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Citronic PRO-2 MKII DJ Mixer
Cat: 469964 Rel: 01 Oct 12
2-channel DJ mixer
Notes: The PRO-2 MKII is a straightforward traditional 2-channel mixer with a solid build quality and an uncluttered layout. It has high quality faders, sturdy rotaries and includes a dedicated microphone input with 2-band EQ and level control. The monitor section features a rotary control to switch between channels 1 and 2 allowing the user to have a mix of both channels at the same time through the headphones.
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Gemini MM-1BT 2 Channel Compact DJ Mixer With Bluetooth
Cat: 789567 Rel: 14 Oct 20
DJ mixer with Bluetooth
Notes: Updated version of Gemini's tiny MM1 DJ mixer adds Bluetooth streaming to allow you to play music wirelessly via a phone or other Bluetooth device. Compact two-channel format with two-band EQ.

Supplier's Notes:
Packing all the essentials needed to play, mix, and route audio, the MM1BT is a 2-channel pocket-sized DJ mixer with Bluetooth Input designed for DJs who need it all while establishing a small footprint. Insisting of a solid metal build, this portable DJ mixer has a complete range of performance essentials (mini DJ set) - 2-band EQ, multiple line-level sources, and dedicated features to preview your mixes - ensuring you sound perfect every time. Its smooth-glide crossfaders allow effortless transitions and mixing, and the channel EQ controls give you greater command when crafting your mix. With MM1, you get the power of a professional-grade mixer in a size which can fit in the palm of your hand. A truly mobile DJ mixer packing all the features you need.
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Gemini MM1 2 Channel Compact DJ Mixer
Cat: 568310 Rel: 12 May 15
Compact 2 channel DJ mixer with RCA inputs & outputs & 2-band EQ
Notes: One of the smallest DJ mixers on the market. Streamlined design at a wallet-friendly price. Two-channel design with basic two-band EQ, crossfader and mic input.

Supplier's notes:
Good things do come in small packages! The MM1 offers practical features in an extremely compact design. This supremely portable 2-channel stereo mixer gives DJs the control they demand at a price they can afford.

With two line RCA inputs and a master RCA output, the MM1 provides all the necessary connections. For crafting a customized sound, this mixer boasts 2-band rotary EQ on each channel, allowing you to artfully blend the lows and highs of your tracks. And individual Gain Control gives you even greater command when crafting your mix. The MM1 also features a 1/4" Microphone Input with dedicated Volume Control.

The MM1's Headphone Volume lets you adjust the levels heard through the 1/4" headphone out without changing the overall mix. Using the features to preview your mix helps ensure it sounds tight and professional for your audience.

For effortless transitions and clean mixing from one source to another, the MM1 features a smooth, robust cross fader.

Ideal for DJ's and consumers alike looking to keep their rig light and tight, along with beginners seeking an easy-to-use, dependable mixing solution, the PS1 offers valuable features and reliable performance at a very attractive price.
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Omnitronic Gnome 202P Mini DJ Mixer With Bluetooth & MP3 Player (red) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 807719 Rel: 14 Oct 19
B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box damaged, product in perfect working order***

- Super portable and lightweight DJ mixer
- 2 stereo channels with gain control and 2-band EQ, RCA connectors
- Integrated Bluetooth audio streaming for your smartphones and tablets
- MP3 player with USB port and blue LCD screen
- Adjustable microphone input via 6.3 mm jack
- Adjustable headphones output via 6.3 mm jack for pre-fader listening (CUE)
- 2 adjustable master outputs via RCA connectors
- Crossfader
- Anodized metal housing
- Operation via supplied power unit
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