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Eight Weeks: Deep House

ホーム  Eight Weeks  

Deep House

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Thr3d (CD)
Cat: BJCD 22. Rel: 02 Apr 20
  2. Behind The Veil
  3. New Way
  4. Cumfeelthemusic
  5. Cyanotype (interlude)
  6. Over The Sun
  7. Squeeze
  8. The Hood (interlude)
  9. DLMD
  10. Steppin'
Review: It's a while since we last heard from Brisa, a Japanese producer best known for his superb 2008 album "Elevation Perception", a cross-genre fusion rooted in nu-jazz. "Th3rd" appears to be his first album since and, as you may expect, differs wildly from its predecessor. While it's still rooted in interconnected eclecticism, this time round his colourful, vibrant and life-affirming musical fusions draw far more influence from '80s electrofunk, synth-boogie, hip-hop beat-making, the vivid productions of Hudson Mohawke, slick synth-pop, R&B, breakbeat hardcore/early jungle and footwork. It's a jaw-dropping mixture of sounds and styles, but one that genuinely works. If you buy one album this week, it should be this one.
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From Joy (CD)
Cat: WO 18KCD. Rel: 19 May 20
  1. Damn! Im Feeln Real Close
  2. Inverse Algebraic
  3. Dervenen
  4. Able 2
  5. Wake Up & Dip
  6. Strut Garden
  7. Mysterious Lake
  8. Feel Us More
Review: Available on CD for the first time outside Japan, these eight tracks come from the Kyle Hall archives, all recorded by the young producer before the turn of the decade, and is presented as a homage to where Kyle lived at the time in his father's basement on the west side of Detroit on Joy Rd. From the outset, Hall's second album is loose, melodious, heady and synthesizer-heavy, with broken beats and wild, experimental rhythms combining effortlessly with jazz, jazz-funk, boogie, soul, Herbie Hancock and '80s electro influences. It makes for thrilling and hugely enjoyable listening and offers proof of Hall's musicianship and ability to repackage a wide range of influences.
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Cat: YOGM 006. Rel: 14 May 20
  1. Well Well
  2. Shake Two
  3. Shake Three
  4. No Tirt!
  5. Donny
  6. Deep See
  7. Scolgio
  8. The 5
  9. Metronomie (short version - Right version)
  10. Longboard
  11. Wavi
Review: We're not quite sure who Levitation Venue is, or are - a quick web search drew a blank - but this collection of mostly previously unreleased tracks is really rather good. The showcased works were all recorded and produced at the artist's studio in Darmstadt, Germany, between 2010 and 2019, and sound like they were created using a variety of dusty old synthesizers and drum machines. The resultant tracks are variously colourful, deep, spacey, warm, colourful and alluring, mixing together elements of analogue deep house, hazy downtempo grooves, Italo-disco, mid-80s Pet Shop Boys style synth-pop, ambient jazz and synth-wave. Throughout, Levitation Venue's emphasis on mood and melody guarantees hugely enjoyable listening.
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Coisas (CD)
Cat: IDEAL 185. Rel: 01 Apr 20
  1. Local Dub
  2. Ramona Corner
  3. The Way You Are
  4. Slowly I Turned
  5. Nothing Changes
  6. Solitare
  7. Amphetamine Jitters
Review: During the 1980s, Mike Mangino was one half of New Jersey proto-techno punks Smersh, an outfit whose work has long influenced the more industrial-minded end of the lo-fi techno community. Here he re-surfaces on Joachim Nordwall's iDEAL imprint with a solo album that's altogether deeper and more dubby in tone that some of his previous work. Apparently created via live jams with a range of electronic instruments (synths, sequencers, drum machines and so on), "Coisas" sees Mangino flit between hypnotic dub techno ("Ramona Corner"), bleeping turn-of-the-90s deep techno (the superb "The Way You Are"), languid early morning soundscapes (the locked-in dub house of "Slowly I Turned"), tracks that doff a cap towards tactile Italian deep house (the rather lovely "Solitaire") and more experimental, glitched-out dub ("Amphetamine Jitters").
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This Is Deep House (unmixed CD)
Cat: MUS 813202. Rel: 26 May 20
  1. Tom Franke - "Rosemarie" (feat Hubert Kah)
  2. Stereoact - "Bis Ans Ende Dieser Welt" (feat Chris Cronauer)
  3. Stereoact - "Feuer" (feat Morano)
  4. Ben K - "Sommernachtstraum"
  5. Luuja - "Kinder Des Mondes" (feat Jason Anousheh)
  6. Danizer, Michael Night & Sound - "Coal"
  7. Kush Kush - "Fight Back With Love Tonight"
  8. Dennis Kruissen - "South America" (Sebastien remix)
  9. Teddy Beats - "Lost Boy" (feat Sharon Desiree)
  10. Zemyu - "Can't Let Go" (feat Michele Boehme)
  11. Monteur - "Lions" (feat Bay Ledges)
  12. Monroe & Moralezz - "Start Over"
  13. Christian Laute - "Don't Worry (Be Happy)"
  14. David K - "Too Bad"
  15. Jesse Aerox & Alon - "Tel Aviv"
  16. Nikita Ferra - "I'll Sacrifice"
  17. Insane & Stone - "Day By Day"
  18. Xander Ace - "Give It Up" (Rob Danzen remix)
  19. Christopher Phonk - "Back 2 You"
  20. Redward - "Do You Know"
  21. Stefan Gruenwald & Likee - "Wonderful Life" (feat Pearl Andersson)
  22. Giacomo Ghinazzi - "Hum Baia"
  23. Alle Farben - "Far Green" (feat Lahos)
  24. Shaun Bate & Ahsha - "Fancy Things"
  25. Higheffecr & R.i.c.k - "Cruel Summer"
  26. Luca Debonaire & Arnold Palmer - "It Was Nothing"
  27. Fdvm - "Make It Right" (feat Tyler Sjostrom)
  28. Faul & Wad Vs Avalanche City - "I Need You"
  29. Charlie Atom & Michael Fall - "Gone" (feat Drew Darcy)
  30. Superfinger - "Ms Jackson" (feat Genius Jane)
  31. Boy Kiss Girl - "My Road"
  32. Viervierteltakt - "Home Calling" (feat Laura)
  33. Joshua Grey - "Higher Love" (feat Emily Moulton)
  34. Alessandro Cenatiempo - "Take My Hand"
  35. Heimlich - "Alive" (feat Jermaine Fleur)
  36. David Puentez - "Believe" (Takedown remix)
  37. Summer Love - "Dave Ramone" (feat Minelli)
  38. Dbn & Noize Generation - "Found U"
  39. Kryga & J - "West Coast"
  40. The Volcano Project - "More To Love" (Michael Fall radio remix)
  41. Blutonium Boy - "My Music"
  42. Higheffect - "Sweet Dreams" (Steve Norton remix extended)
  43. Patricio Amc - "Wicked Game" (TbO & Vega remix)
  44. Jack Avenue - "Look My Way"
  45. Sean Finn Vs Terri B! & Peter Brown - "Free"
  46. Lyre Le Temps - "Party Raiser" (Arnold Palmer remix edit)
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Cat: ANJCD 082. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Morning U
  2. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - "Nightwhisper"
  3. Here To Stay
  4. Emochine
  5. Lately (feat Rondo Mo)
  6. Strory Of Light
  7. Jody Wisternoff & James Grant - "Blue Space" (feat Jinadu)
  8. For Those We Knew (feat Mimi Page)
  9. Something Real (feat Jinadu)
  10. Andromeda
  11. The Spark (feat Christian Burns)
  12. Reverie
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Eight Weeks: Deep House