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Iridescent Adolescence EP
Cat: 10PILLS 012. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Pop The Hood
  2. Until The Day We Meet Again
  3. Fuel To The FireStreet Smarts
  4. Street Smarts
coming soon $11.02
Medula (cassette)
Cat: SILK 123.
coming soon $8.39
Stealth Mode EP
  1. Steath Mode
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Blaze Freak
  4. Air & Space
coming soon $11.29
Manifold (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: VIS 320. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Binary Worlds (8:24)
  2. Covert Ops (5:26)
  3. Shadow Union (5:15)
  4. Isotropic (6:15)
  5. Manifold (6:23)
  6. Mystica (6:12)
  7. Cyclical Pathway (5:36)
  8. Ambrosia (7:13)
Review: Versalife continues a prolific run of deep and dynamic electro soul with this double pack on 20/20 Vision. The scene is set early on with the smoky pads and crisp drums of "Binary Worlds" - equal parts deep-diving machine soul and body-popping 808 funk. Things get nastier with the strafing monosynth punctuating "Covert Ops" and the edgy creep of "Shadow Union" on to "Manifold"s luxuriant sound world. The quality level remains staggeringly high as we trip through classically informed electro of every shade, adding yet another accomplished payload to the formidable Versalife catalogue.

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coming soon $20.98
Somewhere Else
Somewhere Else (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ACOLOUR 024. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. 3 Elements - "Somewhere Else"
  2. Tevatron - "Nu-tronik"
coming soon $11.29
Abisal 04
Abisal 04 (12")
Cat: ABSL 04V. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Nyor - "Assur"
  2. Negative Glitch - "Serpi"
  3. Ingravity - "Blue Sign"
  4. KLR - "Oppenheimer"
coming soon $12.33
AF0  02
  1. Juaan - "Indice1"
  2. Juaan - "Intentando Arreglar"
  3. Rulo - "D21"
  4. Rulo - "D31"
coming soon $9.98
Acid Avengers 015
  1. Perseus Traxx - "Moskwa"
  2. Perseus Traxx - "What Do U Want From Me"
  3. Mantra - "The Swarm"
  4. Mantra - "Hey Amigo"
  5. Mantra - "Spacetime Reversal"
coming soon $11.02
Wax Jackettes Volume 1
Cat: ACIWAX 13.
  1. AYU Acid - "Aztec Zone"
  2. Chris Moss Acid - "You Win Acid You Win Acid"
  3. Timeron - "Nice Trainers Acid"
  4. Electrictalk - "Gendarme"
  5. HOLOVR - "Pathfinder"
  6. Deepsmith - "Lo-fi Tears"
  7. Chevron - "Navajo"
  8. DJ Adidadis - "Cream Grove"
  9. Minimal Violence - "Portrait"
  10. Acid Elf - "Hard Barbie"
  11. Locked Club - "Antony Meijer"
  12. Miles Samuel - "The Music"
  13. Binary Digit - "Blocks"
  14. Lesinge - "Okdac"
  15. E-Wah - "Frame By Frame"
  16. Imaginary Units - "Ad Infinitum"
  17. Your Planet Is Next - "Top 10"
  18. Aftawerks - "Not Long Now"
coming soon TBA
Mega Double 20
Mega Double 20 (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 29.
  1. Billy's House
  2. Grosse Pierre
  3. Baka
  4. Cocktail De Voix
  5. Une Drole De Blague
  6. Mais Quest Ce Que C'est
  7. Balle Rebondissante
  8. Boite A Gouter
  9. Les Voix De Billy
  10. Tous Les Matins Du Monde (Geo Balasta remix)
coming soon TBA
Minsk Odyssey
Minsk Odyssey (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 27.
  1. Original Brain
  2. Minsk Odyssey
  3. Gamma Diez
  4. Lava Drone
  5. Octorian Cruiser
  6. Swizzle Funk
  7. Reason Season
  8. Sweep Vibes
  9. Welcome To Twatford
coming soon TBA
Worldin' (cassette)
Cat: ACIWAX 30.
  1. Bigfoot Lemon
  2. Our Mouth
  3. Undercolour
  4. Cleaning Schedule
  5. Rounding Water
  6. Dibnah Horn
  7. Westport To Overland
  8. Lynkirk Debris
coming soon TBA
Melchester Acid EP
Melchester Acid EP (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ACIWAX 32. Rel: 19 Oct 20
  1. Melchester Acid (part 3)
  2. Melchester Acid (part 2)
  3. Emotinium
  4. Home Game Acid (edit)
  5. Away Game Acid (edit)
Review: After long lust, Roy's mega anthem Emotinium finally gets re-released into the wild, following its original inclusion on the lo-fi Acid Waxa cassette classic 2 Late 4 Love + the much sought after 12" EP version released in 2016. This time however, Emo finds itself playing up-front alongside the previously unreleased Melchester Acid Pt. 3 + two wonderful raw studio jams (Home & Away Game Acid) If Emotinium is the cute & cuddly festival fave played by the likes of Aphex Twin & Feel My Bicep et al, then Shirley this bonus disc of mutant acids are the evil Gremlin offspring, fed & watered after midnight; bubbling, fizzing, hissing and multiplying. 'It's been a rough night for Rockin' Ricky, but he's still on the air!'
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coming soon TBA
Acid 10
Acid 10 (12")
Cat: ACID 10. Rel: 30 Jul 20
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
coming soon $9.98
Too Many Daddies
Too Many Daddies (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ACTREC 007.
  1. Hormone Database
  2. Iron Penis
  3. Octomom
  4. Baby Cluster
coming soon $12.07
When Is Deep
When Is Deep (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 11LTD. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. When Is Deep (Idealist remix)
  2. When Is Deep (Ben Buitendijk Remix)
  3. When Is Deep (Dot remix)
  4. When Is Deep (Thor & Octal Industries remix)
Review: The deep techno wonder When Is Deep by Anton Kubikov gets a remix job from stalwarts within the dub techno scene today. On the A side we have the Swiss techno sensation Idealist delivering an after-hours dancefloor essential, while Ben Buitendijk bring the tempo down into a meditative chillout extravaganza. On the B side the Israeli producer Dot offers an engaging atmospheric dub version of the track, while Thule/ae Recordings regulars Thor & Octal Industries join hands in deliver a no-nonsense Icelandic dub techno banger.

ae Recordings LTD is an offshot from its legendary Thule Records motherhub - under the strict control of veteran Thule members: Ohm, Octal Industries & Thor The offshot will ensure quality techno for the mind and soul from Thule members and friends - wherever they might be.
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Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Inner Movement EP
Inner Movement EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 011.
  1. Inner Movement
  2. Dizzy Freq
  3. Dizzy Freq (Domenico Rosa remix)
  4. Inner Movement (Titonton Duvante Flip)
Review: There's never a dull moment with the Albion posse, who continue to search far and wide to present consistently innovative twists on the house music template. This time around they've invited Italian producer Adriano Sorrentino from the DEMUT camp to drop some sparkling jackers with an old-skool palette but a forward-thinking spirit. "Inner Movement" is a sweet slice of melancholic techno rich in the synth department. "Dizzy Freq" is arguably the prize here though - a rough-hewn jacker with heavy sub bass and plenty of freaky analogue delights wobbling around on top. On the flip, Domenico Rosa delivers a funky, equally ghoulish version of "Dizzy Freq" and then the legendary Titonton Duvante lays down a sumptuous deep house take on "Inner Movement".
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Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Final Hope
Final Hope (140 gram vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ALPENGLUHEN 05. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. Alpenrauschen
  2. Prehistory
  3. Restored Balance
  4. The Carillon
Review: The very talented Citty , is the responsible for "Final Hope", the 5th Alpengluhen vinyl.
The live modular techno project founded by Martini Vodecka offers us 4 tracks that fit perfectly with the sound of the label.

The subliminal and oscillating melodies, the percussions with reverbs from outer worlds and the hypnotic and deep sounds created by Citty go directly to our minds and feet. The optimism and the emotional vibes make us dance unavoidably with a smile in the face. The dynamic range control and the masterful mixdown create fluctuating layers and above all, deepness. Subtle acid lines merge perfectly with profound and progressive pads generating tension and again, depth.
If "Emotional" was the word that best defined Edit Select's Habitual ep, "Deepness" would be the right one for this "Final Hope"ep.
Only 200 copies pressed.
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coming soon TBA
No Shortage Of Rope
No Shortage Of Rope (coloured vinyl LP)
Cat: ALT 58. Rel: 17 Jul 20
coming soon $18.88
Erickson (12")
Cat: ARKIO 003A. Rel: 07 Aug 20
coming soon $9.71
Erickson On Acid
Cat: ARKIO 003B. Rel: 07 Aug 20
coming soon $9.71
Will I Ever Sleep Again
Cat: ARTS 042. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Will I Ever Sleep Again
  2. Go Get Your Knife
  3. Venom
  4. Flora
  5. Collider
coming soon $9.98
Superwoman (12")
Cat: ARTSCORE 012. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Superwoman (feat Sticky Icky)
  2. Oslo
  3. Lost Friends
  4. Full Clip
coming soon $9.43
Le Flaneur Spatial EP
  1. Synthesizer
  2. City Of Light
  3. Slave
  4. Noire Desire ((Feat. Blonel))
  5. Black Light
coming soon $11.81
Keroual (12")
Cat: AR 12.
  1. Keroual
  2. Telegraph
  3. Synchopa
  4. Keroual (Zadig 'day Is Dying' remix)
coming soon $10.76
Lotuses In A Sea Of Fire
Lotuses In A Sea Of Fire (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AER 011. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. Lotuses In A Sea Of Fire
  2. Cedars
Review: Once in a while, music with such profound audio spiritual healing qualities, combined with the essence of funk, arrive from the cosmos.. This time round, Helen Copnall becomes the conduit for AER, delivering a deeply powerful set of emotive, moving frequencies that are unrivalled in their honesty & integrity. "Lotuses in a sea of fire" delivers an enlightened compelling message, full of drive & cosmic musicality, soaring through the clouds, that resonate through the soul. "Cedars" takes us on a groove laden workout, with intricate patterns and lashings of spirit. British Artist Helen Copnall is a musical genius, A DJ/Producer who runs the 50Arc collective in London, including the Arcmix studios, with fellow artist partner Charlie Tear. Tip!
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coming soon TBA
Medusa EP
  1. Dorian Gray - "The Ninth Gate"
  2. Dorian Gray - "Magic Spell"
  3. Dorian Gray - "The Medusa Nebula"
  4. Potomac - "Indistrial Junk In Muddy Waters"
  5. Hypallage Project - "Cruise"
coming soon TBA
Eleese EP
Eleese EP (12")
Cat: AWK 001. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Eleese
  2. Quirky Chance
  3. Twin Bang
  4. Smomber
coming soon $11.81
AWRY Sales Pack 002
  1. Ruhig - "Lethargy"
  2. Ruhig - "Lethargy" (Sciahri remix)
  3. Ruhig - "Abode"
  4. Ruhig - "Nadir"
  5. Ryan James Ford - "Masthead"
  6. Serena Butler - "To Tilt The Fulcrum"
  7. Magna Pia - "Ys Ura"
  8. Wrong Assessment - "Calcare"
  9. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth" (Cosmin TRG remix)
  10. Wrong Assessment - "Morfosi"
  11. Wrong Assessment - "Neglect"
  12. Wrong Assessment - "Rebirth"
coming soon $10.76
The Crystal City Is Alive
Cat: AX 087. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Metallic Stars
  2. People
  3. Star Children Of Orion
  4. When The Sun Loves You Back
  5. The X
  6. The Crystal City Is Alive
Review: In 2018, the idea was introduced by Jeff Mills to address the lack of artistic collaborations within and from the city of Detroit/USA. The city had always been an engine of new innovative ideas related to music, art, dance, poetry and all other arts. It was thought of as a way to demonstrate the commonality people possess from various art forms and that by mixing ideas visions and perspectives together are might produce unexpected and often provocative results.

The project started when Mills reached out to one of Detroit Techno's founder and legendary DJ/Producer Eddie Fowlkes. Though the two are known and connected to Detroit Techno and knew each other for decades, they never worked together so the first few meetings and conversations were marked with finding all the common links that have built both of their careers. During this time, Mills wanted to find a third person for the project, one that was from Detroit, but not a musician. His idea and theory was that by engaging two other creative thinkers would most likely produce something unique as emotions would become linked together to find that common, but higher level. While browsing the web, Mills discovered a post that featured the Detroit-born poet Jessica Care Moore. Struck by her words and the energy she mastered to say them, Mills knew immediately that she would be the perfect artist to approach for this creative venture. As with most artists that grew up in Detroit, they immediately opened up the links in their past, present and future outlook. He presented the case and explained to her how he thought it might work. She liked the idea and agree to join.

THE CRYSTAL CITY IS ALIVE. (A phrase extracted from Moore's words), puts the Detroit, America and the World on notice. The alarm has sounded and it is now time to mobilize all creative units to the frontline.
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coming soon $15.21
The Crystal City Is Alive
Cat: AX 055CD. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Metallic Stars
  2. People
  3. Star Children Of Orion
  4. When The Sun Loves You Back
  5. The X
  6. The Crystal City Is Alive
coming soon $17.05
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: BTL 002C. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Quo Vadis
  2. Quo Vadis (D Diggler remix)
  3. Sparticus
coming soon $14.17
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis (12")
Cat: BTL 002. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Quo Vadis
  2. Quo Vadis (D Diggler remix)
  3. Sparticus
coming soon $13.12
Polieder (limited turquoise vinyl 12")
Cat: BWAX 002. Rel: 10 Apr 19
  1. Polieder (6:18)
  2. Polieder (Christian Wunsch rework) (5:57)
  3. Polieder (Gotshell rework) (5:28)
  4. Polieder (Krenzlin rework) (6:01)
Played by: Pushmann
coming soon $9.98
Multimorphic Live
  1. Live One
  2. Live Two
coming soon $10.24
Ballistic 008
coming soon $11.54
Slip (12")
Cat: BP 012.
  1. Swept Thru
  2. Oblique House
  3. Slip
  4. Circling Music
coming soon $9.18
Hydro EP
Hydro EP (12")
Cat: BAXN 005. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Hydro #1
  2. Hydro #2
  3. Hydro #3
  4. Hydro #4
coming soon $9.43
Untitled (12")
  1. Track 1 (DJ Sotofett's Subcortex mix)
  2. Track 2 (DJ Sotofett & E-GZR's Subcortex mix)
  3. Track 3 (SVN’s Total Tape mix - Clip 1)
  4. Track 4 (SVN’s Total Tape mix - Clip 2)
coming soon $11.29
Untitled (cassette)
Cat: BLUNDAR 1 2.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
coming soon $9.18
Big Pressure
Cat: BL 005. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Rivers
  2. Inside A Shell
  3. Mirror
  4. Closed System
coming soon $12.07
Body To Body
  1. Sina XX & Voiski - "We're Not Your Friends"
  2. Sina XX - "Miroir" (feat U.r.trax)
  3. Sina XX & Cassie Raptor - "Body Needs Bass"
  4. Sina XX & Munsinger - "Invisible Fire"
  5. Sina XX & K.U.S.S - "Miss USA"
coming soon $11.02
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
Played by: Ricardo Miranda
coming soon $13.64
Strictly Bvnker
Strictly Bvnker (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: BNR 202. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Choker
  2. Moonsrad
  3. Mfthrfckr
  4. 4twnty2
  5. Difam
coming soon TBA
Vax Of Love
Cat: BPX 007. Rel: 17 Jul 20
coming soon $8.92
25 East
25 East (12")
Cat: BNS 068. Rel: 31 Aug 20
  1. 25 East
  2. 25 East (Cari Lekebusch remix)
  3. Cular 40
  4. 2020
coming soon $9.18
Denouement (12")
Cat: BRUTAZ 010.
  1. Fusione
  2. Riverberato
  3. Lately Disco
  4. Revrev
  5. Scoiattolame
coming soon $10.24
Cat: B 014. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. Popcorn
  2. Bixby
  3. Binky Boy
  4. Work That Body
  5. Razor Love
  6. Banner
  7. Hacker
  8. The Hulk
coming soon $11.02
Plong (CD)
Cat: BB 352. Rel: 28 Aug 20
coming soon $13.90
Plong (LP)
Cat: BB 352LP. Rel: 28 Aug 20
coming soon $22.83
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Coming Soon: Techno