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Back Catalogue: Deep Dubstep

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Cat: ANJ 196. Rel: 22 Mar 11
  1. Sun & Moon (Distance remix)
  2. Sun & Moon (Seiji remix)
Review: Woah, we didn't see this coming; Ajunabeats, the UK trance imprint founded in 2000 by Above & Beyond types Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamaki, release a pair of remixes that touch on dubstep and future garage. The label boss's "Sun & Moon" is given some sub bass growl and menace by Distance on the A, while Seiji pops up with a garage-y interpretation on the flip that retains the straight up trance synths and chipmunk vocals!
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Played by: DJ Downrock, EPITOME
out of stock $7.02
Viraha (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: FPL 012. Rel: 06 Dec 16
  1. Cathersis (3:59)
  2. Vale (4:14)
  3. Fade Away (3:16)
  4. Viraha (4:15)
  5. Flowerdance (3:36)
  6. At What Point Do I Stop Trying (4:12)
Review: Back in the spring, Jason 'Aether' Taylor delivered one of the more assured vinyl debuts of the year; a collection of evocative ambient soundscapes and gentle dubstep rhythms entitled Von. This belated follow-up continues in a similar vein, with the Scottish producer prioritized beauty and melodic intent over dancefloor weight. That's not to say that his beats and basslines aren't solid, it's just that what really catches the ear is Taylor's use of intricate piano figures, dreamy female vocal samples, glacial sonic textures, and mood-enhancing chord progressions. It's a blend that results in music more suited to reclined listening than over-enthusiastic dancing. When the music is this picturesque, though, who are we to argue?
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Above EP (double 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: IMRV 027. Rel: 17 Apr 19
  1. Above (5:32)
  2. Blur (3:32)
  3. Dragon Love (5:07)
  4. So I Smoke (5:40)
  5. Deer (7:55)
  6. Deer (dub) (5:25)
Review: Fresh from featuring alongside Lapo on Moonshine Recordings, Agostino Isola AKA Ago returns to the Innamind Recordings label he's long called home. It would be fair to say he's in fine form, too, serving up a double-EP of melodious, atmospheric cuts that pepper the deepest of dubstep riddims with a variety of smoky samples, blissful lead lines and becalmed chords. For dancefloor play, the highlight is undoubtedly "So I Smoke", where echoing female vocal snippets bounce above dub bass and punchy drums, though "Deer (Dub)" - a rumbling club revision of included ambient cut "Deer" - is similarly impressive. Highlights elsewhere across the EP include the trip-hop style stoned beats of "Dragon Love" and the wind chimes-sporting bliss of "Above".
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out of stock $20.26
Good Luck! (heavyweight vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: IMX 004. Rel: 24 Sep 19
  1. Good Luck! (3:40)
  2. I Got (5:10)
Review: Numa Crew enigma Ago wishes us nothing but the best right here as we're offered all the drugs and the good luck over a satisfyingly trippy beat. Opener "Good Luck!" is peppered with smoking 808s, creepy arpeggios and more space than Professor Brian Cox's photo album, there's a reason this has been in such demand all summer. "I Got" is just as beguiling. Watch out for those Latin guitars as they wash over the booming kicks. Emotional. Good luck mate.
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out of stock $11.08
Cat: RS 1209. Rel: 23 Aug 12
  1. Pyramid Lake
  2. Black Ink
Review: Otherwise known as Rob McAndrews, former James Blake collaborator Airhead is fast becoming one of the most interesting producers on the R&S roster since Blake's movement to more mainstream concerns. Taking a more explicitly rhythmic direction than previous release which concentrated on lush acoustic textures, "Pyramid Lake" combines rapidfire percussion, breathy vocal samples and lo-fi VHS textures to create the most unlikely club banger you'll hear this year. "Black Ink" meanwhile sounds like a maelstrom of kickdrums tumbling up and down a rubber staircase with stray hi-hats and handclaps thrown into the mix. Undeniably one of the best R&S cuts this year.
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out of stock $8.63
Cat: MATH 10. Rel: 10 Nov 10
  1. Paper Street (original mix)
  2. Paper Street (Nick Hoppner remix)
out of stock $7.55
Cat: SEN 003. Rel: 03 Oct 17
  1. Dreader Than Dread (5:04)
  2. Howl (4:46)
Review: Three releases deep, each one an absolute peach: Youngsta's Sentry label has been total fire so far. Kicking off with dBridge, then Nomine, now the label take us to New Zealand for its third outing as Akcept takes the controls and proceeds to drive on both sides of the road; "Dreader Than Dread" is an epic bounce back 10 years with its brazenly funk horns and rolling chubby bass groove while "Howl" is a lot more spaced out, starker, late night jam with a fatty sub line that should come with a health warning. Stay alert.
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 in stock $10.27
Cat: AMAR 009. Rel: 25 Oct 16
  1. Peace Pipe (5:09)
  2. The Streets (feat Clinton Sly) (4:30)
  3. Insight (4:31)
Review: Amit's AMAR imprint continues its consistent run of fresh 140 form with New Zealand dub-wiser Akcept. Easing us in with crisp keys, we're soon introduced to his spacious sense of groove and lean instrumentation as "Peace Pipe" lurks and lingers before a lavish horn sample hits midway. "The Streets" takes us further down Akcept's melodic rabbit hole as Clinton Sly spits and sermons over a more colourful version of the riddim. "Insight" takes the prize for heaviest dancefloor cut with a bouncing sub line that tramples with abandon beneath a flow of dubby FX and textures. Playful but ultimately deep and dark, these guys aren't mucking around.
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out of stock $10.00
HTH020 (12")
Cat: HTH 020. Rel: 12 Jun 14
  1. Gravure
  2. Continuum
  3. Typeface
  4. Greyscale
Review: Indigo and Synkro return for Houndstooth duty under the Akkord guise, with HTH020 their first material for the fabric-affiliated label since last year's roundly praised debut album. That long player was perhaps the most confident display of the sound design-heavy production style the Mancunian pair had been narrowing in on since their cultish white label bow, but this new 12" finds them adding whole new levels of darkness to the mix. Moody low end sits deep in the channels; given the space to breath by Akkord who seem careful to restrict their drum samples to the barest of appearances at times (see "Gravure") whilst those out there that enjoyed the Millie + Andrea album for Modern Love will probably gravitate towards "Continuum" which showcases a murky, raw take on breakbeat-led jungle.
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Played by: Z Lovecraft, Dusky
out of stock $5.61
Cat: AS 0713. Rel: 21 Jun 13
  1. Two Sacred Swords
  2. Dub Sacred Swords
  3. Two Sacred Swords (DJ Madd remix)
Review: Steppas head honcho Alpha joins forces with prolific toaster Lutan Fyah for a rootical exercise in traditional dub. With a bumping bassline and sugar-sweet vocals, it's a fantastic transitional track that's guaranteed to enjoy plenty of exposure this festival season. For added club-focussed welly (and some lovely cymbal splashes) head for DJ Madd's remix.
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out of stock $10.75
Cat: AMAR 005. Rel: 02 Sep 15
  1. Fatty Batty (4:09)
  2. Operator (4:37)
Review: Finally... Someone's written a track about your mum: "Operator" is a sweet, sassy slice of modern jungle with wounding slo-mo kicks decorated with pretty splashes of amens and trimmed with delicious sub bass. "Fatty Batty" meanwhile, which is definitely not written about your mum, is a ridiculously funky contemporary bass jam with thundering kicks, cheeky horns and a groove so chunky you could feed a family of four for a year... And still have leftovers.
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Played by: Nice Up! Records
out of stock $8.92
Cat: AMAR 002EP. Rel: 25 Feb 14
  1. I'll Cut You Down (feat Rani)
  2. Mr Clark (wtih Nomine)
  3. Your Native God (feat Rani)
  4. Daaku
Review: Described in typically effusive terms as "lethal" by Mary Ann Hobbes, bass don AMIT returns with a second transmission on his AMAR imprint. Those of you who indulged in last summer's inaugural release on the label will need little extra incentive to indulge here, but curious parties new to the label read on. AMIT's knack for productions that are both delicate and dark is in full effect on lead track, where vocals from Rani offer a sense of fragility that's gradually consumed by the sheer bass weight of the production. "Mr Clark" meanwhile is a deliciously evil concoction of brutal percussion, rebellious bass and haunting echoed vocals from Nomine. Rani appears once more on the dubwise "Your Native God" whilst "Daaku" finds AMIT discarding with collaborations for a dark tribal skanker!
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out of stock $8.92
Spring Cuttah (limited 10")
Cat: AMAR 008. Rel: 07 Jun 16
  1. Spring Cuttah (4:15)
  2. Operator (Addison Groove remix) (4:22)
Review: Halftime warrior Amit returns with more skank-packed slo-mo drum & bass. "Spring Cuttah" is Amit at his warmest, sunniest and Tubbiest; weighty plodding kicks and soulful sighing sax, it's a true nodder of a jam. Remix-wise Bristolian Headhunter Addison Groove mashes up last year's heavily supported halftime cut "Operator" with even more amen angularities. Essential.
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out of stock $8.92
Cat: PSQ 006. Rel: 13 Jul 11
  1. Algorythmic Love
  2. Brother From Another Mother
  3. Swing Me
  4. Brother From Another Mother (Tom Dicicco Late Night dub)
out of stock $7.29
Breath (limited 12")
Cat: AIR. Rel: 23 Jan 14
  1. Breath
  2. Lungs
Review: Where to place Weevil Neighbourhood? Is this dub techno? Perhaps. Dubstep? Maybe. Drum and bass? Sometimes. Experimental? Yes: in the truest sense of the word. It draws from all these aforementioned styles and more, resulting in the formation of a reclusive German label breaking the framework of many electronic music genres wide open. The title-track from Anthone's second EP for the label is where the dub techno suggestion comes from thanks to its caustic chord sequences, only there's flashes of dubstep beat designs and loose drum and bass textures similar to what can be heard on Felix K's Flowers Of Destruction. On the flip, "Lungs" is instrumental and live feeling. In parts it sounds like a band playing, while in others you can here the work of samplers looping, and when combined, it offers an industrial soundscape that's like merging some of the darker rock and metal stylings from Sex Tags No Amfibia with Regis' Sandra Electronics project, only reduced to the point of almost being ambient.
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 in stock $8.63
  1. Appleblim - "Fear"
  2. Shackleton - "Hamas Rule"
Review: Shackleton's tracks have been getting a caning from the likes of Kode 9 and N Type on Rinse FM, through to the likes of Rob da Bank on Radio One and also on XFM, and at raves such as DMZ and Subloaded. DJ support from people as diverse as Ricardo Villalobos. Positive reviews of previous releases have appeared in The Wire, IDJ, Fact magazine and many more.
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Played by: David Plans
out of stock $6.75
Permanence (12")
Cat: PICT 017. Rel: 06 Jun 13
  1. Departed
  2. Not The Only One
  3. Want Somebody
  4. Safety
  5. Paradigms
Review: A very hot prospect in the exciting playing field between the darks arts of bass and traditional singer/songwriting, Arcane is building in the firm foundations set by the likes of Fink, Darkstar, Blake and Frameworks. Less cry-baby than Blake, more bass-fuelled than Framework, each of these five cuts trembles with sentimentality while kicking you in the shin with their ace low end capabilities and stark hooks. Highlights include the garagey vox and fractures of "Safety" and the more full-flavoured church like groans on "Departed".
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out of stock $7.29
Water Tides (hand-stamped 10" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: I&I ENDS 1001. Rel: 02 Jan 18
  1. Archiver & Rebel Samurai - "Water Tides" (feat Ras Tinny) (5:09)
  2. Alpha Steppa - "Water Tides" (Thatchers Funeral March mix) (5:07)
Review: It's been a while since Archiver launched his I & I Musik label with the "Pusherman" dub but he's back and it's a serious thing. Gravity weighs off every word Ras Tinny spits. A stern story of greed's vicious pyramid laid over some springy kicks and ebbed textures, it's an alluring attack of both thoughts and senses. Alpha Steppa takes it deeper into the dance with a heavy pressure skank on the flip. Highly recommended.
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out of stock $12.16
Cat: SHIP 05. Rel: 21 Apr 11
  1. Ard Bit - "Tois"
  2. Ard Bit - "Hilips"
  3. Astro Poser - "Gliese"
  4. Astro Poser - "Skelucid"
  5. Astro Poser - "My Chephei"
out of stock $9.72
Nooo EP (12")
Cat: ARTKL 024. Rel: 13 Dec 16
  1. Nooo (5:09)
  2. Glowz (5:50)
  3. Stigma (4:46)
Review: Kenzo's Artikal rounds up another commanding year with decorated damagers across the 140-160 bass spectrum with a traditional 140 release courtesy of FKOF alumni Argo. "Nooo" is a creeped out stroll through a misty midnight wood, sounds echoing around you, prickling your skin and playing your mind. "Glowz" will turn you inside out as it tears your attention between the stretched and rolled subverted trappy percussion and its soul-smouldering subs. Finally "Stigma" is the actual soundtrack to the moments aliens come down and kidnap you in around 35 years time. Bon voyage.
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out of stock $8.92
Cat: PHC 013. Rel: 02 May 13
  1. Addict (feat Applebim)
  2. Addict (feat Applebim - Komon remix)
  3. 23 Summers Out To Tommy's Stashwell Chatz
  4. Iron Oxide
Review: Bristol's champion of full-bodied and immaculately produced dubstep business brings more of his plush melodics to bear on the Halocyan imprint after sterling turns for the likes of Apple Pips. "Addict" is a prime example of his style, fusing crisp, sugarsnap garage drums with thick swathes of synths that dart and parry around each other with grace and skill. Komon steps up on the remix tip with a simple fashioning of the track into a chunky house groove that retains the essence of the original. "23 Summers" takes a more laidback approach to the steppiness, slinging R&B samples around in a delirous and boogie-inflected haze, while "Iron Oxide" plunges into a more rolling breakbeat flavour shot through with a healthy dose of melancholia. Finally, October gets jacking on a remix of "23 Summers" that piles on metallic percussion and bubbling acid in a linear and psyched out fashion that's as much industrial as it is techno.
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out of stock $7.02
Advent (12")
Cat: RED 005. Rel: 15 Dec 10
  1. Advent
  2. The Glow
Played by: Be-1ne
out of stock $7.29
Ask Yourself (remix) (1-sided 10")
Cat: ASK 0012. Rel: 25 Oct 16
  1. Ask Yourself (remix) (4:54)
Review: Near mythical version of a Plastikman classic from a man who'll remain unnamed, "Ask Yourself" enjoys a rare repress and you'd be wise not to sleep on it. Retaining all the alien isolation and spooked out allure of the original but with rolling drums and a sub powerful enough to heat the whole of Croydon, this remains a matchless piece of remix craft. No questions asked.
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out of stock $8.92
Cat: MEDI 066. Rel: 19 Mar 13
  1. A/T/O/S
  2. A/T/O/S (Skream mix)
  3. A/T/O/S (Commodo remix)
Review: MAJOR heat abounds on this. Mysterious act ATOS have delivered a smouldering slab of fractured, future soul. Sitting on its own island somewhere between Massive Attack, Submotion Orchestra and Burial, it's utterly beautiful. Naturally Skream's remix hits every spot. With shuddering half steps and a re-imagined vocal arrangement, it's like a whole new tune. Commodo, meanwhile, opts for strange jazzed out percussion and a dampened trippiness on the vocal. Three unique versions; each one of them stunning. Don't miss this.
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Played by: Be-1ne, Dom Servini, Congi
out of stock $7.83
Destroy (12")
Cat: TEMPA 086. Rel: 12 Feb 14
  1. Destroy
  2. Giant Footprints
  3. Everdine
Review: Celebrating his Tempa debut with an expansive four-track banquet, AxH is cooking with nothing but the most authentic heavyweight flavours right here. "Destroy" is instantly timeless as we're stripped back to the bare bass riddim and thundering kicks and claps. "Giant Footprints" is more groove focused as we swagger to the resonant halfstep and craggy, nagging hook. Further on we immerse ourselves in loopy hypnosis on "Everdine" and invest in bitter sweet drama on "I Feel Safe". Something tells us this is only the beginning of a perfect relationship between AxH and Tempa.
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Played by: AxH, Gremlinz, AxH
out of stock $7.55
Tokyo EP (12")
Cat: BOKA 048. Rel: 19 Jun 18
  1. Tokyo (4:38)
  2. Devilman (4:11)
  3. Gamera (4:44)
  4. Inokashira (4:38)
Review: Sometime Tempa regular turned enthusiastic label-hopper AXH pops up on Boka for the very first time. As usal, there's much to set the pulse racing and get the guts trembling. He sets the tone with opener "Tokyo", where percussion hits and exotic Japanese samples fizz above a ragged sub-bass assault, before wrapping ear-pleasing far eastern melodies around a punchy dubstep groove on "Devilman". Over on the flipside, "Gamera" is another sub roller powered by ten-ton sub-bass, while "Indokashira" is as sweet and melodious as they come, thanks in no small part to the presence of a particularly bluesy vocal sample amongst the typically rolling rhythm.
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out of stock $10.00
Dutty Kong (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LIONCHG 021. Rel: 27 Feb 18
  1. Dutty Kong (5:07)
  2. Dutty Kong (Alter Echo & E3 Moonrise remix) (5:05)
Review: Hand stamped, vinyl-only, Lion Charge roar again. This time it's all about Boston's AXH who ploughs through the noise with a rumbling classically-tuned dub piece with kicks heavy enough to crush your house. Flip for a barbed version excursion from Alter Echo & E3 Moonrise where the lines between dubstep and dub techno are so thin they vanish before your ears. Don't sleep on this one.
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out of stock $8.92
  1. Respek Ispek/Touch I Heart (feat Levi Roots & African Simba - Gatekeeper & Appleblim remix)
  2. Transformal (feat Ras Bernardo & Jeru Banto - Hyetal remix)
  3. Moses (feat Ras B - Forsaken remix)
out of stock $7.55
  1. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn - "Ireland"
  2. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn - "Ireland Dub"
  3. Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn - "Ireland"
  4. Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn - "Ireland Dub"
  5. Radikal Guru & Cian Finn - "9 Years"
  6. Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn - "9 Years Dub"
  7. Alpha Steppa & Cian Finn - "9 Years"
  8. Dub Dynasty & Cian Finn - "9 Years Dub"
Review: Ireland isn't the first place you'd think of when it comes to sturdy soundsystem dub flavours, but Cian Finn is quickly changing this perception with some deep, driving conscious mic craft. It's clear his years as front man for Irish festival faves Intinn have paid off as we're treated to a series of versions, each one paying attention to a different aspect of dub. Highlights include the sonorous hollow tones of Radikal Guru's version of "Ireland Dub" and the raw stomp of Alpha Steppa's "9 Years Dub". Serious soundsystem material!
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out of stock $11.88
Cat: RUG 508T. Rel: 29 Nov 12
  1. Four Tet - "Love Cry" (Joy Orbison remix)
  2. Austra - "Beat & The Pulse" (Still Going remix)
out of stock $7.55
Time Flies (12")
Cat: OSMUK 013. Rel: 25 Jul 11
  1. Time Flies
  2. Time Flies (instrumental)
Review: Hot on the heels of their well received Can't Sleep long player on Blackbox, Kryptic Minds return with the vocal talents of Alys Be in tow. The razor sharp bass and dread inducing synths of "Time Flies" mark it as one for the moody dancefloors, with the bittersweet vocals serving as a fascinating sonic contrast to the speaker rattling low frequencies. Flip over for a heads down, hoods up instrumental version!
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out of stock $6.47
Cat: BLACKBOX 010. Rel: 04 Mar 11
  1. Kryptic Minds - "Can't Sleep" (feat Alys Be)
  2. Kryptic Minds vs Emika - "Make You Sleep"
Review: D&B-turned-dubstep duo Kryptic Minds seem to have somewhat of a predisposition towards the darker shades of dubstep with their trademark murky basslines, inky black soundscapes, haunting vocals and deep dubs. "Make You Sleep" is no exception to the rule; employing Emika's whispering lyrical prowess with heavy, solipsistic bass and rolling subs, it's another superb venture, building hype for the release of their album, due out later this year (we can't wait!) On the flip, insomnia troubling cut "Can't Sleep" (feat. Alys Be) continues the vibe with more contemplative, melodic blissed out music from the pair, rounding the release off to perfection.
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Played by: Kryptic Minds, Emika
out of stock $6.47
Cat: IMRVR 001. Rel: 23 Jan 19
  1. LAS - "Uuha" (Egoless remix) (5:10)
  2. Ago - "Why Won't You" (Foamplate remix) (4:40)
Review: Version time: Innamind look back over the vaults and pick two of their many cult subversive tracks and hand them over to two of the modern game's most distinctive craftsmen for remix duties. The results speak for themselves as Egoless charges up LAS' "Uuha" with a whole new layer of organic instrumental funk while Foamplate flips Ago's "Why Won't You" into much starker pastures, injecting the already eerie skanker with stacks more space. Don't sleep on this.
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out of stock $10.54
Cat: FREQ 005. Rel: 26 Jul 11
  1. Four Leaf Clover (feat Asher Dust)
  2. Four Leaf Clover (Geiom remix)
  3. Four Leaf Clover (Von D remix)
Played by: Be-1ne
out of stock $6.75
Meditation/Jazz Lick/Boo/Warriah (hand-numbered 12" in hand-stamped sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BS 005. Rel: 21 Mar 17
  1. OH91 - "Meditation" (4:38)
  2. Nights & Aerotonin - "Jazz Lick" (4:41)
  3. TryTryDieDown - "Boo" (3:33)
  4. Crix Saiz - "Warriah" (4:41)
Review: San Diego's vinyl-only bass purveyors Banana Stand Sound return with one of their most all-encompassing EPs to date. Full spectrum services on offer: OH91 sets the tone with a smouldering sub sesh on "Meditation", Nights & Aerotonin fire up the grime hole with the aggy, cutty "Jazz Licks" and TryTryDieDown lets loose on a sharply edited juke-style jam "Boo". Denver's Crix Saiz finishes with a deep throaty one-fingered salute. Genuinely unique.
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out of stock $10.27
Tempa Allstars Vol 6 (double 12")
Cat: TEMPA 051. Rel: 15 Oct 10
  1. Skream - "Rollin' Kicks"
  2. Icicle - "Anything"
  3. FaltyDL - "Sunday"
  4. Benga - "I Come From London"
  5. SBTRKT - "Sleep In Tokyo"
  6. Alix Perez - "Metric"
Review: Volume Six of Tempa Allstars collects contributions from some of the underground music scene's pioneers and leading lights Skream. "Rollin' Kicks" begins the EP with a tapping drumbeat and a Breakage hued sonic palette (circa "Open Up") which is a million miles away from Magnetic Man. D&B-turned-dubstep minimalist Icicle steps up with "Anything". Crisp, acerbic breaks feature heavily, perfectly calculated beats and a futuristic touch. Falty DL adds a funky touch with "Sunday" as chirpy bleeps and bellows of bass underpin the fidgeting rhythms here, with notable sunny, upbeat vibes in the synth work. Benga injects a dose of humour with the ticking percussive lisp and robotic chant of "I Come From London" driving things along into a hypnotic state of sentiency. SBTRKTs "Sleep In Tokyo" is all broken, funked up beats, warm keys and delicately textured rhythms. Alix Perez brings the EP to a close with "Metric". Deep, atmospheric crackling, crisp SFX and rumbling subs roll along with dark menace. A superb finale to one of the finest releases in the Tempa Allstars series so far.
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 in stock $23.50
Vampayaa (12")
Cat: SCRUB 005. Rel: 23 Nov 10
  1. Vampayaa (original mix)
  2. Vampayaa (RSD remix)
  3. Vampayaa (Marcus Visionary remix)
  4. Vampayaa (Starkey remix)
Played by: Powlo Thirsty Ear
out of stock $7.02
Ashes Fall (12")
Cat: FAV 004. Rel: 21 Mar 17
  1. Tetrad & Ahkur - "Ashes Fall" (5:31)
  2. Tetrad - "Crumble" (6:09)
Review: LA not-so-confidential: Tetrad has been developing a strong reputation for slick sub aesthetics for a little while now, appearing on labels such as Sublimate and Sure State. Now bringing his emerging friend and sonic kindred spirit Ahkur along for the ride, the result is the smoke-stacked, toxic bass croaker that's "Ashes Fall", a powerful piece of darkness designed for 3am and later. "Crumble" sees Tetrad back on the solo flex with a sweet sub that sits behind everything anonymously until it starts to flop out behind the kicks in a dizzying, almost physical way. Authentic.
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out of stock $8.92
Out Of Sync (2xLP)
Cat: REDSEALLP 001. Rel: 04 Jul 12
  1. Prometheus
  2. Disintegrate
  3. Glass Walls
  4. Oneironaut
  5. Talisman
  6. No Love Lost
  7. Plume
  8. A Song For Hope
Review: Amazingly, this is the ninth album from experimental D&B veteran ASC. Those who've followed his career to date should know what to expect; an atmospheric and all-enveloping sound that uses traditional D&B rhythms and structures sparingly, instead flipping between clandestine electronica, IDM and shuffling ambience (see the crackly opener "Spheres", which recalls his recent work with fellow experimentalist Sam KDC on the Decayed Society LP). It's a fusion that delivers real quality, from the late night '90s vibes of "Glass Wall", and guitar-laden Balearica of "Oneironaut", to the beatless beauty of "A Song For Hope", technological grooves of "Prometheus", and glitchy oddness of "Stay True".
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out of stock $14.04
ATOS (3x10" gatefold LP)
Cat: MEDILP 009. Rel: 25 Feb 14
  1. Projects
  2. Deep End
  3. What I Need
  4. Cosmos
  5. Paper
  6. Roses
  7. Room
  8. A Taste Of Struggle
  9. Interlude
  10. Run
  11. Hey
  12. No Heart
  13. Interlude
  14. Nowhere
  15. Variations
Review: The somewhat shadowy ATOS pairing of Amoys and Truenoys follow up their 2013 Deep Medi Musik debut with a self titled album that offers a more comprehensive representation of their fractured, soulful take on the nebulous bass music scene. Short for A Taste Of Struggle, the name alone should hint at some of the themes explored lyrically on this fifteen track album, as Amoys and Truenoys expound on a sound that sits somewhere between Massive Attack, Submotion Orchestra and Burial. Whilst there have been plenty of producers utilising sampled vocals within dubstep it's nice to see a duo attempt to adapt the framework to song writing to such atmospherically loaded effect.
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out of stock $17.28
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