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Bestsellers: Experimental/Electronic

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Sign (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 329. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. M4 Lema
  2. F7
  3. Si00
  4. Esc Desc
  5. Au14
  6. Metaz Form8
  7. Sch Mefd 2
  8. Gr4
  9. Th Red A
  10. Psin AM
  11. R Cazt
 in stock $11.12
Tropical Cosmic Psychedlic Vibrations
  1. White Wish
  2. Afrobotics
  3. Shockers
  4. She Got Love
  5. Winded Up On The Floor
  6. Moon Life
  7. Easter Island Electric Brain
  8. Psouvenirs
  9. Knockin On Wood
  10. Minimal Vibrations
  11. Lagoland
  12. Straightline
  13. Nova Laser
  14. Walkin' On The Water
  15. Roll
  16. Glass Skeletons
  17. Foggy Twilights
  18. Bells
Review: Dating from tape recordings made between 1996 - 2012, Cosmic Vibrations follows the Tropical Psychedelics (ERS003) album for the label, this time digging deeper in to the mind of Secret Circuit than the more dance flor inspired sounds heard on last years album Tactile Galactics album for Beats In Space. Again we glimpse a melting pot of pyschedelia, techno, balearic and ambient to create an electronic gem, but all done with a wry smile and jesters wink rather than today's penchant of moody seriousness. Life on the US West Coast shines from the album, from opener Out West to She Got Love, sunshine music that couldn't be made anywhere else. It's not all hippy-happy vibes though with Minimal Vibrations and the dub of Straightline taking things in to deeper and instropective territory. However, all things resonate in Eddie's analogue meets kitchen sink synthesis. Layer after layer flats across the album to create a smile-inducing whole. Journeying from the folk guitar of Somnambulation to the minimilism of Glass Skeletons, before bidding a fond farewell in the apt, Bells. This second and fial collection of early cassette works is not an end, but a blessing.
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 in stock $1.08
Karma & Desire
Cat: ZENCD 271. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Fire & Light
  2. Angels Pharmacy (feat Zsela)
  3. Remembrance (feat Zsela)
  4. Reverend
  5. Leaves Against The Sky
  6. Save
  7. VVY (feat Sampha)
  8. XRAY
  9. Gliding Squares
  10. Many Seas, Many Rivers (feat Sampha)
  11. Loveless (feat Aura T-09)
  12. Public Life (feat Vanessa Benelli Mosell)
  13. Fret
  14. Loose (feat Christel Well)
  15. Turin (feat Aura T-09)
  16. Diamond X
  17. Walking Flames (feat Sampha)
Review: The seventh album from South London-based producer and experimental maverick Darren Cunningham and it's a beauty. The last time we heard from him, in 2018, he was collaborating with the London Contemporary Orchestra and improvising a score for a Stockhausen opera and he's taken an element of that work with him and married it to disorientating, otherworldly electronics. 'Karma & Desire' has a real feel of escapism, almost to the extent of feeling like an out of body experience, as dislocated and disembodied melodies float around in the ether. There are the first proper vocal collaborations he's undertaken here, but the two tracks are no pop bangers, songstress Zsela's efforts sounding more like some beguiling abstract poetry. Travelling further and further, creatively, from the normal environs of dancefloor culture, he's not lost any of his spellbinding musicality or sonic storytelling skills.
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Cascade 2020
Cat: CDTOT 77. Rel: 05 Sep 20
  1. Cascade (part 1 - Recreated)
  2. Flood Of Reflection
  3. Amid The Overwhelm
  4. Cascade (part 6)
  5. Cascade (part 4 - Recreated)
  6. Dark Hours Of Your Being
  7. Sluice
  8. Multiple Fallaing Objects
  9. Deep Sea Of Clouds
  10. What Falls Away Is Always
  11. Brief Silence In The Distance
  12. Things That Mattered
  13. Cascade (part 7)
 in stock $15.66
Suspiria: Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film (Soundtrack)
  1. A Storm That Took Everything
  2. The Hooks
  3. Suspirium
  4. Belongings Thrown In A River
  5. Has Ended
  6. Klemperer Walks
  7. Open Again
  8. Sabbath Incantation
  9. The Inevitable Pull
  10. Olga's Destruction (Volk Tape)
  11. The Conjuring Of Anke
  12. A Light Green
  13. Unmade
  14. The Jumps
  15. Volk
  16. The Universe Is Indifferent
  17. The Balance Of Things
  18. A Soft Hand Across Your Face
  19. Suspirium Finale
  20. A Choir Of One
  21. Synthesizer Speaks
  22. The Room Of Compartments
  23. An Audition
  24. Voiceless Terror
  25. The Epilogue
Review: Given his innate ability to craft intensely atmospheric and often fundamentally unsettling music, it seems apt that Thom Yorke has finally got around to producing a film soundtrack. It's fitting, too, that said soundtrack is for Luca Guadagnino's weirdo remake of 1977 Italian horror flick "Suspiria". Yorke nails the brief, delivering a string of chilling, otherworldly instrumentals that not only draw on his well-established love of dark ambient and gruesome electronica, but also foreboding neo-classical movements and sparse, wide-eyed arrangements. There are a smattering of superb vocal moments, too, with recent single "Suspirio" - described by one broadsheet reviewer as "the saddest waltz you'll ever here" - standing out.
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Played by: Indian Wells
 in stock $8.96
Cat: XL 987CD. Rel: 19 Jul 19
  1. Traffic
  2. Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
  3. Twist
  4. Dawn Chorus
  5. I Am A Very Rude Person
  6. Not The News
  7. The Axe
  8. Impossible Knots
  9. Runwayaway
Review: It's taken a while, but finally Thom Yorke's impressive third solo album, "ANIMA", is available on wax (and in a fetching shade of orange, too). A future classic that continues the legacy he started with XL Recordings back in 2006 (with his solo debut The Eraser), ANIMA is well worth picking up, as Yorke and co-producer Nigel Godrich offer up evocative, off-kilter songs built around the twin attractions of the Radiohead man's distinctive vocals and skewed backing tracks rich in layered electronic noise, body-bending sub-bass, discordant synthesizer parts and intriguingly jaunty drum loops. Highlights are plentiful throughout, from the creepy, lo-fi ambient swirl of "Last I Heard (...He Was Circling the Drain)" and "Dawn Chorus" (a blissfully dewy-eyed early morning soundscape), to the low-slung, post-trip-hop hum of "I Am A Very Rude Person" and the fizzing, jazz-fired thrust of "Impossible Knots". Melancholic, yes. Deep and self-effacing, of course. Nihilistic, not really. Percussive futurist sub-pop is back.
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Velvet Desert Music Vol 2
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 156. Rel: 17 Mar 20
  1. Michael Mayer - "Not So Far Away"
  2. The Velvet Circle - "Vertigo"
  3. Mount Obsidian - "Ride" (feat Charlotte Jestaedt)
  4. Superpitcher - "Monterrey Paris Texas" (feat Daniel Maloso)
  5. Golden Bug & The Liminanas - "Variation Sur 3 Bancs"
  6. Rebolledo Y El Nino Paulor - "Cruising Nevada"
  7. Fantastic Twins - "Between The Dog & The Wolf"
  8. Gen Pop - "Aride"
  9. Sascha Funke - "In Der Tat"
  10. Paulor - "We"
  11. Mount Obsidian - "Casa Delfines" (Cubenx edit)
  12. Lake Turner/WEM/Hand - "East County Lines"
  13. The Novotones - "Angel Of Doomsday"
Review: Kompakt have a knack for calling on their impressive pool of talent and pushing them in interesting conceptual directions. So it goes on this second volume of Velvet Desert Music, where the mysterious allure of arid climes meets with the slinky grooves of the 70s and 80s. It's a style the likes of Michael Mayer and Superpitcher can turn their hand to in style, and likewise the likes of Mount Obsidian do a stunning job capturing a dusty soundtrack atmosphere on "Ride". Look out for the jangling death funk march of Sascha Funke's "In Der Tat", a clear highlight.
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 in stock $12.48
Ununiform (CD)
Cat: K7S 350CD. Rel: 22 Sep 17
  1. Obia Intro
  2. Same As It Ever Was (feat Scriptonite)
  3. New Stole (feat Francesca Belmonte)
  4. Wait For Signal (feat Asia Argento)
  5. It's Your Day (feat Scriptonite)
  6. Blood Of My Blood (feat Mina Rose)
  7. Dark Days
  8. The Only Way (feat Terra Lopez)
  9. Armor (feat Avalon Lurks)
  10. Doll (Hole Cover - feat Avalon Lurks)
  11. Bang Boogie (feat Smoky Mo)
  12. Running Wild (feat Mina Rose)
  13. When We Die (feat Martina Topley-Bird)
  14. Track 14
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Late Night Tales
Cat: ALNCD 56. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Christina Vantzou - "At Dawn"
  2. Hot Chip - "Nothing's Changed" (Exclusive track)
  3. Rhythm & Sound - "King In My Empire" (feat Cornell Campbell)
  4. Pale Blue - "Have You Passed Through This Night"
  5. Suzanne Kraft - "Femme Cosmic"
  6. Fever Ray - "To The Moon & Back"
  7. Planningtotock - "Much To Touch"
  8. Charlotte Adigery - "1,618"
  9. Mike Salta - "Hey Moloko"
  10. Matthew Bourne - "Somewhere I Have Never Travelled"
  11. Hot Chip - "Candy Says" (Exclusive Velved Underground Cover version)
  12. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Who I Am & Why Am I Where I Am"
  13. About Group - "The Long Miles"
  14. Beatrice Dillon - "Workaround Two"
  15. Hot Chip - "Worlds Within Worlds" (Exclusive track)
  16. Daniel Blumberg - "The Bomb"
  17. Nils Frahm - "Ode"
  18. Hot Chip - "None Of These Things" (Exclusive track)
  19. Neil Taylor - "Finnegans Wake" (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece - Excerpt)
 in stock $12.22
Fabric Presents Maribou State
Cat: FABRIC 205. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. Intro
  2. Stelvio Cipriani - "Mary's Theme"
  3. Nick Hakim - "Cuffed"
  4. North Downs - "Settle Down"
  5. Art Feynman - "Slow Down"
  6. Kutiman - "Line 5"
  7. Risco Connection - "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
  8. Supersempfft - "I See Stars"
  9. Kiki Gyan - "Disco Dancer"
  10. Nu Guinea - "Je Vulesse"
  11. Oriyin - "Roll The Dice"
  12. Botany - "Wednesday Night Oct 28 2015"
  13. Ekkehard Ehlers - "Play John Cassavetes 2"
  14. Jitwam - "Desires"
  15. Julien Dyne - "Hours" (feat Ladi6)
  16. Long Island Sound - "I Still Love You"
  17. Shire Tea - "Hackney Birdwatch"
  18. Maribou State - "Mother"
  19. Radiohead - "Reckoner" (Maribou State remix)
  20. Maribou State - "Strange Habits" (feat Yussef Dayes)
  21. Shire Tea - "Gentlemen's Whistle Club"
  22. Hailu Mergia - "Yefkir Engurguro"
Review: Their famous mix series might be gone but fabric continue to offer fantastic physical products in the form of their own Presents serve. It is Maribou State who take care of this one and are a fine fit having plated the club many times in their early years. They use it as a chance to serve up a sweaty, peak time mix that draws on sounds you might not necessarily hear in the club itself. It features some of their own new music in the form of "Mother", "Strange Habits" and a rework of Radiohead's "Reckoner".
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 in stock $9.22
Occulting Disk
Cat: STS 360CD. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Disapperance/Reapperance
  2. Occultation 1
  3. Occultation 2
  4. Occultation 3
  5. Occultation 4
  6. Occultation 5
  7. Occultation 6
  8. Occultation 7
  9. Black Transit Of Jupiter's Third Satelite
  10. Occultation 8
Review: Smalltown Supersound has described Deathprod's "Occulting Disk", the veteran producer's first solo album since 2004, as an "anti-fascist ritual". It was recorded in Oslo, Reykjavik, Cologne, Berlin and Los Angeles between 2012 and 2019 and offers up a distinctly dystopian suite of interconnected pieces that tend towards the dark, intense and evocative. You'll hear plenty of disconcerting drones, razor-sharp aural textures, slowly shifting electronic motifs and the kind of processed noise that simultaneously seems to buzz, throb and pulse aggressively. It feels like the soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic movie scene - legendary 1980s BBC TV movie "Threads", perhaps - with occasionally glimpses of poignant beauty. Not for those seeking fluffy fun, but stunning nevertheless.
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 in stock $11.93
The Mosaic Of Transformation
  1. Unbraiding Boundless Energy Within Boundaries
  2. Remembering
  3. Understanding Body Messages
  4. The Steady Heart
  5. Carrying Gravity
  6. The Spine Is Quiet In The Center
  7. Overflowing
  8. Deepening The Flow Of
  9. Expanding Electricity
Review: When asked to describe the thinking behind her first album for Ghostly International in one sentence, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith told the label that is was an, "expression of love and appreciation for electricity". There are some deeper and more complex concepts at play, too, but it seems a little unnecessary to list them here; after all, Smith's majestic and mesmerising modular movements can be enjoyed regardless of the admirable inspirations behind them. From start to finish "The Mosaic of Transformation" ripples with ear-catching electronics, unfurling melodic refrains, attractive otherworldly sounds, dreamy layered vocals and emotive, meditative motifs. At times, her synthesizer compositions are almost neo-classical in structure and feel, making the album one of Smith's most widescreen works to date.
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 in stock $12.75
Environment Six
Cat: CDTOT 70. Rel: 21 Oct 16
  1. Polarize
  2. Mountain Path
  3. Thought Pattern
  4. Motioned
  5. Lichaen
  6. Forest Soundbed
  7. Sol 7
  8. Hurt
  9. Wild Weather
  10. Unclear Vape
  11. Voyeur
  12. Seq/-9
  13. Exerting Force Or Influence
  14. Symphony For Halia
  15. Imagined Friends
  16. Electric Pastrol
  17. Plausibility
  18. Yut Moik
  19. Beyond The Field Of Vision
  20. Leak Stereo 70
  21. Pipe Dream
  22. Meanders
  23. Solace
 in stock $11.93
The Gone Away
Cat: GBX 035CD. Rel: 19 Aug 20
  1. Root & Branch
  2. Ffarisees
  3. The Gone Away
  4. Fol-de-rol
  5. Corner Of The Eye
  6. Magpie Lane
  7. Sticks & Stones
  8. Look Again
  9. Star Jelly
  10. Copse
  11. They Left On A Morning Like This
 in stock $13.01
Mr Manager (Expanded Edition)
  1. Mr Manager
  2. Nostalgie
  3. Soki Akei
  4. (Li Le) Angel
  5. Signorina
  6. Angel
  7. Viva La Musica
  8. Le Menteur (Mokosi)
  9. Sopa (Don't Stand Back In Red)
  10. Na- Kangi
  11. Yondo
  12. Dubby Musica
  13. Get Back
  14. Get Back (instrumental)
 in stock $11.12
Serenity (CD)
Cat: SUCTION 050CD. Rel: 27 Feb 20
  1. Serenity
  2. FM Bells
  3. Many Expectations
  4. 7-b01
  5. Self Destructing Asteroid
  6. Isidis Planetia
  7. Hearts Utd
  8. RX-Generator
  9. Zesnulzesbeezes
  10. Sunset 101
  11. Angry Tin Can
  12. Sys.rx.7.a009
  13. Goodbye A6
Review: Last March Suction Records released "Dopamine", an album of unreleased late 1990s recordings by obscure and arguably overlooked Dutch producer Erik Jong AKA RX 101. "Serenity", the sequel, was compiled from tapes of tracks recorded in the same period. It's a little different to its predecessor, offering creepier, drowsier melodies and far more robust, redlined beats - the kind of metallic, mutant IDM drums associated with the mid-to-late 1990s output of both Autechre and Aphex Twin. The quality threshold remains high throughout, making us wonder why Jong's inspired creations weren't released when he made them. Whatever the reason, it's great that we now get to wallow in his soon-to-be-classic 90s IDM treats.
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 in stock $8.41
Cassette Culture: Homemade Music & The Creative Spirit In The Pre Internet Age
Cat: VOD 158. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. 10-Speed Guillotine - "Temper Tango"
  2. Aconite - "The Truth About Cable TV"
  3. Another Headache - "Cacophony Continues"
  4. Autopsia - "Lebensherrgabe"
  5. Beequeen - "EE EA"
  6. Big City Orchestra - "Karawane"
  7. Bret Hart - "Partytime"
  8. Brume - "An Amphibian"
  9. Cacophony 33 - "Frank"
  10. Charles Rice Goff III - "Big Surprise"
  11. Dog As Master - "Black Body" (excerpt)
  12. Don Campau - "I Am Not Satisfied"
  13. E Coli - "Lag Phase/Djihad"
  14. E G Oblique Graph - "Fall Into Glass"
  15. F-I - "Zombie"
  16. Gen Ken Montgomery - "It Happened To You"
  17. Girls On Fire - "In My Blood"
  18. If, Bwana - "Beauty & The Beast"
  19. ITN/Mental Anguish - "Force Of Waves" (edit)
  20. Jeff Central - "Tragick"
  21. Joseph K Noyce - "The Beat"
  22. Kapotte Muziek - "Audio Plagio 2"
  23. Ken Moore - "Soft Pretense"
  24. Larynx - "Graett"
  25. Lord Litter - "St James Infirmar"
  26. Markus Schwill - "The Advantage Of Tape-Music"
  27. Minoy - "Eskalith"
  28. Monochrome Bleu - "Imagination"
  29. Muslimgauze - "Cyst"
  30. Mystery Hearsay - "Painted"
  31. Non Toxique Lost - "Statements"
  32. PBK - "Untitled 04"
  33. Philip Johnson - "Two Tracks Unused At The Time"
  34. Psi Nukli - "Trip Sequence II"
  35. R Stevie Moore - "Puttin' Up The Groceries"
  36. Ri Gillham - "Soundtracks For Imaginary Films"
  37. Rimbaud Brothers - "Deceit"
  38. Rod Summers - "Sad News"
  39. Sheer Zed - "Take A Walk Down The Street"
  40. Storm Bugs - "Hodge"
  41. Taste Of Stool - "Squeeze Bees"
  42. Viktimized Karcass - "3.32 AM Rain"
  43. Vittore Baroni - "Living With Prosthesis"
  44. Walls Of Genius - "Sunday, Monday Or Always!"
  45. Wolfgang Wiggers - "I'll Cry Tomorrow"
  46. 23 Years On Earth - "Opposition"
 in stock $120.48
Doomjazz Future Corpses
  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four
  5. Five
  6. Six
  7. Seven
  8. Eight
  9. Nine
Review: Over the course of six years, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation created a formidable aesthetic world, where darkest ambient drone and doom metal meets the dynamic range of a jazz ensemble. It's an idiosyncratic sound, steeped in restraint and with atmosphere high up the pecking order, but there's also a loose, improvisational quality to their music that brings it to life. This reissue takes us back to the beginning, bringing the outfit's debut album back for a much-needed second run. When only the moodiest noir will do, Doomjazz Future Corpses! has you covered.
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 in stock $11.93
Feel The Hiss
Feel The Hiss (limited CD)
Cat: ARCHIVE 30. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Zilver Track 1
  2. Zilver Track 2
  3. Zilver Track 3
  4. Zilver Track 4
  5. Zilver Track 5
  6. Zilver Track 6
  7. Zilver Track 7
  8. Zilver Track 8
  9. Zilver Track 9
Review: Staalplaat continues to mine the extensive archives of the late, great Bryn Jones AKA Muslimgauze, this time via a suite of untitled tracks unearthed on an unfinished cassette. According to the label, the nine "Zilver tracks" were recorded straight to tape in the producer's home studio in February 1995, four years before his tragic death. Musically, they explore similar themes to his other work, combining redlined IDM, electro and dubtronica beats with Arabic melodies, spooky electronics, Middle Eastern percussion, enveloping ambient chords and spoken word samples lifted from news reports and documentaries about the Middle East. While undeniably rough around the edges, Feel This Hiss is every bit as immersive and intoxicating as the material Jones released during his lifetime.
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 in stock $17.36
Set The Weather Fair
Cat: TAO 063. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Bramley
  2. The Autumn Journal
  3. Orion
  4. Gold Of The Azure
  5. The End Is Just The Beginning
  6. The Dance's Pattern
  7. Clouds Over Bohinj
  8. Sentences
  9. Set The Weather Fair
 in stock $11.12
Sara Dale's Sensual Massage
  1. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage I
  2. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage II
  3. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage III
  4. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage IV
  5. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage V
  6. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VI
  7. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VII
  8. Sara Dale's Sensual Massage VIII
  9. Sara Dale's Happy End
  10. Sara Dale's Bombers
  11. Medieval Flange
  12. Plinkerton
  13. Volcanozo
  14. Aftertouch
  15. Gamatolo
  16. Theme From Blue I
  17. Theme From Blue II
  18. Theme From Blue II (UHIIV)/(Silence)/The Hills Are Alive
Review: In 1992, during the phase of their career where ambient house and saucer-eyed electronica were amongst their greatest inspirations, Coil wrote and recorded a soundtrack to an obscure, VHS-only erotic film, Sara Dale's Sensual Massage. Positive, colourful, synthesizer-laden and occasionally exotic, the soundtrack drew more deeply on '90s ambient and new age house than almost anything else they recorded. Here the soundtrack is finally given the release it deserved, alongside a bunch of other hard-to-find, more experimental cuts taken from rare vinyl or CD releases recorded during the same period. These, too, are superb, though noticeably darker and more metallic in tone.
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 in stock $18.18
Pow Wow
Pow Wow (CD)
Cat: IMACH 004CD. Rel: 23 Jun 20
  1. Cool Down (edit)
  2. The Devil In Me
  3. 0-58
  4. Pow-Wow
  5. Three Piece Swing
  6. 1-20
  7. 1-37
  8. In Smoke
  9. 1-59
  10. Length Of Time
  11. Going Out
  12. Del Sol
  13. Temperature Drop
  14. Cool Down
Played by: Kaoru Inoue
 in stock $12.22
Loops For Voerman
Loops For Voerman (CD single)
Cat: MF 003. Rel: 29 Oct 09
  1. Loops For Voerman
 in stock $1.08
Performances & Recordings 1998-2018
Cat: SLT 005CD. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Occam V
  2. Helas! Et Comment
  3. Touch Me Lightly
  4. Captain Hume's Galliard
  5. Mistress Tittle's Jig
  6. Woodycock
  7. Ricercar Secondo
  8. Ricercar Quarto
  9. C'est Force Faire
  10. Unfinished Song
  11. Song
  12. Durations II
  13. Drei Kleine Stucke
  14. Louange A L'eternite De Jesus (From Quatuor Pour La Fin Du Temps)
  15. Rice & Beans For Charles Curtis
  16. Movement For String Trio Op Posthumous
  17. Perspectives For La Monte Young
  18. Unison Offset
  19. Music For Awhile
  20. Music For Lester
 in stock $25.24
Floral Shoppe
Cat: TAI 2. Rel: 13 Feb 20
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
 in stock $17.36
Shabrang (CD)
Cat: BUR 340087. Rel: 01 Sep 20
  1. Joanna
  2. Shabrang
  3. Lamp Lady
  4. All Rivers At Once
  5. Habibi
  6. Dormant
  7. Wallflower
  8. Gole Bi Goldoon
  9. Oh My God
  10. Eden
  11. Human Nature
  12. No Way
  13. Rhode
  14. Comet
 in stock $12.75
Love's Secret Demise
Cat: MYTHRAS 34. Rel: 08 Sep 20
  1. Fidgit
  2. Dark River
  3. Window Pain
  4. Teenage Lightening
  5. Titan Arch
  6. Scope
  7. Carvers & Gilders
  8. Love's Secret Domain
  9. Fidgit Too
 in stock $16.83
Invisible Connections (remastered)
Cat: 574064 2. Rel: 28 Apr 17
  1. Invisible Connections
  2. Atom Blaster
  3. Thermo Vision
 in stock $6.24
Revolutions (low-price CD)
Cat: 888750 46382. Rel: 05 Jan 15
  1. Industrial Revolution Overture
  2. Industrial Revolution (part 1)
  3. Industrial Revolution (part 2)
  4. Industrial Revolution (part 3)
  5. London Kid
  6. Revolution, Revolutions
  7. Tokyo Kid
  8. Computer Weekend
  9. September
  10. L'emigrant
 in stock $5.71
To Believe
Cat: ZENCD 226. Rel: 15 Mar 19
  1. To Believe (feat Moses Sumney)
  2. A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life (feat Roots Manuva)
  3. Lessons
  4. Wait For Now/Leave The World (feat Tawiah)
  5. The Workers Of Art
  6. Zero One/This Fantasy (feat Grey Reverend)
  7. A Promise (feat Heidi Vogel)
Review: Given the rise in popularity in new school jazz in recent years, it seems a fitting time to welcome back Ninja Tune stalwarts The Cinematic Orchestra. "To Believe" is not only their first album in some seven years, but also one of their strongest releases to date. Opening with the poignant neo-classical/soul fusion "To Believe", the set sees Jason Swinscoe and company attractively saunter between jazz-electronica fusion (Roots Manuva collaboration ("A Caged Bird/Imitations Of Life"), pastoral jazz epics (the sunset ready epic that is "Lessons"), gentle downtempo songs ("Wait For Now/Leave The World"), ambient jazz ("The Workers Of Art") and slowly unfurling dancefloor workouts (killer closing cut "A Promise"). In a word: stunning.
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Crush (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
  1. Falaise
  2. Last Bloom
  3. Anasickmodular
  4. Requiem For CS70 & Strings
  5. Karakul
  6. LesAlpx
  7. Bias
  8. Environments
  9. Birth
  10. Sea-watch
  11. Apoptose (part 1)
  12. Apoptose (part 2)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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Home (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 268. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Gone
  2. Dreams
  3. Sunshine
  4. The River
  5. Deliverance
  6. High
  7. You See
  8. Heaven
  9. Home
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Simulcast (CD)
Cat: ZENCD 260. Rel: 28 Feb 20
  1. Weather
  2. Alright
  3. Outer Sunset
  4. Into The Woods
  5. Easy
  6. PCH
  7. Cypress
  8. Stress
Review: Welcome back Tycho, on a productive roll and ready to dive straight back in after 2019's stellar "Weather" album for Ninja Tune. This follow-up continues in the vein of Scott Hansen's creative arc to date, fusing traditional band dynamics with electronics in the most fluid of ways, and making a heart-stirring brew out of the resulting interplay. The drums bite with urgency on tracks like "Outer Sunset", but never at the expense of the winsome guitar lines and swooning synths. The tempo ups and the beats diversify on "Easy", but the overall mood remains consistent throughout "Simulcast". It's a cohesive world that wraps around you from the first bars to the last, and it's a very pleasant place to be.
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Equinoxe Infinity
Cat: 190758 76442. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. The Watchers (Movement 1)
  2. Flying Totems (Movement 2)
  3. Robots Don't Cry (Movement 3)
  4. All That You Leave Behind (Movement 4)
  5. If The Wind Could Speak (Movement 5)
  6. Infinity (Movement 6)
  7. Machines Are Learning (Movement 7)
  8. The Opening (Movement 8)
  9. Don't Look Back (Movement 9)
  10. Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)
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Geometry Of Love (reissue)
Cat: 190758 33892. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Pleasure Principle
  2. Geometry Of Love (part 1)
  3. Soul Intrusion
  4. Electric Flesh
  5. Skin Paradox
  6. Velvet Road
  7. Near Djaina
  8. Geometry Of Love (part 2)
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Needle Paw
Cat: 889854 22662. Rel: 05 Jan 90
  1. Wititj (Lightning Snake) (part 1)
  2. Atari
  3. Crossfire/So Into You
  4. Haiku
  5. Mobius
  6. Molasses
  7. Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland)
  8. Atoll
  9. When The Knife
  10. Blackstar/Pyramid Song/Breathing Underwater
  11. Borderline With My Atoms
  12. Homebody
  13. Wititj (Lightning Snake) (part 2)
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Tomorrow's Harvest
Cat: WARPCD 257. Rel: 07 Jun 13
  1. Gemini
  2. Reach For The Dead
  3. White Cyclosa
  4. Jacquard Causeway
  5. Telepath
  6. Cold Earth
  7. Transmisiones Ferox
  8. Sick Times
  9. Collapse
  10. Palace Posy
  11. Split Your Infinities
  12. Uritual
  13. Nothing Is Real
  14. Sundown
  15. New Seeds
  16. Come To Dust
  17. Semena Mertvykh
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Syro (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 247. Rel: 18 Sep 14
  1. Minipops 67 (Source Field mix)
  2. XMAS EVET10 (Thanaton 3 mix)
  3. Produk 29
  4. 4 Bit 9D Api E 6
  5. 180db
  6. Circlont6a (Syrobonkus mix)
  7. Fz Pseudotimestretch E 3
  8. Circlont14 (Shrymoming mix)
  9. Syro U473t8 E (Piezoluminescence mix)
  10. Papat4 (Pineal mix)
  11. S950tx16wasr10 (Earth Portal mix)
  12. Aisatsana
Review: It's rare that an electronic album is the biggest album of the year, or at least the most hyped. That's certainly the case with Syro, Richard D James first official release under his Aphex Twin moniker for some 13 years. So, is it in any good? For starters, it sounds like an Aphex Twin album. Listen through to the 12 tracks, and many of his familiar staples are present - the "Digeridoo" era rave breakbeats, the mangled synth-funk mash-ups, the intoxicating ambient-era melodies, the warped basslines and the skittish drill & bass style rhythms. There's madness, beauty and intensity in spades. In other words, it's an Aphex Twin album, and - as so many have pointed out since the album's release was announced - there's no-one else quite like Richard D James.
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Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt 2 EP
  1. Diskhat ALL Prepared1mixed 13
  2. Snar2
  3. Diskhat1
  4. Piano Un1 Arpej
  6. Hat 2b 2012b
  7. Disk Aud1_12
  8. 0035 1-Audio
  9. Disk Prep Calrec2 Barn Dance [Slo]
  11. Diskhat2
  12. Piano Un10 It Happened
  13. Hat5c 0001 Rec-4
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Draft 7.30
Cat: WARPCD 111. Rel: 05 Apr 03
  1. Xylin Room
  3. 6IE.CR
  4. Tapr
  5. Surripere
  6. Theme Of Sudden Roundabout
  7. VL AL 5
  8. P.:NTIL
  9. V-Proc
  10. Reniform Puls
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All Night Chroma
All Night Chroma (limited CD)
Cat: WARPCD 305. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Voix Celestes
  2. Mutations With Reeds
  3. Flutes With Major Bass
  4. Reeds & Flutes Harmoniques
  5. Mixtures
  6. Bombardes & Cymbel
  7. Flutes
  8. Full Organ
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Flamagra (Instrumentals)
Cat: WARPCD 291I. Rel: 29 May 20
  1. Heroes
  2. Post Requisite
  3. Heroes In A Half Shell
  4. More (instrumental)
  5. Capillaries
  6. Burning Down The House (instrumental)
  7. Spontaneous (instrumental)
  8. Takashi
  9. Pilgrim Side Eye
  10. All Spies
  11. Yellow Belly (instrumental)
  12. Black Balloons Reprise (instrumental)
  13. Fire Is Coming (instrumental)
  14. Inside Your Home
  15. Actually Virtual (instrumental)
  16. Andromeda
  17. Remind U
  18. Say Something
  19. Debbie Is Depressed
  20. Find Your Own Way Home
  21. The Climb (instrumental)
  22. Pygmy
  23. 9 Carrots (instrumental)
  24. FF4
  25. Land Of Honey (instrumental)
  26. Thank U Malcolm
  27. Hot Oct.
Review: 12 months on from the release of his brilliant album "Flamagra", Flying Lotus has decided to offer up an instrumental version of the set. Given that the set included some of the Los Angeles-based producer's best work to date, this is no bad thing. Stripped of almost all vocal contributions (bar the odd snatch of backing vocals), FlyLo's breathtakingly brilliant musical vision rightly takes centre stage. And what a vision! He's always been great at crafting glitchy, off-kilter hip-hop instrumentals, but "Flamagra" is much more than that, with the Brainfeeder founder utilizing the work of a wide range of guest musicians and far more nods towards his jazz and fusion roots. The original album was superb, and this is just as good, so don't sleep!
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Be Up A Hello
Cat: WARPCD 309. Rel: 31 Jan 20
  1. Oberlove
  2. Hitsonu
  3. Nervelevers
  4. Speedcrank
  5. Detroit People Mover
  6. Vortrack
  7. Terminal Slam
  8. Mekrev Bass
  9. 80 Ondula
Review: While Tom Jenkinson has kept himself busy over the last few years with a variety of projects, there's been little as frenetic, mind-altering and exciting as his previous Squarepusher work. It's for that reason that "Be Up A Hello", his first full-length under his most famous alias for five years, is such a welcome development. From start to finish, it's a thrill-a-minute white-knuckle ride full of fizzing, high-octane acid lines, skittish up-tempo breakbeats, buzzing electronic melodies and surging bass. It's a sensory overload in the best possible way, with early forays into melodious, kaleidoscopic positivity making way for darker and nervier workouts later in the album. By the end, you'll be breathless and twitching, eager to press play and experience the madness all over again.
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Sleep On The Wing
Cat: WARPCD 310. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Sleep On The Wing
  2. A Couple Swim
  3. Lightspout Hollow
  4. Oakmoss
  5. Miss Blennerhassett
  6. The Milky Way Over Ratlinghope
  7. Awpockes
  8. Crocus
  9. Otter Shadows
  10. Watching Thus The Heron Is All Pool
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Heaven To A Tortured Mind
Cat: WARPCD 304. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Gospel For A New Century
  2. Medicine Burn
  3. Identity Trade
  4. Kerosene!
  5. Hasdallen Lights
  6. Romanticist
  7. Dream Palette
  8. Super Stars
  9. Folie Imposee
  10. Strawberry Privilege
  11. Asteroid Blues
  12. A Greater Love
Review: Earlier in the year, Yves Tumor announced the release of this album by releasing 'Gospel For a New Country', a low-slung chunk of post-punk pop brilliance that mixed weighty grooves and emotive vocals with flash-fried guitar riffs amd sampled big band horns. Fittingly, it's this fine track that kicks off 'Heaven To A Tortured Mind', a notably fuzzy, live-sounding set that continues his evolution from quirky electronica maker to alt-rock artist. While there are some electronic sounds dotted across the set, for the most part it's funk-rock riffs, ESG style basslines, organic drums and his own heartfelt vocals that dominate. It could win him many new fans; certainly, it's a very good album.
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Flamagra (CD)
Cat: WARPCD 291. Rel: 24 May 19
  1. Heroes
  2. Post Requisite
  3. Heroes In A Half Shell
  4. More (feat Anderson Paak)
  5. Capillaries
  6. Burning Down The House (feat George Clinton)
  7. Spontaneous (feat Little Dragon)
  8. Takashi
  9. Pilgrim Side Eye
  10. All Spies
  11. Yellow Belly (feat Tierra Whack)
  12. Black Balloons Reprise (feat Denzel Curry)
  13. Fire Is Coming (feat David Lynch)
  14. Inside Your Home
  15. Actually Virtual
  16. Andromeda
  17. Remind U
  18. Say Something
  19. Debbie Is Depressed
  20. Find Your Own Way Home
  21. The Climb (feat Thundercat)
  22. Pygmy
  23. 9 Carrots (feat Toro Y Moi)
  24. Ff4
  25. Land Of Honey (feat Solange)
  26. Thank U Malcolm
  27. Hot Oct
Review: No less than five years since his last mind-busting opus, "You're Dead!", the one and only FlyLo finally returns with a staggering new album. At this point all bets are off as to which direction the visionary beat scene maven will take his stellar sound, and true to form "Flamagra" departs from solid ground quicker than you can shout "lift off". From arrhythmic spirituals to futuristic soul, the Cali man known to his family as Steven Ellison has never sounded freer in his sound. The cast of guest spots is off the charts as well - George Clinton, Little Dragon, Solange, David Lynch and Anderson .Paak are just some of the dazzling talents involved. Need we say more - take a trip once more with one of the 21st century's most visionary producers.
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Kick I
Kick I (CD)
Cat: XL 997CD. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. Nonbinary
  2. Time
  3. Mequetrefe
  4. Riquiqui
  5. Calor
  6. Afterwards (feat Bjork)
  7. Watch (feat Shygirl)
  8. KLK
  9. Rip The Slit
  10. La Chiqui
  11. Machote
  12. No Queda Nada
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Scacco Matto
Cat: WARPCD 311. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Discipline Of Enthusiasm
  2. XBreakingEdgeX
  3. Move In Silence (Only Speak When It’s Time To Say Checkmate)
  4. Canone Infinito
  5. Dance Tonight Revolution Tomorrow
  6. The Power Of Failing
  7. Wasting Time Writing Lorenzo Senni Songs
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In Rainbows
Cat: XLCD 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
  1. 15 Step
  2. Bodysnatchers
  3. Nude
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. All I Need
  6. Faust Arp
  7. Reckoner
  8. House Of Cards
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  10. Videotape
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form. Get this album while you can.
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Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong
  1. Swingtime
  2. Pokhara
  3. CH Revisited
  4. A Wave
  5. The Cleaner
  6. Wah Bass
  7. The Attic
  8. Razorblades
  9. White & Whiter Still
  10. Wapping
  11. Life In The Shadows
  12. The English Style Of Rowing
  13. Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong
Review: The tireless Emotional Rescue dig once more into the well of cultish music from days gone by with a fully remastered reissue of Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong, the debut album from brotherly duo Woo. Originally released back in 1982, this thirteen track set finds Mark and Clive Ives delivering a hugely ahead of their time exposition of hard to categorise electro acoustic folk. This hugely prolific pair was once described as "sounding like the music the Durutti Column would have made with Penguin Cafe Orchestra if produced by Brian Eno" and whoever came up with that obviously had Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong in mind.
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