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Coming Soon: Funk Soul & Jazz

. (12")
Cat: ORN 027.
coming soon TBA
Revisits The ?
Cat: BBR 019. Rel: 27 Sep 19
coming soon TBA
She'll Come Running Back (reissue)
  1. Mel Brit - "She'll Come Running Back"
  2. Cecil Washington - "I Don't Like To Lose"
coming soon TBA
Coloring Book :Kikun Iwe
Cat: SRM SPC 01. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Shango-so
  2. Jorita
  3. Ne Umi
  4. Agora
  5. Ba Bara Ey Ra U Ra
  6. Air We Breathe
  7. Fo Fo Fo Fo
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
The LH Body Rock
The LH Body Rock (red vinyl 7")
Cat: BS 008 RED. Rel: 23 Aug 19
  1. Djarone - "The LH Body Rock" (4:29)
  2. DJ Tron - "Bombshell" (3:43)
coming soon TBA
Flying Steps
Cat: OUTRUN 006.
  1. Flying Steps
  2. That Skank
coming soon TBA
Dramatic Underscores Volume 1
coming soon TBA
Trying To Make Ends Meet
  1. Trying To Make Ends Meet (Six Toe version)
  2. Trying To Make Ends Meet (Big 8 version)
Played by: The Allergies
coming soon TBA
El Sol Brilla En Mayo
  1. El Sol Brilla En Mayo
  2. Cumicha
coming soon TBA
coming soon TBA
Dis Gurl
Dis Gurl (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 001.
  1. Dis Gurl
  2. Partly Cloudy
coming soon TBA
Fonk Poetry
Cat: OUTRUN 005.
  1. Fonk Poetry
  2. I Luv U
coming soon TBA
Ethiopiques 17: Tlahoun Gessesse
  1. Sego Menor
  2. Lantchi Biye
  3. Yene Felagote
  4. Kulun Mankwalesh (70)
  5. Tchuheten Betsemu
  6. Aykedashem Lebe
  7. Tezalegn Yetntu
  8. Sethed Seketelat
  9. Selamtaye Yedres
  10. Beyet New Mengedu
  11. Kulun Mankwalesh (73)
  12. Alegntaye
  13. Yehagere Sheta
  14. Sew New Yetchekene
  15. Ene Negn Wey Antchi
  16. Yene Mastawesha
  17. Ras-Hen Betcha
coming soon TBA
Kintsugi Heart
Cat: 5029385849061. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Come Along With Me
  2. North Star
  3. Smile On My Face
  4. Why?
  5. Take Some Time With You
  6. Coming Home
  7. There Is A Light
  8. Vibe
  9. Lost Dreams
  10. Thief Of Time
  11. When I'm Falling
  12. Butterfly
  13. Plan B
  14. Souvenir
coming soon TBA
You're Gone (reissue)
  1. Celeste Hardie - "You're Gone"
  2. Sandra Wright - "I Come Running Back"
coming soon TBA
Sundae (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 004.
  1. Sundae
  2. Subtle Groove
coming soon TBA
Circle (7")
Cat: OUTRUN 002.
  1. Circle
  2. Frequency
coming soon TBA
Giving Birth To Thunder
Cat: NUM 212LP. Rel: 13 Sep 19
coming soon TBA
Noche De Fiesta
Cat: VAMPILP 200. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Las Calenas Son Como Las Flores
  2. Estoy Soda
  3. Ins Rock
  4. Infierno En La Isla
  5. Quiero Salsa Na'Ma
  6. La Finquita
  7. Enyere Kumbara
  8. Ave Maria Que Rumbon
  9. Que Es Lo Tuyo
  10. Almendra
  11. Los Chismes
coming soon TBA
Tomorrow & Then
Tomorrow & Then (180 gram vinyl LP limited to 125 copies)
Cat: MSGREC# 04.
  1. Crocodiles In The Sky (intro)
  2. Broken Fingers
  3. Keep Yo Head Up
  4. Rooms
  5. Marseille City Groove
  6. Vague D'Amour
  7. Nattttty
  8. Kool Shen (Bownus)
coming soon TBA
A Gozar Salsomanos (reissue)
Cat: VAMPILP 201. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Nazareno
  2. Afroinspiracion
  3. Virgen De La Cueva
  4. Conga E
  5. Cuidate
  6. Orgullosa
  7. Sabroson
  8. Aprietala
  9. Guayo Pellizco Y Pata
  10. Conciert Para Una Sola Voz
coming soon TBA
I'll See You In Hell First
Cat: CITY 061. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Phillip Mitchell - "I'll See You In Hell First"
  2. Ray Godfrey - "I Ain't Givin' Up"
coming soon TBA
Get It Baby (reissue)
Cat: OSV 194. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Get It Baby
  2. Quit Twistin My Arm
coming soon TBA
Rock It Good
Cat: OUTRUN 003.
  1. Rock It Good
  2. Them Bloom
coming soon TBA
First Time On A 45
First Time On A 45 (hand-numbered 7'' limited to 300 only copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: MUKAT 067. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. G - "V" (instrumental (Produced By DJ Mitsu The beats))
  2. D - "O" (instrumental)
coming soon TBA
Cogito Ergo Jam
Cogito Ergo Jam (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SJ 003. Rel: 23 Sep 19
  1. Bossa Blue
  2. 46 To Foulden
  3. Days With Amber
  4. Safe As Sound
  5. Stalagmite
  6. Yellow
Review: "Cogito Ergo Jam" meaning, "I think therefore I jam" sums it all up nicely. The band, 'Natural Lateral' was born organically out of endless and spontaneous jam sessions at the Lazy Robot Studio in North London. Since 2017, Aziz Mustafa, Ozan Nidayi, Oli Arolotto, Malte From and Tim Balasubramaniam, have all been enjoying playing and recording ideas which gave the birth to their first LP on the Social Joy imprint. "Cogito Ergo Jam" weaves together strands of different musical forms and roots. Although much of the band's love for Jazz massively influences their music, their open-minded spirit keeps them engaged in other creative fields and venturing into new territory. On every track of this LP, Natural Lateral's frenetic energy in the studio is almost palpable, giving these recordings a beautifully intimate insight into the phenomenal vision of the band.

A1. 'Bossa Blue' stands up as a classic cut, echoing the likes of the Brazilian band Azymuth, creating a feel-good and fiery sensation of musical freedom. The track is driven by the ecstatic, and gnarly grit of the Rhodes piano, almost a sense of scratching the surface of the dance floor... A2. '46 to Foulden' is a four to the floor jazz cut with driving electronic keys accompanied by a samba bassline and a funkadelic synth, merging the anthemic dance culture with a latin jazz undertone. The track was produced as a homage to the former venue, 'Total Refreshment Centre', where the groupA performedA under The Sultan's Swing name in 2018. A3. 'Days with Amber' is a pure, uncut, soul-healing gem, recorded on the spot during a late-night session at the Lazy Robot Studio. The four-minute song leads the listener into a pure musical blessing, communicating deeper values and meaning to the 'Natural Lateral' ethos. B1. 'Safe as Sound' is the personification of a summery fresh jazz funk cut. The vibraphone solos echo the Roy Ayers influence within 'Natural Lateral's music. B2. 'Stalagmite' takes the release to new spiritual and mysterious territory, with embedded sounds of non-Western musical cultures fusing with new technologies. This track peels the surface of the darker side of the band's consciousness and leads the listener into an intense, mystical and transcendental journey. B3. 'Yellow' embraces cosmic energies and reaches the depth of 'Natural Lateral's edges. This sublime beauty is an uncut recording which came out of a late jam session... the result speaks for itself.

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coming soon TBA
Deixa A Tristeza
  1. Neno Exporta Som - "Deixa A Tristeza"
  2. Agnaldo Rayol - "Sumauma"
coming soon TBA
Cum' Un Home In The Morn' un (reissue)
  1. Lou Pride - "Cum' Un Home In The Morn' Un"
  2. Don Varner - "Tear Stained Face"
coming soon TBA
The Black Album (reissue)
Cat: TBC. Rel: 25 Dec 19
coming soon TBA
Faz Tanto Tempo
Cat: BRZ45 073. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Faz Tanto Tempo
  2. Sambaloo
coming soon TBA
It's Your Voodoo Working (reissue)
  1. Charles Sheffield - "It's Your Voodoo Working"
  2. Prince Conley - "I'm Going Home"
coming soon TBA
Quick Change Artist (reissue)
Cat: OSV 196. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. The Soul Twins - "Quick Change Artist"
  2. NF Porter - "Keep On Keeping On"
coming soon TBA
Peaceful Morning
Cat: FLRS 120. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Peaceful Morning (New mix 7 Inch edit)
  2. Peaceful Morning (DJ Nori Heart Of Soul 7 Inch edit)
coming soon TBA
Disco Highlife Reedit Series
Cat: COMET 089. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Ebo Taylor - "Peace On Earth"
  2. Peace On Earth (Monsieur Scott remix)
  3. Pat Thomas - "We Are Coming Home"
  4. We Are Coming Home (2 Paris Septembre remix)
coming soon TBA
TBC (7")
Cat: CITY 067. Rel: 25 Oct 19
coming soon TBA
Pneumonia (reissue)
Cat: RSV 076. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Joe Tex - "Pneumonia"
  2. Little Willie John - "Fever"
coming soon TBA
Just A Little Bit
Cat: RSV 077. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Tiny Topsy - "Just A Little Bit"
  2. Jo Ann Henderson - "Baby Please Don't Go"
coming soon TBA
Feelings 45 Collection
Cat: DYNAM 7054/DYNAM 7055. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Running Fast
  2. Fearing Much
  3. Feeling Tense
  4. Walking In The Dark
coming soon TBA
Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso
  1. Trio Ternura - "Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso"
  2. Eliana Pittman - "Quem Vai Querer"
Review: Mr Bongo's Brazil 45s series rarely misses a beat, with each successive seven-inch showcasing two more hard-to-find treats from the dim and distant past. The latest instalment opens with "Vou Morar No Teu Sorriso", a sought-after cut from Trio Tenura's eponymous 1971 MPB/soul fusion album. It's a genuinely summery treat, with ear-catching, reverb-heavy vocals and rising horn lines rising above a life-affirming backing track. On the flip you'll find "Quem Vai Querer", the title track from a superb 1977 album by Eliana Pittman. A breezy chunk of sizzling samba-soul, the cut features an impeccable lead vocal from Pittman and some sing-along group chorus vocals
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coming soon TBA
Awakening Spirits
Awakening Spirits (neon pink vinyl LP)
Cat: RUP 009L.
coming soon TBA
Clavinet Discourse
Clavinet Discourse (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: UZURI 029. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Clavinet Discourse
  2. Talking Song
  3. Talking Song (dub version)
  4. Thousands Of Chimes Together
Review: Uzuri is happy to welcome the talents of the berlin based ,Sardinian Venetian to the fold with a 4 track stunner of an ep taking quality deep house , broken beat and some esoteric meanderings .

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coming soon TBA
In Love's Time
Cat: CDSML 8555.
coming soon TBA
Yalta Summer Music Vol 1
Cat: VS 002. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. The Soul Surfers - "Summer Jam Theme"
  2. VIA Razbitie Serdca - "Yalta,Summer,Jam"
  3. South Bank - "Here & Now"
  4. Lovanda - "Yalta"
  5. Mr Bape - "Vibrations"
  6. Arik - "Champion"
  7. Vagskee - "Rims & Clicks"
  8. Vagskee - "Algorhythm"
  9. Zapy - "Yalta Summer Jam"
  10. Rockid - "Seagull Funk"
  11. Vagskee - "Palms"
coming soon TBA
Various 5
Various 5 (LP limited to 100 copies)
Cat: MSGREC# 03.
  1. Kill Emil - "Goodbye"
  2. Henry Canyons - "Last Time I Was Here, You Were Here" (Creestal remix)
  3. Velvetian Sky - "Decisions"
  4. Mista Hope - "Verte"
  5. Velvetian Sky - "Velveshun"
  6. Velvetian Sky - "Finesse"
  7. Mista Hope - "TSAHF"
  8. Velvetian Sky - "Morning Bounce (3-01pm)"
  9. Velvetian Sky - "Already Set"
  10. Velvetian Sky - "Skuo"
  11. Velvetian Sky - "Jazz2"
  12. Henry Canyons - "This Is What I Meant"
  13. Mista Hope - "Fragile"
  14. Velvetian Sky - "Sun Tropics"
  15. Velvetian Sky - "Baby"
  16. Creestal - "EvNebula"
coming soon TBA
Final Purpose
Final Purpose (180 gram vinyl LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: MSGREC# 05.
  1. Glide
  2. Intune
  3. Duh (Loop)
  4. Thetemporarybeautyofconfusion
  5. Doublelayer (Sketch)
  6. Trafficjams (with MNDSGN)
  7. Toomany
  8. Tablebumps (Sketch)
  9. Hecoming (with Rkwhy)
  10. Trashdrum
  11. SLS (Loop)
  12. Runnintoofast (Loop)
coming soon TBA


Coming Soon: Funk Soul & Jazz