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In Dub II
In Dub II (2xCD)
Cat: 30HZCD 46D. Rel: 22 Sep 20
  1. Asa
  2. Heart & Soul
  3. Isaura
  4. South London Dub Symphony
  5. Mu
  6. The Kings Of Asia
  7. K Dub 04
  8. Plainsong Dub
  9. Viking Funeral
  10. Elevator Music 6A
  11. Mehmeda Majka Bubage
  12. What The Problem Is
  13. Silk Road Dub
  14. Taiko Dub
  15. Saturn
  16. Ketmagyl (Don't Go Away)
  17. Ketmagyl Dub
  18. Mistralazul 2
  19. Take Me Home Dub
  20. Elevator Music 10
  21. Dust Bowl Dub
  22. Elevator Music 8
  23. Lam Tang Way Dub
  24. Dub Musika (Para Siempre)
  25. Lord Keep Me Dub (version Number Three)
  26. To Heathrow Cargo, A Parcel
  27. Umbra Sumus (part II)
  28. Car Ad Music 9
  29. Bilmadim (I Don't Know)
  30. Bilmadim Dub
  31. Engage Your Glutes
  32. K Dub 11
  33. Dusk
  34. So Many Years
  35. Into The Light
  36. Evelvator Music 12
  37. Yangqin Dub
  38. As Night Falls (part 3)
Review: Back in 2016, Jah Wobble offered up a two-disc trawl through the more dub-fired corners of his vast back catalogue, In Dub. While that set included dub tracks and self-made reworks that spanned the whole of his then 40-year career, this belated sequel concentrates on material made since 1990. As you'd expect given Wobble's track record, there's little straight-up dub reggae present, but rather a ton of hazy, delay-laden musical fusions that mix and match elements of ambient, electronica, post-punk, no-wave, traditional Indian music, trip-hop, psychedelia, jazz and even dense, tribal style drum tracks - all laden with the sometime Public Image Ltd member's trademark weighty bass. Throw in some never-before-heard mixes and previously vinyl-only versions, and you have another fine collection of heady, dub-wise fusions.
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 in stock $9.78
500 Push Up
  1. (513)
  2. (512)
  3. (520)
  4. (514)
  5. (521)
  6. (519)
  7. (522)
  8. (516)
  9. (528)
 in stock $12.35
Umwelt (CD)
Cat: GRSCL 10. Rel: 12 Mar 19
  1. Distant
  2. Sanctuary Bay
  3. Snow Road
  4. Geometry Of Space
  5. Rain In July
  6. Racing Thoughts
  7. Distant II
  8. Evening At Vikshtelee
  9. Alexanderplatz Station
  10. Mars Odyssey
Review: Considering the hazy, spaced-out and immersive nature of grad_u's dub techno productions, we were rather surprised to discover that "Umwelt" is his first full-length collection of cuts for almost seven years. We're glad he's finally got round to making another album, though, because it's the extended format that offers the best chance to wallow in his becalmed and beguiling blend of fuzzy aural textures, deep dub rhythms, woozy ambient soundscapes, fluid electronics and deep space beats. While it would be easy to pick out highlights - the up-tempo beats and pulsating chords of "Racing Thoughts", say, or the Basic Channel-esque throb of "Mars Odyssey" - the genius of "Umwelt" is how it hangs together as one intoxicating, slowly shifting set of dubbed-out electronic movements.
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 in stock $14.81
Moods Of Pablo (reissue)
Moods Of Pablo (reissue) (limited CD with obi-strip)
Cat: RROO 334CD. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. Pablo's Drifting Dub
  2. Pablo's Delightful Dub
  3. Pablo's Magnificent Dub
  4. Hold On Pablo
  5. Pablo's Rockers Jam
  6. King Tubby's Musical Gorgon Dub
  7. King Dubby's Nah Jester Dub
  8. King Tubby's Rock Steady Dub
  9. King Tubby's Roots Vibe Dub
  10. King Tubby's Rule Supreme Dub
  11. King Tubby's Supercharge Dub
  12. King Tubby's The Dub Organiser
  13. King Tubby's Musical Stalowatt Dub
  14. King Tubby's The Professor Of Dub
  15. King Tubby's The Specialist In Dub
 in stock $10.96
Dubwise (CD)
Cat: CDFL 2019724359578927. Rel: 26 May 20
  1. Throw Away Your Gun
  2. Throw Away Your Gun (dub)
  3. Love Divine Dub (dub)
  4. If You Want To Do Ya Dub (dub)
  5. Jah Do That (dub)
  6. Jah Do That
  7. No More War
  8. No More War (dub)
  9. Suru Lere (dub)
  10. Anambra (dub)
  11. Kaduna (dub)
  12. Oyo (dub)
  13. Borno (dub)
  14. Bendel (dub)
  15. Ondo (dub)
  16. Ogun (dub)
 in stock $6.86
Soul Jazz Presents Studio One DJ Party
Cat: SJRCD 445. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Sceechie Dan - "We A Don"
  2. Lone Ranger - "My Number"
  3. Dennis Alcapone - "Riddle I This"
  4. Kentrus - "It A Fi Bun"
  5. Lone Ranger - "Apprentice Dentist"
  6. King Sporty - "DJ Special"
  7. Prince Jazzbo - "Little Joe"
  8. Jim Brown - "Ragga Muffin"
  9. Mad Roy - "Universal Love"
  10. King Sporty - "Choice Of Music"
  11. King Stitt - "Rhyming Time"
  12. Prince Jazzbo - "Fire Coal Version"
  13. Dillinger - "Fountain On The Mountain"
  14. Michigan & Smiley - "Thank You Jah"
  15. Prince Garthie - "Raindrops"
  16. Jah Buzz - "Automatic Clapping"
  17. Dennis Alcapone - "El Paso"
  18. Big Joe - "Nanny Version Skank"
Review: The Studio One catalogue is the gift that keeps on giving, and Soul Jazz continually play Santa. This latest comprehensive collection is a great compilation of some of the best DJs and MCs to have been involved in reggae. Vital Jamaican stars like Dillinger, Prince Jazzbo and Lone Ranger all feature next to more hardcore names and some choice rare cuts. Spanning the 70s and into the mid-1980s, this 18-track offering gives a glimpse into the evolution of reggae to more digital and dancehall styles that come later, all with specially commissioned sleeve notes by Fashion Records head honcho Chris Lane.
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 in stock $13.99
Body Beat: Soca Dub & Electronic Calypso 1979-98
Cat: SNDWCD 132. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Cito Jarvis - "Fighting Soldier"
  2. Roger Bain - "Stand Up & Rock Your Body" (instrumental)
  3. D Ivan - "Fire" (extended dub edit)
  4. Bill Campbell - "Body Beat"
  5. Brother Resistance - "Move It" (version)
  6. Adonijah - "It's Alright"
  7. Peter Britto - "I Want Your Love"
  8. Juno D - "Hotter & Hotter" (dub edit)
  9. Colin Jackman - "D'Jab Jab Dance" (Bad Lad mix)
  10. Levi John - "SOCA"
  11. Spiking - "Liberation Train"
  12. Mohjah - "Zion Gates" (dub)
  13. Andre Tanker - "Wild Indian Band"
  14. Touch - "Touch Music" (edit)
  15. D' Rebel Band - "Solid"
  16. The Millers - "Last Days"
  17. Chocolate Affaire - "Jump To Calypso"
Review: The mighty Soundway Records label head Miles Cleret and DJ/collector Jeremy Spellacey turn their expert digging and curatorial skills to the Soca Dub & Electronic Calypso sounds of 1979 to 1998 on this bumper new triple pack. The 17 tracks touch on obscurities, instrumentals and dubs, vocal edits and all manner of roots, boogie, reggae, house, soul and disco gems. It makes for a never less than heart swelling collection that bring immediate sunshine to even the most rainy, cold days in the north of England. Highlights are plentiful, but our picks of the bunch are Bill Campbell's "Body Beat" which does exactly what it says on the tin, Adonijah's disco stomper ("It's Alright") and Levi John's "Soca", a lo-fi oddity with brilliantly loose drum work.
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 in stock $13.44
Human Race
Cat: 335779 2. Rel: 31 Aug 18
  1. Political Brouhaha
  2. Kanou (feat Fally Ipupa)
  3. Life
  4. Alphaman Redemption (feat Angelique Kidjo)
  5. Human Race
  6. Nos Hopitaux
  7. Les Paiens
  8. Cigarettes
  9. Whole Lotta Love
  10. Ote-Fe (feat Youssou N Dour)
  11. Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'En Vais
  12. Black Home
 in stock $11.79
Slow Dance
Cat: HS 181CD. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Slow Dance (feat Jahdan Blakkamoore)
  2. Good Ol' Days (feat Cornell Campbell & Little Harry)
  3. My Weed My Queen (feat Lord Sandwitch)
  4. Passed The Worst (feat Jahdan Blakkamoore)
  5. OP1 Home Again
  6. OP1 Home Again (feat Ken Boothe)
  7. Colombette
  8. Story Never Told (feat Dame)
  9. Chamber Dub
  10. History Dance (feat Kid Charlmane)
  11. Satta
  12. Pontius Pilate (Biga Ranx)
 in stock $12.89
12" Of Dub/12" Of Pleasure
Cat: VPGS 7065. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. Roots Radics - "Young Banana Dub" (CD1: 12 Inches Of dub)
  2. Roots Radics - "Set Your Dub On Fire"
  3. Roots Radics - "Pum Pum Dub"
  4. Roots Radics - "Young Gal Dub"
  5. Roots Radics - "Tribulation Dub"
  6. Roots Radics - "Confessions Of A Dub Engineer"
  7. Roots Radics - "Carry On Dubbing"
  8. Roots Radics - "Love Bump Dub"
  9. Roots Radics - "Headlamp Dub"
  10. Roots Radics - "Dub In Flames"
  11. General Echo - "Lorna She Love Young Boy Banana" (CD2: 12" Of Pleasure)
  12. General Echo - "It's My Desire To Set Your Crutches On Fire"
  13. General Echo - "Me Know Everything About She Pum Pum"
  14. General Echo - "Old Man Love Young Gal Vegie"
  15. General Echo - "This Are The Cockie Tribulation"
  16. General Echo - "This A Lover's Corner"
  17. General Echo - "Love Me Waist Don't Bother Love Me Face"
  18. General Echo - "That's How You Get Your Love Bump"
  19. General Echo - "She Have A Pair Of Headlamp Breast"
  20. General Echo - "Bathroom Sex"
  21. General Echo - "Hotel Fee" (with Madoo)
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Rainford (CD)
Cat: ONUCD 144. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Cricket On The Moon
  2. Run Evil Spirit
  3. Let It Rain
  4. House Of Angels
  5. Makumba Rock
  6. African Starship
  7. Kill Them Dreams Money Worshippers
  8. Children Of The Light
  9. Autobiogrtaphy Of The Upsetter
 in stock $10.96
Drumming Is A Language 1990-2011
Drumming Is A Language 1990-2011 (5xCD box set + booklet)
Cat: ONUCD 142. Rel: 06 Mar 20
  1. Free Chant (Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi) (CD1: songs Of Praise)
  2. Orderliness Godliness Discipline & Dignity
  3. Hymn
  4. Dervish Chant
  5. Hold Some More
  6. Healing Father
  7. Healing Ceremony
  8. Cattle Herders Chant
  9. Ethiopian Praises
  10. My God
  11. Gospel Train
  12. Chant For The Spirits
  13. God Is Great
  14. Deer Spirit Song
  15. Full Charge
  16. Fullness
  17. Special Mix
  18. Heading To Glory (CD2: In Pursuit Of Shashamane Land)
  19. Pursuit
  20. One Destination
  21. No Don't Follow Fashion
  22. Animal Law
  23. Learning
  24. Fever Pitch
  25. Somebody Touch I
  26. Fever Pitch (Raw cut)
  27. Pursuit (Underpulse Motion DJ edit)
  28. No Don't Follow Fashion
  29. On The Off Beat
  30. Rastaman
  31. Run Come See Me
  32. Kumasee
  33. Mama Shante Garden
  34. The Big Country (CD 3: Vision Of A Psychedelic Africa)
  35. Surfari
  36. Positive Thoughts & Mind
  37. Unplanned
  38. Treatment For A Septic Horn
  39. Drumming Is A Language
  40. Mr Whippy Does Djibouti
  41. Run Come See
  42. Ran Came Saw
  43. Blessed Works
  44. Work Blessed
  45. More Fluid
  46. Who Are You?
  47. Ready You Ready
  48. Ready You Ready (part 2)
  49. What Is The Plan? (with Mutabaruka)
  50. What Is The Plan? (with Mutabaruka - version)
  51. In "I" Head (CD 4: Voodoo Of The Godsent)
  52. The Best Way
  53. Take Heed... & Smoke Up Your Collyweed
  54. Stoned Age Man
  55. African Bredda
  56. Mysterious Happenings
  57. This & That & The Other
  58. Undulating
  59. Timpanya
  60. Badman Plan
  61. Dobbyn Joins The Head Charge
  62. God Willing
  63. Fear Of A Man God
  64. Peace & Happiness (CD 5: Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi)
  65. Jungle Law
  66. Learned
  67. One Love, One Heart
  68. Pitched Fever
  69. Dervish Dub
  70. Dub Some More
  71. Disciplined & Dignified
  72. Healing Father's Dub
  73. Dub For The Spirits
Review: Back in 2016 On-U-Sound released "Environmental Holes & Drastic Tricks", a five-disc retrospective of the early years of Bonjo Ivabinghi Noah and Adrian Sherwood's percussion-led Afro-dub project African Head Charge. "Drumming Is A Language", the second and final retrospective, brings the story bang up to date. Like its' predecessor, it gathers together four key, game-changing albums (1990's incredible "Songs of Praise", '93's "In Pursuit of Shashamane", 2005's "Vision of a Psychedelic Africa" and 2011's "Voodoo of the Godsend") with a bonus CD of unheard versions, remixes and revisions recorded between 1990 and '93. Touching on all manner of influences and showcasing the strong links between African and Caribbean music, the showcased material is as inventive, otherworldly and inspired as dub gets.
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 in stock $30.45
Walls Of Jerusalem With Unreleased Mixes & Studio Outtakes
  1. Walls Of Jerusalem (CD1: Yabby You Meets King Tubby)
  2. Chant Down Babylon
  3. Fire Round Two
  4. Plague On The Land
  5. Tribulation
  6. Go To School Jah Jha Children
  7. Dub Of Jerusalem
  8. Chanting Dub
  9. Firey Dub
  10. Dub Plague
  11. Tribulation Dub
  12. Shool Days Dub
  13. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - "The Man Who Does The Work" (CD2: Studio outtakes & More versions)
  14. Smith & The Prophets - "Valley Of Joesaphat"
  15. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - "Go To School Jah Jha Children"
  16. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - "Love Of Jah"
  17. The Prophets - "Sand In My Shoe"
  18. The Prophets - "Jah Vengeance"
  19. King Tubby - "Greetings"
  20. The Prophets - "Fire Fire Dub"
  21. The Prophets - "Stand Up & Fight Dub"
  22. Tommy McCook - "Sand In My Shoe Dub"
  23. The Prophets - "Prophets Dub" (bonus track)
  24. The Prophets - "Repatriation Rock" (bonus track)
Review: Pressure Sounds' latest release takes us back to 1976 and "Wall Of Jerusalem", a soulful reggae album by The Prophets that included production from both Yabby You (the band's lynchpin and lead vocalist) and dub mixer King Tubby. The album is something of a roots classic, with Yabby You's seductive, soul-fired vocal numbers being joined by delay-laden heavy dub revisions by King Tubby. You'll find the original set on disc one, with disc two being dedicated to alternate versions, previously unreleased tracks recorded in the same period, and alternate dubs that have lain dormant in Yabby You's archives for the best part of 40 years.
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 in stock $16.18
Trojan Presents Dub: 40 Deep & Heavy Hits
Cat: TJDCD 513. Rel: 26 Mar 15
  1. The Crystalites - "Concentration" (version 3)
  2. The Techniques All Stars - "Stalag 17"
  3. Keith Hudson & King Tubbys - "I'm Alright" (version)
  4. Skin Flesh & Bones - "Butter Fe Fish"
  5. The Observers - "One Trainload Of Dub"
  6. The Upsetters - "V/S Panta Rock"
  7. Rupie Edwards All Stars - "Buck Shot" (dub)
  8. The Groovemaster - "Tangle Locks"
  9. Leslie Butler - "Ashanti Ganja" (dub)
  10. The Hardy Boys - "Black Out"
  11. King Tubbys & The Aggrovators - "A Noisy Place"
  12. Carl Malcolm/Skin Flesh & Bones - "Jestering" (part 2)
  13. Augustus Pablo - "King Tubby meets The Rockers Uptown"
  14. Joe White - "Seven Heaven Rock"
  15. The Observers & King Tubbys - "Rebel Dance"
  16. Johnny Clarke/King Tubby & The Aggrovators - "A Ruffer" (version)
  17. The Upsetters - "Callying Butt"
  18. Thunderball - "White Bird Come Down" (version)
  19. The Eccles All Stars - "Uptown Shuffle" (dub)
  20. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - "Rockers" (dub)
  21. The Upsetters - "Sipple" (dub)
  22. The Silvertones - "African" (dub)
  23. Leroy Smart & The Aggrovators - "Channel One Feel It"
  24. The Mighty Two - "Chapter 3"
  25. The Upsetters - "Keep On Moving" (dub)
  26. Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaires - "Jamaican Colley"
  27. Irael Vibration - "The Same" (dub)
  28. Gregory Isaacs' All Stars - "Leggo Beast"
  29. The Revolutionaires - "Headache"
  30. Bim Sherman & The Roots Radics - "Ball Of Fire"
  31. Prince Jammy & The Aggrovators - "Out Of Order" (dub)
  32. The Mighty Two - "Hully Gully Rock"
  33. Barrington Levy & The Roots Radics - "Shine Eye" (dub)
  34. Prince Jammy - "Fist Of Fury"
  35. The Revolutionaires - "Thompson Sound Inc"
  36. Scientist & The Roots Radics - "Time Is Cold"
  37. Morwell Unlimited - "Blackboard Jungle"
  38. Prince Jammy - "Jammin For Survival"
  39. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Foundation Stepper"
  40. Burning Spear & The Taxi Gang - "Pit Of Snakes"
Review: Sanctuary's Trojan Records theme compilations, focusing on some aspect of the legendary reggae imprint's vast discography, have always offered great introductions to various sub-genres and historical movements. This latest volume is no exception. Over the course of two CDs, it delivers a perfect introduction to the "roots" sound via stone cold classics from Johnny Clarke, Junior Byles ("Curly Locks", based on the "Police & Thieves" riddim), Burning Spear, The Congas, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Junior Murvin (the superb "Roots Train Number One"), Max Romeo (the peerless "Chase The Devil") and Lee 'Scratch' Perry ("Dreadlocks in Moonlight"). Serious reggae heads will no doubt already own much of the material, but for newcomers this should be an essential purchase.
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 in stock $6.31
In Dub
In Dub (CD)
Cat: EB 143. Rel: 13 Apr 20
  1. Slaver (DJ Oliver remix)
  2. Tomorrow (Escape To Brooklyn dub)
  3. Equal Rights
  4. Equal Dub
  5. Bottom (Down In The)
  6. Africa Youth
  7. Addis Ababa (Conscious dub)
  8. Dubvivor
  9. Israel
  10. Dub Out Tonight
  11. Revolution Dub
  12. Dub Inna Babylon
  13. Dub With Me
  14. Gangsta N Police (dub)
  15. Final Resistance (dub)
 in stock $11.52
Ariwa 2019 Riddim & Dub Series
Cat: ARICD 319. Rel: 25 Mar 20
  1. Catch A Rat!
  2. Well Done
  3. All Nations Dub
  4. Motherland Calling
  5. Theme From Baranco
  6. Lost In Maghreb
  7. Emmiter Dub
  8. Running Around
  9. Bluesy, Jazzy Kinda Dub
  10. Greenheart Dub
  11. Spiritual Dub
  12. Gathering Of The Troops
  13. Dengue Fever
  14. Provocation Dub
Review: The annual Riddim and Dub series from Ariwa serves up another essential volume. This time once more, all tracks were recorded on the Studer A800 2-inch 24 track via a customized SSL 4000. There are bottomless dubs to sink right into next to more upbeat steppers, all with that roomy feel and lived-in analogue aesthetic. "Well Done" is detailed with subtle horns that drift like wispy clouds, while "Motherland Calling" has tumbling toms that ripple forever. "Theme From Maghreb" is a real fat bottomed wobbler while "Running Around" is silkier and funkier thans to the nicely vamping chords.
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 in stock $10.96
Ariwa 2018 Riddim Series
Cat: ARICD 318. Rel: 30 Oct 18
  1. Marcus Message
  2. Savon Noir Dub
  3. Midnite & Dub
  4. Flat Earth
  5. Ever Ready Dub
  6. Space Cake
  7. Tribute To Victor Cross
  8. Black Flower
  9. Afrikayna
  10. West Demerara Dub
  11. Alpa Dub
 in stock $10.96
King Size Dub Special
Cat: EB 139. Rel: 25 Feb 20
  1. We Rock It
  2. Evil E
  3. Dunk
  4. Good Enough (part 1)
  5. We Love Reggae
  6. The Only Redeemer
  7. Rough Out There
  8. All A Dem A Do
  9. Walls Of Silence
  10. Got It Bad
  11. Satellite City
  12. You Take Control
  13. Prelaunch Sequence
  14. The Only Redeemer (Groove Corporation remix)
  15. The Only Redeemer (Andrian Sherwood dub)
 in stock $8.77
Soul From Dubdown: Darker Than Blue
  1. Get Ready
  2. Slipping Into Darkness
  3. Mango Walk
  4. Collie Stuff
  5. Why Can't We Live Together
  6. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City
  7. Baltimore
  8. Ain't No Sunshine
  9. Why Can't We Live Together
  10. Why Can't We Live Together (vocal mix edit)
  11. Baltimore (vocal dub edit)
 in stock $14.53
Dub Me Crazy
Cat: EB 147. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Intro
  2. Dub Realistic
  3. Let It Flow (feat Tanice Morrison)
  4. Babylon The Bandit
  5. Holding You Close (feat Marcia Griffiths)
  6. Blackboard Jungle (feat Lee Scratch Perry)
  7. Fly Me To The Moon
  8. Dem Can't Stop We From Talk (feat Anthony B)
  9. Marijuana Dreams
  10. Soulmate (feat Ari Up)
  11. Chrome Optimism (feat David Lynch)
  12. Island Girl (feat Ari Up & Lee Scratch Perry)
 in stock $13.99
King Size Dub Special: Overdubbed By The Dub Pistols
  1. Reggae Not Dead (Medley)
  2. Blaze (feat Kinetical & Parly B)
  3. Chase (feat longfingah & Kinetical)
  4. Higher Calling (feat longfingah - dubmatrix remix)
  5. Head Up (feat longfingah & Tribuman - Max Powa remix)
  6. State Of Emergency (feat longfingah & Lady N - RSD dub)
  7. No Borders (Dubmatrix dub mix)
  8. Max RubaDub - "Jah No Sleep" (feat Luciano - Illybilly Hitec remix)
  9. East To West (Medley)
  10. All That I Have (feat Jah Jah Man & longfingah)
  11. Pas D'Problem (feat Tribuman & Lengualerta - Fleck remix)
  12. Ten Years & Bye (feat longfingah, Tribuman, Lengualerta & Kinetical)
  13. Happy (feat Kinetical & Horseman - dubmatrix remix)
  14. The Berlin Sessions - "Essential" (feat longfingah & Lengualerta - Illybilly Hitec remix)
  15. Keep On Rolling (feat longfingah & Zhi)
  16. Zion Train - "Money" (Illybilly Hitec remix)
  17. Chant/Nah Care (feat Cecile - feat longfingah)
  18. Nasty Cheesy
  19. Rude Boy Talk (feat Kinetical)
  20. Bubble (feat longfingah & Paco Mendoza - JSTAR remix)
  21. Talking Everyday (feat Tribuman & longfingah - Golddubs remix)
 in stock $9.32
In Dub
In Dub (CD)
Cat: EB 144. Rel: 13 Apr 20
  1. Intro
  2. Fire Burning
  3. Saturn (feat Prince Allah)
  4. Dubbing The Earth
  5. Lion Is The King
  6. Morse Dub
  7. From The Ground
  8. Feeble Foundation
  9. 100 Dub
  10. Dub Resonance
  11. Inna Fusion (Dubital dub)
  12. Jah Plan Version
  13. Indubstria
Review: It's been a while since we heard from B.R Stylers, a Northern Italian dub outfit who became one of the most popular reggae acts in central Europe during the first decade of the century. In fact, "In Dub" is the Paolo Baldini-helmed outfit's first new set since 2009. It's rather good, too, with Baldini conjuring up trippy, sub-heavy mixes - all weighty riddims, soulful vocals, slick patois toasting, laden East African percussion, glistening guitars and cheery melodies - that touch on a variety of reggae sub-styles as well as dub funk and ambient dub. Whether you're a casual reggae fan or a confirmed dub-head, the album is well worth checking out.
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 in stock $10.96
Special Edition Part 1
Cat: DRP 028CD. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. Kamo Kamo
  2. OneFourteen
  3. Raleigh Twenty
  4. Special Edition
  5. Trickle Down
  6. Six-Eight (instrumental)
Review: Some five years after their last full-length hit stores, Fat Freddy's Drop has finally got round to recording a new album. Entitled "Special Edition", it's set to be released in two parts. Part one (the second will follow later in the year) begins with the slow and steady soulful skank of "Kamo Kamo", before the more digital-sounding goodness of "OneFourteen" sees them wisely pushing honeyed vocalist Joe Dukie to the fore. More jazzy reggae warmth follows via "Raleigh Twenty", while "Special Edition" is a confirmed dancefloor workout - think disco-reggae - which mixes rapped and sung vocals. There's a surprising nod to house music on the hypnotic and synth-laden "Trickle Down", while "Six-Eight (Instrumental)" is Fat Freddy's take on dancehall.
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 in stock $7.95
Snake Charmer
Cat: MOCCD 13648. Rel: 16 Oct 18
  1. Snake Charmer
  2. Hold On To Your Dreams
  3. It Was A Camel
  4. Sleazy
  5. Snake Charmer (reprise)
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Metro/Pol (CD)
Cat: ROHS! 032CD. Rel: 17 Dec 18
  1. Garden
  2. Grass
  3. Street
  4. Hill
  5. Path
  6. Mud
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Cruising (hand-numbered CD limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ROHS 017CD. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Aglow
  2. Rolling High
  3. Cruising
  4. St Omer Dub
  5. Night Lights Crooks & Tambourines
  6. Sha Dub
  7. Bleak Affair
  8. Unbiased Dub
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The Treasure Dub Albums Collection
  1. De Pauper A Dub
  2. Construction Dub Style
  3. Dub So True
  4. Arabian Dub
  5. Dub I Love
  6. Willow Tree Dub
  7. Touch A Dub
  8. This Yah Dub
  9. Everybody Dubbing
  10. Moody Dub
  11. Dub On Little Girl
  12. You'll Dub
  13. Ballistic Queen
  14. Reigning Dub
  15. Toughest Dub
  16. Midnight Dub
  17. Chucky Love
  18. Gemini Rock
  19. Guidance
  20. Top Ranking
  21. Love Chant
  22. Twilight Love
  23. Tracking Dub
  24. Love Dub
  25. Dub With Strings
  26. Lift Off
  27. Ride De Dub
  28. Rema Skank
  29. Bond Street Rock
  30. Many Questions
  31. The Attorney
  32. Silver Hour
  33. Twilight Rock
  34. Dreads Leaving Babylon
  35. I Shave The Barber
  36. I See Your Face (version)
  37. Can't Stop The Dub
  38. Moonlight Dub
  39. Stealing (version)
  40. It's You I Dub
  41. Don't Touch Me Dub
  42. Baby I Dub You
  43. Kansas City Dub
  44. Get On The Right Version
  45. If I Could Dub This World
  46. Travelling Dub
Review: Regarded by dub lovers as a seminal collection, this three CD epic has been unavailable for a quarter of a century. It draws together three hugely important dub albums and includes seven previously unreleased tracks from the band's heyday from 1950 to 1975. Promoter, producer and DJ Arthur "Duke" Reid was a master of this form and a hero in Jamaica: his sound ruled the local dance halls and much of it was engineered by Errol Brown. You can hear his skills in all of the tracks here - the subtle keys, the sliding hi hats and the rolling drums all exude a perfectly inviting warmth.
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A1 Dub/Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter IV
  1. Morwell Unlimited - "Different Style" (CD1: A1 dub)
  2. Morwell Unlimited - "West Side Ranking"
  3. Morwell Unlimited - "Waterpump Skank"
  4. Morwell Unlimited - "Pressure Rock"
  5. Morwell Unlimited - "Blackboard Jungle"
  6. Morwell Unlimited - "Depth Charge"
  7. Morwell Unlimited - "Down Town Rebel"
  8. Morwell Unlimited - "Well Crucial"
  9. Morwell Unlimited - "Survival Dub"
  10. Morwell Unlimited - "7 Drunken Masters"
  11. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Foundation Stepper" (Cry Tuff dub Encounter Chapter IV)
  12. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Deadly Command"
  13. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Time Stone Turning"
  14. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Sound Gesture"
  15. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Earth Stone Shake Down"
  16. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Lion Stone"
  17. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Stone African Ground"
  18. Prince Far I & The Arabs - "Destruction Sound Battle"
  19. Jammy's At The Controls - "Jammin' For Survival" (CD2: The Revolutionaries & Roots Radics In Fine Style)
  20. David Isaacs - "Just Like A Sea Version"
  21. The Sowell Radics - "Bali Hi Special"
  22. Jammy's At The Controls - "Born Free Dub"
  23. Witty's All Stars - "Won't You Come Home Dub"
  24. The Roots Radics - "Scientist In Fine Style"
  25. Fat Man All Stars - "Stand & Look Dub"
  26. Bim Sherman - "Ball Of Fire"
  27. Witty's All Stars - "Beautiful People Dub"
  28. The Sowell Radics - "Aces Rock"
  29. Edi Fitzroy - "Fuss & Fight Dub"
  30. Ashanti Waugh - "Babylon Wrong Dub"
  31. The Roots Radics - "Time Is Cold Dub"
  32. Barry Brown - "Cool Pon Your Corner Version"
  33. The Roots Radics - "There's A Song Dub"
  34. Witty's All Stars - "Colour Of The Rainbow"
  35. The Roots Radics - "Pop No Style Dub"
  36. Edi Fitzroy - "Pretty Woman Dub"
  37. Scientist & The Roots Radics - "Caring For My Sister"
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In Dub Vol 1
Cat: ARCD 001. Rel: 25 Apr 16
  1. Pure Ranking (dub)
  2. Zuggi Zeng (dub)
  3. Youthman In The Guetto (dub)
  4. Dreadlocks Nazarene (dub)
  5. Let Us All (dub)
  6. Motherless Children (dub)
  7. Don't Give It Up (dub)
  8. Cities (dub)
  9. Free Blackman (dub)
  10. Give Them (dub)
  11. Really For A Reason
 in stock $9.86
Interpolation Tapes: 2/3
Cat: ECHOSPACERDSCD 3. Rel: 01 Aug 18
  1. Interpolation [Five]
  2. Interpolation [Six]
  3. Interpolation [Seven]
  4. Interpolation [Eight]
  5. Interpolation [Nine]
  6. Interpolation [Ten]
  7. Interpolation [Eleven]
  8. Interpolation [Twelve]
 in stock $19.47
Interpolation Tapes: 3/3
Cat: ECHOSPACERDSCD 4. Rel: 01 Aug 18
  1. Interpolation (Thirteen)
  2. Interpolation (Fourteen)
  3. Interpolation (Fifteen)
 in stock $19.47
Equal Melodies
Cat: GRSCL 08. Rel: 06 Aug 18
  1. Airo
  2. Grazuoliu Vasara
  3. Juilona
  4. Equal
  5. Eugenia
  6. Guboja
  7. Karusa
  8. Kabli
  9. Sauluzis
Review: Prolific sound designer and sometime dub techno producer Sraunus (real name Paulius Markutis) returns to Greyscale with the sequel to last year's Atmospheric Insomnia. As the title suggests, Equal Melodies is a tuneful and mostly positive affair, with Markutis ambling his way through a series of deep, melodious and trippy soundscapes rich in fluttering, colourful electronics, starburst chords, undulating dub techno rhythms, tropical sound effects and meandering synthesizer lead lines. While there's enough low-end grunt to suggest that some tracks may stand up to club plays - either at dedicated dub techno nights, or in atmospheric warm-up sets - the album's main attraction is its home listening-friendly feel. It's the sort of set we would happily get lost in, and there's no greater recommendation than that.
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Dub Harmonics
Dub Harmonics (CD in hard-back book sleeve)
Cat: GRSCL 12. Rel: 05 Dec 19
  1. Harmonic 01
  2. Harmonic 02
  3. Harmonic 03
  4. Harmonic 04
  5. Harmonic 05
  6. Harmonic 06
  7. Harmonic 07
  8. Harmonic 08
  9. Harmonic 09
  10. Harmonic 10
Review: Over the course of two albums and a handful of singles, Gradient has showcased a distinctive take on dub techno that emphasizes melodic positivity and aural colour just as much as bass-heavy rhythms and sonic warmth. That trademark sound once again comes to the fore on "Dub Harmonics", which merrily skips between sub-baked dub house ("Harmonic 02"), locked-in peak-time grooves (the smile-inducing goodness of "Harmonic 04"), spaced-out deep space dub ("Harmonic 06") and rolling, early morning dancefloor workouts (the acid bass-propelled "Harmonic 09"). While there are no real surprises or stylistic shifts, there's enough subtle differences to make the album flow nicely, while the ear-pleasing nature of Gradient's sound makes "Dub Harmonics" a very enjoyable listen.
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Rebels With Cause
Cat: CSCD 002. Rel: 08 Mar 16
  1. Hail HIM
  2. Hail HIM (dub)
  3. Only Jah Knows
  4. Only Jah Knows (dub)
  5. New Dawn
  6. New Dawn (dub)
  7. Realize
  8. Realize (dub)
  9. Mama
  10. Mama (dub)
  11. Do Unto Others
  12. Do Unto Others (dub)
  13. Roots Rock Reggae
  14. Roots Rock Reggae (dub)
  15. Higher
  16. Higher (dub)
  17. Keep The Faith
  18. Keep The Faith (dub)
  19. Magnet To Steel
  20. Magnet To Steel (dub)
  21. Mystic Revelation (bonus track)
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Jumping With Mr Lee: Reggae Classics From The Vault Of Bunny Striker Lee
  1. The Sensations - "Long Time Me No See You Girl"
  2. The Uniques - "Love & Devotion"
  3. Val Bennett & The Bunny Lee Allstars - "Juming With Mr Lee"
  4. Derrick Morgan - "Hold Your Jack"
  5. Lester Sterling & Winston Stranger Cole - "Bangerang"
  6. Pat Kelly - "Little Boy Blue"
  7. The Uniques - "Story Of Love"
  8. Ken Parker - "A Change Is Gonna Come"
  9. Val Bennett - "Jumping With Val"
  10. The Uniques - "Girls Like Dirt"
  11. Lester Sterling - "Tribute To King Scratch"
  12. Pat Kelly - "Somebody's Baby"
  13. Vin Gordon - "Sounds & Soul"
  14. The Uniques - "My Conversation"
  15. Lester Sterling - "Sir Lee's Whip"
  16. Slim Smith & The Uniques - "The Beatitude" (bonus track)
  17. Roy Shirley - "Dance Arena" (bonus track)
  18. Webber Sisters - "My World" (bonus track)
  19. Glen Adams - "Run Come Dance" (bonus track)
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Broke Again
Cat: CSCD 001. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Broke Again
  2. Money Done Dub
  3. Long Way To Go
  4. Long Dub
  5. Wicked Them Wicked
  6. Wicked Dub
  7. Got To Be Conscious
  8. Conscious Dub
  9. Jah Army
  10. Army Dub
  11. Originality
  12. Original Dub
  13. One Day
  14. One Dub
  15. You Are Wrong
  16. Wrong Dub
  17. Who Say We Done
  18. Done Dub
 in stock $11.52
Dubs For Tubs: A Tribute To King Tubby
  1. Dub Fit For A King
  2. Dub For The 90's
  3. Dub For Joy
  4. Dub For Happiness
  5. Dub For Pleasure
  6. Dub For Roots People
  7. Dub For All Seasons
  8. Dub For The Young & Old
  9. Dub To Make You Move & Groove
  10. Dub For Everybody's Party
  11. Dub Immortal Memory
 in stock $12.52
Cat: WWCD 060. Rel: 29 Apr 20
  1. We Shall Rise (feat Cara)
  2. Politrix (feat Prince Jamo)
  3. Watch Where (feat Lua & El Natron)
  4. Justified Silence (feat Rider Shafique)
  5. Biorhythm (feat Cara & Jasmin)
  6. Cultural Memories (feat Michela Grena)
  7. Fateshifter (OHIOF) (feat Cara & Lua)
  8. Unity (feat Prince David)
  9. Don't Forget (feat Jasmin & El Natron)
  10. No Peace (feat Lua)
  11. Political Friction (feat Brother Culture)
  12. Journey To A Collective Illusion
  13. On Bidston Hill
 in stock $13.72
Cloudy Tracks 2
Cat: SV 15. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. Kogda Ne Boyalis Spuskatsa V Podvali
  2. Our
  3. Datura
  4. Tarred
  5. DSS
  6. Polus
  7. Night Dub
  8. Last Heel
  9. Space Time
  10. Day By Day
 in stock $13.15
Light In My Head
Cat: SV 19. Rel: 22 May 18
  1. Light In My Head
  2. Light In My Room
  3. Sky Operator
  4. Belui
  5. Obvious
  6. Hypnotics
  7. Where Old Men Leave
  8. My World
  9. Transaction With Mind
  10. Space Of Variants
 in stock $17.55
White Dub
White Dub (CD)
Cat: SV 32. Rel: 30 May 19
  1. White Dub (Mr Cloudy remix)
  2. White Dub (Michael Mantra remix)
  3. White Dub (Mr Cloudy edit)
Review: Somewhat surprisingly, this collaborative album had its roots in a 2013 request from Michael Mantra for dub techno and ambient dub stalwart Mr. Cloudy to remix tracks from his Silent Season-released 2013 LP "Light In My Head". Six years later, and after sending parts and versions back and forth, the pair has conjured this set of lengthy, deep and mind-altering excursions. Mr. Cloudy provides versions of the collaborative "White Dub": an ultra-deep, spaced-out "Remix" that smothers a gentle, slowly shifting ambient dub rhythm in heavily processed snatches of field recordings and atmospheric aural textures around and a sparser, more spaced-out "Edit" that's closer in tone to Mantra's otherworldly, dub-influenced soundscapes. Sandwiched in between you'll find a hypnotic version by Mantra that was partly created using music concrete techniques.
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Flowers Decay Quickly
Cat: SV 34. Rel: 11 Sep 19
  1. Emanation
  2. Sleepless
  3. Between Thoughts
  4. Flowers Decay Quickly
  5. Way Above
  6. Sibyl
  7. Night Walk
  8. Silver Moon
  9. Light Of Truth Has Gone Out
Review: Alexander Khaliulin first donned the Flying Cobra alias earlier this year for an album on Space Of Variants that neatly showcased his seemingly innate grasp of atmospheric dub techno soundscapes. "Flowers Decay Quickly" is the producer's surprisingly speedy follow-up. It's another heady and intoxicating affair, with Khaliulin sashaying between the languid, head-in-the-clouds ambient of "Emanation", the gentle but hypnotic dub techno shapes of "Sleepless" and "Way Above", the sun-kissed laziness of "Night Walk" and the fantastically dubbed-out, slow motion soundscapes such as yearning closing cut "Light Of Truth Has Gone Out".
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 in stock $14.81
Raise The Ark
Cat: ASCD 01314. Rel: 10 Jun 20
  1. Show Me The Way (feat Cian Finn - intro)
  2. Dear Friend (feat Pupa Jim)
  3. Break All The Walls & Build Bridges (feat Tenor Youthman)
  4. The Living Word
  5. Even Clouds Stop To Look (feat Sista Awa)
  6. Fever (feat Eva Keyes)
  7. Omo Kibish (feat Nai-Jah)
  8. When We Were Free (feat Sista Awa)
  9. My People (feat Block Mameli)
  10. Supreme Dream (feat Ras Tinny & Sista Awa)
  11. Whip Lash Crack (feat Sista Awa)
  12. Black Rain (feat Ras Tinny & Nai-Jah)
  13. Dear Dub (feat Pupa Jim)
  14. Break All The Walls & Build Dubs (feat Tenor Youthman)
  15. The Living Dub
  16. Even Clouds Stop To Dub (feat Sista Awa)
  17. Dub Fever (feat Eva Keyes)
  18. Omo Dub (feat Nai-Jah)
  19. My Dub (feat Block Mameli)
  20. Whip Lash Dub (feat Sista Awa)
  21. Mist In May (feat Nai-Jah - outro)
 in stock $12.06
Auspicious (limited CD)
Cat: SV 45. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Auspicious (part 1)
  2. Auspicious (part 2)
  3. Auspicious (part 3)
  4. Auspicious (part 4)
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Gideon (CD)
Cat: ASCD 01112. Rel: 10 Jan 20
  1. Black Woman Civilisation (feat Wellette Seyon)
  2. Jah Fingers (feat Joseph Lalibela)
  3. Zion Surround (feat Fikir Amlak)
  4. Gideon (feat Echo Ranks)
  5. Care For The People (feat Cologne)
  6. Likkle Zion (feat Yehoud-I)
  7. Arise (feat Nish Wadada)
  8. Yeh Beb (feat Ras Hassen Ti)
  9. Hosanna (feat Cian Finn & Ras Tinny)
  10. All The While (feat Earlyman)
  11. False Profit (feat Nai-Jah, Joe Pilgrim & Setondji Spirit)
  12. Black Woman Dub (feat Wellette Seyon)
  13. Dub Fingers (feat Joseph Lalibela)
  14. Gideon (feat Echo Ranks - dub)
  15. Care For The People (feat Cologne - dub)
  16. Likkle Dub (feat Yehoud-I)
  17. Arise (feat Nish Wadada - dub)
  18. Yeh Dub (feat Ras Hassen Ti)
  19. Hosanna (feat Cian Finn & Ras Tinny - dub)
  20. All The Dub (feat Earlyman)
Review: After plenty of anticipation, UK dub mainstays Dub Dynasty finally unleash their fourth studio album following lots of extensive, worldwide touring. Much loved in many of the sound system communities of the world, the outfit brings underlying messages of peace and unity, which we all need plenty of right now. Next to the lyrical positivity, the beats are crisp and uplifting too, with polished metal bass, steely hits and oodles of digital effects all making these soul soothing, brain-cleansing jams. The trademark big steppers, the majestic horns, the fat bass are all present and correct throughout, of course.
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Cycles (CD)
Cat: SV 40. Rel: 05 Feb 20
  1. Aura Minimum - "Transformation"
  2. Aura Minimum - "Dreamulator"
  3. Aura Minimum & Flying Cobra - "Static Decay"
  4. Aura Minimum & Flying Cobra - "November Sky"
  5. Aura Minimum & Flying Cobra - "Observer"
  6. Flying Cobra - "Murky"
  7. Flying Cobra - "Passing"
Review: Space Of Variants recently described this collaboration between label artists Aura Minimum (real name Vladislav Ishkov) and Flying Cobra (Alexander Khaliulin) as "modern deep sound goodies". While that's a little vague, it's certainly accurate. Across a range of solo and jointly produced tracks, the pair explores a warm, hazy, atmospheric and quietly colourful sound that emphasizes meditative ambient electronics - drowsy chords, drifting motifs and yearning melodies - over the hypnotic dub techno and deep techno grooves that nestle below. It's a formula that results in a hugely soothing, ear-pleasing and smile-inducing listening experience.
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The Roots Of Dub
Cat: JRCD 035. Rel: 04 Feb 10
  1. Natty Dub
  2. Dug Magnificent
  3. A First Class Dub
  4. The Stepping Dub
  5. Rude Boy Dub
  6. A Closer Dub
  7. Roots Of Dub
  8. Dub You Can Feel
  9. Loving Dub
  10. The Immortal Dub
  11. Dread Locks Dub
  12. Rocking Dub
  13. A Better Version (bonus track)
  14. A Good Version (bonus track)
 in stock $12.06
100 Years Of Theremin: The Dub Chapter
Cat: DUB 1032. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Cinematic Dub (with Mad Professor)
  2. Dub's Nine Lives (with Adrian Sherwood)
  3. Cross To Theremin (with Dennis Bovell)
  4. Smokin Dub (with The Scientist)
  5. Theremin Dub Mafia (with Prince Fatty)
  6. Kumo Dub (with Mad Professor)
  7. Dub Out Of Theremin (with Adrian Sherwood)
  8. Secret Service Dub (with Dennis Bovell)
  9. Future Sound Of Theremin (with Mad Professor)
  10. Butterfly Dub (with Adrian Sherwood)
  11. Heying Dub (with Dennis Bovell)
 in stock $12.89
Skanking With The Upsetter: Rare Dubs 1971-1974
  1. Perry In Dub
  2. Three Blind Dub
  3. Perry's Rub-A-Dub
  4. Perry's Jump Up
  5. Dub With Feeling
  6. After Beat Dub
  7. Problem With Dub
  8. Roots Rock Dub
  9. Good Will Dub
  10. Skanking With Lee Perry
  11. John Crow Skank
  12. Kotch Up Dub
  13. Funky Dub
  14. One Drop Rockers
Review: First released in 2001 and now getting the reissue treatment, Skanking With The Upsetter gathers together 14 lesser-known Lee 'Scratch' Perry dubs and alternative mixes from the legendary producer's most productive period in the early 1970s. This was a time when Perry was working with a regular set of musicians at Black Ark, the studio he built in the back garden of his Kingston home. It was a set up that resulted in a string of classic reggae records - and even greater flipside dubs. Those versed in Perry's work in the period will know what to expect, namely tight, bass-heavy reggae riddims, stripped-back instrumentation, occasional odd sounds and the briefest snippets of vocal - all mixed live to tape with copious amounts of well-placed delay and reverb.
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Horns Man Dub
Cat: JRCD 071. Rel: 05 Mar 20
  1. Murderous Horn Dub
  2. Wreaking Horns Dub
  3. Natty Congo Dub
  4. Tribulation Horn Dub
  5. Everybody Needs Dub
  6. Ambitious Dub
  7. Finding Dub
  8. Catching Horns Dub
  9. Springtime In Dub
  10. Sacraficial Dub
  11. Wicked Flute Dub
  12. A Smiling Dub
  13. Falling For A Dub (bonus track)
  14. Troublesome Dub (bonus track)
  15. Riding Horns Dub (bonus track)
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