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Coming Soon: Deep House

ホーム  Coming Soon  

Deep House

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(Sticky Like Glue) The House Is Ours (reissue)
(Sticky Like Glue) The House Is Ours (reissue) (coloured vinyl 12" 再プレス) (1 per customer)
  1. Sticky Like Glue - Our House (Timmy original Shelter version) (5:57)
  2. Sticky Like Glue - Our House (JC extended version) (14:47)
coming soon $15.72
  1. Discult Soundsystem - "Monroe"
  2. Intr0beatz - "Wallin"
  3. Leo Woelfel - "The Storyteller"
  4. Dimi Wilson - "Repeat Robot"
coming soon $11.08
06:19 EP
06:19 EP (12")
Cat: RECU 002. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. 06:19
  2. 06:19 (Hardt Antoine remix)
  3. 06:19 (Massimiliano Pagliara remix)
  4. 06:19 (Argy remix)
coming soon TBA
20 Years Sound Of Speed Records
  1. Project Pablo - "Acoustic Serenade"
  2. Benedek - "Ubatuba"
  3. Ogawa & Tokoro - "Updraft"
  4. Svetozar - "Interpretation"
coming soon $17.51
24/7 Love Affair (VIP Edition)
Cat: LT 104. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Niederbeat Gospel (dub)
  2. Feelin' Good (version)
Review: Last year Local Talk offered up Soulphiction's latest album (his first for almost ten years) over three separate slabs of wax. Here they complete the package via a "VIP Edition" 12" single featuring a brand new cut and a previously unheard revision of album highlight "Feelin' Good". The simply titled "Version" mix of that on the flip is delicious, with the Philpot founder layering expansive piano motifs and dizzying solos over skippy, U.S garage-influenced beats and a warm, toasty bassline. Arguably even better though is the fresh cut, "Niederbeat Gospel (Dub)". Living up to its title, the track is a thickset chunk of bluesy gospel house dustiness built around swinging beats, beefy bass and layered vocal samples from a crackly old gospel recording.
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coming soon $10.82
2712 (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PERMVAC 2021.
  1. Moonlight
  2. UFO Whisper
  3. Frodo
  4. Infinito Paraiso
  5. Laser Cat
  6. Marea
  7. Disco Nostalgia
  8. When Your Time Has Gone
coming soon $15.20
312 Rock
312 Rock (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GYC 003.
  1. 312 Rock
  2. We Got Next
Review: 313 ROCK is a combination of old school house with Soul samples from the 70s and the 80s revisited with today's sound and club grooves... Composed by K Alexis, the EP offer a cosmic voyage with bassline and strings.AMore thanA« Aa good dance track »Athis is a sampling Orchestra Art piece.ADJ and producer K Alexis is one of Chicago's true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer in the city's sound with many of its releases regarded as classics.AHe has also worked with Larry Heard & Robert Owens, Dave Angel, Tjen Tjen, Felix Da Housecat and Will Smith.. He is now part of the family!
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coming soon TBA
808 (Magnus Asberg/TIJN mix)
808 (Magnus Asberg/TIJN mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 003.
  1. 808
  2. 808 (Magnus Asberg remix)
  3. 808 (TIJN remix)
Review: Romana Records 003 Takes a slightly different route this time we got a original from Ted Amber Botanic Minds sunset Series and a remix from Magnus Asberg and a stella remix from TIJN Curte Vache,Moss Co. The original has been been a firm favorite for Arapu for some time now. Early support: Arapu, Vincentlulian, Sepp, Nu Zau, Iuly.B, Viceversa, Silat Beksi, Archie Hamilton, Miroloja, Cesar Merveille, Direkt, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barut.
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Played by: TIJN
coming soon TBA
90's Wax Three
90's Wax Three (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: 90SWAX 3. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Younger Than Me & Skatebard - "Lastens Badehus"
  2. Younger Than Me - "Only Molly"
  3. Younger Than Me - "Mezcal Trance"
  4. Younger Than Me - "May Day"
coming soon $10.30
A Little Flower
Cat: FM 005. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. A Little Flower
  2. Bouquet Of Flowers
  3. Blind To Beauty
  4. Blind To Beauty (Martin Fischer remix)
coming soon $10.82
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SPICE 2. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Acid Agah (original 1994 dubplate mix)
  2. Rani (edit)
  3. Nachdi Drums (edit)
  4. Balle Shava (edit)
Review: The second release on the Masaala label explores a brief time in the late 80s and early 90s, when musicians were fusing Acid House with Bhangra. One of Leicester's unsung DJ heroes was Cutmaster Singh, who for this record has revived a selection of his own edits from back in the day. Also included is Cutmaster Singh's massive 'Acid Agah', an unreleased 1994 dubplate that more recently you might have heard being championed by Mr Scruff.
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coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 08 (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Neutron Starlet
  2. Din Eter
  3. Jalea Viului
  4. Un Vechi Inceput
Review: The latest drop on Aesthetic comes from Gruia, a Romanian producer with serious credentials thanks to his recent appearance on Sonet. "Neutron Starlet" is a trippy, playful minimal tech house workout with zippy sounds darting all over the mix. "Din Eter" gets into a more pronounced swing, and uses a sustained pad to create an ethereal mood that should inject some spiritual energy into the party. "Jalea Viului" keeps things steady and rolling, but there's still space for flamboyant FX buried in the mix. "Un Vechi Inceput" finishes the record off on a tense note, using minor keys to keep you on your toes without slouching on those all-important wiggles and squiggles to keep things funky.
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Played by: Burnski, James Reid
coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 09 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 09. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Waves
  2. CC
  3. Sundayyzz
Review: Aesthetic goes from strength to strength and keeps the momentum going with this big ep from TIJN.
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Played by: James Reid, TIJN
coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 10 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 10. Rel: 22 Jun 20
  1. Motion To Delay
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Fez
Review: Another top notch release on Aesthetic from Nolga with three tracks ready to destroy the dancefloor.
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coming soon TBA
Agora E Seu Tempo
  1. Agora E Seu Tempo
  2. My Favorite Garden
  3. Flowt_o (Kaoru Inoue remix)
coming soon $27.05
All U Gotta Do Is Listen (reissue)
  1. All U Gotta Do Is Listen (7:09)
  2. Night Time Is The Right Time (6:25)
Review: The crew behind the Hizou label is rightly chuffed that they've managed to secure this two-tracker from Andres, a Detroit producer whose releases - whether aimed at deep house dancefloors or hip-hop heads - are rarely less than superb. The two tracks the label has selected are suitably strong, too. Check first A-side "All U Gotta Do Is Listen", a warm and hazy chunk of break-driven mid-tempo deep house rich in jazzy samples, swirling crowd noises, chunky bass and dewy-eyed instrumentation. Andres' vintage influences are explored further on flipside "Night Time Is The Right Time", a P-funk influenced deep house bumper whose swinging drums and elongated organ chords casually tip a wink to classic New Jersey garage.
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coming soon $9.53
Allstars (12")
Cat: RTCT 006. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Paradiso Rhythm - "Chi-Town (Ode To Boo Williams)"
  2. Leo Woelfel - "Cashback"
  3. Mutenoise - "Playing Out"
  4. Gus Nobel - "Swano Stabil"
  5. Leo Woelfel - "How Could Anybody Be So Wrong"
coming soon TBA
Another House Another Nation EP
  1. This Is The Way We Jack The House
  2. Same Old Loop
  3. Why? How?
  4. Funk Nation
coming soon $9.26
Apollo 1
Apollo 1 (10")
Cat: YUMAP 1. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Jupiter
  2. Saturn
coming soon TBA
Artifical Extelligence
  1. High Adventures
  2. Fire Trail
  3. Playground Fun
  4. A Kind Whisper
coming soon $9.79
As Though It Were
Cat: TLFT 004. Rel: 20 Apr 20
  1. As Though It Were
  2. It's A Phase
  3. MSR Dub
coming soon $9.79
Audiogenic EP
Cat: CR 01. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Nite Dive
  2. Speed Of Darkness
  3. New Low
  4. The Count
coming soon $11.85
Baila Baila EP
Baila Baila EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 045. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Sammie
  2. Discko
  3. Baila
  4. Sammie (Pete Herbert remix)
coming soon $10.82
Ballets (Lizz mix)
  1. Kefta
  2. Ballets
  3. Ballets (Lizz remix)
Review: Wow, enormous microhouse anthem with a splendid Lizz remix, LHR coming back again.
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coming soon TBA
Bamboo (12")
Cat: NWS 025. Rel: 20 Apr 20
  1. EDL
  2. Tin Pan Alley
  3. Cedar
  4. Bamboo
coming soon TBA
Beach Life EP
Cat: ECR 005. Rel: 08 May 20
  1. Cloud Control
  2. Ocean View
  3. Coastline Cruiser
  4. Sunset Drive
coming soon TBA
Begin Writing Your Story Here
Begin Writing Your Story Here (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: VDR 043. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Animator
  2. No Signal
  3. Brainwashed Pizza
  4. Physical Madness
  5. Aufabwegen
  6. CarlXyii1X (feat Ada Schwingel)
coming soon TBA
Beyond Compare (Laroye remixes)
Cat: SITU 030RSD. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
Beyond Perceptions 2
  1. Luqa Jazz
  2. Malta Cipher
  3. Bridgeport Lindy
  4. Tension & Release
Played by: LEGO EDIT
coming soon $11.33
Binary Pocket
Cat: BOSCONI 045. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Himself When
  2. My Eye On You
  3. Please Repeat
  4. Jacket Pocket
Played by: Ricardo Miranda
coming soon TBA
Birds Of A Feather
  1. Wild Rhythm
  2. Mood (part 2)
  3. Computer Games
  4. Would You?
  5. Wild Rhythm (Garrett David remix)
coming soon $11.33
Black Magnetic EP
Cat: AMBIWA 7.
  1. Jazz Engine
  2. Spirits Of A Dawn
  3. Traffic Love
  4. You're Mine
Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
coming soon $12.11
BLANK 001 (12")
Cat: BLANK 001.
  1. Feel The Love (Fango remix)
  2. Ambitions (Oyvind Morken remix)
coming soon $11.60
Blessed Are The Meek
Cat: CHIWAX 033. Rel: 05 May 20
  1. Blessed Are The Meek (Patrice Scott remix)
  2. Blessed Are The Meek (Amirs Piano Re Fix)
  3. Blessed Are The Meek (Javonntte mix)
  4. Blessed Are The Meek (Amirs Hard Piano Banger)
Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
coming soon $11.08
Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi/Dawl & Sween/Violet mixes)
  1. Blood Moon
  2. Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi Eclipse mix)
  3. Blood Moon (Dawl & Sween Tone DropOut remix)
  4. Blood Moon (Violet remix)
Review: Especial welcomes Kim Ann Foxman to debut on the label with an ode to the power of the moon. The sample heavy, acid vocal cuts no slack and shows Foxman confidently developing as a producer and is backed with a stellar set of remixes from Roza Terenzi, Dawl & Sween and Violet.

Revered by many as an on point clubber, dancer, singer, DJ and producer, her breakthrough in Hercules & Love Affair was a start, soon carving out her place as a solo artist and global DJ, while fitting in time to run the Firehouse - recently featuring Richard Sen and Kasra V - and SELF-TIMER labels - home to new project, Pleasure Planet.

As veteran of the San Francisco 90s heyday, slipping breaks around a 4/4 kick is a blast of past meets acid future, as 303 meets M1, while Foxman's lyrics - written during the Blood Moon over London - extols the power of the tides, nature's internal and external flow.

The remixes are a manner of breaks-heaven, as Roza Terenzi rips a steppas dub, Tone Dropout's Dawl and Sween master a latter day M25 anthem, before finally Violet, edits, strips, builds and takes things deep.

Make me lust, make me bleed.

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coming soon TBA
Blue Funk
Blue Funk (12")
Cat: DBH 004.
  1. Bliss
  2. Lovin & Dancin
  3. All Tonight
  4. Blue Funk
Review: Astonishingly, Alton Miller was already four years into his production career when the "Blue Funk EP" first dropped on short-lived Detroit techno label M3 way back in 1997. The Detroiter is of course still going strong, though his productions are now way more polished than they were back then. As this reissue proves, the rawness and energy of his (relatively) early productions remains highly addictive. Check for example the hot-stepping analogue Afro-house beats, rich bass and tasty keys of "Bliss", the breathlessly loopy sweatiness of "Lovin' & Dancing" - a kind of raw disco-house cut-up masterpiece - and the trippy, breakbeat-driven sample house intensity of "Blue Funk" itself. The smoothest track of all, the NJ deep house influenced "All Tonight", is closest in tone to his more recent productions.
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Played by: Detroit Swindle
coming soon $10.30
Body Hurt
Body Hurt (12")
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 254. Rel: 17 Apr 20
coming soon $12.88
Bodyclock Vol 1
Cat: DTW 058LP. Rel: 01 May 20
coming soon $10.30
Bolo Represent 004
  1. Bassa Clan - "Two Pack"
  2. DJ Cream - "Waxin"
  3. Dumbo Beat - "Adriatica"
  4. Jackie - "Please Don't Go"
coming soon $10.30
Bologna On The Move
Cat: BCB 012. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Sam Ruffillo - "U Make Me Sing"
  2. D'Arabia - "Straight Outta Fire"
  3. Brine Vs Sam Ruffillo - "Request Line"
  4. Brine - "Star Chaser"
coming soon $9.79
Bronx Metro EP
Cat: SBTBLK 001. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Bronx Metro
  2. Pac Showed Me
  3. Mae Charles
  4. Famille, Amant Et Ami
coming soon $11.33
Builded Mind
Builded Mind (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NGY 05. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Builded Mind
  2. Nearly Forever
  3. Foreground
Review: Brawther's Negentropy is booting off the year with a return of London's best kept secret, Ron Obvious. The EP is a musical delight formed by three club ready deep house cuts that Ron hs on lockdown. The title track "Builded Mind" has his signature rolling basslines, etheral vocals and lush pads that we've come to love in his music. "Nearly Forever" is a faster bumpy and swingin' number while "Foreground" closes the EP on a light and dreamy note. A versatile record that will stand the test of time and cater for a discerning audience is the promise we make with this one at Negentropy HQ.

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coming soon TBA
Burial Songs
  1. Igarka (instrumental version)
  2. Blush
  3. Untold (feat Will Samson)
  4. Absolve
  5. Invisible (feat Colin H Van Eeckhout)
  6. Deerhunter
  7. Falling Down
  8. Agnus
  9. Eagle
  10. Colors
  11. Igarka (feat Sophia Ammaan - vocal version)
coming soon $21.90
Can U Feel It?
Can U Feel It? (clear vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: KMS 035CLEAR. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Can U Feel It (club vocal)
  2. Can U Feel It (club instrumental)
  3. Can U Feel It (New York dub)
  4. Can U Feel It (2 1:2 Step)
coming soon $10.05
Carefree EP
  1. Your Love Is Mine (feat Omri Smadar)
  2. Carefree
  3. December Day
coming soon $9.79
Cassiopeia (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MYS 008. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Cassiopeia (9:41)
  2. Cassiopeia (2019 remix) (11:18)
Review: The Mysticisms label serves up a valuable reissue of the very first release from Nail, the long-serving UK house veteran as prolific now as he was back in the heyday of legendary Nottingham soundsystem DiY. "Cassiopeia" originally appeared on a compilation on Warp, but now it gets a full side of vinyl over which to unfurl its arcane 90s magic. Entrancing synth cascades and stuttering sampler mantras, throbbing b-lines and jacking claps all make for a holy grail deep techno track from the good old days, and Nail has given it a 2019 remix on the flip which brings the spiritual shenanigans of the original into a different kind of meditative, house-oriented context.
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coming soon $10.30
CB 015
CB 015 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 015. Rel: 22 Jun 20
  1. Pascal Benjamin - "Falkhill"
  2. Michael James & Benjamin Joseph - "The Island"
  3. TIJN - "Maybe"
  4. Nick Beringer - "Nyx"
Review: Constant Black is back with a strong VA and some serious talent.
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coming soon TBA
CCCP Edits 2
Cat: CCCP 2. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Nochi
  2. Ne Mojet Bit
  3. T=H2O
  4. Hare, Krishna
coming soon $11.60
Ce Es Music
Ce Es Music (double 12")
Cat: RHD 037CS5.
  1. House Me
  2. House Me (acappella)
  3. Music Music
  4. Work Delay
  5. I'm Busy
  6. In A Dream
  7. 612 Madness
  8. Ossilator (acappella)
coming soon TBA
CFD (1-sided 12")
Cat: IM 010. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. I'm The One
  2. Track 2
coming soon $11.85
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Coming Soon: Deep House