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Coming Soon: Rock (All)

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Rock (All)

The Last Exit
The Last Exit (limited clear vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: WLR 003LPX. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. The Last Exit (4:40)
  2. Crying (3:28)
  3. White Sands (5:32)
  4. Till We Meet Again (3:33)
  5. A Kiss Before Dying (2:46)
  6. Bad Town (4:14)
  7. Mystery Road (3:55)
  8. Static (3:54)
  9. It's Voodoo (4:43)
  10. Shifting Dunes (2:37)
  11. Old Arcade (3:29)
Review: It's five from five for Still Corners, whose sumptuous and dreamy take on retro guitar pop has never sounded so enticing or alluring. Opening with a title number that feels like Americana has spilled into art rock, to say The Last Exit grabs your attention from the off would be an understatement.

Of course it's hard to deny that 'White Sands' is the real trophy piece here, not that the other nine tracks we have yet to mention aren't also worth their weight in decency. Sounding a little like some lost Fleetwood Mac treasure, it's a propellant but trippy synth rock workout that's crying out to be heard on a late night dancefloor - where it's destined to do something special. An exceptional song on a LP that more than lives up to our high expectations of the band in question.
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Power Up (Deluxe)
Cat: 194397 44472.
  1. Realize
  2. Rejection
  3. Shot In The Dark
  4. Through The Mists Of Time
  5. Kick You When You're Down
  6. Witch's Spell
  7. Demon Fire
  8. Wild Reputation
  9. No Man's Land
  10. Systems Down
  11. Money Shot
  12. Code Red
Review: Six years is ages for a band to go without releasing an album or doing very much. But for AC/DC, whose work rate has always been ridiculously high, it's a very, very long time. Between then and now, the band lost their lead singer, Brian Johnson, to hearing difficulties in the middle of their last tour, and saw drummer Paul Rudd arrested in New Zealand for 'attempting to procure a murder'. Talk about impetus to finally call time.

But then these are the guys responsible for one of history's greatest heavy rock triumphs, 1980s's Back In Black, released just months after formative frontman Bon Scott tragically passed. So it's no surprise Power Up, another post-traumatic release albeit an act of reunification with now (relatively) healthy Johnson and innocent Rudd returning, is among their best in the 40 years since. A comeback record that sounds exactly like AC/DC should - ballsy, bluesy, boozy riffs.
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Cosmic Dancer
Cat: 405053 863968.
Review: As one or two critics pointed out when the Angelheaded Hipster covers album arrived, Mark Bolan is something of a disputed musical genius who remains misunderstood by both naysayers and allies alike. The latter arguably downplaying the chart-topping pop-glam status he enjoyed during his 1970s T-Rex heyday, shortly before commercial and artistic decline led to mediocrity. Meanwhile, those who write him off as only relevant in that period forget the decade of broad work that preceded it.

What we can all agree on, though, is that he wrote some incredible songs that achieved universal adoration, and Cosmic Dancer ranks in the top flight. Nick Cave's contribution to the aforementioned tribute LP stays true to the source material, all emotionally charged lyrics set in heartbroken balladry. A delicate, piano-led ode to the narrator's lost youth, and a promise that despite the passing of time an energy will always prevail.
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The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol I
The Weathermaker Vault Series Vol I (limited opaque white vinyl LP)
Cat: WM 124. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Passive Restraints
  2. Electric Worry
  3. Run, John Barleycorn, Run
  4. Evil
  5. Fortunate Son
  6. Algo Ha Cambiado
  7. Spacegrass
  8. Precious & Grace
  9. Smoke Banshee
  10. Willie Nelson
Review: Here Clutch have managed to give us one of the best covers albums in a year dominated by either covers or live albums. It also contains an incredible version of 'Algo Ha Cambiado', one of the finest from legendary Argentinian blues maestro Norberto Anibal Napolitano (AKA Pappo), who doesn't seem to get the global recognition he deserves. Oh, and the record itself has a great back story.

This is both Clutch at their uncompromising best - paying tribute to their own heavy rock, blues and metal heroes - and most resourceful. Starting to release a series of rare digital covers from the decade-spanning outfit's archives as a means of connecting with fans during the pandemic, Weathermaker Music was soon born and now this is the micro-label's first album. As you would hope, it's sweat-soaked, guttural, rhythmically raw stuff, so best make some space for a dancefloor before putting it on.
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Hyperspace (Deluxe Edition) (reissue)
Hyperspace (Deluxe Edition) (reissue) (limited 2xLP + 24-page booklet)
Cat: 735361. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Hyperlife
  2. Uneventful Days
  3. Saw Lightning
  4. Die Waiting (2020)
  5. Chemical
  6. See Through (2020)
  7. Hyperspace (2020)
  8. Startsphere
  9. Dark Places
  10. Star (2020)
  11. Everlasting Nothing
  12. Dark Places (Soundscape)
  13. I Am The Cosmos
Review: There's always an awful lot to talk about with Beck - an American rock icon whose enigmatic character is defined by the fact labels like 'American rock icon' are way too simplistic. Hyperspace couldn't be a more useful example, a record that turns its attention to a sci-fi R&B pop sound that's an immediate giveaway of Pharrell Williams' involvement as producer on more than half the album.

All of which would be jarring if this weren't Beck, a proper shapeshifter. Pulling it off with far more than aplomb implies, it's a warm, sexy evening ride through the e-funked up streets of LA on a warm night exceptionally juxtaposed with a lyrical flavour that's sorrowful and reflective, the product of both the artist's failing relationship at the time of writing and his well-documented understanding of the human condition.
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Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985)
Take It Down To The Wire (Live 1985) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: OZITDANLP 9998.
Review: The establishment rued the day Mark E. Smith came along, whether they were in the political elite or the music industry itself. The Fall's lead singer is unarguably Manchester's greatest contribution to pop culture simply because of his biting wit and predisposition for calling spades spades, twats twats. Thankfully, though, he and his band were also responsible for some unbelievably good post punk fare, alongside some exceptionally frenetic live shows, meaning it's about more than just attitude.

Even if you caught the troupe on stage in the years immediately preceding Smith's death, aged 60, the energy was palpable. Perhaps logically, though, Take It Down The Wire Live 1985 captures the essence of both frontman and outfit as they were at their peak. Unforgiving, uncompromising, broken, hopeful and altogether priceless. All hail Britain's "strange kind of antimatter treasure," we really didn't know what we had until it was gone.
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Don't Go Home Yet
Don't Go Home Yet (180 gram yellow vinyl LP limited to 295 copies)
Cat: ROXMB 010C.
Review: One of the greatest things about rock history is how many volumes from the most prolific artists are still waiting to be unearthed years later. Take this recording of Bruce Springsteen live from Capitol Theater in Prassaic, New Jersey, recorded on New Year's Eve 1977. Which should not be confused with that taping of The Boss and cohorts from the same venue a few months later, a much sought after album made from the original radio broadcast of the show.

Let's not split hairs between the two, and instead stick to the basics. Here we have one of America's all-time rock 'n' roll titans in what could be the prime of his career, if that didn't imply he's waned since, delivering a set list in the way only he can. Powerful and proud, fan or newcomer alike won't own this rare chapter, and we implore both to do something about that now.
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Blud Under The Bridge
Cat: DAMGOOD 546LP. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Where The Black Water Flows
  2. Exuberant Me
  3. God's Reason Why
  4. It Happened Before (Will It Happen Again?)
  5. Roll The Stone Back Across The Mouth Of The Cave
  6. Do Not Be Indifferent To Me
  7. A Simple Twist Of Fate
  8. Wise Blud
  9. White Whale Blues
  10. The Devil Is Choked
  11. Blud Under The Bridge
Review: With albums entitled The New and Improved Bob Dylan and Will There Ever Be A Day That You're Hung Like A Thief, even before you've heard anything by The William Loveday Intention you should be able to tell what we're dealing with. More than channeling the energy and attitude of rustbelt folk rock 'n' roll, everything is tinged with bourbon blues and the sweat of a day in some dusty field or other.

With that image in your mind it's probably quite surprising for the uninitiated to learn that this is the latest project from English singer, songwriter, painter, poet, filmmaker and photographer (did we mention author?) Billy Childish. A captivating work that represents part three in a four album endeavour, James Taylor (The Prisoners), Dave Tattersall (The Wave Pictures) and Huddie Hamper (The Shadracks) conspire to produce a timeless Americana classic in the making.
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Think Of Spring
Cat: 277901.
Review: In the bleakest of midwinters M. Ward's re-reading of Billie Halliday's 1958 album, Lady In Satin, wears poignancy on its sleeve, teaching us things can be beautiful again, even if they seem broken. By the time she made the record, Halliday had damaged her voice through alcohol and drug abuse, but her efforts were still mesmerising (albeit somewhat divisive). Now, more than 50 years on, a man with a larynx at the softer end of the spectrum takes on that playlist, reordering and rethinking in the process.

Save for 'The End of a Love Affair' all the parts of Halliday's masterpiece are here, but they sound resolutely different. Not least far quieter. Passion runs throughout, indicative of Ward's deep love for the source material and the emotional quality that pervades all his work. Instrumentally, it's no less committed, throwing all manner of unusual chord progressions and riffs our way via irregular tuning techniques. A stunning record that's testament to coverer and covered alike.
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Come See Me
Cat: MUS 231. Rel: 26 Feb 21
Review: You only need to hear the "Oi, oi, criminal crew!" chorus of aptly titled rowdy riot-starter 'Criminal Crew' to know which Chisel this is. Clue: it's not the 1990s US punk band fronted by Ted Leo, nor the 1970s Australian pub rockers of the same name. As the lyrical rage suggests, this is very much an English thing, as proven by the fact band members hail from Blackpool, Croydon, Acton, Chingford and Guildford.

Of course it's probably more important to point out that, geographical nuances and regional delivery aside, Come See Me is three tracks of purist punk energy with global appeal. Breakneck and snare-packed drums drive runaway trains of angsty guitar chaos through your speakers, whether it comes in the form of 'Not The Only One's distorted, twisted but melodic riffs, or the title track's frantic, staccato call to arms for headbangers everywhere.
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Coming Soon: Rock (All)