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Coming Soon: Techno (すべて)

ホーム  Coming Soon  

Techno (すべて)

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Needs 006
Needs 006 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NNFP 006. Rel: 28 May 19
  1. Eris Drew - "See You In Snow" (6:15)
  2. Edward - "Mind Loop" (6:16)
  3. D.Tiffany - "Sun Trip" (7:54)
  4. Henry Hyde - "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim" (6:18)
Review: The ever-charitable Needs project continues apace with another stunning cast of characters offering up their dancefloor creations to help a good cause - the environmentally-focused Cool Earth NGO. On this 12", Eris Drew delivers the uplifting breakbeat celebration of "See You In Snow", while Edward takes things deeper with the tripped out minimal house groove of "Mind Loop". D. Tiffany brings a particularly crafty approach to her own drum funk science on "Sun Trip" and Henry Hyde cools things down with the mellow, new age 2 step stylings of "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim."
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coming soon $9.68
Studio Defeat
Studio Defeat (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 018. Rel: 25 Jan 21
  1. Expert Text Reader
  2. Ray Mentor
  3. Messiah
  4. Twisted Helix Posture
Review: Probably the poppiest release on Return To Disorder yet by French Electro legend dynArec. The most danceable machine funk you can imagine.
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Played by: LesYeuxOrange
coming soon TBA
The Recurring Dream
The Recurring Dream (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIT 003.
  1. Mind Wipe
  2. Our Mission
  3. Praying For Better Days
coming soon TBA
Azimuth (Expanded Edition)
Cat: ART 20211. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Hello
  2. Azimuth
  3. Track
  4. ESP
  5. Funk In Space
  6. Harmonics
  7. Tedra
  8. Doppler
  9. Wires
  10. Q
  11. My Travels
  12. Wondering
  13. Q (Right Brain remix)
Played by: Edit Select
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est. release 29 Jan 21 $29.34
Eggs EP
Eggs EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ORN 029.
  1. 313151 (9:15)
  2. 44151 (5:46)
  3. 313154 (5:58)
Review: The latest drop on Ornate sees Neil Tolliday's Nail project metamorphose into Sentipede. His illustrious track record in UK house and techno has touched on all kinds of ventures since the DIY days, and now he's presenting something very special indeed for Ornate. The vibe on these tracks is more taut and techy, with "313151" opening proceedings on a bubbling bed of acid before the rubbery monosynth jack of "44151" on the B side. Keeping things locked into this nervy strain of warehouse tackle, "3131154" finishes the record off with some even more audacious 303 lines that will dig right into your synapses and give 'em a twist, in the nicest possible way of course.
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coming soon $9.68
Orchestrated Reality EP
Cat: 3EEP 202004. Rel: 02 Apr 21
  1. Who Stole The Soul
  2. Love Laugh Live
  3. Groovin
  4. Orchestrated Reality
  5. Chillin
  6. Watching Over Me
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.12
Nothing Good Happens Before Midnight
Cat: RAWAX 006LP. Rel: 01 Aug 21
  1. Bang The Drums
  2. Psyco Village
  3. 105 In Music
  4. Simoncino & Luke Hess - "Tape I"
  5. In The Spirit
  6. Akaweba
  7. My Fev Girl Is The Next
  8. Simoncino & Luke Hess - "Tape II"
coming soon $20.22
Mount Analog/Crimes of the future 7"
  1. Timothy J. Fairplay - "Plymouth Planetarium"
  2. Scott Fraser - "Wraith not envy"
Review: Exclusive 7" single in conjunction with Mount Alalog Los Angeles presenting Crimes Of The Future label bosses Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay with 2 exclusive cuts of leftfield house and electro psychedelia... very limited copies!
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Played by: Kid Who
coming soon TBA
Basement Jams
  1. Pr1
  2. Ocs
  3. Tkn
  4. Sn7
coming soon $12.25
Every Mouth Teeth Missing
  1. An Unstable Music (0:54)
  2. Every Mouth Teeth Missing (2:32)
  3. Pleasure For Pleasure (4:00)
  4. Opperton Swim (4:15)
  5. Mouth Bank Bed (2:12)
  6. Sleep All Night With Open Eye (4:34)
  7. Pay As U Glow (4:33)
  8. Ekkles (3:32)
  9. Welcome New People (5:10)
  10. Milkweed (5:38)
Review: Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery's Incienso imprint is very proud to release the new album by London-based producer Call Super. Every Mouth Teeth Missing is Joe Seaton's third album, one that was three years in the making and described as being "a strange constant rain in his life". From the neon-lit tropical vibe of the title track and 'Opperton Swim', to the micro bounce on the affectionately titled 'Ekkies' to the introspective ambient soundscapes as heard on 'Sleep All Night With Open Eye' or 'Welcome New People'. Features musical contributions by his father David on clarinet.
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Played by: Nachtbraker
coming soon $19.94
2 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CRTL 011.2. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. One More Time
  2. Hydrobius
  3. Acetone
  4. Beat Box
Review: "2" is the second release of Prince de Takicardie triptych on
Cartulis Music imprint. Rafael Beneluz keeps surprising with his micro inteligent grooves combined with complex melodies and meticulously programmed drums. The perfect formula for dancefloor intensity!

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coming soon TBA
Lotuses In A Sea Of Fire
  1. Lotuses In A Sea Of Fire
  2. Cedars
Review: Once in a while, music with such profound audio spiritual healing qualities, combined with the essence of funk, arrive from the cosmos.. This time round, Helen Copnall becomes the conduit for AER, delivering a deeply powerful set of emotive, moving frequencies that are unrivalled in their honesty & integrity. "Lotuses in a sea of fire" delivers an enlightened compelling message, full of drive & cosmic musicality, soaring through the clouds, that resonate through the soul. "Cedars" takes us on a groove laden workout, with intricate patterns and lashings of spirit. British Artist Helen Copnall is a musical genius, A DJ/Producer who runs the 50Arc collective in London, including the Arcmix studios, with fellow artist partner Charlie Tear. Tip!
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Played by: James Ornate
coming soon TBA
Tormenta EP
  1. Tormenta
  2. Espectro Rojo
  3. Gradiente De Voltaje
coming soon $11.68
Preamble EP
Cat: RWAY 001. Rel: 01 Feb 21
  1. The Arising Of The Phoenix (In Memory Of Mark Bartissol)
  2. Running Out Of Thyme
  3. Hey, Rube!
  4. Pickled Beets
Review: When cult Canadian Akufen (which is, fact fans, a phonetic spelling of acouphene, the French word for tinnitus) releases music, it doesn't hang around long. And it has been that way for decades now. This new one on Ourway will surely keep up that long tradition, offering as it does more timeless house minimalists and studio trickery. 'The Arising Of The Phoenix (In Memory Of Mark Bartissol)' is a deep house groove with heavenly melodic loops that cast your mind free from this world. 'Running Out Of Thyme' offers a wonky, jerking beat to make you move your feet and the pixelated pads of 'Hey, Rube!' bring scintillating texture, while 'Picked Beats' is a darker, dubbier closer.
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coming soon TBA
Boiling Bubble EP (including Reedale Rise remix)
  1. Boiling Bubble (Reedale Rise remix)
  2. Boiling Bubble
  3. Disobedience
  4. Biomatic
Review: G-Prod are French brothers David & Nico Gaugain, who make deep techno, hugely influence by the sound from Detroit. Quickly gaining support on the scene from key DJ's Josh Wink, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dan Curtin & Fabrice Ligue, they have released on a well respected list of labels such as R&S, Soiree, Appian, Nightflight, Nebulae, Like, Lumina, Restructured, Visillusion, Specimen, Nice & Nasty, Logos, Intellitronic Bubble, Bakroom, Biotech, Naeba. Their latest release is on David Duriez imprint Brique Rouge. Remix duties go to Reedale Rise, an artist who is fast gaining an established following touring with his live sound and with releases on quality labels such as 20/20 Vision, Ornate, Frustrated Funk, Subwax, Boe Recordings, his remix will appeal to those who like their electro for the dancefloor.
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Played by: Carlos Nilmmns, G-Prod
coming soon TBA
Deep Soul Calm EP
Deep Soul Calm EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FTV 001.
  1. Deep Soul Calm
  2. Identity
  3. Deep Soul Calm (The Vast Profound remix)
Review: Casey's musical career spans over three decades having taken up producing in 1989 after a love affair with Acid House. He made his vinyl debut in 1990 with fellow city band, Shades of Rhythm (recording under the name Frenzied Bass) on a limited-edition release called The Fenland Bass EP. In 1991 Casey was signed to Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 records in Canada, where between 1991 and 1995 he released several singles under the names 0733 and VFT.In 1995 Casey set up his own label, Fine Balance Records, where he released a couple of limited edition melodic Techno EP's under his own name. He has also been releasing on the well acclaimed label "For Those That Knoe".

The Vast Profound on remix duties is Wil Russell (of duo Pop Out And Play), who writes melodic deep house and techno. Wil's previous releases are on labels Alola, Lucky Sun, Opilec, Visitor, Audiophile etc.
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Played by: G-Prod
coming soon TBA
Coachella (12")
Cat: TRP 033. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. Coachella
  2. Egalize
  3. Needles
  4. Tainted
  5. Boss 303
coming soon $11.68
Sunbeam (remastered)
  1. Sunbeam
  2. Fictional Frequency
Played by: Carlos Nilmmns
coming soon $11.39
Multi Periodic Oscillations EP
Multi Periodic Oscillations EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LA 001. Rel: 18 Jan 21
  1. Cepheid Variable (part 1)
  2. Blazhko Effect
  3. Cepheid Variable (part 2)
Review: Alan Dixon launches his brand new label Love Attack, the Multi Periodic Oscillations EP being a three tracker from Man Power at his curious techno best. Deep, dark and dubby, not to mention suitable for 3am needs everywhere, it opens with 'Cepheid Variable Part 1', 11 minutes of twists and turns, revolving around a hypnotic groove. Its baby brother 'Part 2' keeps the vibes intact before 'Applegate Mechanism' closes the EP in a straight up dancefloor fashion. Keep your eyes on Love Attack, with many more releases lined up for the next year.
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Played by: Man Power
coming soon TBA
Bunker 4017
  1. Kievitslaan 25
  2. Zeist 95
  3. Pervitine 39
  4. Bahn 74
  5. MSD
coming soon $11.39
Classics 1994-1998
  1. Alex Martin - "Elipse"
  2. Sideral - "Mare Nostrum"
  3. Sideral - "Butterfly"
  4. Sideral - "I Wanna Look To The Stars"
  5. Alex Martin - "Incognita"
  6. The Fat Db - "Can Make It"
  7. The Fat Db - "Planetarium"
  8. The Fat Db - "Twirl"
  9. A3K - "Firewall"
coming soon $32.19
Yantlet (12")
Cat: 5GTJL 10.
  1. Yantlet
  2. Yantlet (First Passage version)
  3. Grain
  4. Grain (Return version)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
coming soon TBA
EP 3
EP 3 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 89GHOST 015. Rel: 18 Jan 21
  1. DBSDUB2
  4. BAUCH3
Review: When he dons his Smoke cloak, Neil 'Nail' Tolliday assumes a mysterious, dubbed out persona which amps up the reverb and delay for some truly somnambulant deep house trips. It's been a good few years since we last heard from the project, but now it makes a welcome return on 89:Ghost with just the kind of sweet and spaced-out house we like. 'DBSDUB2' may be drenched in dub techno melancholy, but it's the pairing of the soulful undertones and rock solid rhythm section that make it a hit. 'BAQDUB' takes things deeper down into meditative but still rolling territory, while 'HOTARU' strips back the gaseous pads to make for a Maurizio-flavoured cut. 'BAUCH3' finishes the set with a classy micro dub excursion to properly melt into - the perfect end to an aesthetically watertight record.
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Played by: James Ornate
coming soon $9.68
Reinforced Control (incl. Monrella mix)
Cat: TRM 003. Rel: 01 Mar 21
  1. The Nature Of Our Anger
  2. Reinforced Control
  3. Reinforced Control (Monrella remix)
  4. Beneath The Surface
Review: Madrid-based imprint Trauma Collective are back with a vengeance. Their third dispatch comes from Pole Group associate and Order & Devotion main man Mario Campos aka Kwartz. The Reinforced Control EP sees their hometown partner-in-crime deliver more of his typically austere expressions in cerebral techno. Features the brutalist tones of war techno epic "The Nature Of Our Anger" awash in a mesmerising swirl of steely textures and visceral kicks, antagonising you with its erratic tempo shifts. The title track is a cyclical and linear DJ tool, properly geared for those heads-down moments under the strobe light, imposing a powerful groove on you in streamlined fashion. Next up, British legend Mick Harris, who inaugurated the label under his Monrella alias not long ago, returns here for a pounding rework of the track - venturing into greyscale industrial zones. Taking you deeper into amorphous Sunday morning vibes, the Berlin-based producer goes out all guns blazing on the dark patterns and mentalist tunnel vision of "Beneath The Surface".

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Played by: Edit Select
coming soon TBA
Presents: A Essential Tribute To Bill Evans The Future Of Modal Jazz
  1. Consecration III
  2. Complex Maneuvers In Mannes School Of Music
  3. The Loquacious Son Of Harry And Mary Soroka
  4. Autumn Leaves Again
Played by: Piers Harrison
coming soon $15.67
  1. Oscar Mulero - "Perlora"
  2. Mike Storm - "Cosmic Occurance"
  3. Evod & Oisel - "Dune"
  4. Divide - "Enigma"
Played by: S-File, Edit Select
coming soon $12.53
Cat: SEM 119. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Ayanma
  2. Akshara
  3. Dina Nath
  4. Damodar
Played by: Edit Select
coming soon $11.39
Dogma EP
Dogma EP (12")
Cat: SEM 127. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
Played by: Edit Select
coming soon $11.12
  1. Adore
  2. Paralia
  3. Meltemi
  4. Tholaria
  5. Magnolia
  6. Intermezzo
  7. Tranceistoraki
  8. Romance
  9. Kalotaritissa
  10. Elilladelis
  11. Kendros
  12. Tzitzi
coming soon $27.64
The Scene EP
The Scene EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: DT 008.
  1. July18 Acid
  2. 4 Sick Minds
  3. The Scene
  4. Late Night Seq
Played by: LesYeuxOrange
coming soon $18.51
Ousia (2xLP)
Cat: AFFINLP 003LTD. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Sparsha
  2. Jiwa
  3. Mutuus (with Markus Guentner)
  4. Akasha
  5. Hyle
  6. Apas
  7. Forma
  8. Anta
coming soon $28.21
Confusion (25th Anniversary Edition)
  1. Confusion (Reconstruction mix)
coming soon $24.50
POWVAC 025 Mix 01 Electro
POWVAC 025 Mix 01 Electro (cassette + MP3 download code limited to 100 copies)
Cat: PV 025CCA.
Played by: S-File
coming soon $12.25
Internal Destination
Cat: KOMPAKT 426. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Stuck In My Ways
  2. Internal Destination
  3. Ride The Wave
Played by: S-File
coming soon $12.53
DTW 2 LAX (12")
Cat: TOKEN 98. Rel: 05 Feb 21
  1. DTW 2 LAX (version 1)
  2. DTW 2 LAX (version 2)
  3. The Dawn
  4. Minimize
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.96
Reflect (12")
Cat: MORD 073.
  1. Cycle
  2. Eucrhythm
  3. Reflect
  4. Constant Wave
  5. 80017A
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.12
Destroy Physical Reality Psychic Trust: Phase Two
Destroy Physical Reality Psychic Trust: Phase Two (180 gram vinyl 12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRESOR 322. Rel: 19 Feb 21
  1. Dreams For Sale
  2. Mankind
  3. Hard Delivery
  4. Prey Drive
  5. 1992
coming soon $10.54
Conform Re Touched Series Vol IV
  1. Gaetano Parisio - "Inside" (Radio Slave remix)
  2. Gaetek AKA Gaetano Parisio - "The Advanced Series Vol II B1" (Mark Broom edit)
  3. C&G Southsystem - "Dual EP B1" (Honey Dijon Re Rub)
  4. C&G Southsystem - "Dual EP B1" (Adriana Lopez re-edit)
Played by: S-File
coming soon $13.39
101010 EP
101010 EP (grey vinyl 12")
Cat: LT 068RP.
  1. 1998
  2. 101010
  3. In My Mind
  4. Schaltkreis
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.96
Different Moods
  1. Electric Soul
  2. Outdoor
  3. Whatever The Life Brings
  4. Remember
Played by: Mosaik
coming soon $14.81
The Last Trumpet
The Last Trumpet (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: TRAPID 02. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. The Last Trumpet
  2. We Don't
  3. Red Mutants
  4. We Are The Light
Review: Subradeon is a Neapolitan new school techno producer who carries on in the fine tradition of the likes of Marco Carola and Joseph Capritati. His sound is more fulsome than theirs - soulful, with bouncy drums and vocals to embellish the grooves and really make sure they strike hard. 'The Last Trumpet' is a sleek and clean banger, an early Detroit styled anthem for the peak of the night that still has its foot in the underground. 'We Don't' is lit up with silvery synths and chattering percussion, again a la Motor City sound of Underground Resistance. The closing two tracks bring yet more high energy, stirring laced sounds that are epic and excellent in equal measure.
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Played by: S-File
coming soon TBA
Variations (12")
Cat: REKIDS 171.
  1. Variations V1
  2. Variations V2
Played by: S-File
coming soon $10.83
The Tao
The Tao (marbled vinyl 12" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
Cat: SMDE 19LTD. Rel: 26 Mar 21
  1. Mai (4:45)
  2. Dusty Bones (4:38)
  3. Sanza High (5:01)
  4. Tao (5:07)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
coming soon $15.94
Acid Avengers 017
Cat: AAR 017. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Automat - "Slacid"
  2. Automat - "Shortacid"
  3. Automat - "Invertacid"
  4. Shcuro - "Lysergia"
  5. Shcuro - "Obsession"
  6. Shcuro - "Pandemonium"
coming soon $11.96
Tilim At Night
Cat: BAO 077. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Tilim At Night
  2. Consonance
  3. Roaders
  4. Solarium
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.68
Ciudad Incognita
  1. The Last Chance To Survive
  2. Ciudad Incognita
  3. Deus Ex Machina
  4. Gate 7
Played by: S-File, Philippe Petit
coming soon $10.83
Farden EP
  1. Insyn
  2. Fri Seglats
  3. Blyhalt
  4. Propulsiv
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.12
Aborto Obligatorio EP
Cat: NNY 005. Rel: 22 Jan 21
  1. Aborto Obligatorio
  2. King Konga Want Rave Again II
  3. Paralisis
  4. Sad Is Fashion
  5. ENJAMBRE63 (with Dim Deck)
  6. Honey Val Lecter (with Lo-Lo)
coming soon $11.68
Tolouse Low Trax
Tolouse Low Trax (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: KALK 7912. Rel: 11 Jun 14
  1. Sussing (Miles remodel)
  2. Jeidem Fall (Wolf Muller remix)
  3. Vineland
  4. Eisenbahnzunge
Review: Yet another killer lopsided transmission from Tolouse Low Trax and Karaoke Kalk HQ which comes with added spice in the shape of remixes from Modern Lover Miles Whittaker and Themes From Lost Cities don Wolf Muller. It's these refixes that take centre stage, with material from Tolouse Low Trax's 2012 album Jeidem Fall the focus of Whittaker and Muller's attention and the results are nothing less than excellent. Far removed from his work as part of Demdike Stare or Millie + Andrea, Miles Whittaker's take on "Sussing" is a stuttering, low tempo trawl through malfunctioning electronics, whilst Wolfy boy turns in a wonderfully tropical rendition of "Jedeim Fall". Not to be outdone, the clutch of new Tolouse Low Trax productions are just as compelling, with "Vineland" a fuzzy excursion through chugging electro and "Eisenbahnzunge" a superb piece of Deutsche Kosmische.
Read more
coming soon $16.81
I Feel You
I Feel You (12")
Cat: 10 PILLS013. Rel: 25 Jan 21
  1. Dolphin Therapy
  2. The Whistle Song
  3. Melancholic Rave
  4. I Feel You
Played by: S-File
coming soon $11.96
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Coming Soon: Techno (すべて)