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Exposure to Winds
Exposure to Winds (140 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: VIS 322.
  1. Alpenglow
  2. Exposure To Wind
  3. Quick Start
  4. The Night’s Shift
  5. Valley Of The Ferns
  6. Penny’s Crimped Funk
  7. Tongue Twister 
  8. Ball Of Straw 
Review: 214 aka Chris Roman is highly regarded as one the most innovative electro producers on the planet following releases on esteemed labels including; Cultivated Electronics, Frustrated Funk, CPU, Klakson and Lunar Disko. 'Exposure to Winds' sees 214 return to the 20/20 Vision fold with his first full length album release in 5 years.

'Exposure to Winds' was inspired by Roman's love of the mountains that surround his native Washington State, living in North Bend where David Lynch's masterpiece 'Twin peaks' was filmed. It could be no co-incidence that 214 produces other worldly electronic music that always sounds out of the ordinary. This expertly balanced eight track vinyl release features a selection of styles and tempos from the laid back electro funk grooves 'Tongue Twister' and 'Ball of Straw' to dark room wobblers like 'Quick Start' and 'The Night's Shift'. AIt's a record that will live long in the boxes and crates of discerning DJ's but also provides an auditory adventure for the listener.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley, Plant43
coming soon TBA
KL 20IN20A
KL 20IN20A (12")
Cat: KL 20IN20A. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. 214 - "Misty Spots"
  2. D Roots - "Outset"
  3. Mesak - "Levari"
  4. Duplex - "Dark Solar"
coming soon $11.68
Yossi Amoyal presents Fluere IV
  1. A1 People - "Do It" (Metamatics remix)
  2. Kosmogonik - "Circuitry"
  3. Silicon Scally - "Relay"
  4. Matt Chester - "November Pathways"
  5. CiM - "Recursive"
Review: Mixing Engineer, DJ and producer Yossi Amoyal is the man behind Sushitech Records. The label turned 15 years old in 2020 and to celebrate this milestone Yossi has compiled Fluere across four discs (plus an extended Part V - Fatum). The compilation shares some of his story through the records that inspired him and continue to do so. The tracks mark more than two decades of buying records. Starting in a time when new music had to be actively sought out and ending with the abundance of new releases available online today. Fluere marks the end of a chapter and is a very personal collection featuring forgotten tracks remastered for today next to exclusive and unreleased music. As the name Fluere would suggest, the tracks it contains are the glue that hold a set together. They are special, hypnotic, mood setters from artists who specialise in subtlety, from Two Lone Swordsmen and Baby Ford to Steve O Sullivan and Mathew Jonson. Each part of the compilation tells its own story, both through the music on offer and with an exclusive insert written by Yossi himself. The tracks themselves represent over three decades of moving dance floors. Starting with Mark Broom's Gira first released in 1995 and right up to Brawther's Serpent, produced in 2020, Fluere creates its own unique journey through this period of dance music history.
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coming soon $12.23
Basic Moves 14
Cat: BM 14.
  1. Output
  2. Break It Down For You
  3. May 1 Loop 111
  4. Indefinite Recession
  5. Mad Love
  6. War Outside
  7. Over
  8. Beginging
coming soon $29.47
7 Deadlies
  1. 7 Deadlies
  2. 7 Deadlies (Flaw mix)
coming soon $17.79
Crux Alley
Cat: CPU 01011101. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Mind Bubbles
  2. Polymorphic State
  3. Orbital Rendezvous
  4. Antagonist (part 6)
  5. Dopamine City
  6. The Legacy
  7. Neutral Current
  8. Tower 13
coming soon $10.57
Black Burst Sound Generator
coming soon $23.35
Unconscious (transparent blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: RMR 001V. Rel: 08 Jan 21
  1. Unconscious
  2. Chronically
  3. The Break
  4. The Illusion
  5. A Message To FS
  6. The Ever Transmitance
coming soon $14.46
The Physical World
Cat: LWK 10. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Suspended In A Sunbeam
  2. The Physical World
  3. A Question
  4. Clairvoyant
  5. A Snake In Paradise
  6. Connected
  7. The Big If
  8. Simulation Theory
  9. Living With It
  10. Natural Causes
coming soon $19.20
Two Minutes To Midnight EP
  1. Fata Morgana
  2. Hidden Key
  3. Two Minutes To Midnight
  4. Elephant's Toothpaste
coming soon $12.52
Spirituela (12")
Cat: GIRADA 09.
  1. Voya Focus
  2. Spirituela
  3. Japa Dub
  4. Acid Tawny
coming soon $13.07
Forest Virus EP
Cat: OOT 03. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Forest Virus
  2. Bollywood
  3. Marvin's Track
  4. The Atmosphere
coming soon $12.79
ZMNT 005
ZMNT 005 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ZMNT 005. Rel: 08 Feb 21
  1. No End
  2. Growing Pains
  3. Basic Programm
  4. Down My Spine
Review: For Number 5 on his Label Kluentah recrutes the Luchador Chupacabras who had previous Releases on L.I.E.S. Records, Tutamen and Go Finger. 4 nasty and dirty Machine Jams straight out the gutter.

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coming soon TBA
I Machine
I Machine (12")
Cat: RBR 002. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Aeroventilas
  2. El Nek
  3. I Machine
  4. I Machine (Derek Carr remix)
coming soon $13.91
Target Acid
  1. Voyager's Missing Tune
  2. The Planet Strikes Back
  3. Sniper
  4. Slijtol
coming soon $11.68
Machine Funk 4/12: The Passion Of Jocasta
  1. The Passion Of Jocasta
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Der Roboter Leibwachter
  4. Inside The Kenji Labs
coming soon $16.67
Machine Funk 5/12: Scientific Progress
  1. Scientific Progress
  2. Science & Industry
  3. Virtual Reality
  4. Depeche Modes
  5. Funk Machine
coming soon $16.67
Machine Funk 6/12: Rat Hacker
  1. Red Gadget
  2. 100 Years
  3. Zeta Phaser
  4. Rat Hacker
coming soon $18.90
Cybercity Z Ro
Cybercity Z Ro (green marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: GU 004. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Icasean Sewer Patrol
  2. Subterrestials
  3. Mitgefuhl
  4. Aquatisch
  5. Aluminium Flakes
  6. Archus
  7. Subterrestials 2
  8. Eclipse
  9. Artereole
  10. Zentrum Metropole
  11. Astrobation
  12. SSsss7777
coming soon $28.09
Reality EP
Reality EP (12")
Cat: LR 020.
  1. Reality
  2. Holographic
  3. We Are Not
  4. Zeigarnik Effect
coming soon $10.57
Dimensional Contract
Cat: LOP 012. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Dimensional Contract
  2. Trip To Another
  3. Before Confusion
  4. Spring Space
  5. Skewed Objects
  6. Unending Glaciers
coming soon $15.30
Collective Evolution
Collective Evolution (numbered lathe cute 180 gram vinyl LP limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PRESET 36BL. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Biomimicry
  2. Domain Specificity
  3. Contingency Plan
  4. Eternal Struggle
  5. Impasse
  6. Condemnation
  7. Tentative Results
  8. Coping Mechanism
  9. Reaction Formation
  10. Antitheticals
coming soon TBA
False Postives
  1. Disaster Protocol
  2. Saragossa Disambiguation
  3. The Daisy Chain
  4. Adults
  5. Liminal States
  6. Junkie Foxtrot
  7. Dr Manhattan
  8. The 3 Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch
  9. Hot White Hot Black
  10. Autoimmune
  11. Dry Heaving
  12. A Fine, New Mother Now
  13. Snake Doctors
  14. SuperCell
  15. Slither
coming soon $26.14
Dog U Out
Dog U Out (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: JPT 009.
  1. Follow The Leader
  2. Against Yourself
  3. Dead N' Gone
  4. Dog U Out
  5. Dog U Out (Cyan85 Bass Fix)
  6. Dog U Out (DJ Normal 4 No Front mix)
  7. Dog U Out (Mutant Joe remix)
coming soon $14.46
Sakura EP (reissue)
Sakura EP (reissue) (transculent pink vinyl 12")
Cat: YEX 001. Rel: 12 Feb 21
  1. Sakura
  2. Sagrada
coming soon $11.68
Overseer (12")
Cat: CE 037. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. Overseer
  2. Plashingers
  3. Vacuum Surfers
  4. Diaspora
coming soon $11.96
Sombras EP
Sombras EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISLA 24.
  1. Confusion
  2. Copas
  3. Sombras
  4. Delirio
Review: **All proceed of this record will go to AFRORACK, a Chicago audio arts organization dedicated to providing modular synthesis education for African American youth.** The enclosure of night promises freedom of another kind. Subterranean fantasies are consecrated in flesh. The voice calls and is answered by a beating pulse. They swell and break in rapturous cycles. On Sombras, Dosis operates from this intimate space, conjuring electroid visions rooted in techno, zynth-pop and nuova-beat.
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coming soon TBA
Studio Defeat
Studio Defeat (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RTTD 018. Rel: 21 Dec 20
  1. Expert Text Reader
  2. Ray Mentor
  3. Messiah
  4. Twisted Helix Posture
Review: Probably the poppiest release on Return To Disorder yet by French Electro legend dynArec. The most danceable machine funk you can imagine.
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Played by: LesYeuxOrange
coming soon TBA
Computer Love
Cat: MRB 7185. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
  2. Computer Power
coming soon $14.19
Computer Love
Computer Love (limited neon green vinyl 7")
Cat: MRB 7185NG. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)
  2. Computer Power
coming soon $15.86
Nasty Girl
Nasty Girl (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MON 021. Rel: 08 Mar 21
  1. Exzakt & BFX - "Nasty Girl"
  2. Exzakt & BFX - "Nasty Beat"
  3. BFX - "Jelly"
  4. Exzakt - "Taking Over The System"

Monotone is setting out on a mission to make 2020 one of the most productive years of the 19 since its inception. Exzakt teams up with fellow Electro Breaks legend, BFX and the output is very strong. Originally produced for submission to an Egyptian Lover compilation, Nasty girl is laced with vocoder vocals as well as a female voice over hard hitting bass beats and deep baselines. This is a tune tailored for the club however retains its depth like many Exzakt & BFX tunes usually do. With Nasty Beats is the instrumental. As if Side A comes just as strong. Starting with BFX, Jelly offers his signature melodic sound along with low end frequencies all culminating into a solid Electro tune. Finally a deep cut from Exzakt, Taking Over The System is a perfect end to this future classic vinyl.

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coming soon TBA
KL 20IN20C
KL 20IN20C (12")
Cat: KL 20IN20C. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Fastgraph - "Prevail"
  2. Privacy - "Python"
  3. Negroni Nails - "Reprogram Rewrite"
  4. Luxus Varta - "Ohmschein"
coming soon $11.68
Saturn Flow
Cat: CWCS 016. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Saturn Flow
  2. R U Ready
  3. Unite
  4. OK OK
  5. Feel Like We Used
  6. Tha Hobbyist
coming soon $11.68
Moderated Lies
Moderated Lies (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Moderated Lies
  2. The Least Resistance
  3. Propeller
  4. Logicphrenia
Review: Alex Jann comes to Infiltrate having already sown his febrile brand of electro around labels like Censor and Unknown To The Unknown. He's sounding fierce and fired up on "Moderated Lies", all slamming b-lines and strafing sound FX. "Least Resistance" is a slower, creepier number, while "Propeller" brings things back up to a seriously high tempo for the paciest electro spinners to get fresh with. "Logicphrenia" smacks somewhere in the middle, dropping the kind of hi-tech sound you'd expect from Silicon Scally. Classy stuff indeed.
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Played by: Burnski, Subb-an
coming soon TBA
90s Anxiety
Cat: BKD 005. Rel: 15 Jan 21
  1. Daydream
  2. Neopolis Sound
  3. Higher Sense
  4. 90s Anxiety
  5. Wide
  6. Rioji's Dream
coming soon $11.68
Ekkert Nema Iskaldur Veruleikinn
Ekkert Nema Iskaldur Veruleikinn (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BBB 015. Rel: 11 Dec 20
  1. Eg Er Bara Eg
  2. Iskaldur Veruleikinn
  3. Finn Innri Frid
  4. Afi Kenndi Mer Islensku
  5. Kuklari
  6. Fonix Ur Osku
coming soon $11.40
Black Earth Strikes Back
  1. Larionov & Sheepray - "Fashion & Style"
  2. Larionov & Sheepray - "Domination"
  3. Larionov & Sheepray - "Strange Signals"
  4. St Theodore - "Ghost"
  5. St Theodore - "Hack Train"
  6. St Theodore - "Learning Machine"
coming soon $10.85
Thunderstrike EP
  1. Larionov & St Theodore - "Destruction Wave"
  2. Larionov - "Never Forever"
  3. Larionov & St Theodore - "Infinity Abyss"
  4. St Theodore - "Cursed Dreams"
coming soon $11.40
Daydreaming EP
Daydreaming EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CMR 002.
  1. Dance System
  2. The Dredwerkz
  3. Daydreaming
  4. End Theme
Review: Marco Lazovic has been burning up dancefloors for over four years with his potent blend of house grooves and feisty jungle breakbeats, and so it continues on this new drop for Craft Music. "Dance System" is predominantly shaped out by gorgeous Detroit-inspired synths, but there's also some seriously spicy breaks choppage going off throughout the track. "The Dredwerkz" is a tight and punchy electro jam with plenty of melodic delights fluttering around the 808 drums, while "Daydreaming" gets further up the tempo range to outright ambient jungle a la early Good Looking. "End Theme" stays in jungle mode for an acute exercise in classic rollage.
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coming soon TBA
Jenkem X SCDD
Cat: JENKDISC 001. Rel: 18 Dec 20
  1. Lawrence Lee - "Getting Mine"
  2. Maruwa - "Mercurial Edge"
  3. Teleself - "Shepard's Tone"
  4. Viers - "Our Lives"
coming soon $10.57
Neptunian Objects
Neptunian Objects (numbered lathe cut clear vinyl 10")
Cat: PRESET 47. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Planet Nine
  2. Planet Nine (Mr Gentle remix)
  3. Ctber Arps
  4. Ctber Arps (Llloyd Stellar remix)
coming soon TBA
Days Of The Vanished
Days Of The Vanished (numbered lathe cut clear vinyl 7" limited to 50 copies)
Cat: PRESET 45. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. Days Of The Vanished
  2. In The Haze Of Time
coming soon TBA
The PWC EP (12")
Cat: PARTOUT 603.
  1. Unity 07
  2. Pye Nuts
  3. Muchroom
coming soon $12.52
Source Material Vol 1
  1. Luz1e - "Dynamix"
  2. DJ Frankie - "Shake It"
  3. Ole Mic Odd - "Chrystal Drip" (feat Drakkar Noir)
  4. Nonentity - "Ode 2 Detroit"
coming soon $11.68
Floppy's From The Main Frame (reissue)
Cat: OMAGGIO 013.
  1. Return To The Planet Detroit
  2. Super Breaker
  3. Computer Pop
  4. Instrumental Mars
Played by: Marco Febbraro
coming soon $12.52
Mango & Patricia
Cat: 44TR 003. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Marino - "Tacos In The Making"
  2. Same O - "Nina" (Love & Lie mix)
  3. Marino - "I Would Call My Dog Louis XVI"
  4. Same O - "Ordid"
coming soon $11.68
Heartbeats EP
Cat: OR 005. Rel: 04 Dec 20
  1. Heartbeats
  2. Conservative Chakra
  3. God Theme
  4. Fugitive Dust
  5. California Digital
  6. Daydream
coming soon $11.68
The Breakwar
  1. Break War
  2. Jailbreak
  3. MSB
  4. Tonight
  5. Computer Break
  6. Pocket
  7. Do What You Wanna Do
coming soon $30.02
Purpose To The Culture LP
Cat: MAU 001. Rel: 29 Jan 21
  1. Amazonas (LP 1)
  2. Caracas De Noche
  3. All Our Souls
  4. Machine Planet
  5. Producers Delight
  6. Dark Mojo (LP 2)
  7. For Administration Purposes
  8. From Tha Streets
  10. Guess What
coming soon $25.87
Paupio Genome EP
  1. Paupio Genome
  2. Kolekcija Utugov
  3. Noch Einmal
  4. Democrazy
coming soon $12.52
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Coming Soon: Electro