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Latest reviews

Rigzz - Fision EP
Argentinian producer Rigzz is next up on the Eastenderz label with more those stylishly striped back and dubbed out tech house sounds. This impressive four tracker opens with the heavy bump of 'Fision' which is underpinned with gritty kicks. 'Cenit' layers up more rock solid drums with lively and loose synths to compiling effect. The tightly woven rhythms continue though 'Space3' which has modulated synths stitched into the arrangement for some cosmic vibes and 'Signals On Me' closes out with a fourth and final heavyweight rhythm that will appeal to both DJs and dancers
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Esperanto - Vegas (remastered)
Venezuelan band Esperanto have been back in the spotlight as their self titled debut album got a much needed repress no so long ago. Now French gang Favorite turn their attention to the band's second album, Vegas, which is a real grail for many collectors. It has been remastered for the occasion and comes on gatefold vinyl. The record was written after bandleader Jorge Aguilar made a trip to the world famous trip and was dazzled by the neon lights and vivid colours, all of which clearly influenced this record and its vibrant mix of jazz-funk, boogie and disco.
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Javonntte / Dj Scsi / Brian Kage / Drivetrain - Tales From Detroit
Tales Italy looks to the Motor City for this fresh four tracker featuring some of Detroit's most assured talents. Javonntte sets things moving with 'House Express,' a rickety house groove with plenty of that celebrated US soul. DJ SCSI offers a brilliantly crisp and frosty electro jam in the form of 'Robotik Dance (Shake Yo Thang)' and Brian Kage's 'Connected Principal' heads to the stars on chilly smeared pads and compiling broken beats. The rumbling bassline is the real standout feature though. Lastly, Drivetrain builds the pressure with the tense tech house loops of 'Dark Liaison.' Crucial stuff.
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Omni Am - Kastmaster
\ZMarky Star and Adam Collins were an early tech house duo Omni AM from the US. The bulk of their tunes came at the turn of the millennium after a debut album on Euphoria in 1997. Their Kastmaster EP in 2001 is one of the most cherish in their catalogue and now it gets reissued exactly as it was. 'Tubes For Allah ' is deadly stuff, a teeth gridding tech house cut with lots of tense metal surfaces. 'Chill New Body' completely flips the script with a lazy and deep house groover. The ten minute masterpiece that is 'Beat Dis' then builds on sleazy breaks with a fine female vocal sample and dark bass. An original will cost you a fair few quid so don't below to jump on this one.
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Basic - Face In The Night (reissue)
Italian percussionist Massimo Pacciani produced his brilliant Italo ballad 'Face In The Night' in 1984. It was a big hit then and remains just as potent now with its loveable retro chords and nostalgic synth chords. Marzio himself was on guitar and the great vocals are from Riccardo Galardini. The beats are tinny drum machine sounds and those vocals are kitsch but cool. The whole thing soars and soars with cute marimba motifs and takes you to a better place. On the flip side is an edit that only subtly tweaks the original for more modern dance floors.
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Rub800 - Port Escape EP
Slovenian imprint phi hands controls over to Rub800 for this new EP Port Escape. The producer heads on to see on a wave of silky final grooves and aqueous pads that very much keep you afloat in to the wee hours. After the wispy neons and smeared chords of 'Port Escape' comes the hissing perc and winky bass tones of tripped out delight 'The Gate Keeper.' Weird and wonderful melodies and harmonic tones continues to define 'Home For More' as it bumps along in low key fashion and '4 Days' (Won't Stop mix) closes out with a stylish electro vibe.
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