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Back Catalogue: Experimental/Electronic

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Experimental / Electronic

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Myopia (CD)
Cat: 483717 3. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Camera's Rolling
  2. Broken Sleep
  3. Island Of Doom
  4. Roscian
  5. Myopia
  6. Drosera
  7. Can't Be
  8. Promise Keeper
  9. Parliament Of Owls
  10. Won't You Call Me
Review: You can't help but be impressed by the trajectory evident in Agnes Obel's work since she first stopped us dead in tracks on 2010's debut, "Philharmonics". Instrumentally, she's still a maestro capable of grabbing you by the tear ducts with stunning, graceful melodies. But lyrically, she might be on course to becoming one of the most expressive we've got. And that's something to treasure. "Myopia" doesn't feel celebratory, mind. In fact anything but. It's an atmospherically dark, nocturnal journey into equally dark themes, told with nighttime language. From asking corpses what the other side is like, ahead of their physical bodies being lowered into the lightless ground ("Island Of Doom"), to the pain and frustrations of insomnia (the appropriately-named "Broken Sleep"), it's not an album that will ready you for the arrival of spring, but it's easy to find yourself falling for its understated melancholia.
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 in stock $9.70
Cocoon Crush
Cat: PAN 97CD. Rel: 07 Jan 19
  1. Lost & Found (Lost mix)
  2. Dazzle Anew
  3. 35
  4. Nervous Silk
  5. Deadlock
  6. Rest Yr Troubles Over Me
  7. Silica
  8. Runaway
  9. Secret Snake
  10. Another Knot
  11. Lost & Found (Found mix)
Review: Despite building his reputation as a creator of tough, left-of-centre club material, Objekt is smart enough to realize that the full-length format offers more room for experimentation and personal musical exploration. Like its predecessor, 2014's "Flatland", "Cocoon Crush" rarely goes in search of dancefloor thrills, instead offering up a refreshingly eclectic, fearlessly experimental take on off-kilter electronica that not only draws heavily on IDM, glitch-hop and ambient, but also regularly veers from glassy-eyed, melodious positivity, to intense, paranoid darkness. It's a blend that guarantees great results, and we're not surprised if he jettisons functional club music for good.
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 in stock $11.67
Radio Music Extended: Based On John Cage's Radio Music
  1. Radio Music Extended: Based On John Cage's Radio Music
 in stock $12.22
The Early Years
Cat: SIDO 2021. Rel: 26 Sep 19
  1. Sir Geoffrey
  2. Positive Disintegration
  3. Part Of My Make-Up
  4. Fingerdance Waltz-Hymn
  5. Rampwalk
  6. Satanasa
  7. Ah Love Ah Love
  8. Clubmusic-Amene-Moi
  9. No Come
  10. Austrian
  11. Dragon Path
  12. The Confectioners
  13. Miss Mauger
  14. Blue Light & Alpha Waves
  15. Belisa In The Garden
  16. Don Perlimplin Has No Honour
  17. The Tractor
  18. Queen Of No Heart
  19. Syllable
  20. Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth
  21. Before She Was Asked To Dance
  22. Johnnys Body At 002 (part 1)
  23. Johnnys Body At 002 (part 2)
 in stock $18.44
Music For Violin Alone
Cat: SNAO 1. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Angharad Davies - "Circular Bowing Study"
  2. Johann Sebastian Bach - "Largo From Sonata No 3 In C Major"
  3. Nicola Matteis Jr - "Alia Fantasia"
  4. Oliver Leith - "Blurry Wake Song"
  5. James Tenney - "Koan"
  6. John Cage - "Eight Whiskus"
  7. Aisha Orazbayeva - "Ring"
 in stock $9.50
Abolition Of The Royal Familia
Cat: COOKCD 757. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. Daze (Missing & Messed Up mix)
  2. House Of Narcotics (Opium Wars mix)
  3. Hawk Kings (Oseberg Buddhas Buttonhole)
  4. Honey Moonies (Brain Washed At Area 49 mix)
  5. Pervitin (Empire Culling & The Hemlock Stone version)
  6. Afros, Afghans & Angels (Helgo Treasure Chest)
  7. Shape Shifters (In Two Parts) (Coffee & Ghost Train mix)
  8. Say Cheese (Siberian Tiger Cookie mix)
  9. Ital Orb (Too Blessed To Be Stressed mix)
  10. The Queen Of Hearts (Princess Of clubs mix)
  11. The Weekend It Rained Forever (Oseberg Buddha mix (The Ravens Have Left The Tower))
  12. Slave Till U Die, No Matter What U Buy (L'anse Aux Meadows mix)
 in stock $11.67
Pure Progressive Vol 1
Cat: BHCD 201. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Way Out West - "Earth" (Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  2. Orkidea - "Rebel Time"
  3. Solarstone & Orkidea - "Slowmotion V"
  4. Orkidea - "Forward Forever"
  5. Orkidea & Sunscreem - "Perfect Motion"
  6. Orkidea - "Metta"
  7. Deepsky - "Cosmic Dancer" (Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  8. Orkidea - "One Man's Dream" (Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  9. Paul Oakenfold - "Only Us" (feat Little Nikki - Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  10. Slusnik Luna - "Valssi" (Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  11. Orkidea - "Higher State" (Orkidea Pure Progressive remix)
  12. Orkidea - "That Feeling"
  13. Macker - "Lost In Space"
  14. Solarstone & Jes - "Like A Waterfall" (Forerunners remix)
  15. Forerunners - "Stream Of Consciousness"
  16. Desert - "Moods" (Mr. A & SONIN remix)
  17. Yotto - "Tarantia"
  18. Solarstone & Orkidea - "Slowmotion IV" (F-Act remix)
  19. Elfsong - "Crenshinibon" (dub mix)
  20. ZOYA - "Bright Star"
  21. Gardenstate - "Bloom"
  22. Milla Lehto - "World Outside"
  23. Paul Thomas & White-Akre - "Vyote" (Grum remix)
  24. Dreams & DNA - "Frequency Modulated Universe"
  25. Allende - "Fate"
  26. Pink Bomb - "Indica" (Orkidea & Solarstone Pure Progressive remix)
 in stock $12.75
Di Lumi E Chiarori
Di Lumi E Chiarori (4xCD box set)
Cat: BWCD 07. Rel: 13 Jul 20
  1. Nubi Dai Venti
  2. Ombre E Correnti
  3. Se Sara Il Caso La Luna
  4. In Mezzo Agli Orti
  5. Il Cerchio Di Una Notte
  6. Scivola A Mezzanotte
  7. Tutti Piu Vicini
  8. Fin Che Dura
 in stock $34.19
Deflect (CD)
Cat: EMA 005CD. Rel: 15 Apr 00
  1. Repus
  2. Tael Hea
  3. Iring
  4. Anuachsend
  5. Lang Sam
  6. Knarre
  7. Gorgia
  8. Egnil
  9. Lustig
  10. Jagid
  11. Planc Tus
  12. Flote
  13. Jeu
  14. Belin
 in stock $11.93
Over The Top Orchester
Cat: BB 323. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Auf Dem Roten Teppich
  2. Auto-Disco
  3. Kanapee Pop
  4. Schuss Im Schampus
  5. Hoch Zu Ross
  6. Feuer Spucken
  7. LKS 98
  8. Morgen Danach
 in stock $13.01
Scis (CD)
Cat: THRILL 514CD. Rel: 17 Jan 20
  1. Twirror
  2. Robussy
  3. Fluoresso
  4. Pushhh
  5. Impecco
  6. Cozzmo
  7. Improg
  8. Mikk
  9. Oxagon
  10. Piqqo
Review: Those who've been following the evolution of the Thrill Jockey label should already be familiar with Oval, an artist whose glitchy, mind-altering fusions of leftfield electronica, IDM and experimental rock have featured on the admirable imprint since 1998. "Scis" is the trio-turned-solo act's first album for almost six years. Quirky and off-kilter throughout, it expertly mixes and mangles Boards Of Canada style melodies, squally (and occasionally riotous) modified guitar sounds, wildly cut-up loops, eccentric aural textures, beats that refuse to sit still and fuzzy electronic motifs that sound like an experimental take on the micro-house sound of the mid 2000s. It's deliciously hard to pin down, but also hugely immersive and beguiling.
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 in stock $10.59
Summing (CD)
Cat: CDGG 327. Rel: 05 Mar 20
  1. They Often Believe
  2. Summing
  3. You're Dead
  4. We Lost Our Phone
  5. The Little Man Upon The Stair
  6. Pniek
  7. Atomic Heart
  8. I Never Threw A Stone
  9. Trip The Light Fantastic
 in stock $13.30
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Back Catalogue: Experimental/Electronic
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