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Electrosmith Daisy Field Programable Monosynth, Drum Machine & MIDI Sequencer
Cat: 786205 Rel: 11 Sep 20
Monosynth/drum machine/MIDI sequencer
Notes: Desktop module incarnation of Electrosmith's customisable DSP platform, designed with plenty of audio, MIDI and CV connectivity to allow you to create your own synths, drum machines and sequencers.

Supplier's Notes:
Create a mono-synth, drum machine, or MIDI sequencer with the Field! It works as a great development tool, or handy small-form synth to take with you on the go. Comes with Daisy installed and 9V power adapter.
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Erica Synths Fusion System II Synthesiser (UK plug)
Cat: 780750 Rel: 30 Sep 20
Fusion synthesiser
Notes: Erica's brilliant valve-based Fusion modules bundled together into a complete system. Unique sound and features. Includes skiff case, patch cables and everything you need to get started.

Supplier's Notes:
Vacuum tube based eurorack modular synthesizer for sounds of unprecedented pressure.

Erica Synths is one of the few manufacturers that use vacuum tubes in eurorack modules, and those, who are familiar with tube-based modules, know that tubes can push the sound to extremes or turn it deep, saturated and complete.

Erica Synths have come up with three new Fusion series modules - Fusion VCF3, Fusion Modulator (already available) and Fusion VCA/Waveshaper/Ringmodulator - to create the Erica Synths Fusion System II - a modular synthesiser for sounds of unprecedented pressure, unconventional modulations and creativity-inspiring patching. A 104HP system has 63 patchpoints for extensive experiments in sound design, all analogue signal and CV path; it's a system for those, who take sound design seriously.

Fusion System II includes:

Two Fusion VCO2s - fully analogue sound source with three simultaneously available waveforms, transistor-based suboscillator and detune function - two BBD delay lines that make frequency shifter that is mixed back to the principal oscillator in order to emulate two detuned VCOs. Tube crunch - distinct tube overdrive - is added on the top of the mix.

Fusion VCF3 - resonant 24dB/oct lowpass filter of unique design that combines vacuum tubes and vactrols, providing distinct, soft filtering. For more versatility a CV recorder, that records motion of the potentiometer, is incorporated in the module, so you can design advanced modulation patterns.

Fusion Modulator - complex, all analogue CV source that consists of several blocks - two EMS Synthi functionality inspired looping envelope generators with simultaneous unipolar (0V-10V) and bipolar (-5V-+5V), VCA, Noise generator and Sample&Hold.

Fusion VCA/Waveshaper/Ringmodulator - a modulation source based on two miniature pentodes that operates as VCA, waveshaper and ringmodulator. With two CVs applied simultaneously to different stages of the VCA, audio rate modulations, using ringmodulator as a waveshaper it becomes surprisingly versatile sound shaping module.

Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble - a distinct multifunctional analogue effects module that combines BBD chip based effects with an adjustable tube overdrive in the delay output and a feedback path for extra thickness of the sound.

104HP One Row Skiff case (with or without a lid)

20 patch cables
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Erica Synths Pico System II Desktop Modular Synthesiser
Cat: 778768 Rel: 30 Sep 20
modular synthesiser
Notes: The world's smallest modular synth. Serious options in a compact setup via a carefully chosen selection of Erica's tiny Pico modules: sequencing, synths, drums, effects and more.

Supplier's Notes:
Erica Synths Pico System II is the world's smallest modular synthesizer.

In its functionality this system is as good as the Pico System I, however, as there have been several additions to the Pico Series, for example, the significant Pico Voice, we decided to upgrade the Pico System to make it even more multifarious. There are two new modules in the system: the Pico Voice - a sound source, which gives quite a big timbral diversity, and the Pico Modulator, which replaces the Pico EG and the Pico VCA. That gives us a 3HP free space which we have filled with one more Pico A MIX for more handy control of the sound sources in live performances. Pico System II comes with external PSU, Pico Drum Programmer, wrench key and 20 patch cables.

Pico modules included in the system are:

SEQ - powerful 16 step sequencer with 16 pattern memory

VCO - 32 custom waves in 2 banks, great 1V/oct tracking and LFO mode

VOICE - sound source with 8 sound generation algorithms

VCF1 - Polivoks-inspired LP/BP VCF, ideal for acid-like basslines

TRIGG - 4 trigger pattern generator that also serves as a master clock for the system. Web-based pattern designer app allows user to upload own patterns

2xDRUMS - 64 sample player with 3 adjustable parameters and CV control over them. Web-based app and Pico Programmer (included) allows the user to upload their own sound samples

MULTI - buffered audio/CV/clock signal splitter

RND - sine/pulse LFO and random events (random trigger, S&H and noise) generator

MOD - lin/log ASR envelope generator and linear VCA

2xA MIX - 3 input audio mixer

DSP - stereo effects processor with 8 great sounding custom effects

OUTPUT - stereo output module with headphone amplifier

Technical specifications:
Dimensions (WxDxH): 240mmx140mmx80mm
Power supply: universal 110-240VAC - 12VDC adapter
Power consumption 500mA
Mass : 1,35 kg excluding PSU,
1,85 kg with PSU and patch cables
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Erica Synths Syntrx Analogue Synthesiser (UK plug)
Cat: 750753 Rel: 16 Oct 20
Analogue synthesiser
Notes: Since its beginnings Erica Synths has promoted experimental electronic music and has developed instruments that enable musicians to explore it.

When it comes to standalone instruments, one of the most encouraging instruments in experimental music was Synthi AKS, so Erica Synths have teamed up with engineers from Riga Technical University to develop a synthesizer with a user interface inspired by Synthi AKS.

SYNTRX [sintrex] is developed from scratch all analogue synthesizer (no part of schematics is cloned from Synthi AKS) with digitally controlled patch matrix. Unlike most of patch matrixes around, that mechanically connect signals, our 16x16 matrix utilizes 32 (!!!) 16 channel analogue switch ICs AS16M1 (made in Latvia, Alfa RPAR) and is a mixer/buffered multiple with 3 level attenuation (gain 1, 0,6 and 0,3) in connection points. It has 256 patch memory, automatic patch switching in performance mode or via MIDI messages.

SYNTRX has 3 highly accurate VCOs that track great over 8 octaves, noise generator with "colour" filter, resonant VCF, ring modulator, spring reverb, looping envelope generator, joystick controller, input amplifier with adjustable gain for microphone to line level signals, 3 VCAs, output signal filter, analogue CV/audio signal level indicator and built in speakers. Extra features, not found on Synthi AKS, are Sample & Hold circuit with individual clock, octave switch for VCO1, synchronization of VCO2, AD mode on the envelope generator, as well as MIDI that accepts CV, Gate, Modulation wheel messages and program change messages for the matrix control. The SYNTRX comes in aluminium enclosure with ash tree side panels.

SYNTRX will inspire users to explore the space and travel to previously undiscovered audible realms.
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Make Noise 0-CTRL Sequencer (B-STOCK)
Cat: 793286 Rel: 01 Jan 90
***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused***
Notes: Brilliantly innovative sequencer from the renowned synth brand. Huge creative potential in the studio and live settings. Ideal for use with analogue synths and Eurorack.

Supplier notes:
The Make Noise 0-CTRL is a patchable, clockable controller and step sequencer for voltage controlled synthesizer systems. Designed to be patch pals with the 0-Coast, it is a tabletop device whose inputs and outputs follow Eurorack standards, making it also a great partner for a modular system or another patchable tabletop synth.

Power Requirement: +15VDC on 2.1mm Tip Positive Connector
Includes Power Adapter, Patch Cables
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Modal Electronics ARGON8X 8 Voice 61 Key Polyphonic Wavetable Keyboard Synthesiser
Cat: 763203 Rel: 08 Oct 20
wavetable keyboard synthesier
Notes: 61-key version of one of our favourite recent synth releases. Superbly lush, detailed sound from the wavetable synth engine, paired here with a big, expressive keybed. Also available in 37-key or keyless module format.

Supplier's Notes:
The Argon8X features an identical sound engine and feature set, but rather than a 37-note keybed, you get 61 keys for an even more immersive playing experience. Mind-bending functionality and near-infinite tonal possibilities meets an attractive price tag; Modal have once again raised the bar in the desktop synth category.
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Teenage Engineering POM-170 Home-Build Analogue Monophonic Synthesiser With Built-in Programmable Sequencer (B-STOCK)
Cat: 793289 Rel: 01 Jan 90
***B-STOCK: Box opened, product unused***
Notes: The mid-sized option in Teenage Engineering's innovative POM range, the 170 is designed as an introduction to modular synthesis. A simple DIY build in IKEA-style flat-pack format.

Supplier notes:
POM-170 is a home-build analogue monophonic synthesizer with built-in programmable sequencer. A complete kit with powder coated chassis, keyboard, oscillator, filter, envelope, LFO, VCA, speakerbox, power distro, powerpack, a screwdriver, 8 patch cables, and an illustrated build guide.

Each kit comes with all of the parts needed to build the project. Included in these flat packed synthesizers are everything from a powder coated aluminium chassis to an illustrated build guide with instructions and bend angles. When bending is complete, move on to mount the modules, snap the wire connectors and finalise your build with knobs and rubber feet. Remember, think twice and double-check the angles before bending.

Warning: Make sure to remove the batteries from the battery holder before connecting the DC-plug to the external AC/DC adapter.

Use separate battery charger to charge re-chargeable batteries.

Note: There is no power supply included. If you want to run the units on wall power you need an adapter with the following specifications (sold separately):
AC/DC adapter
12V, min 1A (12 watt)
Polarity: center negative
Plug: 4.75/1.7mm

1 x POM-170 Chassis
7 x Modules - M-1, M-4, M-5, M-6, M-10, M-11, M-16
1 x Battery Pack
1 x Distro
23 x Trim Knob
9 x Value Knob
8 x Audio Cable
6 x Rubber Foot
6 x Chassis Screw
1 x Screwdriver
1 x User's Manual

PSU improved to be more stable and offer longer battery life
Oscillators retrimmed to improve audio range
Speaker volume knob adjusted for intuitive control
Labelling for the output jacks on the keyboard changed to "CV 1, 2, 3" the 3 "program gate" jacks changed to "Gate 1, 2, 3" and the 3 "keyboard" jacks changed to "Keyboard CV"
Increased size of screw holes on powder coated aluminIum chassis for easy building
Standoffs come pre-threaded for quicker assembly

square oscillator
Rich in odd harmonics, the square wave oscillator is great for hollow basses and screaming leads. The pulse width modulation (pwm) input makes it possible to generate
a faux two oscillator detune sound.

low pass filter
Shape your sound with the 24db/oct low pass filter. Get lost in space while tweaking the resonance and frequency pots.

A classic. Attack, decay, sustain and release. Give your sonic creation the contour it deserves. Triggered by any signal that crosses the two volt threshold.

voltage control amplifier
Automate your volume! Feed it control voltage and your signal will adapt accordingly. Best friends with the envelope for classic configurations, and your oscillator in wired configurations

low frequency oscillator
Generating both square as well as triangle waves, the low frequency oscillator is the perfect tool to spice up your patches. Great in everything from automated filter sweeps to syncing the clocks.

amplifier+speaker bellow
Cables goes in, sounds come out. Show off your amazing patch to the rest of the world. Let them hear it.
Warning: never connect headphones directly to the outputs! You can damage your ears and your headphones.

Keyboard with individual tuneable keys and a programmable step sequencer.
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