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SynthRotek LPG Low Pass Gate Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The LPG is a West Coast Synthesis staple! The dual Low Pass Gate creates organic percussion timbres, paving the way for sonic exploration with a Buchla/Subotnick vibe.

The LPG has two low pass gates in one module. Its unique non-linear qualities emulate percussion timbres like congas, bongos, plucks, etc. The LPG is vactrol based, which creates natural-sounding decays. When the CV input is pinged by short/fast envelopes, it results in more organic sounds like bongos. The slide pot functions in two ways: when the the CV input is not patched, it attenuates/mixes the audio signal. When the CV jack is patched, it attenuates the output level and changes the timbre of the audio signal.

Each LPG channel can be used as a VCA. VCA mode bypasses the low pass filter and resonance and doesn't color the sound of your input audio. The vactrol gives the VCA a living, breathing, non-linear response.

A number of vactrols were tested for this module, and the pre-tested NSL-7053 yielded the most positive results. The NSL-7053 has a slower response and a more exponential response curve. The VTL5C4 has a slightly faster response and a more linear response curve. Vactrols have a lot of variance, so even if you use the same vactrols for both channels, each channel may sound a little different. But the LPG will work with a number of different types/brands, including dual vactrols. In fact, each channel can be built with a different set of vactrols. (Note: VTL5C3 and VTL5C3/2 vactrols are not recommended in the LPG.)

Width: 4HP
Depth: 57mm
Current draw:
+12V: 45mA
-12V: 45mA
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coming soon $128.22
ADDAC System ADDAC111 Ultra .WAV Player Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776121
.wav player module
Notes: The ADDAC111 ULTRA .WAV PLAYER is the long awaited upgrade to the praised ADDAC101 .WAV PLAYER.

While keeping all functions of the original, there's more dedicated controls as well as a few new functions.

For this version, Micro SD Cards were used- this decision was made in order to help the hardware construction and make it only 3cm deep.

An Expansion module, ADDAC111B, was also created to allow users to recall the first 8 files through dedicated trigger signals. This allows sequencing of files.

The Loop Size, Start Point and Sample Rate defines how the loop is played.

Loop Settings defines if sample is looping or playing only once.

File Access if it advances to the next or previous file.

The VCA section controls the overall volume of the module.

And finally the Envelope Follower generates a CV voltage related to the amplitude of the audio signal pre-VCA.
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ADDAC System ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Here's the second module of ADDAC System's 700's Heritage Series.

Inspired by Moog CP3 mixer, this is a totally discrete analog mixer and it's not, by any means, your standard breakfast mixer, although it can behave like one.

This is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Despite its harmless looks there's a dark snarly soul behind that panel that wants to take your sounds into a realm of gritty gnarly growls.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 8 HP
. Depth: 3 cm

. Max current: 60mA.
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector.

.black screws
.black fibre washers
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Eurorack Hardware Modules E-OR Selectable Gate Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The E-OR is a passive 2HP 'selectable gate mixer,' which means that you can choose between two different gate sources, two trigger sources or BOTH using the three way switch per channel. Great for choosing between various rhythms, clocks, gates, etc. Perfect for manual fills and variation in your set! Matte black panel with white ink. The E-OR is diode protected, so combining two trigger or gate sources is what it is meant to do!
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coming soon $37.26
ADDAC System ADDAC701.REV2 VCO Module (black faceplate)
Notes: This is our new VCO, we discontinued our ADDAC701 VCO a few years back and since we've been wanting to release a more stable version with better pitch tracking increasing pitch reliability further minimizing the detuning issues of analog VCO's.

For this new revision we chose to use the modern version of the CEM3340 ic from CoolAudio and add the triagle to sine circuitry of our previous VCO. This new version is extremelly stable over 7 octaves.

We also added a new Mix section which allows mixing of all waveforms controlled by 3 knobs SIN/TRI, MIX and SAW/RECT.

Tech Specs:
3.5 cm deep
60mA +12V
60mA -12V
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coming soon $175.36
EMW Multi Low Frequency Oscillator Noise Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW MULTI LFO-NOISE is another very interesting module: it has a selection of 8 waveforms, including noise, in order to maximize the modulation capabilities of your modular synthesizer setup. When used in conjunction with another LFO (via a DC mixer), the resulting waves can be very varied and random.

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EMW Fixed Filter Bank Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774768
filter bank module
Notes: The EMW Fixed Filter Bank adds color and different shades into the sounds. It contains 8 bandpass filters used to attenuate or accentuate frequencies throughout the audio range.This module can easily modify the waveforms produced by an oscillator, creating very interesting and dynamic variations. When the controls are djusted to accentuate the frequency range, resonances are produced, resulting in very unique sounds. This is an essential module to achieve more flexibility and exclusive timbres with your modular setup.

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coming soon $140.29
Sensel Buchla Thunder Overlay For Morph MIDI Controller
Cat: 785456 Rel: 22 Oct 20
Notes: The legendary expressive controller, the Buchla Thunder, now comes to the Sensel Morph in an exclusive new partnership with Buchla U.S.A.

The Buchla Thunder Overlay exclusively features a new preset system to the Morph. By holding the preset button and tapping on one of the nine numerical keys, you can easily and instantly switch between nine mappings without needing to open the SenselApp. Need to go from an instrument controller to a virtual mixer? Want to swap between scales? Presets add a seamless extension of expressive control possibility to the Buchla Thunder Overlay.

The Buchla Thunder is uniquely well-suited to a variety of instruments - from synthesizers with rich and evolving timbres, to acoustic samples that benefit from a more human touch, to hardware synthesizers like the legendary Buchla Easel. You can witness the richness of expression in the videos above.

The MIDI protocol is USB Class-compliant and supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and Bluetooth MIDI.

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coming soon $63.56
Sensel Morph USB & Bluetooth MIDI Controller (standalone)
Cat: 785452 Rel: 22 Oct 20
USB & Bluetooth MIDI controller
Notes: Swap overlays to change from music, writing, gaming, and more. USB or Bluetooth means the Morph works anywhere. Experience a new level of expression with 20,000 pressure sensors at your fingertips. Whatever your passion, you can make it with Morph.

Comes with:
Sensel Morph
One overlay of your choice: Piano, Music Production, Drum Pad, Buchla Thunder (+$20=$269), Innovator's, Video Editing, Keyboard, Gaming
License to Arturia's Analog Lab Lite synthesizer software
License to Bitwig's Studio 8-Track music-creation software (when purchased with a MIDI overlay*)
USB Cable

The Sensel Morph uses Sensel's patented PressureGrid technology: a high-resolution, multi-touch, pressure sensing touch technology with a sensitivity range of 5g to 5kg and a tracking accuracy of ~0.1mm.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Linux, Arduino (see final product image for more details on compatibility)
Dimensions: 240 mm x 169.5 mm
Active Area: 230 mm x 130 mm
Thickness: 6.75 mm
Weight: 0.4 kg
Latency: 2 ms - 8 ms (mode dependent)
Resolution: 6,502 DPI
Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth LE, and Serial
Power: USB, Rechargeable Battery
MIDI: USB Class-compliant, MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE), Bluetooth MIDI
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MRP:$353.79 SAVE 33%
coming soon $235.63
Schottkey Modular Ratchet Module
Cat: 778087
ratchet module
Notes: The RATCHET is a 12-channel, up to 64 steps per channel, drum, event and/or rhythm sequencer that features up to 16 'ratcheted' divisions per step. It's quite powerful with per-step variable gate lengths or ties, swing and random with forward, backward and pong-pong play modes. Save patterns on a provided Micro SD card.

Other features include: Per Drum pattern lengths, Per Drum Random Amounts, Drum muting, Random Muting, copy/paste, and so much more!

Ships with Micro SD Card.

20HP wide - 25mm deep
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coming soon $306.88
ADDAC System ADDAC802R VCA Quintet Reversed Panel Module (red faceplate)
Notes: Our Reversed panel version of the ADDAC802 VCA Quintet.

Each of the 5 channels has:
. VCA with initial Knob
. Monitor LED
. Independent output
. Linear or logarithmic control
. Solo/Off/Mix switch that routes their audio to the Solo Channel or the Mix channel. In Off position the VCA does not go to the outputs.

All 5 VCA's can be used separately for different sources (audio or cv) or mix in 2 different chains.

. 1 Pre Master VCA output
. 1 Post Master VCA output
. 1 Solo output

The Solo line is also intended for Pre Listening purposes, using this output to connect your headphones through some headphone amplifier module.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 12 HP
. Depth: 5 cm

Control Voltage I/O:
. CV inputs: i 10v

. Compatible with +-12v and +-15v power supplies?
. Max current: +190mA/-150mA
. Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector
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ADDAC System ADDAC805.VS2 VC Signal Router Module (black faceplate)
Notes: Inspired by our ADDAC701 VCO waveform mixing section, our new VC Signal Router also updates our legacy X-Fade/Panner to a stereo configuration that also allows 4 quadrant mixing.

Featuring two dedicated X-faders and a stereo VCA that can also be used as a third X-Fader. All controls have their own CV inputs and dedicated Attenuverters for precision control.

4 quadrant mixing is achieved by using the stereo Master as a X-fader between left and right channels, this way you can plug 4 audio sources and sweep/crossfade between each and any of them using the 3 x-faders. Plug any 4 sources (4 waveforms of a VCO, 4 LFOs, 4 envelopes...) and sweep through morph through or have them all mixed together.

For other configuration types Left and Right X-fader channels can be routed through the Master stereo VCA or sent directly to the outputs. A stereo Direct input can also be routed through the Master VCA or sent straight to the outputs.

The Mono Sum output always mix Left and Right outputs together allowing the possibility to use the module as a peculiar 6 channel mono mixer.

It can be used for both Audio or CV Signals.

Tech Specs:
4.5 cm deep
40mA +12V
40mA -12V
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Intellijel MIDI Expander 1U Module
Cat: 785362 Rel: 21 Oct 20
coming soon TBA
Doepfer A-111-5 Mini Synthesiser Voice Module
Cat: 785445 Rel: 22 Oct 20
Synthesiser voice module
Notes: Module A-111-5 is a complete monophonic synthesizer module that includes these components (modular version of Dark Energy):

Manual tune control (with an internal jumper the range can be set to ~ +/-1 half an octave or ~ +/-2.5 octaves)
Range switch -1 / 0 / +1 octave
Frequency range about 10Hz ... 12kHz - FM (frequency modulation) control with modulation source switch (LFO1 / off / ADSR)
Manual pulsewidth control for rectangle waveform
PWM control with modulation source switch (LFO2 / off / ADSR)
Waveform switch (sawtooth / off / triangle)
The sum of the waveform chosen by this switch and the rectangle is fed into the VCF (to turn the rectangle off the PW control has to be set fully CCW)
External CV input for VCO frequency (1V/octave)
External CV input for external PWM of the rectangle - internal CV input for frequency (1V/octave) connected to the A-100 bus via jumper, the jumper can be used to interrupt this internal connection if not wanted

24 dB low pass
~ 12 octaves frequency range
Manual frequency control
Tracking switch half - off - full (internally connected to the external frequency CV input of the VCO, i.e. the VCF tracks to the VCO if the switch is set to "half" or "full" position)
XM: exponential FM (frequency modulation) control with modulation source switch (LFO2 / off / ADSR)
LM: linear FM (frequency modulation) control to modulate the VCF by the triangle of the VCO in a linear (!) manner
Manual resonance control (up to self oscillation)
External audio input (this signal is added to the VCO signal)
External CV input for filter frequency - 1V/octave tracking for usage of the VCF as a sine wave oscillator (not as precise as the VCO but much better than most of the other filters)
Manual amplitude control
AM (amplitude modulation) control with modulation source switch (LFO1 / off / ADSR)
External CV input for VCA amplitude - special control scale: exponential scale in the range from about -20dB to -80/90dB, linear scale from about -20dB to 0dB (Remark: this special control scale results in a loudness behaviour that is a bit different from pure linear or exponential VCA)
LFO1 and LFO2
Manual frequency control
Waveform switch (triangle / off / rectangle)
Range switch (low, audio, medium) - LED display (dual green/red color for positive/negative share of the signal)
The inverted LFO1 signal is available as an additional socket (to use the LFO1 signal for external modules)
An internal jumper can be used to select between the LFO1 signal or the inverted LFO1 signal

Manual controls for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Range switch (long, short, medium) - blue LED display
ADSR signal is available as an additional socket (to use the ADSR signal for external modules)
Gate input connected to the A-100 bus via jumper, the jumper can be used to interrupt this internal connection if not wanted

As the LFO frequencies can go up to moderate audio range (~ 5kHz) even audio FM effects of VCO (pitch and pulsewidth), VCF and ADSR are possible.

If the VCO is turned off (waveform switch = center position, pulsewidth control = fully CCW) and the VCF resonance is set to maximum the module can be used as a sine oscillator. The sine can be modulated in a linear manner from the triangle wave of the VCO and by LFO2 in an exponential manner at the same time !

From the factory the socket labelled "LFO1" outputs the inverted LFO1 signal. But as the module has several internal pin headers available even another signal may appear at this socket by changing the internal module patch. These six pin headers are available: LFO1 output, LFO2 output, ADSR output, inverter input, inverter output, output socket. The internal default patch is LFO1 -> inverter input, inverter output -> output socket (i.e. socket = inverted LFO1). But even another signal can be patched to this socket (e.g. inverted ADSR, non-inverted LFO1, inverted or non-inverted LFO2). It is also possible to add a blind panel next to the A-111-5 with a couple of sockets that are connected to the corresponding pins of the A-111-5 pc board. The in- and outputs of the VCO, VCF and VCA are not available as pin headers because the VCO, VCF and VCA are internally connected in the circuit which is used in this module.
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Behringer B906 Dynamic Microphone
Behringer B906 Dynamic Microphone (instrument microphone)
Cat: 772981
dynamic microphone
Notes: A super cardioid dynamic mic that's custom designed for great instrument reproduction! The B 906 instrument microphone is especially tailored for guitar amps, and is also excellent for percussion, horns and vocals.

The B 906 features a switchable presence filter which allows you to tailor the sound characteristics to different sound requirements and styles. The filter is adjusted via a slide switch on the microphone with different positions to boosts the presence for aggressive metal rhythm guitars or for classic rock and smooth jazz and blues sounds.

You can hang the B 906 on a guitar amp for stand-free performance. Its laterally mounted capsule has been specially developed for miking guitar amps face on and extremely close to the signal source. Due to its flat design, the B 906 is also very suitable for use with drums, since it can easily be positioned in cramped space conditions. The super cardioid pattern is great for reducing bleed in tight situations onstage, and the B 906's hum compensating coil rejects interference.
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Magma CTRL Case MPC One For Akai MPC One Sampler & Sequencer
Cat: 779623
Custome case for Akai MPC One Sampler & Sequencer
Notes: The CTRL Case MPC ONE is custom designed to a hold the new AKAI MPC ONE and is a very lightweight and convenient solution to carry your sampling workstation well protected to your next studio or live session. Crafted from rigid Durashock molded EVA shell and a high-density foam interior it is furthermore equipped with an accessory panel to organize audio cables and accessories.

Akai MPC One

Outer measures: 32 x 32 x 13,5 cm
Inner measures: 28 x 28 x 10 cm
Weight: 0,8 kg
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MRP:$65.76 SAVE 17%
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Erica Synths Pico System II Modular Synthesiser
Cat: 778768 Rel: 31 Aug 20
modular synthesiser
Notes: Erica Synths Pico System II is the world's smallest modular synthesizer.

In its functionality this system is as good as the Pico System I, however, as there have been several additions to the Pico Series, for example, the significant Pico Voice, we decided to upgrade the Pico System to make it even more multifarious. There are two new modules in the system: the Pico Voice - a sound source, which gives quite a big timbral diversity, and the Pico Modulator, which replaces the Pico EG and the Pico VCA. That gives us a 3HP free space which we have filled with one more Pico A MIX for more handy control of the sound sources in live performances. Pico System II comes with external PSU, Pico Drum Programmer, wrench key and 20 patch cables.

Pico modules included in the system are:

SEQ - powerful 16 step sequencer with 16 pattern memory

VCO - 32 custom waves in 2 banks, great 1V/oct tracking and LFO mode

VOICE - sound source with 8 sound generation algorithms

VCF1 - Polivoks-inspired LP/BP VCF, ideal for acid-like basslines

TRIGG - 4 trigger pattern generator that also serves as a master clock for the system. Web-based pattern designer app allows user to upload own patterns

2xDRUMS - 64 sample player with 3 adjustable parameters and CV control over them. Web-based app and Pico Programmer (included) allows the user to upload their own sound samples

MULTI - buffered audio/CV/clock signal splitter

RND - sine/pulse LFO and random events (random trigger, S&H and noise) generator

MOD - lin/log ASR envelope generator and linear VCA

2xA MIX - 3 input audio mixer

DSP - stereo effects processor with 8 great sounding custom effects

OUTPUT - stereo output module with headphone amplifier

Technical specifications:
Dimensions (WxDxH): 240mmx140mmx80mm
Power supply: universal 110-240VAC - 12VDC adapter
Power consumption 500mA
Mass : 1,35 kg excluding PSU,
1,85 kg with PSU and patch cables
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MRP:$1,578.24 SAVE 17%
coming soon $1,315.19
Erica Synths Sequential Switch V1 Module
Cat: 780453
Switch module
Notes: Erica Synths 8 channel Sequential Switch is the first assembled module for Erica synths, and it allows you to sequence up to eight sound sources in advanced ways or route one sound source sequentially to eight different sound modifiers- VCFs, waweshapers, VCAs, etc.

It has unique control interface that allows you to pause, skip and merge steps, set sequence length, but what really sets it apart from other sequential switches is Gate output- when used with ADSR and VCA, you get really powerful sequencer with real time control over each sound source in the sequence. Use sequential Switch with random clock source and you get a heart of insane random, self-generating patches!

Technical characteristics:

Panel width: 14HP
Module depth: 20mm
Max power consumption (all LEDs on): 52mA@+12V, 13mA@-12V
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MRP:$147.30 SAVE 54%
coming soon $67.94
Nektar Impact GXP61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard
Nektar Impact GXP61 USB MIDI Controller Keyboard (USB MIDI controller keyboard)
Cat: 784008 Rel: 30 Sep 20
MIDI controller keyboard
Notes: Nektar products are synonymous with DAW integration on Mac and Windows and the Impact GX61 is no exception. The compact design is comfortable in front of a computer and delivers powerful functionality not even found on more comprehensive controllers. When inspiration strikes, the Impact GX61 delivers the control needed to capture ideas while they are fresh. Compact. Powerful. Control.

The Impact GX61 is a dynamic and expressive instrument, tailored to composition & performance with your computer music system. The no-fuss interface is a great entry into the world of Nektar controllers.

Featuring a 61-note (5 octave) keyboard, pitch-bend wheel, modulation wheel and foot switch socket. Two multi-colored octave buttons enable shifting the keyboard range up or down -3/+4 octaves with the LED colors changing to show the exact status, Impact GX are well equipped to deliver a great workflow.

Dedicated transpose buttons allow you to shift the keyboard range up to +/- 12 semi tones. The buttons can quickly be re-purposed to change the Global MIDI Channel or send Program messages. Additionally an assignable potentiometer provides control over any MIDI parameter, by default controls mixer volume.

Nektar DAW Integration for many of the most commonly used DAWs makes it easy to get going, and a pleasure to use. With Impact GX49 your controller keyboard is part of your system, giving you the creative freedom to compose, perform and play, without having to reach for your mouse constantly.

Eight buttons intended for DAW control, are at the center of the Impact GX. Essential tasks like transport activation or navigating tracks are highly repetitive and reaching for the mouse every time, can kill any seed of inspiration. Used with Nektar DAW integration, the 8 buttons extend functionality to include control over transport and a host of other important DAW functions, right from Impact GX.

The buttons can also be assigned to MIDI messages for use with any MIDI software that's not supported by Nektar DAW Integration. A primary and a secondary message can be programmed for each of 7 buttons, delivering 14 programmable options total.

Nektar DAW integration is carefully crafted to give the best experience with your Nektar hardware. It delivers the freedom to create, instead of having to reach for the mouse constantly when you are in the middle of capturing an idea.

Transport control with ability to goto and set locators, track navigation, volume control, launching windows and patch navigation is all available right from Impact GX. Check out the function overview chart below and see how the Impact GX ticks all the right boxes.

Impact GX is a MIDI controller as well as a DAW controller. If you use MIDI software that's not supported by Nektar DAW Integration, a host of options are available for you to set up MIDI control yourself.

Each of the 14 assignable MIDI buttons, the modulation wheel, foot switch and of course the big control knob, can be assigned to send out MIDI cc messages. The assignable buttons (14) can in addition be configured to send out Program message or MMC transport control. MMC (MIDI Machine Control) is often supported by DAWs that don't allow for advanced integration, so with this option Impact GX covers all the bases.

The Setup menu also enables Program messages, Bank LSB/MSB to be sent out on the fly as well as settings for selecting one of the 4 velocity curves, setting the Global MIDI Channel and assigning the transpose buttons.

As a low powered USB device, Impact GX works with all USB devices that feature a Class compliant MIDI driver. That includes all version of Windows from XP and higher, Apple OS X 10.5 and higher plus Linux (as long as a USB MIDI driver package is installed).

And if you are often on the move you can easily hook your Impact GX keyboard to an Apple iPad using the iPad's optional USB camera connection kit (optional). Of course the Impact GX is powered by the iPad so you can work away for as long as your iPad remains charged.

Bitwig 8-Track is included with every Impact LX+ so you can start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro from day one. Bitwig 8-Track gives you access to over 50 software instruments and effects for use on up to 8 audio or MIDI project tracks, and you can use any 3rd party VST plug-ins you might own, too. The 'Bitwig Essentials Package', a highly versatile handpicked selection of loops, clips and samples, is also included to help you get started. So put all that together and you have a powerful sketchpad for your musical ideas featuring the acclaimed workflow of Bitwig Studio.
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coming soon $219.19
TC Electronic TC8210-DT Reverb Plug-in with Dedicated Hardware Controller
Cat: 781357
Reverb plug-in
Notes: Classic Mixing Reverb Plug-in with Dedicated Hardware Controller

Sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Software Support:
Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.13 Sierra or above, Windows 7 or above
Drivers: No additional drivers required, uses standard USB HID drivers
Plugin formats: AAX-native, Audio Units, VST2.4, VST3. 64 bit

USB Connection (DT version)
Type: USB 2.0, type micro-B

Power (DT version)
Power supply: USB bus powered
Power consumption: Max. 2.5 W

Physical (DT version)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 42 x 54 x 135 mm (1.7 x 2.1 x 5.3")
Weight: 0.22 kg (0.48 lbs)
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coming soon $100.82
ADDAC System ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 776118
4-voice cluster module
Notes: Following the ADDAC103 T-Networks, this new module is inspired by it's simplicity. This is a 4 voice Square Oscillator with VCA, FM switch and a slew decay for the incoming Trigger IN. All voices are then sent through a Multimode Filter.

Each voice has it's own VCA input where any input is accepted (Trigger, Gate, CV) The [DECAY] controls the slew decay applied to the incoming signal, if [DECAY] is fully anti-clockwise then it works as a Mute. The [FM ON] switches activate/deactivate the FM input coming from the previous voice: Voice 1 FM comes from voice 4, voice 2 FM comes from voice 1, and so on, so you can FM all of them in a FM loop.

All 4 voices are summed and sent through a filter with controls over [CUTOFF] with an Attenuverter for the CV input and [RESO- NANCE]. Three filter outputs are provided [LOWPASS], [BANDPASS] and [HIGHPASS]

The [EXTERNAL IN] input can be routed through a jumper on the back of the module allowing the incoming signal to go to:
the filter input for processing an external audio source.
all of the 4 voices Frequency control allowing for some experi- mental CV control over pitch of all 4 voices at the same time (due to the specificities of the circuit and to keep the module at a low price these inputs are not callibrated to 1v/octave).

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coming soon $108.49
Eurorack Hardware Modules AMIX Active Audio & CV Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The AMIX module from Eurorack Hardware has three channel (active) powered mixer in 2HP for Eurorack. Great for both Audio and CV sources. Matte black panel with white graphics. Max gain of 1.
Current Draw: +12=15mA, -12=10mA, +5=0
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MRP:$88.12 SAVE 19%
coming soon $71.23
Eurorack Hardware Modules ATT 2HP Triple Attenuator Eurorack Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: Get the most signal attenuation in the smallest 3U package possible! The ATT module features three independent IN - Attenuate - OUT circuits in one 2HP module. Works great for attenuating both audio and CV signals. Completely passive, so no current draw on your power supply.
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MRP:$44.72 SAVE 17%
coming soon $37.26
EMW Voltage Controlled Filter MG24 Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774633
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: The EMW VCF MG24 is a Moog style 24db/oct low-pass resonant filter. Its sound and response were designed to be as close to the Minimoog filter as possible. This module has a 2-CH input audio mixer with individual input level control and two modulation inputs with individual input level control. Self-oscillation is very linear and ranges from 10Hz to beyond 20KHz.
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coming soon $172.07
EMW 200 Filter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774648
filter module
Notes: The EMW-200 Filter module is the same found on the EMW-200 synthesizer and its circuit is very similar to the one used on the old EML-200.These filters have a 6 db/oct attenuation curve and they sound amazing. No other filter can create a 'dark' sound atmosphere like these ones. It is a great addition to any modular synthesizer setup, specially for those designed to work with sound design and electronic music.

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MRP:$96.01 SAVE 19%
coming soon $77.82
EMW Arcade Noise Generator Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774771
noise generator module
Notes: The EMW ARCADE Noise is a very unique digital noise generator that can create a wide range of sounds, which covers old video game consoles and arcade machines, dense digital and dark noisy sound atmospheres. It has several CV inputs for controlling the generator algorithm, frequency, reset point and operation mode. The module can also be connected to a standard VCO to create noises that can be played together with that VCO, a very powerful feature.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption +12V [37mA] / -12V [0mA]
Connectors: 3.5mm
Weight 113g
Depth: 50mm
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coming soon $130.43
EMW Boozy Voltage Controlled Filter Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 774642
voltage controlled filter module
Notes: The EMW Boozy VCF is a specially designed 6dB/oct voltage controlled filter with an unique and interesting sound. It was not designed to replace any standard VCF module but it's ideal to create more sound variations in a modular system. When the cut off frequency is adjusted to it's minimum the sound is not completely muted. This feature summed to its special resonance actuation curve adds one more option to your timbres.
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SynthRotek MIX Mixer Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: This simple passive mixer is suitable for mixing both audio and control voltage sources. Three channel inputs mix down to one output.

It is not suitable for additive voltage applications. All the jacks are switched to ground to minimize external interference when not patched. This can lead to unwanted attenuation of the output signal unless you plug a dummy cable into the unused channel(s) or, even easier, you can turn the channel's pot completely CCW.

Width: 2HP
Power consumption: none
Module screws included
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MRP:$31.56 SAVE 14%
coming soon $27.13
SynthRotek MST SYSTEM 104 Modular System
SynthRotek MST SYSTEM 104 Modular System (modular synthesiser system)
Cat: 778516
amalog modular synthesiser
Notes: Housed in Synthrotek's 104HP Skiff Boat, the MST SYSTEM 104 is a very powerful analog polyphonic FULLY modular synthesizer.

Powered by Synthrotek's Case Power Red, the MST SYSTEM 104 has the following power specs: +12V @ 2A, -12V @ 500mA, +5V @ 1.5A

MST Expressor
MST MIDI to CV Converter
MST MIDI to CV Expander
MST Ribbon Controller
MST '07 Buffered Multiple
MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold
MST VCO (x 3)
MST 4-Channel Audio/CV Mixer
MST Dual Envelope
MST Low Pass Filter
MST Stereo Output Mixer
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Sensel Travel Case For Morph MIDI Controller (blue)
Cat: 785475 Rel: 22 Oct 20
Travel case
Notes: Stay organized and mobile while protecting your gear.

The Morph travel case is a convenient way to carry and protect your Morph, overlays, cables, iPad, paintbrushes and any other accessories that you use along with your Morph. Fits a Morph, iPad and 5+ overlays with ease.

A padded exterior to protect your Morph from bumps and bruises
An interior sleeve to securely hold your Morph (and iPad)
Interior straps to hold cables, paintbrushes, drumsticks
An external zippered pocket for additional storage.

Weight: 0.7 lbs | 319 g
Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 1.4 in | 28 x 20 x 3.4 cm
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SynthRotek 308 Distortion Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: Get ready for the bright lights of the colosseum!

SynthTotek have taken the rock-solid RAT clone, squeezed it into a Eurorack module and added CV control over Gain. The 308 will take your playing to new heights with tremolo and other distortion modulation techniques.
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SynthRotek ADSR Envelope Generator Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Cat: 778161
ADSR envelope generator module
Notes: The Synthrotek ADSR is a small and simple envelope generator with some very useful features. CV is additive for overall length of ADR stages in ADSR mode and add even more length to just the Release stage by adding CV into the Release jack. AR mode allows for snappy to long dynamic rhythm lengths. Very short minimum lengths, self cycling and a maximum output of 5 volts makes this tiny (4HP) envelope a very feature packed and versatile module.

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SynthRotek ECHO Voltage Controlled Echo Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Cat: 778205
voltage controlled echo module
Notes: The ECHO (formerly known as the EKO) is a compact voltage-controlled echo/delay comes in the very tidy size of 4HP and is certain to be one of the best bangs for your buck.

A very unique echo using the PT2399 IC featuring Voltage Controlled Rate. Manual controls for Rate, Feedback, and Mix. Beautiful and bizarre, CV modulation of the rate brings in ghostly pitch bent sounds to metallic reverbs. An effects module that everyone needs in their rig.

ECHO Rate CV accepts -5 / +5 voltages (although the negative range is almost -7)

ECHO Rate knob is setup to push the chip into extreme territory and will extend past the "useable" range of the PT2399 IC, meaning that once you turn the knob past 3 o'clock or so, the chip will stop operating and you'll only hear your dry signal.

Attenuation, attenuversion, or using an offset will greatly help when running voltages into the Rate CV input. This way, you can tailor the modulation as you see fit. You will absolutely get the most out of your ECHO by using modules that attenuate, invert or offset your signal.
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SynthRotek Nano West System
SynthRotek Nano West System (modular synthesiser system)
Cat: 778520
modular synthesiser
Notes: PatchBox is a series of small Eurorack modular systems that are designed to accompany other standalone or computer-based audio hardware. These small curated systems are a perfect way to get started in modular without having to invest in more than you currently need. PatchBox systems are housed in Synthrotek's own Bus Cheeks and are powered via our USB power supply. PatchBox systems can be powered via a portable battery, computer USB jack or USB wall dongle.

The Nano West system is a fantastic west coast style sidecar to your Mother 32, keyboard based synth, DAW or other workstation. If you want to add the beauty of a true analog modular with the rhythmic possibilities of our Dual Low Pass Gate, then look no further. The Nano West's ADSR envelope can produce large self cycling swells or icy pinging beats and bongos. As a full mono voice, you can also control this with the Arturia KeyStep, etc. Add another voice to your Mother 32!

VCO - Voltage Controlled Oscillator
LPG - Dual Low Pass Gate
ADSR - Envelope
RND - Random
DLY - Delay
Housed in a Bus Cheeks with a USB Power. Includes USB to USB mini cable.
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coming soon $634.57
ADDAC System ADDAC213B Eurorack Bridge Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The ADDAC213B is the second pair of modules from ADDAC's Eurorack Bridge system.

A pair of ADDAC213Bs can be used in standalone to send/receive 8 CV or audio signals between different points inside the same case or as an expansion to the main pair of Eurorack Bridge modules, the ADDAC213As.

Two ADDAC213B modules can be connected to each other with the use of a single ribbon cable and then used inside a case to carry signals between distant points without the need for long cables. Less clatter, less spaghetti- more space of your fingers on those knobs!

ADDAC213Bs always come in pairs. A single pair can send & receive up to 8 CV or audio signals between different points in your case at the same time. The modules can be installed in normal position or a 180 degree position to fit any need.

As an Expansion to an ADDAC213A.

Each ADDAC213B connected to the backside of an ADDAC213A adds 8 more channels to the main bridging functionality of the ADDAC213A.

Up to 2 ADDAC213B can be connected to an ADDAC213A module, expanding the bridging between two difference cases to a total of 24 channels.

If you're looking for a simple one-cable bridge between your various cases, then look no further than the ADDAC213A.

Between the ADDAC213A pair and the ADDAC213B, your cases never looked so elegantly connected together!

Each module can be installed in normal position or at 180 degrees.

. Format: Eurorack
. Width: 3 HP
. Depth: 2.5 cm

Passive / Does not draw current
Ribbon Cable: 50cm or 100cm ribbon cable
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EMW 8-Track & 16-Step Trigger Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW TRIGGER SEQUENCER module was primarily designed to control our DIGI-DRUM modules but i t can be used in several ways and in any modular system.This module let 's you create 4 di f ferent trigger sequences that can be used to trigger 4 different drum modules, envelopes, sequencers, etc. Its external clock input opens a wide range of applications. As an example, it can be clocked by a keyboard gate signal and then trigger several envelope generators according to the programmed pat tern. It is an easy to use, and a very useful module.
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coming soon $169.88
EMW Echo Effects Module (black faceplate)
Notes: This is a digital Echo module designed to have a very vintage and analog style sound. It adds a very dist inct ive and interest ing sound characteristic to any setup.
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coming soon $90.97
EMW Chorus Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775233
chorus module
Notes: Stereo chorus module
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coming soon $124.94
EMW Phase 45 Analogue Phaser Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Phase 45 is a simple yet powerful analog 1-stage (45 ) phaser module. It features manual controls for Feedback and Phase as well as a CV input for Phase modulation (Mod In).

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [10mA] / -12V [10mA]
Weight: 86g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$103.90 SAVE 21%
coming soon $82.20
EMW Phaser 4 Four Stage Analogue Phaser Shifter Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW analog 4-stage Phaser produces one of the deepest and most powerful effects used in electronic music. The analog phase-shifter effect differs a lot from the one created by digital processors mainly because it features a warm and penetrating sound characteristic that is very hard to emulate, This is a must have module for any modular synthesizer setup.
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coming soon $149.05
ADDAC System ADDAC306 VC Transitions Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 776305
VC transitions module
Notes: ADDAC306 is a 5 channel multi-directional CV generator.

You can think of it as a "sweet spot" controller, or a hands-on way of transiting from one state to another.

Each of the five channels has MINIMUM, SPAN and DIRECTION controls, a common CV IN and a common TRANSITION CONTROLLER slider.

MINIMUM sets the minimum channel voltage.

SPAN sets the voltage range of the channel.
It essentially sets the maximum voltage that can be output from the channel, relative to what the current channel MINIMUM is. For a given SPAN value, if the MINIMUM voltage is changed then the maximum voltage output from that channel will also change respectively.

DIRECTION sets whether the voltage transition for each channel goes from MINIMUM to maximum, or maximum to MINIMUM.

The TRANSITION CONTROLLER slider controls the transition from the minimum value (A) to the maximum value (B) or vice versa, according to the settings of each independent channel.
Moving this slider generates 5 different voltages with 5 different ranges and directions. The transition can also be operated from a CV source at the CV IN, in which case the slider position acts as an attenuator for the incoming voltage.

The maximum range of each channel can be set to either 5 or 10 volts, by 5 jumpers in the back of the module. Only positive voltages are generated at the output.

Using the CV IN you can use two ADDAC306 modules to expand your control options to 9 voltage outputs under one common slider control.
Use the VC Transitions to multiply the polyphony of a single CV sequencer by passing its outputs through the ADDAC207.
VC Transition makes for an awesome state transition controller. Plug its outputs to various CV controller parameters of your audio effects modules. Set the slider to position A, and set the minimum values for each channel. Then move the slider to position B and set the SPAN settings for each channel. Use the TRANSITION CONTROLLER slider to morph from state A to state B and backwards. Flip the DIRECTION switches to change the direction of the transition for each channel. Use the CV IN to automate the transition using LFOs, ADSRs or sequencers.
Plug the output of your ADSR envelope to the CV IN and set the channels differently to get 5 different ADSRs from one common source.

This module was developed based on an initial idea by Konstantine Fioretos.
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EMW Analog Drum Synth Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775428
analog drum module
Notes: The ANALOG DRUM SYNTH module from EMW is a complete percussion synthesizer that can be used to easily create deep analog sounds like bass drum, snare drum, modulated sweeps, effects, etc. Its architecture is based on the famous Korg ER-1 drum synthesizer but it was created using all analog technology for high impact and deep sounds.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 22 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [57mA] / -12V [37mA]
Weight: 260g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$335.38 SAVE 19%
coming soon $270.71
EMW Logic 101 Logic Functions Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW Logic 101 module has 4 different logic functions that are useful when you need to control pulses in order to create alternative activation logic. The «&" or "AND" function output only goes high when both A and B inputs are on a high level. The "OR" function output goes high when either A or B inputs are on high level. The verters,as expected, inverts the signal in its outputs, going high when the input is low and vice-versa.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 6 HP width
4 logic functions In only 6HP rack space
2 x AND function, 1 x OR and 2 x Inverter
External pulse input: 2.5 to 15 Volts.
Power consumption. +12V [34mA] / -12V [0mA]
Connectors: 3.5mm
Weight: 72g
Depth: 50m
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MRP:$122.31 SAVE 20%
coming soon $97.55
EMW Dual Glide Processor Module (black faceplate)
Cat: 775740
glide processor module
Notes: The EMW Dual Glide Processor module can create glide or portamento effects on control voltages. It's great for creating portamento effects on CV sequences or changing the decay characteristic of a control voltage or another low frequency waveform.
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MRP:$77.60 SAVE 21%
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EMW 8-Step Trigger Sequencer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW 8-Step Trigger Sequencer combines many different features into a wellsized 8hp module. This module let’s you program 8 different sequences that can be used to trigger drum modules, envelopes or function generators. The module includes clock, reset, and hold CV inputs as well as a "Beat-1" trigger output that sends out a trigger whenever the sequencer goes through Step #1.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [38mA] / -12V [0mA]
Weight: 119g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$124.94 SAVE 22%
coming soon $97.55
SynthRotek Verb Reverb Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The Synthrotek Verb is a reverb module like no other. This PT2399 unit offers a warm tape-saturated spring reverb sound, but the added flair of subtle modulation truly makes it shine. The input gain knob drops the input amount back to give cathedral-like sounds when the mix is high. Turn the modulation knob manually for pitch bends; patch in a slow LFO or envelope CV to emulate pitch bends reminiscent of a tape echo with a broken capstan. The mix knob is a very fast-responding cross fader circuit which allows audio rate inputs for further FM-like modulation. Add a subtle amount of reverb or crank the mix past 3 o'clock to knock the reverb signal into the rails.

Current Draw:
18mA @ -12V
87mA @ +12V
0mA @ +5V
Width: 4hp
Depth: 54mm ( 2.13in )
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coming soon $153.43
Eurorack Hardware Modules OR Dual Eurorack Combiner Module (black faceplate) (fully assembled)
Notes: The OR is a passive dual OR Combiner module in 2HP for Eurorack. Two channels of three inputs to one output. Matte black panel with white graphics. Perfect for adding gates or trigger signals together as each input is diode protected. Passive, no current draw.
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EMW MIDI Mixer Module (black faceplate)
Notes: The EMW MIDI Thru-4 was designed to help users with multiple MIDI modules. It let’s you take 4 copies of a MIDI signal that can be used with any of our EMW MIDI-enabled oscillators.

Eurorack (3U) form factor - 8 HP width
Power consumption: +12V [34mA] / -12V [15mA]
Weight: 73g
Depth: 50mm
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MRP:$109.16 SAVE 19%
coming soon $88.78
ADDAC System ADDAC301B Dual Expression Pedal Attenuator Module (red faceplate)
Cat: 776289
dual epression pedal attentuator
Notes: Passive dual expression pedal attenuator.

Plug any CV or audio source through it and control its amplitude through any standard expression pedal.

Invert switch for inverting the expression pedal action.

. Passive Module
. Width: 4 HP
. Depth: 3 cm
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coming soon $71.23
ADDAC System ADDAC807A&B VC Stereo Summing Mixer Module (sold as pair) (black faceplate)
Notes: All you could ever dream of from an Eurorack console, and then some.

The ADDAC807A VC Stereo Summing Mixer offers you the power, the flexibility and the gorgeous layout of a high-end audio console, in the popular Eurorack format. Starting off at 5 stereo channels, with the option to add 4 additional stereo channels via the ADDAC807C Expansion Console, its send/return options and clever matrix will ensure you have that perfect mix down in seconds. Customary to ADDAC System designs, there is enough CV control and hands-on switch options to make the ADDAC807A into an instrument in and of itself.

The ADDAC807A is accompanied by its sibling, the ADDAC807B Inputs Console. We decided to allow the user to freely define the placement of the jacks by separating the area where all your cables are located. Less clutter means more hands-on control and higher playability. The ADDAC807B Inputs Console holds all the jack inputs for the ADDAC807A Main Console, along with CV inputs and additional channel settings cause you can never have enough switches.

Format: Eurorack
ADDAC807A Width: 56 HP
ADDAC807B Width: 24 HP
Depth: 4.5 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

CV inputs: i 5v

Max current: 650mA on each rail
Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector
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coming soon $1,789.46
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