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Back Catalogue: Balearic/Downtempo

ホーム  Back Catalogue  

Balearic / Downtempo

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Aquafusion (limited CD)
Cat: MLPH 11CD. Rel: 07 Nov 16
  1. Back To Elba
  2. Aquafusion
  3. Duality (feat Krista Michaela)
  4. Surf Blue
  5. Barbados
  6. I Saw The Wind
  7. Open Sequences
  8. Seagulls
Review: Under the A Vision of Panorama alias, Mikhail Khavsko has released some of the most beguiling nu-Balearic music of the past few years. Aquafusion is his long-awaited debut album, and is sure to further enhance his already high reputation. Drawing on sun kissed synthesizer grooves, languid nu-disco and hazy pop for inspiration, the album boasts all manner of ear-pleasing highlights. These include the new age inspired ambient slinkiness of "Open Sequences", the Gigi Masin style bliss of "Seagulls", the mid-'80s synth-pop-goes-dancing bounce of "Barbados", and the baked, horizontal pop of "Duality" (which notably features the drowsy vocals of Krista Michaela).
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 in stock $7.98
You're Super In Diagonal
Cat: KALK 119CD. Rel: 28 Oct 20
  1. Flutter
  2. Monogome
  3. My Mouth Hurts
  4. Cracker
  5. We'll Call You
  6. I'm Going For A Walk
  7. All In
  8. Leaves
  9. Shall We Just Stop?
 in stock $14.54
Breeze (reissue)
Cat: STUDIOMULE 2CD. Rel: 01 Mar 18
  1. Mediterranean Breeze
  2. Simpatia
  3. After Brunch With You
  4. Summer Breeze
  5. Never Come Into Your Eyes
  6. Indige
  7. Breeze For Siesta
  8. Walkin' Around In Summer Sand
  9. Love Beach
  10. Madrigl
 in stock $14.26
We Will Always Love You
Cat: 084996 2. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Ghost Story (feat Orono)
  2. Song For Barbara Payton
  3. We Will Always Love You
  4. The Divine Chord (feat Johnny Marr & MGMT)
  5. Solitary Ceremonies
  6. Interstellar Love (feat Leon Bridges)
  7. Ghost Story (part 2 - feat Leon Bridges & Orono)
  8. Reflecting Light
  9. Carrier Waves
  10. Oh The Sunn! (feat Perry Farrell)
  11. We Go On (feat Cola Boyy & Mick Jones)
  12. Star Song IMG
  13. Until Daylight Comes (feat Tricky)
  14. Wherever You Go (feat Clypso & Jamie XX, & Neneh Cherry)
  15. Music Makes Me High
  16. Pink Champagne
  17. Take Care In Your Dreaming (feat Denzel Curry & Sampa The Great & Tricky)
  18. Overcome
  19. Gold Sky (feat Kurt Vile)
  20. Always Black (feat Pink Siifu)
  21. Dial D For Devotion (feat Karen O)
  22. Running Red Lights
  23. Born To Lose
  24. Music Is The Light (feat Cornelius & Kelly Moran)
  25. Weightless
Review: New albums from Aussie fusionists the Avalanches don't come around that often, so the appearance of We Will Always Love you four years after its predecessor, Wildflower, is genuinely big news (it previously took them 16 years to record the follow-up to their acclaimed 2000 debut, Since I Left You). Somewhat predictably, they've hit the mark once more, supplementing their usual dense sample collages and multi-coloured, genre-bending compositions (a little psychedelia, Balearica and synth-pop here, a dash of dream pop, future R&B and synth-pop there) with vocals and musical contributions from a dizzying cast-list of like-minded guests (think Neneh Cherry, Johnny Marr, Jamie XX, Blood Orange, Tricky, Cornelius and Kelly Moran). Hard to pin down but royally entertaining from start to finish, We Will Always Love You is a triumph.
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 in stock $11.12
Seasons Les Quatre Saisons
  1. Lars Leonhard & Alvina Red - "Le Printemps"
  2. Spring Day
  3. Deep Breath
  4. Lars Leonhard & Alvina Red - "L'Ete"
  5. Dancing In The Noonday Sun
  6. Summer Storms
  7. Lars Leonhard & Alvina Red - "L'Automne"
  8. Colors Of Autumn
  9. Soaking Wet
  10. Lars Leonhard & Alvina Red - "L'Hiver"
  11. Frozen Landscape
  12. Blizzard
 in stock $16.25
Buddha Bar: Elements
Buddha Bar: Elements (limited numbered unmixed 4xCD box set)
Cat: 338847 2. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. Tebra - "Jovano" (CD1: Earth)
  2. Kled Mone - "Manastir"
  3. Tebra - "Sve Na Crno"
  4. Calavera Manya - "Mir"
  5. Tebra - "Yutro"
  6. Tebra - "Mande Le"
  7. Raw Main & Tebra - "Jadran"
  8. Tebra - "Hemija"
  9. Tebra - "Zanos"
  10. Tebra - "Sevdah"
  11. Rudhaman - "Balafon"
  12. Tebra - "Shiva"
  13. Ali Kuru - "Bir Kapiyim Simsiyah" (CD2: Water)
  14. Ali Kuru - "Disarda Yagmur"
  15. Ali Kuru - "Uzayda Kuslar Var"
  16. Ali Kuru - "Imkansiz Kal"
  17. Ali Kuru & Mercan Dede - "Napas"
  18. Ali Kuru & Jacob Groening - "Uyumanin Yolu Yok"
  19. Ali Kuru - "Yuregine Deprem"
  20. Ali Kuru - "Soytari"
  21. Ali Kuru - "Haz"
  22. Ali Kuru - "Umut"
  23. Ali Kuru - "Yalnizliktan Sogumus Daglar"
  24. Anatolian Sessions - "Alcyone" (CD3: Air)
  25. Islandman - "Chaldene"
  26. Anatolian Sessions - "Kasimpati"
  27. Majnoon - "Humanity"
  28. Nasiri - "Equinox"
  29. Tigran - "Dreamcatcher" (Duduk mix)
  30. Meither - "Gelevera"
  31. Mula - "Libermantra" (feat Jonas Burger)
  32. Ipek Ipekcioglu & Adir Jan - "Berf U Zin"
  33. Elif - "Waiting For The Sunrise" (feat Itai)
  34. Elias Dore & Lads - "Savannah Heat"
  35. Jean Vayat - "Anahata"
  36. Hot Oasis & Adam Husa & Weam Ismail - "Jameelah"
  37. Fotiz Liberis - "Away" (CD4: Fire)
  38. Bahramji & Mahmood Schriker - "Lonely City" (radio edit)
  39. Anja Stark & Hibrid - "Vazduh" (Ravin remix)
  40. Jose Solano - "Beautiful Fields"
  41. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Yasmin Levy - "Vivir" (SIS Project Deep House remix)
  42. Be Svendsen - "Man On The Run" (Be Svendsen remix)
  43. Ribas Abbas - "Red Roses"
  44. Aura - "Las Mariposas"
  45. Mouma & Baso - "Etincelles"
  46. Ali Kh - "Oya" (feat Youssef Baklouti - Alexander Ben remix)
  47. Masco - "Gujarat"
  48. Hans Vom Schneggeloch - "Spiceroute"
  49. Sandhog - "Gyoza"
 in stock $35.63
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Back Catalogue: Balearic/Downtempo
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