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Dance Now!
Cat: ZYX 211992.
coming soon $9.73
Raveland (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: ZYX 830182.
  1. Kevu - "Rave Is Our Cure" (radio edit)
  2. Jerome Isme-ae - "Hold That Sucker Down" (Charlotte De Witte Rave remix edit)
  3. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Timmy Trumpet - "The Anthem (Der Alte)" (radio edit)
  4. Le Shuuk Vs Jerome - "You & Me" (radio edit)
  5. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - "Love On Fire" (radio edit)
  6. W&W, Sandro Silvia & Zafrir - "Wizar Of The Beats" (radio edit)
  7. Arty & Stellz - "Outburst" (radio edit)
  8. Niels Van Gogh - "Tomahawk" (radio edit)
  9. Mauro Picotto - "Komodo" (Klaas remix)
  10. Tom Pulse vs Big Daddi & El Mexxo - "Taka Taka" (club edit)
  11. Micast - "Moonlight Shadow" (feat Kya - The Cleric remix)
  12. Will Sparks & New World Sound - "Lies" (Luca Testa remix)
  13. Van Der Karsten - "Falling Down" (radio edit)
  14. Jaxx, Vega & Outrage - "The Night" (radio edit)
  15. Brooklyn Bounce - "The Theme (Of Progressive Attack)" (Sergio Marini & Luke remix edit)
  16. Rocco - "Everybody" (Arnold Palmer & CJ Stone remix)
  17. Bad Habits - "La La Life" (radio edit)
  18. Nicky Starr - "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (Steve 80 remix edit)
  19. Munez - "Leave Me Behind" (radio edit)
  20. Henry Fong - "Rave Tool" (radio edit)
  21. Sandro Silva & Graham Bell - "Raveolution" (radio edit)
  22. Armin Van Buuren - "Stickup" (radio edit)
  23. Klaas - "Wonderful Days" (feat Tony Ronald - radio edit)
  24. Da Tweekaz, Harris & Ford - "Moskau" (radio edit)
  25. Marc Korn & E-Rockaz - "Time After Time" (Quickdrop remix)
  26. Scotty - "He's A Pirate" (CJ Stone mix)
  27. Ziggy X - "Keeps Me High" (radio edit)
  28. Kane Scott - "Missing Part" (radio edit)
  29. Franky B - "Dirty Kicks, Dirty Claps" (feat How To Loot Brazil - Talstrasse 3-5 remix edit)
  30. Talla 2XLC - "Code 6"
  31. Bootmasters & Efimia - "Kaleidoscope"
  32. It's Not Legal - "Blow" (radio edit)
  33. Dannic - "Beatroot" (Dannic Bigroom Edt)
  34. Tom Wax - "Sunwalker"
  35. DNF & Dhany - "Hit My Heart"
  36. DJ Dean & DJ TH - "Protect Your Ears 2k20" (radio edit)
  37. Andrew Spencer - "Time After Time" (Alex Megane Newdance edit)
  38. Charly Lownoise & Re-Style - "Another Day" (radio edit)
  39. Van Edelsteyn & Flip Capella - "Anthem #4" (feat Big Daddi - F-Carpe Hardstyle - remix edit)
  40. B-Stylezz - "Househead" (radio edit)
coming soon $16.31
Greatest Hits
Cat: ZYX 211962.
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $12.36
12" Collector's Vinyl Box: Club
Cat: MAXIBOXLP 22. Rel: 24 Jul 20
coming soon $23.93
Dance 50 Vol 2
Cat: ZYX 830192. Rel: 17 Jul 20
coming soon TBA
Are You Ready
Are You Ready (140 gram green vinyl 12")
Cat: Z&B 007 .
  1. Are You Ready
  2. Are You Ready (Eddie Leader remix)
  3. Are You Ready (Jonno & Tommo remix)
  4. Are You Ready (Tommy Largo remix)
Review: Here we have another Tech-House/Techno EP from Zooted and Booted Records... "Are You Ready"! The original mix by Dylan Debut and David Coker is a four to the floor bassline smasher that just keeps building and building until its deep analogue twisted cords send you in to a trance with solid 909 hats that sizzle all the way through. There's also the solid jacking house mix on the EP by none other than Mr deepjacking, Tommy Largo, that will shuffle its way through any bumping party, keeping it dirty and deep until the a.m. There's no stopping this EP as next on the list is an ultra-sweet deep and chunky mix by those classic Ornate boys Jonno & Tommo. This mix is hot and late night too but with some twisted extra layer and bumps that will send any man or woman crazy!!! Last but not least is the upfront dance hall thumper by none other than Eddie Leader, the bad man behind Hudd Trax. This mix has lush added extra keys and a solid old school analogue feel with some dirty little rave action running through it, but still keeping it in tune with today sounds and production. This mix would sit seriously well with the sun coming up at 5 am dancing on a beach surrounded by palm trees and thousands of party people! Play loud!
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Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Music For The Mind EP
Cat: ZEDD 12298. Rel: 24 Aug 20
coming soon $11.31
Magic Made Real
  1. From The Stars
  2. Fall In Love
  3. Milos
  4. Projections
coming soon $10.00
Combination EP
Cat: YAY 014. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Fernando Costantini & Ian F - "Conscious Interaction"
  2. Fernando Costantini & Ian F - "First Shot"
  3. Fernando Costantini - "Break To Dance"
  4. Ian F - "Quiet Moment"
coming soon $13.42
The Shin'yuu Various Artist EP
  1. Birdsmakingmachine - "Moorbet"
  2. Locic & Dan Formless - "No Laughing Matter"
  3. Yama Music - "Back Where You Belong"
  4. TIJN - "Nikkee"
Played by: St. Bernard, TIJN
coming soon $11.31
YAR 001
  1. Sweely - "It's Time To Play"
  2. Aladdin - "Tonight"
  3. Funktroid - "Drunktroid"
  4. Garouda - "Who Are U"
Review: If you're going to launch a new label, it's always wise to make your debut release a bit of a belter. This first missive from YA.R Records, a multi-artist extravaganza featuring tracks from a mixture of new-ish names and established producers, certainly ticks that box. Sweely provides a strong start via the bounding but funky beats, jaunty bass and boogie-style synth sounds of "It's Time To Play", before Aladdin opts for crunchier tech-house beats, bolder synth-bass and hazy female vocal samples on "Tonight". Elsewhere on the EP, Funktroid cannily combines the sparse melodies and deep bass of Bleep with the sci-fi futurism of Detroit techno and the off-kilter swing of 21st century tech-house ("Drunktroid"), while Garouda takes a trip into chunky, funk-fuelled tech-house/dub-house fusion ("Who Are You").
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coming soon $11.84
Metatrons Cube EP
Cat: XIII 003. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Eternity
  2. Tutankhamun
  3. The Deep
  4. Ping Pong
coming soon $10.00
Saudade For Salvador
Cat: WPM 010. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Saudade For Salvador (Ile Axe dub)
  2. Saudade For Salvador (Ron Trents Romantic Flight interpretation)
coming soon $17.09
I No Haz Brain
Cat: WH 002. Rel: 30 Jul 20
  1. I No Haz Brain
  2. Fat Alberts Funeral
coming soon $10.26
  1. You Me Space
  2. Necomestibil
  3. Mod
  4. Finish
coming soon $11.84
Keep Talking
Cat: SUSAN 010. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Root Down Rhythm
  2. Keep Talking
  3. Silver
  4. Tumi Dance
coming soon $12.36
WBR 016
WBR 016 (12")
Cat: WBR 016.
  1. Agent Provocateur (Ben Rau remix)
  2. Agent Provocateur
  3. Hi Sparrow
coming soon TBA
Robot Says Y
coming soon $10.00
Simply The West Vol 1.2
Simply The West Vol 1.2 (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: WEST 007. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. DJ Pollen - "Blossom"
  2. The Soft - "Beachy Drive"
  3. Sierra - "Breeze"
  4. Medlar & Unlikley - "Seinwave"
  5. The AKA Boys - "Don't Taze Me Bro"
  6. Sierra - "Woven Message"
coming soon $11.05
Heartbeat (repress)
Heartbeat (repress) (red vinyl 12")
Cat: WES 22132RED. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Heartbeat (Party mix)
  2. Heartbeat (club mix)
coming soon TBA
The Rave Age
The Rave Age (double 12")
Cat: WETUN 003. Rel: 25 Sep 20
  1. Virtual World
  2. The Rave Is On
  3. The New Age
  4. Obsessions Of The Mind
  5. VirtualPicnic2 (Children Of The Rainbow)
  6. Amby Tang
coming soon $24.72
Cassette Cuts EP
  1. Werkit
  2. Werkit (Patrice Scott remix)
  3. Werkit (Red D Werks It remix)
  4. Groove La Tape Deck
coming soon $9.20
Can't Stop Now EP
Cat: WAXNINJA 2. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Can't Stop Now
  2. Crucial Moment
  3. True School
  4. U Took My Love
  5. Now U Know (Cream Soda remix)
coming soon $10.26
SSD EP (12")
Cat: WAT 004. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Muse
  2. Solo
  3. Dew
  4. Cherry
Review: Jay Daniel back on his own Watusi High label with a killer record.
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coming soon $14.20
Watergate Affairs 04
  1. Budakid - "Orrery"
  2. Matthias Meyer - "Interlude"
  3. Henri Bergmann & Julian Wassermann - "Maenad"
  4. Nandu - "My Mysery Is A Mystery"
coming soon $10.00
Watergate 27
Cat: WG 027. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. Hyenah - "Warm Drum"
  2. Lemon & Herb - "iFuh"
  3. Pablo Fierro - "Reincarnation"
  4. Fka Mash - "Hazel"
  5. Sascha Braemer - "No Way"
  6. Sabb & Black Circle - "Vega"
  7. AMEME - "Bangala"
  8. Adana Twins - "Jupiter" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix)
  9. Da Capo - "Dark Knight"
  10. Hyenah - "Not Enough" (feat Lazarusman)
  11. JAMIIE & Niko Schwind - "Suwedi"
  12. Kerri Chandler - "Think Of Something" (Floyd Lavine remix)
  13. Hyenah & Floyd Lavine - "Soul Rise"
  14. Super Flu - "Effretikon"
  15. Manoo - "De's Lullaby"
  16. FNX Omar - "Minuit"
  17. Emanuel Satie & Nanghiti - "Forever More"
  18. Hyenah - "The Message" (feat Bajka - Henrik Schwarz remix)
coming soon $10.78
Crying Juno
  1. Crying Juno
  2. Cafune
coming soon $10.78
Rooted EP
Rooted EP (12")
Cat: WGVINYL 72.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
coming soon $10.00
Warehouse Music 014
Cat: WM 014. Rel: 21 Aug 20
  1. Priviet
  2. Xeniouski
  3. You Know What I Want
  4. A Base De Kush
coming soon $11.56
There's Gotta Be A Way (repress)
coming soon $9.45
WADR 001
WADR 001 (12")
Cat: WADR 001. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
coming soon $11.84
VWV 004
VWV 004 (12")
Cat: VWV 004.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
coming soon $11.84
Beatiful Lie
Cat: VISIO 034. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Beautiful Lie (feat D Millz)
  2. Time Passing
Review: As both a member of Glenn Underground's Strictly Jaz Unit crew and as a solo artist, Vick Lavender has made some mighty fine deep house in his time. Further proof arrives via this fine two-tracker, which marks the veteran producer's first outing on Alex Attias' Visions Inc label. Probably the pick of the pair is superb A-side "Beautiful Lie", where guest singer D Millz adds a soulful vocal to a glorious bed of dreamy chords, jaunty jazz-funk bass, carnival-friendly drums and colourful synth solos. Lavender continues on a similar theme with flipside "Time Passing", whose loose-limbed broken house drums recall the work of Osunlade. Add in some killer chords, jazzy electric piano solos and squelchy bass, and you have something that Ron Trent would be proud of.
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Played by: Stephane Attias
coming soon $10.52
The Message (For You)
  1. Alex Attias/Justin Chapman/Hajime Yochizawa - "The Message (For You)"
  2. Alex Attias/Mark De Clive-Lowe - "The Waiting Game"
Review: Since -re-establishing his early noughties Visions Inc imprint in 2017, Swiss scene stalwart Alex Attias has delivered some of his most impressive and musically dexterous material. He's at it again here on a two-tracker that showcases his love of studio collaboration. Our pick of the pair is exuberant, life-affirming A-side "The Message (For You)", a sublime slab of loose-limbed Latin house soulfulness featuring vocals from Justin Chapman and keys-work from Japanese artist Hajime Yochizawa. Attias' old pal Mark De Clive-Lowe lends a hand of equally positive and sparkling flipside "The Waiting Game", adding all manner of jazz-funk inspired sound synths to a fine, rubbery deep house workout.
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coming soon $10.52
Viktor's Reincarnations
  1. Acid Pauli - "Jorge" (Viktor Talking Machine remix)
  2. Super Flu - "Insi" (Viktor Talking Machine remix)
  3. Mooryc - "Who Are You Know" (Viktor Talking Machine remix)
coming soon $10.00
Sky Kings EP
Sky Kings EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VGNR 07.
  1. Sky Kings (7:09)
  2. Cellular Entanglement (7:20)
  3. Unfurling (9:04)
Review: The levels of intrigue continue to run high around the rapidly developing Vigenere label, as the Malin Genie-helmed label continues to showcase lesser known talents operating in more adventurous corners of the techno domain. Yard One are a UK duo split between London and Manchester, and you can certainly here a rough n' ready soundsystem attitude and the ghost of classic '90s techno permeating the textured, knotty rhythms on opening cut "Sky Kings". "Cellular Entanglement" takes things in a more serene direction, but not at the expense of crisp beats to propel the twinkling synths along. "Unfurling" presides over the flip with a mystical atmosphere that should appeal to those who like their techno oceans deep and dubbed out to perfection.
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coming soon $8.94
Welcome To Vice City
  1. Jago Moons - "An Introduction From A CItizen Downtown"
  2. Pablo Valentino - "Family Day"
  3. Keith Lorraine - "The Feeling"
  4. My Loyal Friend - "Untitled" (Forever mix)
  5. Glenn Astro - "Tromme Rytmisk"
  6. G Machine - "Magica Linn"
  7. Studio58 - "Birds Of Paradise" (Nick The Record edit)
  8. Coulier - "Burkin’"
  9. Daniel Wang - "In The Streets" (long mix)
  10. Juicy The DJ - "Diepgang"
  11. Juicy The DJ - "A Tribute To Jersey"
coming soon $22.36
Minimal Vision
  1. Magic Staircase
  2. Prelude
  3. Milky Way
  4. Night Of Love
coming soon $11.84
Realm (12")
Cat: 848520 0.
coming soon TBA
Soy Piccolo
Cat: VEL 001. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. At Traction
  2. Bang Tool
  3. Calling You
  4. Itchy & Scratchy
  5. Take 2
  6. Kalimbo
coming soon $11.05
Elements Of Life Part 2
Cat: VR 195. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Brand New Day (feat Blaze)
  2. Nos Vida (feat Anane)
  3. Summer Nights In Spanish Harlem/Quimbombo/Cantos Para Chango/Sunshine (feat Domingo Quinones, Pedro Martinez, Raul Midon)
  4. Mozalounge (feat Raul Midon)
  5. Dubombo
  6. Elements Of Life (feat Blaze - Joe Claussell reprise dub)
  7. Sunshine (instrumental)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Transmission Sent EP
  1. Transmission Sent
  2. Physical Tranceaction
  3. Circuits
  4. No Time To Explain
coming soon $11.05
Kemuri No Demo Part 1
Kemuri No Demo Part 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UCT 002.
  1. GimAnsDub
  2. Invorch2-1
  3. Tell Me
  4. Chamaaf
Review: Utopia Club Tracks, the new 12" dancefloor subdivision by Utopia Records takes a dubbed out direction with legendary UK house producer Neil 'Nail' Tolliday under his 'Smoke' guise. Music for being eyes down in the smoke, these late night cuts expand on the sound of Basic Channel and Rhythm and Sound with extra groove and just enough elements to create a modernist house palette, essential for any DJ that goes deep.

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coming soon TBA
Disco Runnerz
Cat: DISRUN 1. Rel: 28 Aug 20
  1. Ain't No Need
  2. Romeo & Juliet Act 1&2 (Eric Extendo edit)
  3. To Be With You
coming soon $14.20
Bumpin Squwow???
  1. Bumpin Squwow???
  2. Faze Out
  3. November Peoples
coming soon TBA
Pick Yourself Up
  1. Pick Yourself Up (feat Crystal Procedures)
  2. Ode 2 Juan
coming soon TBA
TT EP (12")
Cat: USTORY 002.
  1. Robotei La Kilogram
  2. Sarpe Meridian
  3. DOi De TT
  4. U1
coming soon $11.05
The Fox EP
The Fox EP (12")
Cat: UNMR 002.
  1. The Fox
  2. At The Same Time
  3. The Realness
  4. The Realness (Herr Krank remix)
coming soon $12.89
Una Vida De Barrio
  1. Harry Baldi - "Ik Wist Het Philippe Albert"
  2. Trujillo - "O Fenomeno"
  3. Nemorna - "Tony Yeboah"
  4. The Checkup & Project89 - "The Flying Dutchman"
  5. E-Talking - "Tony Vairelles"
coming soon $12.36
S8100 Nervous Breaks & Galaaactique Beatstrumentals - Selected & Re-Edited by DJ KENSEI
  1. Moonlight (intro)
  2. Alien Attack
  3. Zero G
  4. Warp
  5. Moonlight (outro)
  6. 5D
  7. Resonance
  8. Dreamy Planet
  9. Departure
coming soon $23.14
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Coming Soon: House