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Four Weeks: Electro

ホーム  Four Weeks  


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Zerstore Eine Stadt (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EFAE 008. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Alles Was Du Hasst (6:54)
  2. Atomic Enigma (5:25)
  3. Zerstore Eine Stadt (feat Rosaceae) (3:59)
  4. I Dont Like Your Party (4:00)
  5. Dead Rat Under The Table (5:10)
Review: After appearing on Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder with the fiercely infectious "It's Alive!" 12", L.F.T. lands on Eye For An Eye with more gutter-bound sonics from the grungiest corners of the electro scene. There's as much noirish seduction as gnarly distortion going on throughout this deadly record, from the soundtrack steer of "Atomic Enigma" to the brittle minimal wave delights of the title track. Super punky and lo-fi in all the right places, this 12" once again confirms L.F.T. is one of the strongest voices dealing in DIY electro from the darkside.
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Played by: Brokntoys
 in stock $10.81
Cat: CE 033. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. OYM (5:34)
  2. Write Pulse (4:58)
  3. OYM (Sync 24 & Jensen Intereceptor remix) (5:54)
  4. BIOS (4:27)
Review: Cultivated Electronics give Assembler Code his debut solo EP on the label and he really comes through as a result. "OYM" is the sort of crunchy and blistering electro track that blows up any floor: the restless lead synths, hammering drums and edgy sci-fi signifiers are all present and very correct. "Write Pulse" is just as urgent sounding, sweeping you away on a wave of corrugated drums that are run through with haunted pads. Sync 24 & Jensen Interceptor remix "OYM" in high impact fashion, with even more booming and bumping kicks and some standout synth madness. "BIOS" then signs off in manic fashion.
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Played by: Billy Nasty, Fede Lng
 in stock $10.81
Wielding Hand (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SR 001. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Teleporter (4:09)
  2. Cities (4:14)
  3. Et Cetera (3:57)
  4. Valve Fashioned (4:19)
 in stock $11.36
Cat: ELECTRIX 014. Rel: 10 Feb 20
  1. Concerning Irregular Figures (4:41)
  2. Exit Strategy (4:58)
  3. Glove Box (4:19)
  4. Glove Box (Assembler Code Rewind remix) (4:43)
Review: The 20th year of Billy Nasty's Electrix label kicks off in style with this essential slab of mutant electro from the mighty London Modular Alliance. There's a razor-sharp focus to the drums on "Concerning Irregular Figures", but it's offset by the warmth of bass synth to capture a mood somewhere between early Radioactive Man and Skanfrom. "Exit Strategy" takes things in a freakier direction with plenty of errant blips and squiggles from the group's vast array of gear. "Glove Box" has a darker tone that nods to vintage Dopplereffekt, which Assembler Code's "Rewind Remix" twist things up into a pacey workout that maintains the dread-filled atmosphere perfectly.
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Played by: Billy Nasty
 in stock $9.19
Various Artist's EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LL 001. Rel: 17 Feb 20
  1. V3000 - "The Man Who Belongs To The Horizon" (7:12)
  2. Alex Celler - "Rambutan" (7:05)
  3. Andre King - "Floating Sensation" (7:12)
  4. Unai Trotti - "Leon Y Cordero" (6:14)
Review: Lion & Lamb Records emerges from the London-based community of underground electronic heads orbiting the venue of the same name. Considering the quality of the events, you can drop the needle on this various artists joint safe in the knowledge the same high standards apply. The killer new project from Voigtmann, V3000 is up first with the ear-snagging machine funk of "The Man Who Belongs To The Horizon", before Alex Celler drops in some utterly cheeky, wriggling micro house naughtiness to add some spice to the after party. Andre King brings things back to an electro tip for the edgy sci-fi noir of "Floating Sensation" and Unai Trotti restores the balance with some boisterous 4/4 bleep business.
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 in stock $10.81
  1. Ain't No Dark For Brainscan (7:20)
  2. Disjointed Insight (5:50)
  3. Artificial Excitement (3:47)
  4. The Disappointment From Next Door (5:11)
  5. Stop Clock The Realm Of Private Enterprise (4:45)
  6. Chasing Topless In A High-Tech World (6:19)
  7. Tragedy Of Repetition (6:22)
  8. Small Talk Monsters (5:54)
  9. Vault Of The Beast (4:12)
  10. Overrated Setting (3:30)
Review: Berlin retroverts Childhood Intelligence are back, following up some great releases by similarly retro influenced producers like Darren Nye, Station Rose and Dan Piu - and it's a past alias of the latter that gets a reboot for the first time in 19 years - Nightstalker. "Tragedies Of A High Tech World" features classic Drexciyan sound aesthetics, similarly wrapped up in themes of technology, social programming, controlled societies and mystical planets in deep outer space. The tracks speak for themselves: "Ain't No Dark For Brainscan" serves up some bass heavy alien funk, the evocative four-to-the-floor action of "Artificial Excitement" treads a path akin to American producer The Abstract Eye, while the mesmerising sci-fi fantasy of "Stop Clock The Realm Of Private Enterprise" features the same backdrop. Dystopian themes are also somewhat mandatory on an electro full-length, and rest assured these are catered for on the sombre "Small Talk Monsters".
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Played by: Jesus Gonsev
 in stock $22.17
TOPP 011 (hand-numbered LP limited to 297 copies)
Cat: TOPP 011. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Track 1 (3:25)
  2. Track 2 (4:26)
  3. Track 3 (4:22)
  4. Track 4 (4:13)
  5. Track 5 (5:24)
  6. Track 6 (3:17)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
 in stock $19.74
TOPP 010 (limited hand-numbered LP)
Cat: TOPP 010. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Track 1 (0:49)
  2. Track 2 (4:00)
  3. Track 3 (0:10)
  4. Track 4 (4:28)
  5. Track 5 (0:24)
  6. Track 6 (2:39)
  7. Track 7 (0:23)
  8. Track 8 (4:27)
  9. Track 9 (0:22)
  10. Track 10 (2:08)
 in stock $19.74
Time Horizon 3 (hand-numbered clear vinyl 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: XTIME 003. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Modes - "FB2THSN" (4:20)
  2. Train To Eltanin - "Amino Acid Side Chains" (4:44)
  3. DJ Plant Texture - "Yeah Boy" (4:46)
  4. Nothus - "Konnor 3012" (5:30)
  5. Marco Segato - "Pirate Utopias" (live) (4:37)
  6. Soreab - "AVP" (4:24)
Review: The XCPT Music label continues to establish itself as a go-to outlet for those who like freaky late night sounds. Like previous instalments of the Time Dance series, this various artists affair is a wild collisions of creative styles. There's the restless and kinetic techno malfunctions of "FB2THSN", deep drum patterns of "Amino Acid Side Chains" and footwork made of DJ Plant Texture's "Yeah Boy" on the first side alone. The flip goes hard and dark with the industrial bass of "Konnor 3012", frenzied electro of "Pirate Utopias" and dystopian sound-scaping that is "AVP" .
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 in stock $11.63
Thyme (12")
Cat: FR 049. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Cinnamon (5:16)
  2. Raiz (6:19)
  3. Thyme (5:17)
Played by: Mark Forshaw
 in stock $9.46
The Controller (limited 12")
Cat: BLKMUSIC 005. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. The Controller (7:19)
  2. The Controller (Dark Path mix) (7:42)
  3. Safe (5:42)
  4. Phi (6:31)
Review: New York's Blkmarket has long been one of the city's finest underground parties. headed up by Taimur, it is now a fledgling label that is proving just as essential. The sixth outing is a new collaboration between electro producer Gosub and the boss himself. Up first is a tunnelling bit of deep, late night techno that is all about getting you lost in the groove and tripped out by the busy synth squiggles. The "Dark Path" mix is more hurried and urgent before electro takes over on the sci-fi styles of "Safe." "Phi" closes out this high grade and fad free EP in punchy fashion.
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 in stock $11.89
  1. System Disorder - "Scarlet Tears" (4:50)
  2. DJ Nephil - "Backup To Zero" (4:32)
  3. Swordsmith - "Autorobo" (3:18)
  4. Hannibal III - "Fever" (4:07)
  5. Diana Berti - "Genesi" (3:10)
  6. AFD - "Golden Years" (4:52)
Played by: Mark Forshaw
 in stock $10.55
Tales From The Archives Part 2.2 (180 gram vinyl 12" + sticker)
Cat: ALR 003. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Stopouts - "Kill All Humans" (8:02)
  2. Stopouts - "Sandstorm" (9:14)
  3. A2 - "Freaks" (5:02)
Review: Alien Recordings was born in the late 80's by Andy Panayi and Alec Stone, out of a love of music and DJing. They also ran a night around London called Alienation, playing a mix of house, electro, breakbeat and techno. They're back as (An) Alien with new material for your listening pleasure; alongside music by legend Terry Francis as well as Panayi and Stone themselves (A²), the likes of Stopouts (Rob Collman + Navigator) were staples of the imprint and they front up for "Tales From The Archives Part 2.2". There's the brooding Drexciyan electro funk of "Kill All Humans" originally from 1998, a remastered version of "Sandstorm" from their release on Robin Ball's Groovepressure imprint in 1999 and on the B side is the underwater cybernetic epic "Freaks" by A².
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 in stock $12.43
Cat: STXP 001. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Space Tornado (7:06)
  2. Frontier (5:39)
 in stock $10.81
Cat: LOP 010. Rel: 04 Feb 20
  1. Doppler (4:12)
  2. Fr34k (3:32)
  3. Fright (6:13)
  4. Eleccy (3:44)
Review: Mr Blatman's Lunar Orbiter Program follows up some great EPs by Krypton 81, Cyan85 and Turk Turkelton with this killer one by mysterious newcomer Torai. All that we do know at this stage is that he is a young DJ/producer from Manchester making his debut on vinyl, and is said to be the legendary Mr. G's nephew - if the Soundcloud comments are anything to go by. He serves up four Drexciyan electro jams straight outta the future on the "Sensory Deprivation" EP: from the acid inflected first wave Motor City funk of "Fr34k" (think Model 500), to B side cuts like "Fright" which goes for that classic bass-driven sci-fi vibe and the emotive minimal beats of closer "Eleccy".
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 in stock $11.08
SA 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SA 004. Rel: 27 Jan 20
  1. Photoa (6:50)
  2. End Of Doubt (6:10)
  3. Dromedary (7:19)
  4. 16 Hours (7:21)
Review: UK techno stalwart Russ Gabriel has proven himself time and time again in the deeper corners of the genre, not least at the helm of the seminal Ferox label. Recent appearances for the likes of FireScope and Rawax have equally affirmed his position at the forefront of his field nearly 30 years after first emerging. The standard is no lower on this new release for Subconscious Algorithms, which kicks off with the Detroit-styled delights of "Photoa" before melting into the mellow brain food of "End Of Doubt". "Dromedary" brings some luscious acid sounds into the melodic mix, and "16 Hours" completes the set with an elegant trip through pin-prick electro for the after-hours set.

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Played by: Kid Who
 in stock $9.19
Russian Banya EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PRIVATEPERSONS 015. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Russian Banya (5:22)
  2. WC (5:10)
  3. Bird Up (5:42)
  4. Whisper (4:56)
  5. Sooooo Funky (5:18)
Review: Since debuting on Private Persons in 2017, Russian duo Locked Club has gone on to release well received material on TRAM Planet and, more recently, Boys Noize. Here they return to the Private Persons fold with their first EP for the imprint in two years. Fans of no-holds-barred, industrial strength electro/techno fusion should check the brain-melting insanity of funk-fuelled opener "Russian Banya" and "WC", a buzzing, lo-fi electro cut that's as urgent and energetic as a panicked commuter legging it to catch the last train home. Elsewhere, "Whisper" is a strobe-lit chunk of electroclash revivalism and "So Funky" is a serviceable slab of electronic body music.
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 in stock $11.36
REVOLT 007 (12")
Cat: REVOLT 007. Rel: 12 Feb 20
  1. Mob Four (10:09)
  2. Telescopic (6:28)
  3. Nine O (8:08)
 in stock $10.81
Reverse Deception (purple marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: DATO 06. Rel: 28 Jan 20
  1. Random XS - "Titan Rain" (6:27)
  2. Random XS - "StuxNet Code" (5:38)
  3. Zero One & Allert - "Random Beings" (5:24)
  4. Zero One & Allert - "Human XS" (5:40)
 in stock $11.08
Cat: S 108002. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Close The Distance (6:56)
  2. Red Line (6:28)
  3. Red Line (Cardopusher remix) (5:54)
 in stock $11.63
Cat: LDR 22. Rel: 27 Jan 20
  1. Radiant Process (7:30)
  2. Idylle (6:04)
  3. Boston Dynamics (5:31)
  4. Basic Information (7:04)
Review: Cignol returns to Lunar Disko after his two outstanding EPs on the LDRX series. Four more electro-acid gems gravitating onto LDR from the futuristic world of Cignol.
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 in stock $10.81
Cat: OCP 02. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Spin Off (6:22)
  2. Candy Flip (7:00)
  3. Redux (6:07)
  4. Sedative Deprivation (6:37)
  5. Sedative Deprivation (O Wells remix) (4:22)
 in stock $11.63
Cat: TWR 03. Rel: 13 Feb 20
  1. Illision (6:03)
  2. Smooth As Silk (5:17)
  3. Poetry In Motion (6:14)
  4. Cabaret (4:26)
 in stock $10.55
Phasen Und Frequenzen (white vinyl 12")
Cat: Harz 7. Rel: 17 Feb 20
  1. Phase Der Frequenzen (Introducing Michel RIP) (3:34)
  2. Druckluft (4:49)
  3. Electrical Entanglement (6:53)
  4. Blasterpunk M 90 (4:50)
  5. Maschinen Bereit (Far I remix) (3:17)
  6. Unknown Control (5:11)
  7. Der Beat Geht Ewig (0:32)
 in stock $25.15
Cat: DE 272. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Afterlife (feat Elles) (5:08)
  2. Afterlife (Decadent dub) (5:06)
  3. Left At Dawn (4:32)
  4. Can't Let Go (4:45)
  5. The Predator's Dream (5:00)
  6. Is It Real (5:20)
Review: Shcuro is the alias of Joao Ervedosa a DJ, producer and graphic designer based in Lisbon. He also runs the record labels Sombra and Paraiso, makes music as Jose Acid and hosts a show on Radio Quantica. His first contact with a DJ setup happened at age 15, and that's when Shcuro decided to buy his own turntables and mixer; and started producing his own beats, too. He's since released music on Basal, Circus Maximus, Obscuur Techno, Golden Mist Records and his most recent collaboration with Photonz for Future Deja Vu.
'Particle of Memory' is a hypnotic 6-track EP that explores new territories in contemporary dance music. Sonically Shcuro paints his sounds blending moody techno with industrial noises alongside fast, apocalyptic electro and breakbeat. He is influenced by Portuguese rave culture that was born in the mid-90s at Lisbon clubs Alcantara-Mar and Kremlin and the country's first electronic label Kaos Records. Shcuro continues to expand and morph this rich dance heritage to create something entirely different. The bouncy, lead track "Afterlife" features vocals and lyrics by London's ELLES followed by a Decadent Dub rework. All songs have been mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Housed in a die-cut jacket designed by Eloise Leigh reminiscent of '90s escape/sci-fi films with futuristic bright pink pop flourishes
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 in stock $12.17
Cat: EMO 002. Rel: 19 Feb 20
  1. What Now (4:49)
  2. Absence Of Being (5:24)
  3. Cry (5:58)
  4. Glide Till Dawn (5:38)
Review: The sophomore release for Finland's Emotsiya is by local producer Sansibar, who's previously made his appearance on FTP, Natural Sciences and Altered State Tapes. It's pure electro sounds on "Paradise Industrial Complex" - from the mesmerising offworld futurism of "What Now" to the menacing dystopian bass frequencies of "Absence Of Being" on the A side. On the flip, things take a more optimistic turn with the deep and groovy four-to-the-floor bounce of "Cry" and the Motor City electro-funk influence of "Glide Till Dawn" closing out this terrific EP. We are very much anticipating what is next for Katerina's promising new imprint - tip!
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 in stock $10.81
Cat: AC 001. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Ozone 22 (7:57)
  2. Dr Impulso (6:34)
  3. Memo To Self (7:48)
  4. Consciousness (7:13)
 in stock $11.08
On & On (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIS 318. Rel: 20 Jan 20
  1. Route 909 (6:49)
  2. Flyby (4:38)
  3. 1111 (5:11)
  4. On & On (6:58)
Review: James Shinra has been previously spotted dropping quality electro-tinted sonics on the likes of Furthur Electronix, Craigie Knowes, Feel My Bicep, null+void and more. Now he comes to 20/20 Vision with a vivid new EP of productions that cement his place in the contemporary electro firmament. "Route 909" pivots between classic techno and emotive electro, with cinematic results. "Flyby" is a more crafty broken beat excursion with a nimble lead line that flutters over lingering piano lines. "1111" is rowdier affair that sets out a gnarly acid line front and centre, but not at the expense of Shinra's tendency for refined production. "On & On" reaffirms this point with a smart balance between growling low end and sophisticated top line melodies, rounding out a sterling EP.

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 in stock $9.19
Nocturnal Passions Part I (12" 再プレス)
Cat: DSRE 3. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Nocturnal Passions (part I) (6:52)
  2. Reminiscence (4:46)
  3. Freefall (6:11)
  4. Isolated Soul (7:01)
Played by: Zenner, Brokntoys
 in stock $9.72
Neo Modernist (12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: PNKMN 035. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Frozen Roses (6:33)
  2. Hybrid Lotus (6:16)
  3. Hedonist (5:04)
  4. It Takes Forever (5:52)
  5. Neo Modernist (7:00)
  6. All Is Not Lost (5:03)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
 in stock $14.06
N49 EP (marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: NBL 006. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Trudge - "Last Ceremony Until I Die" (5:52)
  2. Caramel Chameleon - "Formata" (4:23)
  3. Low Tape - "Glow In The Dark" (5:01)
  4. Placid One - "Polyvalent" (6:29)
  5. Curios - "Lasoonk" (5:41)
  6. Arctor - "Phoebus Cartel" (5:23)
  7. Blind Summit - "Blind Ice Palace" (4:51)
  8. Mihail P - "Dislodged Foreign Object" (5:06)
 in stock $16.50
Music Angel (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PACE 001. Rel: 28 Jan 20
  1. Music Angel (5:40)
  2. Dreams We Share (4:41)
  3. Touch (4:45)
  4. The Future (4:39)
 in stock $11.63
Mongetun (12")
Cat: STMG 998. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Kallevino (5:43)
  2. Kallevino (Future Memories remix) (6:14)
  3. The Gurz (feat Tiago Walter) (5:41)
  4. Flyht (feat Gianluca & Max E) (8:20)
 in stock $11.36
Cat: BRK 66. Rel: 20 Feb 20
  1. Zone Dance (4:01)
  2. Astro Wandering (3:20)
  3. Upstairs Track (5:07)
  4. Arcturus VII (2:52)
 in stock $10.01
  1. Mental Manipulation (6:17)
  2. Purple Room (6:42)
  3. Sunshine In Hwaeomsa (6:59)
  4. Digital Parasite (5:28)
Played by: Jane FItz
 in stock $10.01
Lost In X (12")
Cat: EPZ 002. Rel: 11 Feb 20
  1. Lost In X (8:30)
  2. Ur So Fkn Good (6:49)
  3. Tears & Bleeps (7:54)
  4. Rays (6:17)
Review: Given that Gnork contributed a track to Earth Plates' debut release - a multi-artist EP that didn't take long to sell out - it's little surprise to see him flying solo on the label's delayed second 12". Title track "Lost In X" is typical of his dreamy, bustling, breakbeat-driven retro-futurist sound, with stabbing electro bass, fluttering synthesizer sounds and swelling chords clustering around a snappy groove. He flips the script on deep, sugary and melodious electro cut "Ur So Fkn Good", before fusing vintage Orbital, LFO and Joey Beltram style sounds on "Tears & Bleeps". Arguably best of all though is "Rays", which sounds like Larry Heard jamming with the Irresistible Force at sunrise.
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 in stock $12.43
Cat: PNR 013. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Thrill Of Romance (8:42)
  2. G Domain (5:56)
  3. Reedonko (7:34)
  4. Arobogosta (7:27)
 in stock $12.71
Joy Of Missing Out (limited cassette)
Cat: AC 05. Rel: 18 Feb 20
  1. Sozinho A Noite (2:31)
  2. Bola De Neve (4:17)
  3. Looking Back (4:03)
  4. All I Want (2:55)
  5. Driving To The Sun (3:14)
  6. Azy (2:16)
  7. Hobart (5:20)
  8. Travel (2:04)
  9. Jazz Da XV (6:02)
  10. Welcome Stranger (2:55)
  11. Phobia (2:17)
  12. Brasilidade (5:11)
  13. Look At Me (3:18)
  14. Tesourinha (1:17)
  15. Praia (2:52)
  16. Vision (1:51)
  17. Locked (2:35)
 in stock $13.52
Instamatic EP (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SHIP 065. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Neon Future Blue (6:00)
  2. Cosmic Emotion (6:35)
  3. Metamatix (5:37)
  4. Haethear (6:15)
 in stock $9.72
Inner Peace EP (12" 再プレス)
Cat: SRTX 014. Rel: 28 Jan 20
  1. Super Rhythm Track (6:00)
  2. The Path Of Most Resistance (6:29)
  3. The Faith (6:33)
  4. No Team In Lozano (5:30)
 in stock $10.28
Cat: 30304. Rel: 21 Feb 20
  1. Ghetto Acid (7:17)
  2. Ghetto Beats (3:55)
  3. In The Ghetto (6:18)
  4. Here Comes Beats (4:00)
 in stock $10.28
Cat: LR 014. Rel: 14 Feb 20
  1. Hurry On Up (5:41)
  2. Hurry On Up (Alinka remix) (7:10)
 in stock $10.28
Hermeneutica (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FER 314. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Hermeneutica (6:19)
  2. Los Archivos Del Tiempo (5:46)
  3. Lunasched (6:19)
  4. Kremvax (6:22)
Review: Ferox continues to explore the realms of contemporary electro and adventurous techno with this snappy sure shot from Hoax Believers. The pseudonym for Alejandro Lopez (who also records as Jandroid) was last seen on Ferox back in 2015, and now returns with a bold statement that leaves us gasping for more. "Hermeneutica" is a sprightly machine funk workout dripping with braindance playfulness and a devilish streak, while standout jam "Los Archivos Del Tiempo" uses some pretty startling synth shapes to create a feverish party rocker. "Lunasched" brings a rough and tough strain of electro to the table, and "Kremvax" twists the dungeon techno formula into a lurid fever dream for sordid souls.
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 in stock $9.19
Helfand EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AXS 3. Rel: 17 Feb 20
  1. Mimis (5:15)
  2. Helfand (5:31)
  3. Adax_PCP (6:06)
  4. Scalex (4:42)
Review: The Axces label began last year with a split 12" from Kasper Marott and Alfredo92, and now the latter returns to the label he founded to present a full EP of interlocking electronics with an experimental, home-listening slant. "Mimis" centres around some wonderfully sculpted rhythms and a tasteful dose of dub processing, while "Helfand" takes things further out with dislocated machine chatter and bongo triggering that moves like electro without the 808 backbone. "Adax_PCP" is a crafty slice of crooked techno that plays out with a live, jammed vibe and a jazzy key refrain that brings some noticeable humanity into the track, and then "Scalex" completes the set with further synthetic wobbles around fractured rhythms that look beyond genre conventions to create something truly fresh.
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 in stock $9.72
  1. Aliensextoy - "AZ Chosen Survivorz" (2:58)
  2. Ticco Ross - "Enter The Synapticon" (3:35)
  3. Avidya - "El Sueno De La Razon" (5:23)
  4. Eafhm - "Brothers In Arms" (7:38)
  5. T Error - "Shit Storm" (4:36)
  6. G13ck - "Balam" (5:06)
 in stock $11.63
Green (12")
Cat: UV 0505. Rel: 13 Feb 20
  1. Iron Curtis - "Against My Window" (Dazed mix) (7:17)
  2. Perm - "VLIW" (4:48)
  3. CVBox - "Cat Cut Claps" (6:02)
  4. Dispo 5000 - "Klingenberg" (5:20)
 in stock $11.89
Cat: SWEATY 005. Rel: 27 Jan 20
  1. Gedveiki Og Brjalaedi (2:54)
  2. Sedlarnir Ur Bankanum (4:06)
  3. Himnarnir Opnast (3:22)
  4. Salinni Blaedir Ut (feat Djofullinn Sjalfur) (5:36)
  5. Lifid Er Farid Fra Mer (4:46)
Played by: Tagwell Woods
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FR 014X (double 12" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: FR 014X. Rel: 23 Jan 20
  1. Vox Automaton (7:14)
  2. Nerve Play (5:04)
  3. Perfume Persuasion (6:28)
  4. Alsoran (5:59)
  5. Lament Subrosa (6:57)
  6. Irma (6:28)
Review: Under the E.R.P. alias, Gerard Hanson has been making some of the finest intergalactic electro known to humankind since the tail end of the 1990s. His catalogue is meaty and some of his older, out-of-press records are now frustratingly hard to find - hence this tidy double-pack from Frustrated Funk. It includes all three tracks from Hanson's 2007 label debut, "Vox Automaton" - the body-popping brilliance of the title track, the Drexciya style underwater trip of "Nerve Play" and the deep electro lusciousness of "Parfume Persuasion" - as well as the trio of cuts originally released on the "Alsoran" from the same years. These are arguably even better, with the melodious, cinematic and futuristic title track, and wonderfully poignant "Irma" standing out. Exceptional.
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Cat: DE 266. Rel: 07 Feb 20
  1. Welcome Them (2:35)
  2. Time (No Time) (6:48)
  3. When I Read The News Today (6:34)
  4. Mirror Hall (This Relief) (6:23)
  5. They Pass By (1:29)
  6. The Death Of A Desire (A Ghost) (5:52)
  7. Lament (Fortunate Isolation) (5:07)
  8. To The Self (4:29)
  9. Follow (5:18)
Review: We are proud to release 'Fortunate Isolation' the sophomore album from Borusiade. Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Borusiade aka Miruna Boruzescu started DJ-ing in 2002 as one of the very few female DJs in the city's emerging alternative clubbing scene. Influenced by a classical musical education, a bachelor in film direction and fascinated by raw electronic sounds, Borusiade first combined these universes in the construction of her DJ sets and starting 2005 also in her music production. A sound of her own has slowly crystallized, often dark with poignant bass lines, obsessive themes and by all means melodic. She has released EPs on labels like Pinkman, Unterton, Cititrax, Correspondant and Comeme, who released her debut album 'A Body' in 2018. 'Fortunate Isolation' is perhaps Borusiade's most personal release to date.
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Cat: HMDX 002. Rel: 22 Jan 20
  1. Folding The Dishes (5:45)
  2. Bioturbation (5:57)
  3. Wet Mallets (6:47)
  4. Ogni Pensiero Vola (6:13)
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