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Coming Soon: Minimal/Tech House

We Perfectly Understand Each Other Until We Start To Talk
coming soon $31.32
Poppa G
Poppa G (12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: MSR 062. Rel: 01 Nov 19
coming soon $26.28
Balance Presents Sunsetstrip
Cat: BAL 025CD. Rel: 26 Jul 19
coming soon $15.66
Mix Vol 1
Mix Vol 1 (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HWSD 014.
  1. Marknofriend
  2. Jiffysquid
  3. MT'V
  4. Lu & The Subordinate (Mr Noh Fartine mix)
  5. Badoblanko
  6. Segalschmu (Mr Noh Champion mix)
coming soon $24.69
Social Part 2
Social Part 2 (180 gram vinyl 5xLP box)
Cat: SCLBOX 2.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
  11. Track 11
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
  14. Track 14
  15. Track 15
Review: Last year, East End Dubs ended his Social series after releasing 10 sought-after EPs in just under three years. "Social Part 2" is the second boxed retrospective of this work; while the first edition gathered together EPs one to five, this sequel boasts numbers six to ten. The 15 included tracks are all up to the prolific producer's high standards, offering an attractive late night blend of swinging tech-house rhythms, rich bass, spacey pads, intergalactic melodies and atmospheric aural textures. There's little filler or fluff, just quality peak-time grooves, occasional warm-up workouts and a sprinkling of loved-up anthems-in-waiting (see the delicious "Track 6" and glassy-eyed "Track 8").
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coming soon $63.69
Iterationen: Resonant Responses To A Live Concert
coming soon $14.60
Sun Over Moon
Sun Over Moon (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: INK 122LP.
coming soon $20.16
Space Bob
Space Bob (2xLP)
Cat: KI 016. Rel: 01 Jul 19
  1. Welcome To My Cupboard
  2. Der Song Mit Der Trompete
  3. Tower Of Ants (feat Simon dubell)
  4. Die Wirren Der Traumer (feat Nicolas Ford)
  5. Ich War Voll Im Modus
  6. Sommerbad Pankow
  7. Mein Gluck
  8. Gib Ihnen Die Katze
  9. Weed, Wein & Wobbelwurlie
  10. Escape To Infinity
  11. Door To Door (feat Blindsmith)
  12. Strategien Gegen Die Endlichkeit (feat Nils Hoffmann)
coming soon $24.95
Doeiotcioda (2xLP)
Cat: MLREC 001LP. Rel: 08 Jul 19
  1. Daan De Blup
  2. Bukwizio
  3. SABP
  4. Sonni
  5. What Man
  6. Mandatorovic
  7. Yoga Knaller
  8. BB&R
  9. Systeem
  10. No Smoke, No Hai
  11. Maat
coming soon $16.46
Anthropomorphic Sympathy
Anthropomorphic Sympathy (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MGM 05.
  1. You
  2. Sopine
  3. Dimlove
  4. -*-
  5. Empathy Master
  6. For Edmond Belamy
  7. Interlude
  8. Anthropomorphic Sympathy
  9. Singularity
  10. November Subitizing
  11. Juniper
  12. Lived II Time
  13. Allopoiesis
  14. Korwar
Review: Having built up his self titled label alongside his sterling work as part of Oscillat, Lazare Hoche and Will & Ink, the one and only Malin Genie delivers his debut solo album. Moving beyond the pure club focus of his singles and EPs, the Genie has seized this opportunity to present a widescreen panorama of his sound, leading in with the subliminal ambience of "You" as a springboard to explore breaks, electro, techno, and especially IDM. There are so many ideas swirling round Anthropomorphic Sympathy, it's hard to know where to begin describing it. A true headphone commute for the deep listener to burrow into.
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Played by: Malin Genie
coming soon TBA
HI (2xLP)
Cat: HOME 036LP.
  1. HI
  2. Monkey Safari & Sterling Grove - "Parallel Lines" (feat Monsoonsiren)
  3. Shangri La
  4. New Day
  5. Red
  6. Shelter
  7. Breed
  8. Love To Exist
  9. Walls
  10. Sturm
coming soon $17.52
Echoes Of House
Echoes Of House (limited 2xLP)
Cat: TBC.
coming soon TBA
The Island
The Island (limited 140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SSCD 23. Rel: 29 Jul 19
  1. Sunrise Over Malaspina
  2. Shore Breeze
  3. Mirage
  4. Desolation Sound
  5. Beacon Point
  6. Midnight Dip
  7. Galaxies
  8. Deep Current
Review: Silent Season is proud to present Segue's third full-length LP with the label. On his new album, Jordan Sauer explores a new facet of West Canadian natural history. Four thousand years ago, Western Canada's First Nations people migrated into the fjords and rainforests carved out by the retreating glaciation of the last Ice Age. The Island is a tribute to Canada's prehistory and the spiritual journey of a people entering a forever- altered landscape to call their home.

While Segue's last album very much explored a cross section journey of British Columbia from the mountains to the sea, The Island explores the hidden coastlines and inlets that pepper a still- mysterious landscape.

Throughout the album, each song spreads out beautifully as a reflection of the place or thing it's named after and paints a stunning portrait of BC's natural wealth. At first glance it seems like a tourist's guide, but when you listen deeper, The Island blossoms into something deeply personal and moving- a sonic imprint of places in relation to culture. One listen will put you right in the rainforests and mountains that the Coast Salish has called their home.
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coming soon TBA
The Tempest
The Tempest (2xLP)
Cat: SJUDLP 1. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Tempestuous
  2. Near The End
  3. Time Of Speed, Not Day
  4. The Struggle
  5. Heard Syndrome
  6. That Hour
  7. The Flat (London Projects)
  8. Passing You By
coming soon $26.01
Obverse (CD)
Cat: IMR 33CD. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Cold Comfort
  2. Church Of Trees
  3. In The Garden
  4. Foggy Figures
  5. Blue September
  6. TRNT
  7. One Last Kiss To Remember
  8. Sleeper
  9. Try A Little
  10. Giants
coming soon $10.61
Obverse (gatefold black & white vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: IMR 33LP. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Cold Comfort
  2. Church Of Trees
  3. In The Garden
  4. Foggy Figures
  5. Blue September
  6. TRNT
  7. One Last Kiss To Remember
  8. Sleeper
  9. Try A Little
  10. Giants
coming soon $20.70
7 Years & Three Quarters Of Albion
7 Years & Three Quarters Of Albion (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: ALB 010. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Jordan Magee - "Semantics"
  2. Henry Hyde - "Forgot Your Name"
  3. Samuel Allot - "Isolate"
  4. Christian Jay - "Restive"
  5. TC80 - "Albion"
  6. Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg - "Circacarno"
  7. Phil Evans - "Hazard"
  8. Christian Ab - "Starlight D-Lite"
Review: Albion Records drops its first record of the year and it's to make it's 7 years... and a bit anniversary. Celebrating with a various artists release, it's a 8-track double EP and it does not disappoint.

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coming soon TBA
Stil Vor Talent Berlin: Admiralbrucke
Cat: SVT 250CD. Rel: 28 Jun 19
  1. Theo Meier - "Fastlane"
  2. Lunar Plane - "Imperium"
  3. Benotmane - "Sunqueen" (Oliver Koletzki remix)
  4. Aaaron & Deckert - "Kyoto Bliss" (Niko Schwind remix)
  5. Daniel Rateuke - "Mambazo"
  6. Alican - "Complex Simplicity"
  7. Rafael Cerato - "Radiation"
  8. Jiggler - "Nothing Matter"
  9. Ivan Masa - "Muto" (Bebetta & Cioz remix)
  10. Hidden Empire - "State Of Confusion"
  11. Pachanga Boys - "Time Download"
  12. Niko Schwind - "Super Lemon"
  13. Deorbiting - "Tunguska" (Stereo MCs remix)
  14. Ilu & Aaye - "Sacudir"
  15. Krink - "Fireworks"
  16. Nhii - "Magneto"
  17. Vander, Lev Tatarov & Soundshapes - "La Vita"
  18. Koletzki & Schwind - "Camps Bay" (Oliver Koletzki remix)
  19. PALMFooD - "Embrace"
  20. Moonwalk - "Endless"
  21. Boy Next Door - "Keval"
  22. Dapayk & Padberg - "Island" (feat Caro - Florian Meindl remix)
  23. Evans - "Unique"
  24. EdOne - "Danassa"
  25. Tapyon - "Under The Rain"
  26. Polaroit - "Drifting Away"
  27. Giorgia Angiuli - "Inspiration"
  28. Aparde - "Cover"
coming soon $12.73


Coming Soon: Minimal/Tech House