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Entry Points Resonating Punk Performance & Art
Cat: 791301
book + CD
Notes: During the late 1960s and early 1970s, as members of the performance art group EXIT, Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher turned to creating outside of the gallery system and artistic conventions. Taking inspiration from eastern philosophy, particularly Buddhism and Taoism, they searched for ways to push beyond the boundaries of Western art practices and rationalities. This resonates with Redza Piyadasa and Suleiman Esa's 1974 manifesto and exhibition Towards a Mystical Reality, which likewise sought to find a way out of the limitations of modernist art practices and rationalities. Entry Points takes up Piyadasa's statement that art does not exist in time but only has entry points. What entry points might we find in the resonances between different attempts to utilize conceptual and performative gestures as a way to escape from the constraints one is faced with, aesthetically and politically?

Contains an essay by Stevphen Shukaitis, a dialogue between Shukaitis and Penny Rimbaud, and a recording of an improvised performance by Dharma and Awk Wah, "There is no authority but yourself... and there is no self", responding to footage of the Stop the City Protests.
52pp risograph printed artist book with CD. Edition of 200.

Bios: Stevphen Shukaitis is a cultural theorist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Essex. Penny Rimbaud, is a writer, poet, philosopher, painter, musician and activist. He was a member of the performance art groups EXIT co-founded the seminal anarchist punk band Crass. Dharma was the guitarist of The Observatory for the first 7 albums. In 2013, he released his solo debut, Intergranular Space.Awk Wah is the solo project of Shark Fung, a prolific Mandopop songwriter in his youth who later spent time playing drums in band like Engineered Beautiful Blood, Amino Acid Orchestra and I\D.

CD TRACKLISTING: 1. Dharma & Awk Wah - There is no authority but yourself... and there is no self (35:30)
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Houghton Annual 2019
Houghton Annual 2019 (paperback book) (2 per customer)
Cat: 746448 Rel: 04 Sep 19
147 page book showcasing the Houghton Festival
Notes: Houghton Festival has become a symbolic reminder of the integrity and resilience of the dance and electronic music community in the face of sometimes challenging and unprecedented circumstances. This much is clear following the cancellation of the festival several weeks back...

Upon arrival each guest was due to be provided with a book showcasing the creative values and personality behind what has become much more than a festival. Whilst originally intended as a gift for festival attendees we are now happy to present this as a cultural offering: a book spanning 147 pages featuring hand drawn illustrations, photography, long form interviews, think pieces, musical reflection and beyond...

The annual is a collaboration between Ransom Note and Houghton.
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Motorpsycho - Blissard
Cat: 593921
Documentary of the band Motorpsycho up to '96 and the recording process of Blissard
Notes: This album changed the author, Johan Harstad's life.
In this book we get the smell, the sound and the feeling of the 90's, when MP released their 5th album, and we experience the impact it had on both Johan and the rest of us.
Harstad is documenting MP's story, from the beginning and all the way til' 1996. The recording in Atlantis studio, the inspiration and all the challenges. Half of the book is footnotes. Nerdy, technical, obscure and cultural references - just the way MP are.
Hardcover with dust jacket - Specially designed and signed by the author. Numbered 1000 copies limited edition.
Book of the Year 2013: Awarded by Natt&Dag

Adresseavisa (Trondheims local paper): "One of Norways finest authors writes about his intense relationship to Norways best band, and it's really good"
Dagsavisen (Norway's 4th largest newspaper): "The band's official story and timeline is mashed with the myths, and the result is one of the most precise books about music, and not least the experience and affiliation ever written"
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Raster Norton Source Book 1
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Reggae Scrapbook
Reggae Scrapbook (hardback book)
Cat: 653625
Limited edition 152 page hardback book
Notes: From its birth in the vibrant Kingston ghettos through it phenomenal popularity in the 1970s to its iconic standing in today's global culture, reggae and its close relations - ska, rock steady, DJ, dub, dancehall, and ragamuffin - have taken the world by storm.

In the Reggae Scrapbook, scintillating words and images propel our appreciation of Jamaican music into the 21st century. Accompanying us on this journey is one of the men who introduced reggae to America and helped rock the world with its syncopated beat, Roger Steffens.

Through lectures, books, magazine articles, radio, and television, Steffens has shared his knowledge of reggae around the globe as the world's premier archivist and collector of reggae memorabilia. Here he traces reggae's history and roots, supplemented by an audio CD featuring interviews with such reggae greats as Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and "Toots" Hibbert.

Divided into chapters on "Roots and Ska," "Rock Steady," "The Golden Age," "Rockers," "Digital and Dance Hall" and "Internationalization," and enhanced by sidebar features on historic figures, styles, and events, The Reggae Scrapbook is all you could wish for in a celebration of the rise of this irresistible musical and social force.

The Reggae Scrapbook also conveys reggae culture through a treasure trove of memorabilia, the cream of Steffen's collection of more than 30,000 photographs, 800 T-shirts, 3,000 buttons, 10,000 posters and flyers as well as innumerable, seven-inch singles and album covers, posters, postcards, and tickets.

Photographer Peter Simon presents a stunning collection of evocative images, from reggae's rough beginnings to the latest festivals, providing a stunning visual accompaniment.
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Supersonic Scientists
Cat: 593920
15 authors/fans/fellow musicians write about 15 songs from 15 albums by the band Motorpsycho
Notes: Since their debut demotape «Maiden Voyage» in 1990, Motorpsycho has released 21 studio albums, four live albums and a bunch of 7", 10" and single tracks.
They have an enormous fan base all over the world, but still, no-one knows so much about them. apart from that they're releasing an average of one fantastic album a year.
Regarding Motorpsycho's exhibition at Rockheim, Trondheim October 16th, 15 out of Norways finest authors, musicians and music journalists will dive into the world of Motorpsycho.
Who are their fans, why do they sound the way they do, their megalomaniacal visions, their music, album sleeves, lyrics, their working ethics and last, but not least: How do they manage to keep their mysitique after 25 years on the road?
15 authors is writing about 15 different songs from 15 different albums. Among them x-MP-drummer Hakon Gebhardt, famous novelists and die hard fans Johan Harstad and Lars Ramslie, historians, fans, musicians, professors - all tell their story, and editor Marius Lien makes them all fit together.
The book contains the largest MP-discography ever, put together by Kjell Arne Sandvik and Petter Flaten Eilertsen and a foreword by Bob LeBad.

The 15 authors who contribute are:
Kristopher Schau (musicians), Marius Lien (author), Lars Ramslie (author), Anne Lise Frokedal (musician), Hedvig Mollestad (musician), Synnove Engevik (professor), Synne Overland Knudsen (musician), Espen Hauglid (writer), Stian Stakset (librarian/writer), Hakon Gebhardt (artist), Nils Henrik Smith (author), Johan Harstad (author), Audun Vinger (music journalist), Stina Stjern (artist), Arvid Skancke-Knutsen (music historian) and Morten Haugdahl (music historian).

Hardcover special edition cover with colour print and dust jacket - Specially designed by Kim Hiorthoy.
Numbered 1000 copies limited edition.

Dagsavisen (Norways 4th largest newspaper): "A staggering second look at Motorpsycho"
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The Art Of Touring
Cat: 758963
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The Blue Series: The Story Behind The Color
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The Crack Magazine Archives: A Decade Of Shoots & The Stories Behind Them
Cat: 759346
Collection of photography & behind-the-scenes insights from 10 years of Crack magazine
Notes: Across the past ten years, Crack Magazine has established itself as a visually ambitious music press. Its vast photography archive is a capsule of innovation at the intersection of music and visual culture. Alongside a run of iconic covers with legendary figures music figures, the magazine has also been an outlet for boundary-pushing coverage of underground creative communities. As such, it's a snapshot of the thriving music scenes of the past decade.

The Crack Magazine Archives features behind-the-scenes insight from the Crack Magazine family, stunning design and iconic shots of SOPHIE, J Hus, Jeff Mills, Dean Blunt, Slayer, A$AP Ferg, Helena Hauff, M.I.A., IDLES, Dave Thom Yorke, Fever Ray and so many more.
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The Heart Of Kings
The Heart Of Kings (limited book)
Cat: 614778
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