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Coming Soon: Deep House

ホーム  Coming Soon  

Deep House

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Planet Be(remix)
Cat: THINNER 003. Rel: 30 Apr 20
coming soon $13.44
Swamp 2 Sea
Cat: JT 9X12.
  1. Cadillac
  2. Happenin Doin
  3. To The Core Kid
  4. Arcade
Played by: Andrea passenger
coming soon $8.54
Walrus Edits
Walrus Edits (hand-stamped 12" 再プレス)
Cat: ADV 8. Rel: 06 Jul 20
  1. Passion (The Boiler Room edit) (5:57)
  2. Rivers (4:48)
  3. Off The Man (5:10)
Review: After a very limited release to a handful of stores in 2018, Adesse Versions makes another small pressing of Walrus Edits available. Featuring vinyl-only cuts of a true Los Angeles funk pioneer, often overlooked due to his infamous love songs. Starting with the electronic boogie of 'Passion', one of the tightest and most under-rated funk gems of the 1980s. This was made specially for Adesse's last Boiler Room show and became his most requested and sought after edit. The B-side takes things in a completely different direction, with the raw deep-house grime of 'Rivers' and the orchestral almost Philip Glass-esque 'Off The Man'.
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coming soon $11.12
Hella EP
Hella EP (12")
Cat: HBD 002. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Hella (feat Joy)
  2. Henna Beth
  3. Other World (feat Hakan Vreskala)
coming soon TBA
Blessed Are The Meek
Cat: CHIWAX 033. Rel: 05 May 20
  1. Blessed Are The Meek (Patrice Scott remix)
  2. Blessed Are The Meek (Amirs Piano Re Fix)
  3. Blessed Are The Meek (Javonntte mix)
  4. Blessed Are The Meek (Amirs Hard Piano Banger)
coming soon $11.12
808 (Magnus Asberg/TIJN mix)
808 (Magnus Asberg/TIJN mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RR 003.
  1. 808
  2. 808 (Magnus Asberg remix)
  3. 808 (TIJN remix)
Review: Romana Records 003 Takes a slightly different route this time we got a original from Ted Amber Botanic Minds sunset Series and a remix from Magnus Asberg and a stella remix from TIJN Curte Vache,Moss Co. The original has been been a firm favorite for Arapu for some time now. Early support: Arapu, Vincentlulian, Sepp, Nu Zau, Iuly.B, Viceversa, Silat Beksi, Archie Hamilton, Miroloja, Cesar Merveille, Direkt, Fabrizio Maurizi, Barut.
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Played by: TIJN
coming soon TBA
All U Gotta Do Is Listen (reissue)
  1. All U Gotta Do Is Listen (7:09)
  2. Night Time Is The Right Time (6:25)
Review: The crew behind the Hizou label is rightly chuffed that they've managed to secure this two-tracker from Andres, a Detroit producer whose releases - whether aimed at deep house dancefloors or hip-hop heads - are rarely less than superb. The two tracks the label has selected are suitably strong, too. Check first A-side "All U Gotta Do Is Listen", a warm and hazy chunk of break-driven mid-tempo deep house rich in jazzy samples, swirling crowd noises, chunky bass and dewy-eyed instrumentation. Andres' vintage influences are explored further on flipside "Night Time Is The Right Time", a P-funk influenced deep house bumper whose swinging drums and elongated organ chords casually tip a wink to classic New Jersey garage.
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coming soon $9.57
Burial Songs
  1. Igarka (instrumental version)
  2. Blush
  3. Untold (feat Will Samson)
  4. Absolve
  5. Invisible (feat Colin H Van Eeckhout)
  6. Deerhunter
  7. Falling Down
  8. Agnus
  9. Eagle
  10. Colors
  11. Igarka (feat Sophia Ammaan - vocal version)
coming soon $21.97
Next Generation Vol 2
Cat: MUSINS 200. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Pressure Drop (Altitude mix)
  2. Pressure Drop (Free Fall mix)
  3. Feathers In My Face
Played by: Ricardo Miranda
coming soon $12.93
Various Artists 03
  1. Gus Arancibia - "Ticket To Jupiter"
  2. Martin Prestige - "Inside My Soul"
  3. Unknown7 & Sessanta6 - "Check This Sound"
  4. Wild & Kins - "Course On You"
coming soon $10.34
Starlight Keeper
Cat: FV 005. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Starlight Keeper
  2. Twenty-Two
  3. Living Waves
  4. Portal
coming soon $10.09
Cithare (12")
Cat: BLOW 03. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Cithare (12" version)
  2. Malago
  3. Cluster
  4. Northern Soul
  5. Saw Her Yesterday
coming soon $14.47
The Message (For You)
  1. Alex Attias/Justin Chapman/Hajime Yochizawa - "The Message (For You)"
  2. Alex Attias/Mark De Clive-Lowe - "The Waiting Game"
coming soon $10.34
III (magenta vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SILK 115. Rel: 15 May 20
coming soon $14.22
The Year 8080
Cat: BUDDA 02. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Float
  2. Second Moon
  3. Venga Tribute
coming soon $9.57
Bronx Metro EP
Cat: SBTBLK 001. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Bronx Metro
  2. Pac Showed Me
  3. Mae Charles
  4. Famille, Amant Et Ami
coming soon $11.36
Cat: BBE 160SP.
coming soon TBA
Bolo Represent 004
  1. Bassa Clan - "Two Pack"
  2. DJ Cream - "Waxin"
  3. Dumbo Beat - "Adriatica"
  4. Jackie - "Please Don't Go"
coming soon $10.34
Hey Ladies
Hey Ladies (12")
Cat: PUSS 20201.
coming soon $10.34
Want You (Need You) Remixed
  1. Want You (Need You)
  2. Want You (Need You) (Deep Dean remix)
  3. Want You (Need You) (Wolfram remix)
  4. Want You (Need You) (Tornado Wallace remix)
coming soon $10.34
Got Me A Mann
  1. Got Me A Mann
  2. Libre Comme Un Oiseau (Free As A Bird)
Review: Welcome return of Norma Jean Bell and her Pandemonium label.
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coming soon $12.67
CB 015
CB 015 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 015. Rel: 22 Jun 20
  1. Pascal Benjamin - "Falkhill"
  2. Michael James & Benjamin Joseph - "The Island"
  3. TIJN - "Maybe"
  4. Nick Beringer - "Nyx"
Review: Constant Black is back with a strong VA and some serious talent.
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coming soon TBA
LAR 001
  1. Ryan Berkeley - "Round The Ride"
  2. Norachi - "Fffred"
  3. DJ Heure - "Huh"
  4. Dawn Again - "Wuthering Heights"
coming soon $13.96
Atlas (1-sided 12")
Cat: ZEN 12541. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Atlas
coming soon $10.86
BLANK 001 (12")
Cat: BLANK 001.
  1. Feel The Love (Fango remix)
  2. Ambitions (Oyvind Morken remix)
coming soon $11.64
Like Life EP
  1. Men/Women
  2. Do U Know
  3. Like Life
coming soon $11.64
Eyes Of My Mind
Cat: BARN 070. Rel: 10 Apr 20
  1. Eyes Of My Mind
  2. Echoes Of My Mind
Review: Somewhat surprisingly, "Eyes Of My Mind" marks Axel Boman's first solo single on Studio Barnhus, the label he co-founded, since 2013. It's also his first EP of any sort since 2017 (though 2019 did see the release of his fine "Le New Life" LP on Mule Musiq). The track is little less than a loved-up aural hug; a deliciously glassy-eyed affair in which dreamy chords, quirky vocal samples, droning bass tones and bubbly electronic motifs wrap around a bustling, loose-limbed drum track that sits somewhere between regular deep house, Max D's Dolo Percussion project and good old-fashioned breakbeat. Over on side B he calms things down dramatically via "Echoes of My Mind", a swelling, wall-of-sound ambient revision of the A-side that's as comforting and meditative as they come.
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coming soon $10.34
Plant Life & Machine Learning
Plant Life & Machine Learning (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISM 013. Rel: 01 Jun 20
  1. Expansion
  2. Star Traveller
  3. Machine Logic
  4. Sun Garden
Review: It's been a while since his last EP, but this one sounds like he's nailed it again. Focused strictly on deep house with an atmospheric vibe, Brad P's new break from his earlier projects (which he put on pause after 2015), certainly shows us he is still driving in the deep house lane with first-rate keybord playing on top of his usual chord & bass-lined grooves. Previously found on labels such as Moods and Grooves, Seventh Sign, Altered Moods and Black Key, he is back as he gears up to release more of his music through his own imprint Inner Shift. All mid and slow tempo deep house lovers, get onto this.

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Played by: Tomi Chair
coming soon TBA
Dactilonomy I
Dactilonomy I (limited 12")
Cat: ATA 021.
  1. Audio Jewels
  2. Mattithyahu
coming soon $12.15
Thr3d (CD)
Cat: BJCD 22. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  2. Behind The Veil
  3. New Way
  4. Cumfeelthemusic
  5. Cyanotype (interlude)
  6. Over The Sun
  7. Squeeze
  8. The Hood (interlude)
  9. DLMD
  10. Steppin'
coming soon $10.09
Happiness Therapy Split Vol 2
Happiness Therapy Split Vol 2 (limited 12" 再プレス)
Cat: HT 02. Rel: 13 Apr 20
  1. Jesse Bru - "Uncle Frank" (5:56)
  2. Jesse Bru - "Good Life" (7:06)
  3. Harrison BDP - "Eternal Space" (7:20)
  4. Harrison BDP - "Parallax" (8:48)
Review: Hot new French label Happiness Therapy run by ascendant DJ/producer Crowd Control proudly presents a brilliant double header following up a great inauguration by CC himself and Popka. HT02 features Vancouverite Jesse Bru on the A side, with the late night dusty deepness of "Uncle Frank" (which ventures into hypnotic acid territory later on) followed by the emotive and bittersweet vibe of "Good Life" which is absolutely wonderful. On the flip, rising Welshman Harrison BDP brings the goods as always: with the immersive dub techno flavour of "Eternal Space" followed by "Parallax" which similarly explores the cavernous and glacial aesthetics of Basic Channel and Echospace.
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Played by: Corbi, Rob Belleville
coming soon $12.15
Lisboa (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: CAB 57. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Lisboa (Night dub)
  2. Lisboa (Day mix)
coming soon $11.64
Out Of Body Experience
Out Of Body Experience (limited test pressing 12")
Cat: RB 087TP. Rel: 20 Apr 20
coming soon $12.67
The V EP
The V EP (limited test pressing 12")
Cat: RB 091TP. Rel: 13 Apr 20
coming soon $12.67
Main Thing
Main Thing (blue vinyl 7")
Cat: RNT 45005. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Main Thing
  2. F.T.F. (Freak The Funk)
coming soon $11.12
How To Operate?
Cat: FLBC 101.
  1. Time To Wake Up
  2. Hi-Swear
  3. Isoplace
  4. Cover-Dub
coming soon TBA
Disco Picnic Vol 1
Cat: PCNC 007. Rel: 03 Apr 20
  1. Disco Ynferno
  2. Phasinated (feat Ofa Fotu)
  3. Dubbing Alive
coming soon $8.54
Swim (10th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: SLANG 50275X. Rel: 27 Jun 20
coming soon TBA
KNOE 5/3
KNOE 5/3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KNOE 5/3. Rel: 30 Jan 20
  1. Cuba
  2. Red
  3. Iceberg
  4. Penthouse Apartment 3AM
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Derek Carr is a name known by few and far between, with only a handful of vinyl releases in the early 2000s, he built a worthy but unfortunately not widely-spread reputation for putting together stunning deep techno. Originally pressed in finite numbers, the records have recently found themselves in demand on Discogs, and rightly so, Derek's music is in a class of its own. Having been a big fan since his releases on then local (to label owner Ben) Leeds label Geek records, For Those That Knoe has dug deep into the archives to put together a sizeable selection of Derek's back catalogue, with some unreleased gems dotted amongst the classic must-haves, spread across three EPs

Part three in Derek's starts with Cuba, probably the most sought after track in his back catalogue. It's stunning simplicity and charming summer vibe puts it amongst Derek's greatest works and understandably so. Red then slots into the A2 position which was originally released under the radar on a Headspace compilation. As warm as Cuba but with an added touch of melancholy. Truly outstanding deep house.

Iceberg takes things back more into techno territory with a funked up bass line, stepping rhythms, Detroit strings and those trademark twinkly leads. Finally Penthouse Apartment 3AM a lush electro breakbeat track from the very hard to find Trident release, rounds off the EP with aplomb.

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coming soon $8.26
CCCP Edits 2
Cat: CCCP 2. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Nochi
  2. Ne Mojet Bit
  3. T=H2O
  4. Hare, Krishna
coming soon $11.64
Cold Days EP
  1. Winter (Orlando Voorn mix)
  2. Winter
  3. Remorse (Satoshi Fumi mix)
  4. Remorse
coming soon $12.15
Plus Two EP
Cat: DSD 017.
  1. Can’t You Feel It
  2. Depeche Moines
  3. Can’t You Feel It (Soundbwoy Killah remix)
  4. Depeche Moines (Denham Audio remix)
coming soon $10.86
Cosmic Shit EP
Cat: MZT 01. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Frequency Bazard
  2. Cosmic Shit
  3. Allure 132
  4. Move It On
coming soon $12.15
Coloring Book :Kikun Iwe
Cat: SRM SPC 01. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Shango-so
  2. Jorita
  3. Ne Umi
  4. Agora
  5. Ba Bara Ey Ra U Ra
  6. Air We Breathe
  7. Fo Fo Fo Fo
coming soon TBA
Shapes EP
Shapes EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BHILL 005. Rel: 05 Oct 20
  1. People Floating
  2. Shapes (Dreaming mix)
  3. Up There
Review: Following a journey of releases via Morocco, Uganda and Kenya, Banana Hill look close to home for their fifth release and present an accomplished debut from Manchester-based producer Clay. Sounds of the city run through this record, from the ethereal synths, scattered percussion and driving low end of 'Up There' to the broken beat swing of 'People Floating' and the title track 'Shapes' that sounds like it was crafted for a specific moment at 5am in a Salford club.

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coming soon TBA
The Trouble With Clive EP
Cat: OUPLW 012. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Keep Movin'
  2. The Trouble With Clive
  3. Bisou
coming soon $10.86
Refractions EP
Cat: WMR 020. Rel: 13 Apr 20
  1. Bespoke
  2. Hey
  3. Tip Of My Tongue
  4. High Noon
coming soon $16.03
Raw 3 EP
Raw 3 EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COJ V003. Rel: 11 May 20
  1. Memories
  2. All I Think About
  3. Pressure Sound
  4. Bug-A-Do
Review: Club of Jacks

Club of Jacks come correct with the third and final installment of their RAW EP series - serving up another vinyl 4 tracker of essential House & Garage grooves primed for the dancefloor.

Track 1 'Memories' opens the EP with creamy Rhodes pads leading into a pulsing deep house groove flecked with soulful vocal lines, jazzy piano arps and filtered sax riffs.

The second track 'All I Think About' is a soulful groove built around an emotive vocal hook and chugging analog pads for that end of the night vibe.

On the flip side, 'Pressure Sound' switches style to a bassline roller with vintage reggae vocals, swinging garage drums and dub fx combining into a bouncy party starter.

Finishing off the EP is 'Bug-a-Do', a tough and bumpy hybrid acid-garage-house banger. Filtered synth pads merge with a 303 and M1 piano line - a hands in the air new school / old school workout.

All tracks are produced and mixed by Club of Jacks and made to be played loud wherever you like to jack your body!
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Played by: Paul Starey
coming soon TBA
Lux (12")
Cat: TBC. Rel: 01 Apr 20
  1. Lux (Coflo extended mix)
  2. Lux (Kaidi Tatham remix)
coming soon $10.86
Playground Samba EP
Cat: OCH 090. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Playground Samba
  2. False Feelins
  3. Rescue Him (feat Gyrefunk)
coming soon $13.44
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Coming Soon: Deep House