is pure rocking peak-time stuff!
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: NM 032. Rel: 29 Dec 04
  1. Give It Back (Eric Wollman dub)
  2. Give It Back (original version)
  3. Give It Back (Bluesix Rollerjam)
  4. Give It Back (Putsch 79 'lectro mix)
Review: Gaelle Adisson's "Give It Back" is the first single released on 'Transient', her debut album for Naked Music. Gaelle was the voice of Wamdue Project's UK #1 "King of My Castle" and Ananda Project's "Cascades of Colour". Both of these, along with "Rain" - her first single for Naked Music - became instant club classics.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: 9AM 001. Rel: 28 Sep 10
  1. On The Rhodes Again
  2. Monster
  3. Move
out of stock $8.62
Cat: REKIDS 054. Rel: 12 May 11
  1. The Beginning
  2. Hi Fly
  3. Dope Beat
  4. Tunnel Vision
out of stock $10.78
Cat: ENV 038. Rel: 03 Jun 15
  1. Calling Card (5:22)
  2. Calling Card (Razor dub) (4:40)
  3. Mezzanine (3:56)
  4. Mezzanine (Up dub) (4:44)
Review: New music from Morgan Geist will always be celebrated thanks to his role in Metro Area, and more recently Storm Queen, and the New York producer is certainly on effervescent form with this debut 12" under his new project The Galleria. The four track Calling Card 12" finds Geist calling on the spirit of freestyle, club dubs, razor-edits and bubblegum-pop R&B there is something immediately satisfying to each one of them. Hyperdub artist Jessy Lanza provides some thrilling vocals to both original versions of "Calling Card" and "Mezzanine", the latter is a particularly sweet proposition, and Geist also contributes some superb '80s style dubs.
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Don't Take It (black vinyl 12")
Cat: LPP 003. Rel: 22 Nov 07
  1. Don't Take It (Thomos edit)
  2. Don't Take It (Johnny Fiasco mix)
Review: "Don't Take It", is an improvised, one-take after-party session from 1988 by Armando Gallop, featuring Sharvette. This flip on this Let's Pet Puppies release is an unbelievable extended instrumental re-rub from Johnny Fiasco.
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Played by: WOLF Music
out of stock $7.55
Don't Take It (white vinyl 12")
Cat: LPP 003CV. Rel: 29 Jan 08
  1. Don't Take It (Johnny Fiasco mix)
  2. Don't Take It (Thomas edit)
Review: "Don't Take It", is an improvised, one-take after-party session from 1988 by Armando Gallop, featuring Sharvette. This flip on this Let's Pet Puppies release is an unbelievable extended instrumental re-rub from Johnny Fiasco.
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out of stock $8.62
Muevelo (12")
Cat: PT 034. Rel: 27 May 08
  1. Muevelo (original mix)
  2. Muevelo (instrumental mix)
Review: After the successful 2006 release 'La Vida' with David Penn, the Pacha Ibiza resident DJ, Ibiza Awards 2007 winner & producer
Sebastian Gamboa is back on Purple Music. This time in collaboration with the Ibiza's producer Tuccillo, he brings a real Balearic
shaker, 'Muevelo' a pure sexy & funky tune, the perfect track for every club dancefloor.

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out of stock $8.62
Cat: GANGSTAS OFLOVE. Rel: 26 Sep 06
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
Review: Gangsters Of Love drop an electro-tinged hands in the air head nodder.
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out of stock $6.47
Too Good (12" promo)
Cat: SYS 1092. Rel: 15 Feb 07
  1. Too Good (original)
  2. Too Good (Morgan Page remix)
  3. Too Good (Dan Saenz remix)
Review: David Garcia and Jay Walker got together after Richard Vission asked them to create a single for his latest mix compilation. The result is "Too Good", a dirty rock-infused hook-heavy house anthem. Imagine DFA and Giorgio Moroder in a head-on collision with Gang Of Four driving and you start to get the picture.
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out of stock $6.47
Cat: STEALTH 042. Rel: 03 Mar 07
  1. Off Da Hook! (original mix)
  2. Off Da Hook! (Funkerman remix)
  3. Survive
  4. Survive (Effect-a-pella)
  5. Off Da Hook! (Cutup-a-pella)
Review: Jesse Garcia follows up 'Lets Get Happy' for the S Man with these two peak
time housers on 'Off Da Hook', for the Stealth label.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: ELECMX 03. Rel: 07 Apr 06
  1. Check It Out Bro! (original mix)
  2. Check It Out Bro! (dub)
Review: The maestro of electro, after his international success with "I'll Make You Feel" returns with a new record, we have no doubt that it will fill the dancefloor.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: LOGATRAXX 002. Rel: 26 Oct 06
  1. Forever (Selectric mix)
  2. Forever (Tool)
  3. Forever (April Rain mix)
  4. Forever (Syn & Roc mix)
Review: This summer's smash hit now comes with more mixes for full pleasure!!!
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: BSR 003. Rel: 16 Jun 06
  1. Just Get Over It (original mix)
  2. Just Get Over It (Dale Anderson & Anil Chawla remix)
Review: Fresh from the success of their last club stomper & Radio One Essential New Tune "Discotech", Timo and the Catz come back with a belter of a track. Originally written as a Balearic chillout track by Timo and singer songwriter Niki (Release Yourself), it wasn't long before the guys put their electro singed house stamp firmly on it. Tough drums and electrifying synths are perfectly complimented with the vocals in the original mix, with Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson (Saved Records) delivering an epic piece of main room action on the flip. Reactions: Tall Paul "Kiss FM Playlisted! 'Love that remix, might use it for a comp for the US"; Smokin Jo "I'm lovin Just Get Over It (original mix), it's right up my street"; David Guetta "Thank you for this great music...really love it"; Judge Jules "Thanks for the mixes. They're exceptionally classy."; Hernan Cattaneo "Dub is really good!"; Joachim Garraud "I love this one!! I gonna chart into the number one podcast in France"; Flash Brothers "Cool tunes mate! Keep up the good work"; Richard Smith (Underwater) "Loving the track-works well"; Stimpy (Power Productions) "Loving it. The dub for me and will be getting lots of spins at Type and Pacha on Good Friday!"; Onno van Velzen "Original is wicked. Love the sleazy vocal. Remix is dope too. Will definitely give this a spin when I play Space Miami this weekend"; Moussa Clarke "Nice one mate-original mix for me!"; Jason Herd "Really like this track, will definitely play at Subliminal Sessions in Miami"; Zimbardo "Bass heavy chugger, cool vocal... is there a dub too?"; Hardsoul "Good production, I prefer the dub, will be playing it"; Sonny Wharton "Nice sleazy little number you've got there!! Really like it"; Slacker "Very nice groove, hypnotic, warm vocal, like it"; Late Night Alumni "I'm feeling this one. Good work"; Andy Caldwell "Thanks Timo"; Junior Jack "Liking the remix.. really atmospheric"; James Talk "Dub is Nice"; Huggy "Really like the vocals and all the mixes are great"
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out of stock $5.39
One Nation (12")
Cat: KONTOR 535. Rel: 12 Jul 06
  1. One Nation (original mix)
  2. One Nation (The Disco Boys remix)
  3. One Nation (Older Than Oldschool mix)
Review: Limited test pressings of the very hot Markus Gardeweg & Michi Lange 'House Nation' electro house bootie. Playlisted by Tom Novy, Milk&Sugar, Disco Boys, Kurd Maverick & the Tune Brothers.
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out of stock $8.62
Los Sonidos De La Terraza (1-sided 12" promo)
Cat: HOUSONIC 005. Rel: 18 Oct 06
  1. Los Sonidos De La Terraza
Review: Paul Gardner & Hugh Gunnell (pseudonym for Wayne O'Connell) are best known as the Soul Avengerz. Here the Positiva producers unleash a dope house jam that sounds like a more electro tilted Paul Johnson "Get Get Down". It features an infectious bleepy slightly acidic main hook that has a similar funky feel as the Paul Johnson anthem, jacking beats and irresistible ass shaking grooves.
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out of stock $5.39
Cat: WES 5011. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. When You Touch Me (Larry Levan 10:36 mix)
  2. When You Touch Me (Larry Levan 11:03 mix)
out of stock $9.70
Cat: WES 1053. Rel: 22 Oct 06
  1. Paradise Express (Gomi's Tribute vocal mix)
  2. Paradise Express (Gomi's Tribute radio edit)
  3. Paradise Express (Gomi's Tribute dub)
  4. Paradise Express (Gomi's Tribute beats)
Review: The legacy of Taana Gardner began way back in the day when she began working with veteran producer Kenny Nix. Their musical marriage spans decades and produced hits after hits along the way. Originally released in 1979 on her self-titled debut album, Larry Levan put his magical touch on several Gardner classics, including this one. In 2006, the magic is reunited and it feels so good with Gomi's Tribute mixes. Full epic energy and peak-time pleasure!
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out of stock $8.62
Fall Back (12")
Cat: HOWLIN 1202. Rel: 06 Dec 07
  1. Fall Back
  2. Get On
  3. Midnight Skys
  4. Get What You Want
Review: "Fall Back", by Mike Gates, is a disco house styled workout that will draw people on to the floor. Don't miss this Howlin release.
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Played by: Rory Hoy
out of stock $7.02
Cat: LOP 3592131001. Rel: 31 Oct 06
  1. Meherrin River (feat The Soul Hustlers)
  2. Meherrin River (club mix)
Review: Real soulful track, all you Ron Hall and Muthafunkaz fans will love this.
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out of stock $7.02
Cat: ATTR 005. Rel: 28 Jul 04
  1. Magic Destination (Jim Tonique's Saxy Destination mix 1)
  2. Magic Destination (Jim Tonique's Saxy Destination mix 2)
  3. Destination Unknown (J-Reverse club mix)
  4. Magic Destination (Eddie Thoneick's Magnifique mix)
Review: limited one-sided testpressing!!!
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: MOS 157T. Rel: 16 Sep 10
  1. I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) (vocal extended)
  2. I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) (Wideboys remix)
  3. I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) (Kurd Maverick remix)
  4. I'm In Love (I Wanna Do It) (Robbie Rivera vocal mix)
out of stock $5.39
Bamoun Kwele (12" promo)
Cat: KIFSA 047. Rel: 13 Feb 07
  1. Bamoun Kwele
  2. Niokolo Koba
  3. Koba Beat
Review: Already hammered by Gilles Peterson, Nick Weston, Rayner Truby and Martin Solveig.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: BB 12001. Rel: 05 Jul 98
Review: Bay Area duo brings the straight hip hop to your speakers. Features Planet Asia on a guest verse & produced by the Architect (Homeliss Derelix). Instrumental versions are included.
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out of stock $5.39
Good Love (12")
Cat: BL 027. Rel: 16 Jun 06
  1. Good Love (Gianni Coletti vocal mix)
  2. Good Love (Gianni Coletti instrumental)
  3. Good Love (Deepgroove's Big Love dub)
  4. Good Love (London Residents remix)
Review: Seamus' Big Love returns packing another big punch. Not content with a 2 tracker-Seamus has thrown 4 tracks onto one disc, creating a superb release for fans of the label and funky house. If there's one thing Italians understand as well as fashion it's house music! Understated like Prada, this is a slice of cool vocal piano house that has been earning its dancefloor stripes since its initial outing on the "Big Love Miami Sampler"! Hot new UK duo Deepgroove add their underground electro groove. The London Residents (Wes from Type & Oliver from Steve Lawler's Harlem Nights) add a tough old skool house edge. This proved one of the favourites from the "Big Love Miami Sampler" where it was included in its GC vocal mix form. Notable support from a number of the Defmix Crew, Sharp Boys, CJ Mackintosh, DJ Disciple, Michael Gray.
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out of stock $5.39
Cat: HW 017. Rel: 05 Oct 04
  1. Bomb The Terrace (Acid mix)
  2. Bomb The Terrace (Whrere's The Acid mix?)
Review: A double A-sided gem, this African vocal anthem has two awesome mixes. Gecko & Shovell give a acid edged thumper against the Hoxton Whores bass driven masterpiece!!
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out of stock $6.47
Cat: TRT 21. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. She's Hardcore (original mix)
  2. She's Hardcore (Leeroy Thomhill remix)
  3. She's Hardcore (TV Rock Tease remix)
  4. She's Hardcore (King Roc remix)
Review: Support from huge number of DJs across the board. Mixes from Leeroy (Prodigy), man of the moment King Roc and Australian superstar TV Rock. An infectious electro groove, with a catchy electronic vocal, bleeping stabs & hooky bassline. Leeroy Thornhill steps on board with an awesome remix of breaks & basslines to create a dancefloor essential on par with his previous Prodigy productions. TV Rock's "Tease" remix will have you screaming for more with its uber trendy teasing building introduction and peak time pressure. King Roc turns in a cooler deeper electro cut for the more discerning dance floor. Built around the release is a "Gecko Tour" in association with Toolroom records, taking his trademark sound around the globe; Starting in UK on June 17th at SE One of London, then around Europe, Australasia, US and South America. Toolroom was also nominated for "Label Of The Year" at the recent House Music Awards.
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out of stock $5.39
Cat: EMCA 003. Rel: 12 Jul 05
  1. Fall In Love
  2. Discolights
  3. Entre Nous
  4. Round & Round
Review: Horny tribal based number with a sleazy and sweaty male vox, drums going off on the African tangent and a wailing sax line that dominates the track.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: URBANA 024. Rel: 25 Oct 06
  1. Funky Fever
  2. Feel The Sunrise
Review: Newest work from Peter Gelderblom, well known by tracks as "Fell Good", "Strike Me Down", "Climb The Wall" and under name as Underground Movement with René Amesz. The beats are powerful and really groovy. New big talent from Rotterdam.
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out of stock $8.62
Cat: TIGER 41. Rel: 04 Jul 07
  1. Waiting For (extended mix)
  2. Waiting For (Andrea Doria remix)
Review: 'Waiting For' is a Tiger release and a dream coming true: official release of Red Hot Chilli Peppers
track (former bootleg) by Peter Gelderbloom. Includes new, great electro mix by Andrea Doria.
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out of stock $5.39
Cat: SC 027. Rel: 29 Jan 07
  1. Let's Go All The Way
  2. Rio At Night
  3. Respected
Review: The first track of this EP, "Let's Go All The Way", takes advantage of a fantastic sax melody that grooves all over the track. "Rio At Night " is a cool deep-house piece that brings back visions of the sensual and colourful nights in Rio . That flute will transport the sexiest Brazilian dancefloors. Finally, "Respect", gives the final touch to this EP, making it winner. A jacking electronic groove that will take possession of people's minds and souls with it's incredible power. This will make everybody move their body.
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out of stock $8.62
The Catwalk (1-sided 12")
Cat: SPR 036. Rel: 06 Aug 07
  1. The Catwalk
Review: Yes, yes the FFWD Theme is big! Peter Gelderblom & Brian Dalton feat MC Gee release 'The Catwalk' on Spinnin.
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out of stock $8.62
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Back Catalogue: Funky/Club House