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Latest reviews

Mukatsuku Presents Eko / Georges Ouedraogo - Afro Funk & Disco Gems Volume Nine
Mukatsuku's ongoing "Afro Series" continues with a fine limited edition 45 containing two funk-fuelled floor-fillers. In fact, you'll struggle to find a more celebratory and life-affirming workout than Eko's "M'Ongele M'Am" licensed from Nubiphone & Africa Seven, a Makossa-fired Afro-disco gem rich in punchy horns, driving Afro-boogie bass, lilting synthesizer lines, Mariachi style trumpet solos and the kind of chant-along vocals that should put a smile on the face of even the most miserable of dancers. Over on side B, Georges Ouedraogo's "Deni" is an essential Clavinet-happy killer chunk of Afro-funk/Afro-Disco fusion from Burkina Faso. As played by Floating Points,The Allergies,Faze Action,Antal ,Lego Edits & Red Greg so far...
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Dj Trance / Darwin Chamber - Indians & Aliens
Reissue of this rave classic - Indians & Aliens and Great Spirit - 2 tracks packed with tribal rhythms, breaks and acid lines by West Coast pioneers DJ Trance & Darwin Chamber. Straight from the DATS, remastered by Alden Tyrell and cut at The Exchange London, what else could you ask for? 2 fire remixes by D. Tiffany & Roza Terenzi, you say?
Zug - Algunos Sentimientos Part 1
Having previously impressed with two suitably atmospheric EPs on Propersound, Zug has decided to launch his own imprint. This label debut is naturally rather delicious, with the producer offering up a quartet of analogue-rich cuts that effortlessly combine the sci-fi sounding futurism of Detroit with the comforting melodiousness of Larry Heard. Such is the quality throughout that picking highlights is tough, though we're particularly enjoying the gentle grooves and alien melodies of "Constancia" and the suitably dubby, intergalactic pulse of EP opener "Alegria". Elsewhere, "Bienestar" combines bleeping melodies, dreamy chords and shuffling, tech-house style beats, while "Celebracion" sees him wrap far-sighted electronics around a bustling, two-step influenced rhythm track.
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Tyu / Inigo Vontier / Plot Pilot / Serial Experiments - Correcciones Calypso
The art of editing is seriously taked here in Calypso and for this we introduce you our new series "Correcciones Calypso". We are glad to release some of the most epic ones we and some of the coolest djs around have been spinning here and there for the last year. First we have a track that was born a hit since the very begining, Tyu from Mexico is welcome on the label with his "Meneo" already guilty of setting fire to many dancefloors around the globe. INigo Vontier jumps on the journey with "Justus", space disco at its finest. For the B side Vilnius ascending stars Plot Pilot formers members of Siaubas deliver "Knock Around" a peak hour track full of guitars and live bassline that goes on and on. Again from Vilnius the Serial Experiments boys close the EP with "Industry Works" a slow and sexy lithuanian sax chug.
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Midge Thompson - New Destinations EP
For their second release, London party crew turned label chiefs Butter Side Up have enlisted the services of Midge Thompson, a young producer from Leeds who has been a regular guest at their events in the past. As debut EPs go, "New Destinations" is quietly impressive. He starts confidently via the swinging and bass-heavy UK garage/tech-house/deep house fusion of "Destination 2242" before opting for a deeper, spacier feel on the two-step shuffle of "Delta 9". "Beeston Lights" feels like a warmer update of the classic UK tech-house sound of 2000s Sheffield duo Swag, while Titonton Duvante's killer remix of "Destination 2242" is a spacey, swinging and bass-heavy chunk of intergalactic late night goodness.
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Chris Spheeris / Paul Voudouris - Passage
Emotional Rescue and Mountains In The Sea are thrilled to team up to revive a lost rarity of American ambient music: Chris Spheeris and Paul Voudouris' 1982 album 'Passage'. Living and recording in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chris and Paul composed and released several albums of folk-rock and album-oriented synthpop before their attentions turned towards sound healing music in the early 1980s. The duo was approached by a company doing biofeedback therapy and asked to create an aural component for patients looking to regain control of nervous disorders. After extensive preparations and just one day of studio time, 'Passage' was the result, recorded live with no additional overdubs. The LP consists of 3 long tracks which flow together as a single piece. Opener 'Prism' contains the album's most frenetic moments, glittering guitar and synth tones designed to draw the listener out of their distressed state. Next comes the soaring 'Mosaic', a renewing sunrise of warm chords that beckons slowly towards the album's summit, the over-20 minute title track which contains a sonic ecosystem of it's own. The album concludes in a state of pure serenity, in which the passage of time has seemed to slow to a halt, and the outside stresses of the world eradicated. Over 3 decades since its initial conception, 'Passage' still retains all of its inestimable healing power, but remains incredibly difficult to find. It's an album that belongs in discussions of landmark early American ambient works, alongside names like Michael Stearns, Constance Demby, Kerry Leimer and Pauline Anna Strom. ER and MITS have worked with original cover artist Vinayak to render the album artwork as originally intended, in even greater detail than on its first release. We're overjoyed to be able to share this rare sensory experience with you.
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