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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz

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Abet?! (7")
Cat: TERPIS 20. Rel: 15 May 12
  1. Ab Baars/Ken Vandermark/Paal Nilssen-Love - "Abet?!" (trio)
  2. Mats Gustafsson - "Abet?!" (solo)
out of stock $6.31
Cat: CR 501. Rel: 11 Jan 12
  1. Accents - "Enchanted Garden"
  2. Vala Reegan - "Living In The Past"
Played by: I Love 45's!
out of stock $6.31
  1. Almickar E Chocolate - "Som De Preto"
  2. Os K Rrascos & Vanessinha Do Picatchu - "Bochecha Ardendo"
  3. MC Batata - "Feira De Acari"
  4. Deise Tigrona - "Injacaeo"
  5. Taty Quebra Barraco - "Se Maracar"
  6. Cidinho & Doca - "Rap De Felicidade"
out of stock $6.31
  1. Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers - "90 Percent Of Me Is You"
  2. Veriable Reluctance - "Blow In My Ear"
Review: 2 Rare West Indian funk tunes, Side A is a version of Gwen McCrae's soul and funk classic "90% Of Me Is You" from Trinidad's finest steelpan band Amral's Trinidad Cavaliers, this tune is seriously rare, originally only pressed in small quantities and sold around the Caribbean. On the flip is a wicked instrumental funk cut by Veriable Reluctance who are actually the Mohawks in disguise !!!
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out of stock $5.80
Cat: AO165/WBS 8514. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Don't Cost You Nothing (stereo)
  2. Don't Cost You Nothing (mono)
out of stock $3.69
Cat: SJ 515. Rel: 25 Apr 12
  1. Won't Somebody
  2. The Answer's No
out of stock $9.48
Cat: SJ 521. Rel: 11 Mar 13
  1. Don't Move A Muscle
  2. Donna Lee
out of stock $9.48
Cat: SJ 503. Rel: 10 Jun 09
  1. Kisses Don't Lie
  2. I Can't Take It
Played by: Soul Junction
out of stock $9.48
  1. David Axelrod - "The Human Abstract"
  2. Latimore - "Let's Do It In Slow Motion"
  3. Minnie Riperton - "Baby, This Love I Have"
  4. Gwen McCrae - "90% Of Me Is You"
  5. KC & The Sunshine Band - "What Makes You Happy"
  6. Jimmy Bo Horne - "Dance Across The Floor"
  7. Miami - "Kill That Roach"
  8. Latimore - "Lat Me Go"
  9. Cannonball Adderley - "The Steam Drill"
out of stock $5.26
Cat: PDLR 004. Rel: 26 Jan 06
  1. Walk Into My World (Domu mix)
  2. Walk Into My World (Nostalgia 77 mix)
  3. Walk Into My World (Trevor Loveys & Chris Pedley mix)
  4. Walk Into My World (Dr Rubberfunk mix)
out of stock $6.31
  1. Black Pocket - "The Road"
  2. VeebeeO - "No More"
  3. Mweslee - "Un Joder Suave"
  4. Super Smorky Soul - "Smoke College"
  5. Tom Trago - "Fluorgreen Legged Gangster"
Review: Cinnaman (Rush Hour, Young Buck) and Jay Scarlett (Spacek Soundsystem) teamed up to compile an album dedicated to new developments in beats produced by the up-and coming as well as celebrated producers from all ages and backgrounds. These people are mostly brought together by the mighty internet, where they share and compete (with) their beats. These producers all have at least one thing in common; their love for beats. Cinnaman and Jay Scarlett have now brought together an unique selection of these beats, already coined Beatstrumentals. We packaged it as Beat Dimensions. The first two album samplers (total of three) are strictly limited to 500 copies and total 10 beats. Many new comers here, like VeeBeeO, Super Smorky Soul and Pursuit Grooves, but also known producers like Steve Spacek (as Black Pocket), Up Hygh, Aardvarck and Flying Lotus (as Flyandsam).
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out of stock $8.42
  1. Arnold Blair - "Trying To Get Next To You"
  2. Starvue - "Body Fusions"
  3. Vibrations - "Shake It Up"
  4. Foxy - "Madanoiselle"
  5. The Two Tons - "Never Like This"
  6. Milton Right - "Keep It Up"
  7. Beni Golson - "I Am Always Dancing"
  8. Given McCray - "Giving All My Love"
out of stock $6.31
Cat: TPFS 004. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Bohamon - "Save Our Souls" (Bohamon)
  2. Vicky Anderson - "The Message From The Soul Sister" (parts 1 & 2)
  3. Creative Source - "Can't Hide Love"
  4. Leroy Hudson - "Love This Feeling" (re-edit)
out of stock $9.75
  1. Breakthrough - "The Annex"
  2. Rednose Distrikt - "Dikke Kop"
  3. Ill Dubio - "I Didn't Do That Folks"
  4. Rednose Distrikt - "Dikke Kut"
  5. Ill Dubio - "Freak That"
  6. Moody Allen - "Six Feet" (feat Vince franklin)
out of stock $8.42
Cat: ME 009/93. Rel: 16 Aug 07
  1. Bobby Byrd - "I'm On The Move" (In Da Boot mix)
  2. Vicki Anderson - "Don't Throw Your Love In A Qarbaqe Can"
  3. Bobby Byrd - "I'm On The Move"
out of stock $10.53
  1. Donald Byrd - "Changes (Messin' With My Mind)"
  2. Vernon Burch - "Changes (Makes You Want To Hustle)"
out of stock $6.31
  1. Cadien - "Uno Esta"
  2. Vincent - "The Conjuror"
  3. Quintet Plays - "Scene 4"
  4. Nookie - "Culture Shock"
out of stock $8.42
  1. Candy & The Kisses - "Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby" (2:39)
  2. Val Simpson - "Mr Creator" (2:11)
Review: Candy & The Kisses burst onto the Northern Soul scene with their first single and all-time classic "The 81" co-written and produced by the late Jerry Ross. "Are You Trying To Get Rid Of Me Baby" is a storming soul number that went under the radar for the most part, but is good as any of other hits of theirs like "Chains Of Love" and many others. Flipside "Mr Creator" co-written by Valerie Simpson of Ashford & Simpson was taken up by The Apollas in 1967 on Warner Bros. and went on to become an all-time classic.
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 in stock $11.46
Cat: MIKE 001. Rel: 11 Jun 04
  1. Dazz Band - "Disco Jazz"
  2. Isley Brothers - "Live It Up"
  3. BT Express - "Energy To Burn"
  4. Maynard Ferguson - "Paglaicci"
out of stock $8.42
  1. The Brooklyn Heat & Soul Band - "Come & Fly With Me" (Joaquin Improvisational extended remix) (8:40)
  2. Cosmic Ritual - "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix) (6:11)
  3. Other Souls & Things - "Mundo De Agua" (Psyxchdelic Transfusion remix) (5:57)
  4. Mampo - "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin demo - extended Sketch mix) (9:28)
  5. Okoasambi (Traditional) (3:10)
  6. Blowing Your Fucking Mind (0:21)
Review: Whereas the first volume in Joaquin "Joe" Claussell's "Cosmicdelic Africa" series focused on sneaky re-edits by the Sacred Rhythm founder, this second instalment focuses on original productions "for the dancefloor and the head". In other words, Clausell has offered up DJ-friendly extended versions of some of his most cosmic, Afro-centric creations. There's much to enjoy throughout, from the psychedelic rock guitar solos, restless bass, layered Latin house rhythms and rainforest sounds of Cosmic Ritual's "Abraxas (Demo Sketch Mix)", to the piano sporting cosmic house positivity of Mampo's "Emarofo Tech (Extended Sketch Mix)", via the spaced-out electronics, hallucinatory synth lines and sparse drums of intoxicating downtempo workout "Mundo De Agua (Psyxchdelic Transfusion Mix)".
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 in stock $21.34
  1. Bob Holroyd - "African Drug" (Joaquin Drugged Out Sketch mix)
  2. Afrikan Basement - "Hlanganani" (demo Sketch Idea)
  3. Diogal - "Sore" (Joaquin edit & Overdub version)
  4. Mampo - "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  5. Amadou Et Miriam - "Bara" (Joaquin Cosmic Arts version)
  6. Rail Band - "Mouodilo" (Joaquin edit & Overdub)
  7. Cosmic Ritual - "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix)
  8. Put Your Spirit Up (Joaquin Joe Claussell edit & Overdub)
  9. Other Souls & Things - "Mundo De Agua" (The Psychdelic Transfusion remix)
  10. Afrikan Basement - "Sangre"
  11. ITU High (interlude)
  12. The Brooklyn Heat & Soul Band - "Come & Fly With Me" (Joaquin Improvisational remix mix)
Review: The undisputed master of spiritual house music Joaquin 'Joe' Claussell presents Cosmicdelic Afrika: a collection of demos that the New York City based visionary is currently working on in the studio. The idea for the compilation was inspired by the concept of his event Share: the upcoming Share Afrika will see Claussell digging through his archives and bringing out compositions exploring Afrika, African Diaspora, dub and more. Beginning with the deeply magical and meditative vibe of "African Drug" (Joaquin's Drugged Out Sketch mix) by Bob Holroyd, the soulful and uplifting deepness of "Emarofo Tech" (Joaquin's Demo Sketch Mix) by Mampo or Cosmic Ritual's "Abraxas" (Joaquin demo Sketch mix) which is classic Claussell - reminiscent of work on his seminal Language album from the turn of the millennium.
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 in stock $21.34
  1. Coloursound - "Fly With Me"
  2. Kiki & Silversurfer - "Wasp"
  3. David Guetta & Barbara Tucker - "It's Alright" (Preaching Paris)
  4. Wee Pappa Girl Rappers - "Wee Papa Girl Rappers"
  5. Fast Eddie - "Yo Yo Get Funky"
  6. Pleasure Zone - "Fantasy"
  7. The Stone Roses vs Grooverider - "Fools Gold"
  8. Sly & The Family Stone - "Dance To The Music"
Played by: Juno Classics
out of stock $16.85
  1. Flan'm Cho (5:11)
  2. Banbou La (2:22)
  3. Kowidow Mam'm Boe (4:12)
  4. Bazouka (instrumental) (5:20)
Review: Destination Guadeloupe: Sofrito Super Singles' second "Percussion Series" EP takes us deep into the legendary work of Erick Cosaque a man who began as a singer but has become progressively more experimental ever since. His work in the late 80s and 90s is especially inspiring as he combined dense layers of African percussion with subtle drum machines and folk singing. The result is a hypnotic weave of ageless elements drawn with honesty, clarity and rhythmic allure - especially in these crystal clear remastered forms.
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out of stock $10.28
  1. Jackie Day - "Before It's Too Late" (2:46)
  2. Vernon Garrett - "If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time" (2:29)
  3. Mary Love - "I've Gotta Get You Back" (2:47)
  4. Johnny Gilliam - "You Make Me Feel Like Someone" (3:08)
 in stock $10.08
  1. Outta Space (Swell Session remix)
  2. I Get It Now (extended mix)
  3. Keep On Clappin' (extended mix)
  4. Visions (part 1)
  5. Visions (part 2)
out of stock $8.42
Cat: RR12 884 68. Rel: 05 Jul 05
  1. DFP Super Robot Orchestra - "Contact"
  2. Marierose/Melodie - "Lolita Go Home" (Dim's extended version)
  3. DJ Jin - "Les Cactus" (Secret Soil & Pimp Sessions track)
  4. Sunaga T Experience - "The Aristocats" (from The Aristocats)
out of stock $18.45
Cat: RCV 005. Rel: 29 Jun 09
  1. DJ Deckstream - "Creeper" (feat Junji Chiba)
  2. Valentin - "Walking"
out of stock $10.53
Cat: ZEN 55P. Rel: 06 Oct 01
  1. Dominique Dalcan - "Ritmo 2"
  2. Sabu Martinez - "Hotel Alyssa - Sousse, Tunisia"
  3. Faze O - "Riding High"
  4. Faze O - "Solid Steel Theme" (deluxe version)
  5. Faze O - "The Terrorist" (acapella)
  6. Faze O - "Let's Play Drums"
out of stock $5.26
Cat: PIKES 12001. Rel: 31 May 18
  1. Tony Esposito - "Danza Dell Acqua" (5:08)
  2. Tore - "She's A Lady" (4:04)
  3. Elkin & Nelson - "Abran Paso - Ahoa (Enrolle)" (4:08)
  4. Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - "Spanish Boogie" (3:33)
Review: Soon, DJ Harvey will release The Sound of Mercury Rising, a compilation themed around some of the music championed at his summer residency at Pikes Hotel, Ibiza. This four-track taster 12" not only acts as a sampler for the CD version, but also offers the chance to own four excellent and hard-to-find gems. You'll struggle to find a more Balearic disco cut than Danish outfit Tore's 1979 killer "She's a Lady" - think the Bee-Gees with Flamenco guitars - while Elkin & Nelson's "Abran Paso - Aboa (Enrole)" is a spiraling chunk of flamenco-psychedelia fusion. Elsewhere, Van McCoy & Soul City Symphony's "Spanish Boogie" is a jaunty disco number full of crunchy Clavinet lines and rising horn lines, while Tony Esposito's "Danza Dell'Acqua" is as eccentric and wide-eyed as they come.
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 in stock $10.53
Cat: BBEPRO. Rel: 29 Jun 05
  1. Roy Ayers - "Tarzan"
  2. Great Weekend - "How Do You Feel"
  3. Franky Boissy feat Roland Clark - "Black Music" (DJ Language remix)
  4. Steve Spacek - "Slow Baby Dubb"
out of stock $8.42
Cat: SDW 12021. Rel: 29 May 02
  1. Jack Dangers - "Zxero"
  2. Aesop Rock - "Skip Town"
  3. DJ Cam - "Gangsta Shit"
  4. DJ Krush/Toshinori Kondo - "Tobira 2"
  5. Saru - "Posterity"
  6. Cujo - "The Sighting"
  7. Blend - "All That Dub"
  8. Moby - "Myopia"
out of stock $5.80
  1. Pragmatic
  2. Style Points Coda
  3. Pragmatic (instrumental)
out of stock $9.48
Cat: NERO 012. Rel: 10 Aug 07
  1. Domu - "Heartbeat"
  2. Isoul8 feat Kaidi Tatham - "How I Feel" (Kemetic Just remix)
  3. Volcov - "Fridays"
Played by: ISOUL8 (Volcov)
out of stock $8.42
Cat: SHE 024. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Willie Hutch - "Brothers Gonna Work It Out"
  2. BT Express - "If It Don't Turn You On"
  3. Bootsy Collins - "I'd Rather Be With You"
  4. The Kay Gees - "Who's The Man"
  5. Rose Royce - "Love Don't Live Here Anymore"
  6. Bill Withers - "Grandma's Hands"
  7. Tom Browne - "Funkin For Jamaica"
  8. Fatback - "Backstrokin"
  9. William DeVaughn - "Be Thankful For What You've Got"
  10. The Meters - "Cardova"
out of stock $10.53
Cat: LET ME. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Dynells - "Let Me Prove That I Love You"
  2. Vivian Reed - "Save Your Love For Me"
out of stock $3.15
  1. Earth Leakage Trip - "String Thief"
  2. Sonic Generation - "Back In Time"
  3. Longers - "Winter 98"
  4. Vincent - "Spectral Bullitt"
out of stock $8.42
Cat: 4557 GG. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Dennis Edwards feat Siedah Garrett - "Don't Look Any Further" (disco mix)
  2. Val Young - "If You Should Ever Be Lonely" (club mix)
out of stock $9.48
Cat: SPV 05578075. Rel: 02 Jun 05
  1. Emo - "In The Back Of The Car"
  2. Victor Davies - "Morning Sun" (The Juju Orchestra remix)
  3. Moodorama - "Ir Facil"
  4. Victor Davies - "Morning Sun" (Mo' Horizons remix instrumental)
out of stock $5.26
Cat: RK 12003. Rel: 08 Jun 07
  1. Fab Samperi & DJ Farrapo - "Spaghetti Samba"
  2. Vertical Groove - "Mystere Profond" (Batufunk version)
Played by: The Captain
out of stock $8.42
Cat: PAPA 026. Rel: 23 Feb 06
  1. Waiting Is Over (original mix)
  2. Waiting Is Over (original instrumental)
  3. Waiting Is Over (83 West mix)
  4. Waiting Is Over (83 West instrumental mix)
out of stock $5.80
I Want You (10")
Cat: SP 001. Rel: 28 Mar 06
  1. Floetry - "I Want You" (Sensi Mastermix)
  2. Vivian Green - "What Is Love" (Sensi Mastermix)
out of stock $7.37
Cat: PEOPLE 031. Rel: 28 Feb 04
  1. Do It Right (original mix)
  2. Do It Right (Good Samaritans remix)
out of stock $6.31
  1. Georges Deligni - "Monikini Ou Bikini?"
  2. Minimatic - "The Oulatumi Dance"
  3. Vegomatic - "3 Bikinis"
  4. The Pinker Tones - "Gerard Et Geraldine, L'Histoire D'une Piscine"
out of stock $8.42
Cat: BUSTEDINCHES 01. Rel: 10 Sep 10
  1. Gramatik - "A Bright Day"
  2. Vitamin D - "9000 Look-A-Likes"
Review: Jazzy hip-hop instrumental release from Vitamin D & Gramatik. Nice beats and keyboard touches on both sides so get 'em whilst their hot. Only 250 pressed!
Read more
out of stock $9.48
Cat: FSR 066. Rel: 27 Jan 09
  1. Tell Me What You're Feeling (Domu vocal dub)
  2. Tell Me What You're Feeling (Domu dub mix)
  3. Creation Calling (Summer Street remix)
  4. Tell Me What You're Feeling (album mix)
out of stock $6.31
Cat: ATH 040. Rel: 23 Feb 17
  1. Since I Was A Little Girl (3:33)
  2. Straight Talk (3:28)
Review: For their latest dive into the depths of funk history, Athens of the North travels back to 1978 and the debut of John Hawes and Velma Bunch's obscure Hard Drivers project. The record initially appeared on Hawes' own short-lived imprint, and his since become a sought after 7" amongst serious collectors. "Since I Was A Little Girl" is a disco-era funk gem, with guest singer Vivian Lee providing a brilliantly confident vocal to compliment Hawes and Bunch's driving, horn-heavy backing track. On the flip you'll find original B-side "Straight Talk", a touching torch song full of harmony backing vocals, impassioned builds, and lyrics capable of melting even the stoniest of hearts.
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 in stock $6.31
  1. Harvey & The Jokers - "Soul Sound"
  2. Venetia Wilson - "This Time I'm Loving You"
out of stock $4.21
  1. Neal Hefti - "Batman Theme"
  2. Vic Mizzy - "The Addams Family" (main theme)
out of stock $6.31
Sirius B (12")
Cat: NA 5034. Rel: 20 Mar 09
  1. Sirius B (feat Vast Aire - remix)
  2. Sirius B (remix instrumental)
  3. Vibrations Of The Fallen Angel
out of stock $9.48
Cat: PD 14669. Rel: 20 Aug 10
  1. Martha High - "Summertime Featuring James Brown"
  2. Vicki Anderson - "Message From The Soul Sisters" (parts 1 & 2)
out of stock $7.37
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Back Catalogue: Funk Soul & Jazz
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