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Coming Soon: Deep House

ホーム  Coming Soon  

Deep House

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312 Rock
312 Rock (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GYC 003.
  1. 312 Rock
  2. We Got Next
Review: 313 ROCK is a combination of old school house with Soul samples from the 70s and the 80s revisited with today's sound and club grooves... Composed by K Alexis, the EP offer a cosmic voyage with bassline and strings.AMore thanA« Aa good dance track »Athis is a sampling Orchestra Art piece.ADJ and producer K Alexis is one of Chicago's true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer in the city's sound with many of its releases regarded as classics.AHe has also worked with Larry Heard & Robert Owens, Dave Angel, Tjen Tjen, Felix Da Housecat and Will Smith.. He is now part of the family!
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coming soon TBA
Right Where You Want It (House Jam)
  1. Right Where You Want It (House Jam)
  2. For All Occasions (Anytime)
Review: RIGHT WHERE YOU WANT IT (House Jam) is a track about putting the things that you want in your life where you want them to be, and taking the time to enjoy getting things right in the pocket.
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coming soon TBA
Needs 006
Needs 006 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NNFP 006. Rel: 28 May 19
  1. Eris Drew - "See You In Snow" (6:15)
  2. Edward - "Mind Loop" (6:16)
  3. D.Tiffany - "Sun Trip" (7:54)
  4. Henry Hyde - "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim" (6:18)
Review: The ever-charitable Needs project continues apace with another stunning cast of characters offering up their dancefloor creations to help a good cause - the environmentally-focused Cool Earth NGO. On this 12", Eris Drew delivers the uplifting breakbeat celebration of "See You In Snow", while Edward takes things deeper with the tripped out minimal house groove of "Mind Loop". D. Tiffany brings a particularly crafty approach to her own drum funk science on "Sun Trip" and Henry Hyde cools things down with the mellow, new age 2 step stylings of "Every Day's A Good Day For A Swim."
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coming soon $8.75
Definitive Transmissions
Definitive Transmissions (140 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: KNOE 9/1.
  1. Is It Tears Or Rain
  2. Greys N Blues
  3. Illuminate
  4. Reflexions
  5. Silhouette
  6. Shores
  7. Neon Reflexions
  8. Illusions
  9. Solid Ground
  10. Moonlit Serenade
  11. New Moon
Review: David Swatten self released the "South EP" under his Planisphere guise out of Australia back in the year 2000. The 4 track 12" of ultra deep tones and smoky piano musings only found its way into a handful of owner's collections. A few copies resurfaced much later in 2017, with Dave himself selling his last few remaining records via email orders gathered through the online treasure trove that is the We're Going Deep Facebook group. For Those That Knoe promptly got in touch with Dave to talk about a potential project and it can now be revealed. This labour of love has come to fruition in the form of a long player that features three cuts from the "South EP" as well as 8 other rare and exclusive previously unreleased recordings.
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coming soon TBA
coming soon $10.05
Free My Soul (reissue)
  1. Free My Soul (Da Housecat Soul mix)
  2. Free My Soul (Duke Deep mix)
  3. My Life Is Music (bonus)
  4. Free My Soul (Dukes Visionary mix)
coming soon $10.30
Electrodream EP
  1. Steve Murphy - "Artificial Material"
  2. Steve Murphy - "Computer Tears"
  3. Carlo Di Roma - "Electrodream"
  4. Carlo Di Roma - "Voyage"
coming soon $9.26
NFRV 003
NFRV 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NFRV 003. Rel: 13 Jan 20
  1. Saison - "Till The Day I Die" (6:37)
  2. Risk Assessment - "I Don't Understand" (5:57)
  3. Saison - "The Riff" (6:21)
  4. Natasha Kitty Katt - "Plenty Good" (6:47)
Review: Previous offerings on No Fuss have featured the likes of Saison, Crispin J. Glover and Dean Zepherin, and now the upfront house label brings together another selection of party heaters from a range of producers. Saison makes a welcome return with the feisty "Till The Day I Die", a richly produced vocal jam with plenty of uptempo shuffle in the drums. Risk Assessment lean on the keys to create a melodic mood on "I Don't Understand" and then Saison does it again with the bright and breezy "The Riff". That leaves it to Natasha Kitty Katt to finish things up with the heavy funking disco licks of "Plenty Good" - a get-down cut for all seasons.
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coming soon $8.75
Burial Songs
  1. Igarka (instrumental version)
  2. Blush
  3. Untold (feat Will Samson)
  4. Absolve
  5. Invisible (feat Colin H Van Eeckhout)
  6. Deerhunter
  7. Falling Down
  8. Agnus
  9. Eagle
  10. Colors
  11. Igarka (feat Sophia Ammaan - vocal version)
coming soon $21.90
Electropical Sampler (warehouse find)
coming soon $10.82
Edito Amore 03
  1. Apri La Porta Al Tuo Cuore (LeSale LoSporco edito)
  2. Giorni (Jakobin & Domino edito)
coming soon $12.88
Cold Days EP
  1. Winter (Orlando Voorn mix)
  2. Winter
  3. Remorse (Satoshi Fumi mix)
  4. Remorse
coming soon $12.11
Elements (12")
Cat: SI 102.
  1. Spark
  2. A Perfect Place
  3. Not Here
coming soon $9.79
KNOE 5/3
KNOE 5/3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KNOE 5/3. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Cuba
  2. Red
  3. Iceberg
  4. Penthouse Apartment 3AM
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Derek Carr is a name known by few and far between, with only a handful of vinyl releases in the early 2000s, he built a worthy but unfortunately not widely-spread reputation for putting together stunning deep techno. Originally pressed in finite numbers, the records have recently found themselves in demand on Discogs, and rightly so, Derek's music is in a class of its own. Having been a big fan since his releases on then local (to label owner Ben) Leeds label Geek records, For Those That Knoe has dug deep into the archives to put together a sizeable selection of Derek's back catalogue, with some unreleased gems dotted amongst the classic must-haves, spread across three EPs

Part three in Derek's starts with Cuba, probably the most sought after track in his back catalogue. It's stunning simplicity and charming summer vibe puts it amongst Derek's greatest works and understandably so. Red then slots into the A2 position which was originally released under the radar on a Headspace compilation. As warm as Cuba but with an added touch of melancholy. Truly outstanding deep house.

Iceberg takes things back more into techno territory with a funked up bass line, stepping rhythms, Detroit strings and those trademark twinkly leads. Finally Penthouse Apartment 3AM a lush electro breakbeat track from the very hard to find Trident release, rounds off the EP with aplomb.

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coming soon $8.24
  1. Pauw
  2. Bubblegum
coming soon $9.53
Cassiopeia (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MYS 008. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Cassiopeia (9:41)
  2. Cassiopeia (2019 remix) (11:18)
Review: The Mysticisms label serves up a valuable reissue of the very first release from Nail, the long-serving UK house veteran as prolific now as he was back in the heyday of legendary Nottingham soundsystem DiY. "Cassiopeia" originally appeared on a compilation on Warp, but now it gets a full side of vinyl over which to unfurl its arcane 90s magic. Entrancing synth cascades and stuttering sampler mantras, throbbing b-lines and jacking claps all make for a holy grail deep techno track from the good old days, and Nail has given it a 2019 remix on the flip which brings the spiritual shenanigans of the original into a different kind of meditative, house-oriented context.
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coming soon $10.30
Orgone (12")
Cat: FA 013.
  1. Orgone
  2. Gammut
Played by: Dj soFa
coming soon $13.39
Swamp 2 Sea
Cat: JT 9X12.
  1. Cadillac
  2. Happenin Doin
  3. To The Core Kid
  4. Arcade
Played by: Andrea passenger
coming soon $8.51
Nuances de Nuit Vol 3 (Metropolitan Acid mix)
  1. Kolter - "Don't Kill My Groove"
  2. T Jacques - "Control"
  3. Metro - "Here For The Love" (Metropolitan Acid mix)
  4. Vitess - "133cc"
Review: The third trip out on Nuances De Nuit brings together another killer selection of ear-snagging club cuts that appeal to the deep-digging community. Kolter's "Don't Kill My Groove" has already been drawing plenty of favourable attention from the likes of Moxie with its deft breaks and electro-funk stylings. T. Jacques' "Control" is a peppy tech house jam with a sleek garage bump that should go down a treat with serious heads and passing trade alike. The real treat here though is Metro's "Here For The Love", a seriously in-demand jam from 1994 finally getting the repress treatment to take it out of the hands of the sharks. Vitess completes the package with "133cc", a dynamic wiggler with enough tripped out elements to take out a tank.
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Played by: T. Jacques
coming soon TBA
AESTHETIC 08 (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Neutron Starlet
  2. Din Eter
  3. Jalea Viului
  4. Un Vechi Inceput
Review: The latest drop on Aesthetic comes from Gruia, a Romanian producer with serious credentials thanks to his recent appearance on Sonet. "Neutron Starlet" is a trippy, playful minimal tech house workout with zippy sounds darting all over the mix. "Din Eter" gets into a more pronounced swing, and uses a sustained pad to create an ethereal mood that should inject some spiritual energy into the party. "Jalea Viului" keeps things steady and rolling, but there's still space for flamboyant FX buried in the mix. "Un Vechi Inceput" finishes the record off on a tense note, using minor keys to keep you on your toes without slouching on those all-important wiggles and squiggles to keep things funky.
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Played by: Burnski, James Reid
coming soon TBA
Shubaka 04
Shubaka 04 (12")
Cat: SHUBAKA 04.
  1. Workout
  2. Santori
  3. Five13
  4. VT4
coming soon $10.30
Mahogany Brown (reissue)
Mahogany Brown (reissue) (2 x purple vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: L PFG 074 PURPLE.
coming soon $32.72
Artifical Extelligence
  1. High Adventures
  2. Fire Trail
  3. Playground Fun
  4. A Kind Whisper
coming soon $9.79
Technological Singularity EP
  1. Quantum Computing
  2. Robots In Rage
  3. A Machine Will Never Do X
  4. F+- K The World To The Core
coming soon $9.53
NXT 006
NXT 006 (12")
Cat: NXT 006.
  1. Attery (Malin Genie remix)
  2. Sauna De Plastico (Argy remix)
  3. Sauna De Plastico
coming soon $10.05
  1. Graut
  2. Graut (Fango remix)
coming soon $10.05
Black Magnetic EP
Cat: AMBIWA 7.
  1. Jazz Engine
  2. Spirits Of A Dawn
  3. Traffic Love
  4. You're Mine
Played by: Agnostic Rhythm
coming soon $12.11
Sunny Side Up
  1. Nephews - "Saucin'" (feat Retromigration)
  2. Lemin - "Climb"
  3. Noise Ark - "Minimum Bounce"
  4. Retromigration - "Gone Away"
  5. Toolate Groove - "We Can Do It Again"
Played by: Tilman
coming soon $11.60
Chateau Rouge EP
  1. J'ai Une Ideee (Et Si On Faisait L'amour)
  2. Effets Desirables (Green Gelato mix)
  3. Ete 19 - 91
  4. Dispense De Preavis
  5. Effets Desirables (Herr Krank rework)
coming soon $11.33
Got Me A Mann
  1. Got Me A Mann
  2. Libre Comme Un Oiseau (Free As A Bird)
Review: Welcome return of Norma Jean Bell and her Pandemonium label.
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coming soon $12.62
The Quadra EP
The Quadra EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ORN 028.
  1. MACS0647 (7:55)
  2. The Quadra (8:36)
  3. The Haunting Circumstance (4:55)
Review: Miles Sagnia has a deep-rooted backstory in the UK underground techno scene. Under his own name and as Miles Atmospheric he's produced consistently compelling techno for labels like Finale Sessions, FireScope, Aesthetic Audio and Applied Rhythmic Technology. Such associations point to the soundworld Sagnia inhabits - a harmonically balanced strain of deep-diving brain food that favours expressive musicality and inventive programming over rigid functionality.

Having previously appeared as Miles Sagnia on Ornate back in 2010, he returns to the label as Miles Atmospheric with three cuts that explore melancholic moods through artful interplay between beautifully rendered synth tones and intricate drum machine excursions. These tracks still move with purpose and presence, but the end goal is more cerebral than physical - a perfect fit for the immersive experiences Ornate has always strived to promote.

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Played by: Life Recorder
coming soon $8.75
Another House Another Nation EP
  1. This Is The Way We Jack The House
  2. Same Old Loop
  3. Why? How?
  4. Funk Nation
coming soon $9.26
Fon (12")
Cat: HM 014.
  1. FON
  2. Orienne
  3. Varadi
coming soon $10.82
Shared Fictions
coming soon $20.60
Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi/Dawl & Sween/Violet mixes)
  1. Blood Moon
  2. Blood Moon (Roza Terenzi Eclipse mix)
  3. Blood Moon (Dawl & Sween Tone DropOut remix)
  4. Blood Moon (Violet remix)
Review: Especial welcomes Kim Ann Foxman to debut on the label with an ode to the power of the moon. The sample heavy, acid vocal cuts no slack and shows Foxman confidently developing as a producer and is backed with a stellar set of remixes from Roza Terenzi, Dawl & Sween and Violet.

Revered by many as an on point clubber, dancer, singer, DJ and producer, her breakthrough in Hercules & Love Affair was a start, soon carving out her place as a solo artist and global DJ, while fitting in time to run the Firehouse - recently featuring Richard Sen and Kasra V - and SELF-TIMER labels - home to new project, Pleasure Planet.

As veteran of the San Francisco 90s heyday, slipping breaks around a 4/4 kick is a blast of past meets acid future, as 303 meets M1, while Foxman's lyrics - written during the Blood Moon over London - extols the power of the tides, nature's internal and external flow.

The remixes are a manner of breaks-heaven, as Roza Terenzi rips a steppas dub, Tone Dropout's Dawl and Sween master a latter day M25 anthem, before finally Violet, edits, strips, builds and takes things deep.

Make me lust, make me bleed.

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coming soon TBA
Ballets (Lizz mix)
  1. Kefta
  2. Ballets
  3. Ballets (Lizz remix)
Review: Wow, enormous microhouse anthem with a splendid Lizz remix, LHR coming back again.
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coming soon TBA
EBS 1 (limited 1-sided 12")
Cat: EB 010.
  1. EBS 1
Review: Having brought his rarely used RT Factor alias back for a surprise EP in the summer of 2018, Ron Trent has decided to give it another airing 18 months on. This time round there's no fanfare or fuss, just a single-sided salvo featuring one must-have cut. "EBS1" is a little more "sci-fi" than we've come to expect from Trent, and while there are plenty of neat musical flourishes, it's a far more obviously electronic work out than usual. That's not a criticism though, because the track is a real treat: all tough, layered machine drums, emotive chords and the kind of mazy synth solos you'd expect to hear on a futuristic jazz record.
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coming soon $10.30
Digital Ciity
  1. Digital Ciity (Detroit)
  2. Elekro Break (Dance)
  3. Teknology
  4. Enter Planetary
coming soon $10.30
Blue Funk
Blue Funk (12")
Cat: DBH 004.
  1. Bliss
  2. Lovin & Dancin
  3. All Tonight
  4. Blue Funk
Review: Astonishingly, Alton Miller was already four years into his production career when the "Blue Funk EP" first dropped on short-lived Detroit techno label M3 way back in 1997. The Detroiter is of course still going strong, though his productions are now way more polished than they were back then. As this reissue proves, the rawness and energy of his (relatively) early productions remains highly addictive. Check for example the hot-stepping analogue Afro-house beats, rich bass and tasty keys of "Bliss", the breathlessly loopy sweatiness of "Lovin' & Dancing" - a kind of raw disco-house cut-up masterpiece - and the trippy, breakbeat-driven sample house intensity of "Blue Funk" itself. The smoothest track of all, the NJ deep house influenced "All Tonight", is closest in tone to his more recent productions.
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Played by: Detroit Swindle
coming soon $10.30
Birds Of A Feather
  1. Wild Rhythm
  2. Mood (part 2)
  3. Computer Games
  4. Would You?
  5. Wild Rhythm (Garrett David remix)
coming soon $11.33
Bolo Represent 004
  1. Bassa Clan - "Two Pack"
  2. DJ Cream - "Waxin"
  3. Dumbo Beat - "Adriatica"
  4. Jackie - "Please Don't Go"
coming soon $10.30
Ce Es Music
Ce Es Music (double 12")
Cat: RHD 037CS5.
  1. House Me
  2. House Me (acappella)
  3. Music Music
  4. Work Delay
  5. I'm Busy
  6. In A Dream
  7. 612 Madness
  8. Ossilator (acappella)
coming soon TBA
Agora E Seu Tempo
  1. Agora E Seu Tempo
  2. My Favorite Garden
  3. Flowt_o (Kaoru Inoue remix)
coming soon $27.05
BLANK 001 (12")
Cat: BLANK 001.
  1. Feel The Love (Fango remix)
  2. Ambitions (Oyvind Morken remix)
coming soon $11.60
EP#1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MYS 009X.
  1. #1
  2. #2
  3. #7
  4. #6
Review: In today's age we get mindful of life and love.

The now rare nights of the true hedoni$t.

A hero who's not afraid of the consequences.

Who is ready to live that full life.

To push the mind and senses of joy.

No rules. Just reality. Wildness. Nothing can be stopped.

Rule that Mystery.

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Played by: Piers Harrison, Sam Don
coming soon TBA
XXXV Edits 04
  1. U-Ground
  2. S-Nova
  3. H-Beat
coming soon $12.35
How To Operate?
Cat: FLBC 101.
  1. Time To Wake Up
  2. Hi-Swear
  3. Isoplace
  4. Cover-Dub
coming soon TBA
The Night Land (reissue)
The Night Land (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP 再プレス)
Cat: RS 1702.
  1. Midnattssol (6:10)
  2. Safe Changes (6:21)
  3. Samsa (10:50)
  4. Six Million Ways (6:24)
  5. Loser's Hymn (8:30)
  6. Brutal Chugga-Chugga (7:29)
  7. The Ghosts Hood (8:23)
  8. Dins El Llit (5:19)
Review: Having first joined forces to DJ together under the Taloboman tag some years back, Axel Boman and John Talabot first got together in the studio for 2014's Sideral 12". Three years on, the experienced duo has finally recorded a debut album. It's naturally imaginative, eclectic and atmospheric in tone, effortlessly gliding between humid, Afro-influenced deepness ("Midnattsol"), dark and spacey dancefloor moods ("Samsa"), fuzzy epics ("Six Million Ways"), hushed tech-house ("The Ghosts Hood"), stretched-out wonkiness (the hypnotic "Dins El Lit"), and a variety of intriguing downtempo explorations. It's largely left-of-centre and mostly not focused on the club, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly, it's a fine collection of music.
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coming soon $19.83
Midnight Mania
  1. Midnight Mania
  2. Atoms
  3. Mundane Brain
  4. PNG (Praise No Ghosts)
  5. Jungle Dream
Played by: Zukas
coming soon $12.88
Ya Kidding
Ya Kidding (white vinyl 12")
Cat: DB 155WHITE.
  1. Ya Kidding
  2. Ya Kidding (Sebastien V remix)
  3. Ya Kidding (Solardo remix)
coming soon $10.82
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Coming Soon: Deep House