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Coming Soon: Deep House

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Twilight (12")
Cat: MAGIC 014. Rel: 26 Aug 19
  1. Twilight
  2. Twilight (Acid Pauli remix)
  3. Twilight (Noema Turning Purple dub)
  4. Twilight (O/Y remix)
coming soon $9.97
Cat: AESTHETIC 06. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. 34100
  2. XYZ
  3. Line Of Questioning
  4. Shelter
Review: Nolga brings 4 tracks to Aesthetic for there 6th release.

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coming soon TBA
Museum Remixed
  1. Luna (Lord Akton remix)
  2. Lost (Shatter Hands remix)
  3. R F G (99 Blows remix)
  4. Edward (Jeppe Wolmar remix)
coming soon $14.30
Aletheia (CD)
Cat: BEARCD 001. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. 60 Rutledge (0:30)
  2. Mesablanca (0:30)
  3. Aletheia (0:30)
  4. Sunspear (0:30)
  5. Udu (0:30)
  6. Celestine (0:30)
  7. Tru Dancing (0:30)
  8. Aeolian (0:30)
  9. Painted Wolf (0:30)
  10. Seamstress (0:30)
  11. Desmond's Empire (0:30)
  12. Neptune (0:30)
coming soon $11.50
Aletheia (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BEARLP 001. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. 60 Rutledge
  2. Mesablanca
  3. Aletheia
  4. Sunspear
  5. Udu
  6. Celestine
  7. Tru Dancing
  8. Aeolian
  9. Painted Wolf
  10. Seamstress
  11. Desmond's Empire
  12. Neptune
coming soon $26.07
OGEWHITE 002 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: OGEWHITE 002.
  1. Neither
  2. Liquid Luck
  3. Acension
  4. Movement
Review: Like its parent label, Oge's "White" series serves up regular missives of deep house/tech-house fusion with no hint as to the identity of the producer (or producers) behind the showcased tracks. We've no idea as to who made this EP, but we can confirm that it's well worth a listen. Opener "Neither" boasts dub house bass, rolling tech-tinged deep house grooves, spacey electronics and the kind of enveloping chords more regularly found on ambient records. "Liquid Luck" is a slightly more bustling chunk of warm and woozy tech-house-funk, while "Ascension" sees or shadowy hero (or heroes) make merry with cut-up synth-funk bass, East End Dubz style beats and some suitably alien electronics. Closing cut "Movement", meanwhile, offers a deeper early morning take on the European tech-house sound.
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coming soon $12.53
Hietsuki Bushi
Cat: FER 06911. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Hietsuki Bushi
  2. Gujoh Bushi
coming soon $17.13
OTX (12")
Cat: IRS 4805.
  1. OTX I
  2. OTX II
  3. OTX II (Simbad remix)
  4. Handmade Worries
coming soon $13.55
Cat: DEADHORSE 03. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Otherlove - "Need Your Love"
  2. Dicky Trisco & Love Drop - "Music Loves Me" (DJ Nature remix)
  3. Dicky Trisco & Love Drop - "Waiting For The Sax"
coming soon $9.97
Pal Joey Music Retouched By Takeshi Fukushima
Cat: ORN 048. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Hot Music (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  2. Freaky (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  3. Mood7 (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  4. Bounce (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  5. When I Get Kindness (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  6. Close The Lid (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  7. What Is This Thing Called Boogie (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
  8. Nostalgic Memory (retouched by takeshi Fukushima)
coming soon $9.46
For Those EP
Cat: HAWS 004. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. For Those
  2. For Those (Naked version)
  3. For Those (Ed Herbst remix)
  4. Set U Free
  5. Criticize
  6. 5AM Interlude
coming soon $12.26
Life Signs
Life Signs (12")
Cat: CHURCHM 006. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Life Signs (Roll mix)
  2. You Must Not Be Me
  3. Life Signs (Bleep mix)
  4. Recollection
Played by: Goddard
coming soon $10.74
Alphaville EP
Alphaville EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CMD 006.
  1. Halo City
  2. Falling Framework (feat Eisentanz & Grant)
  3. Akira 2171
  4. Ilipsyon
Review: Dan Piu is the man behind the long running techno label "Moto Music" and also the driving force behind "deepArtSounds". The Alphaville ep is nothing less than a showcase of his signature atmospheric, textured sound that defines his overall production style. Having releases as early as 1997, we're sure you'll enjoy the music from this seasoned veteran of electronic music.

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coming soon $8.69
7 AM (reissue)
  1. 7 AM (First Step)
  2. 7 AM (Second Step)
  3. 7 AM (Third Step)
  4. 7 AM (Third Step - Verrina & Ventura re-shape)
coming soon $12.01
Platform (reissue)
Cat: FOM 013. Rel: 16 Sep 19
  1. Silent Drum
  2. Central Line
  3. Outward Journey
  4. Knit 2
  5. Jenny Loves Her Dog
  6. Groovin Hi Groovin Lo
  7. Ribbon
  8. Dustydat
  9. Walker
coming soon $18.66
Petrichor EP
Petrichor EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Hurdy Gurdy
  2. Iglozub
  3. Stipperflip
  4. Petrichor
Review: Are you ready for fresh blood?! Some time ago, Tomorrow Is Now Kid! head honcho Alex Salvador and Jelle Meeuwsen aka "Pokopoko" met while spinning records and talking music at a party in Tilburg, The Netherlands. A big stack of demos got sent over to the TINK! headquarters and eventually a debut EP named "Petrichor" was created. A powerful four-tracker with a dusty and melancholic take on today's House music. It's raw and funky but changes vibes throughout, keeping it fresh. That said, "Petrichor EP" is an emotional rollercoaster and a tribute to the ever-changing and unpredictable Dutch weather.
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coming soon TBA
Nuances De Nuit Vol 2
  1. Politics Of Dancing - "When The Morning Comes"
  2. Akyra - "Rizla"
  3. Karaba - "Floating Mind"
  4. Cosmic JD/Zenta - "Spencer Landoff"
Review: Here's some good news: the second salvo from nascent label Nuances de Nuit is every bit as alluring as its predecessor. It follows a similar blueprint, too, offering up a quartet of cuts from emerging artists. Politics of Dancing get the ball rolling via "When The Morning Comes", a picturesque peak-time throb-job that layers twinkling piano motifs and starry synth stabs atop non-stop beats and thrusting synth-bass. Akyra offers up a dreamy, ear-pleasing fusion of rolling tech-house and spacey deep house (the excellent "Rizla"), while Karaba's "Floating Mind" is a tough but drowsy deep house bumper built around sturdy beats and squelchy electronic bass. Last -but by no means least - is Cosmic JD and Jenta's pleasingly wonky "Spencer Landoff", where off-kilter electronics, jaunty bass and inter-dimensional melodies ricochet off hip-swinging deep-tech drums.
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coming soon TBA
Together Alright!
  1. Together, Alright!
  2. Together, Alright! (dub)
  3. Together, Alright! (acappella)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $8.95
  1. 7valli
  2. Arabesq
coming soon TBA
N2 (2xLP)
Cat: MATH 106. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. In(Tro)
  2. Ecstasy Au Paradis (part 2)
  3. Brie It Again
  4. Air'n Beat (feat D_tekt)
  5. Des Choses Comme Ca (feat Laetitia Taschatt & Elite beats - Brieklyn Boogie mix)
  6. House Of Funk
  7. Palms Line
  8. Little Purple Prince
  9. Raclette Party
  10. Cheese It To The Max
  11. LSD In Purgatory
  12. Shine (Breizh El Boogie vocal mix)
coming soon $26.33
On A Nimbus
On A Nimbus (double 12")
Cat: NAFF 006. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. 2see
  2. Creative Lizard
  3. Dreams Of A Digital Sublime
  4. Tech Ne
  5. Critter
  6. On A Nimbus
  7. 6 Thematic
  8. Afterburn
  9. 4 See
  10. Ee-POH-ne
  11. Ani Ma
coming soon $19.68
Sofware (12")
Cat: VMP 004. Rel: 09 Sep 19
  1. Sofware
  2. Dead Channel
  3. Boingo Myth
  4. Scroll Up
coming soon $10.21
Profound Sound EP
  1. Profound Sound
  2. Profound Sound (Melchior Sultana remix)
  3. Profound Sound (Jus-Ed remix)
  4. Higher
  5. Soul Extension
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Shades (2xLP)
Cat: DPC 0731. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Turquoise (99 'til Infinity)
  2. Indigo (Aries)
  3. Periwinkle
  4. Cobalt (Plains)
  5. Ultramarine
  6. Sapphire (Tessellate)
  7. Azure (Emotion) (feat Ripperton)
  8. Teal
  9. Cerulean
coming soon $19.17
Sweet Release
  1. Catch It
  2. Deep Love
  3. Makes Me Feel
  4. Catch It (Find The Groove mix)
coming soon $13.04
I Don't Dance I Make Money Moves
Cat: PUSS 2019. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. I Don't Dance I Make Money Moves
  2. 4AM
coming soon $12.26
Cat: LPHWHT 20RMX1. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Can't Stop The Feeling (DJ Boring remix)
  2. Make Me Feel Good (MIAL remix)
  3. BK Slice (Spencer Parker Works Harder mix)
  4. Let Me Jacq (Tee Mango remix)
coming soon $9.97
Galaxia Fini EP
  1. Galaxia Fini
  2. Vernissage Anticonspiratoria
  3. Acavalcan Ritmos
  4. Jornada Dos Faniquitos
coming soon $10.74
Nine To Shine
Cat: TOYT 101. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Nine To Shine (extended version)
  2. Honeymoon Affair
  3. Sumthin
  4. Your Beauty Is A Spoiler
Played by: Saison
coming soon $9.19
Signs of Life
Signs of Life (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CHUB 101. Rel: 30 Sep 19
  1. Can't Be Too Paradise
  2. Four Eyes
  3. Ind Soul (Beated For Fon)
  4. Gem Vmu
  5. Juno Space
Review: Spanish deep house ambassador Jose Rico lands on Chubby with a sultry collection of high pedigree jams that will sink under your skin, like the best machine soul should. There's definitely a whiff of Detroit about opening cut "Can't Be To Paradise," but it's offset by a Mediterranean mellow tint to the dynamic hardware interplay. "Four Eyes" has a spacier feel thanks to a particularly fizzy pad tone and some artful reverb, while "Ind Soul" is a melancholic jam shot through with lingering keys and a bubbling acid line dedicated to Fon. On the B side, "Gem Vmu" lightens the mood with some sprightly piano, and then "Juno Space" takes us out of orbit once more with some gorgeous lead lines that fall like pearl drops around Rico's tasteful grooves.
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coming soon TBA
Places I've Been EP
Cat: LNB 005. Rel: 04 Oct 19
  1. Planet Namek
  2. Planet Namek (Priori Spellcaster mix)
  3. Obstacle
  4. Ev Eb Otto
coming soon $10.74
Meditation: Album sampler
Cat: PRV 2019008. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Acid Sundays
  2. Roads
  3. Dusty
  4. Meditation
coming soon TBA
NMR 010
NMR 010 (12")
Cat: NMR 010. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Run To You
  2. All My Life
coming soon $9.97
The Deep (reissue)
coming soon $11.76
The Drive EP
The Drive EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: FAUVEP 002. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. The Drive
  2. Ke Ai
  3. Fray
  4. Air House
Review: In the mist of the night, a driver locks his rimmed glasses to his face, fasten his seatbelt and stomps his foot on the gas. An array of beams and city lights flow in a continuous spectrum that dissolves into lines as the car speeds up. It's only a matter of time before his journey turns into a tunnel of light.?Off he goes into the distance to test the space time continuum limits of speed and sound with aboard of his car only courage and humility. For his first EP, Romain FX digs deep in his emotions to pull out four Italo & House infused tracks full of musical surprises.
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coming soon TBA
Detroit Metro Terminal (Windy/D1 mix)
Cat: SWX 005. Rel: 11 Nov 19
  1. Detroit Metro Terminal (Windy mix)
  2. Detroit Metro Terminal (dub mix)
  3. Land Of Oblivian
  4. I Stabb (D1 mix)
Review: Sudd WAX is a vinyl only label of Sudd Records Family. Gari Romalis returns with a new approach into Dub Sounds.
Detroit Metro Terminal presents his funky and soul roots into three new amazing tracks.

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coming soon TBA
Pressure EP
Cat: HOUSEWAXLTD 019. Rel: 07 Oct 19
  1. Communication
  2. Pressure
  3. Contact
  4. Yang
Played by: Lello Di Franco
coming soon $9.19
Trust (remastered)
Trust (remastered) (white vinyl double 12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: DT 1646 W. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Trust (Jay J Moulton Studio mix)
  2. Trust (Kerri Chandler dub)
  3. Trust (Pete Moss mix)
  4. Trust (Trust DNR dub)
  5. Trust (original mix Re-Mastered)
  6. Trust (Sandy Riviera remix)
  7. Trust (Sandy bonus beats)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $39.87
Trust (remastered)
Trust (remastered) (double 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DT 1646 BLACK. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Trust (Jay J Moulton Studio mix)
  2. Trust (Kerri Chandler dub)
  3. Trust (Pete Moss mix)
  4. Trust (Trust DNR dub)
  5. Trust (original mix Re-Mastered)
  6. Trust (Sandy Riviera remix)
  7. Trust (Sandy bonus beats)
Played by: Vincent Inc
coming soon $30.42
Della Natura
Cat: DISCOMATHS 006. Rel: 26 Aug 19
  1. Tucano
  2. Boreal
  3. La Fonte
coming soon $12.78
Elegant EP
Elegant EP (12")
Cat: HW 025. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Times
  2. Navsegda (feat Svetlana Seka)
  3. Elegant
  4. Isa
coming soon $8.95
Pages Remixes
Cat: DIRT 121. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Clarence J Boddicker (Lorenz Rhode remix)
  2. Friends (Art Of Tones Southern Soul remix)
  3. Fever (Dampe French retouch)
  4. Friends (Nachtbraker remix)
  5. Fever (Felix Leifur Flexi Leifs remix)
coming soon $9.71
Second Avenue EP
Cat: IDWT 007. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. All Night, All Right!
  2. Shoplifters
  3. Shifting Sounds
coming soon $10.21
NFRV 003
NFRV 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NFRV 003. Rel: 09 Sep 19
  1. Saison - "Till The Day I Die"
  2. Risk Assessment - "I Don't Understand"
  3. Saison - "The Riff"
  4. Natasha Kitty Katt - "Plenty Good"
Review: The 3rd release in No Fuss's vinyl series offers the likes of Saison, Risk Assessment, & Natasha Kitty Katt. A1 is a deep and dirty number from Saison titled "Till The Day I Die". Jackin' beats and a bumpy bassline complimented by a Juno 60 synth & sampled vocals. A2 is a deeper track from House artist Risk Assessment with sampled vocals and bluesy piano titled "I Don't Understand". B1 "The Riff" is classic Saison at its best. Their jazzy pianos, driving bass and swinging beats never disappoint the dance floor. B2 is Glitterbox resident and rising DJ Natasha Kitty Katt. Katt offers her unique disco touch of cut up samples and filtered drums to create a feel good disco house slammer.
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coming soon TBA
The 808 Yo Wagen EP
Cat: GKEBAB 011. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. The 808 Yo Wagen
  2. Two Promille
  3. On Way Ride
  4. Mari At The Wheel
coming soon $9.71
To Apeiro EP
Cat: BZR 002. Rel: 02 Sep 19
  1. Folie
  2. Par Och Annika
  3. I Dream
  4. Par Och Annika (Ex-terrestrial remix)
coming soon $10.21
Thirty Two EP
Cat: SHIFIMPR 005. Rel: 03 Sep 19
  1. Trembles
  2. Shake It
  3. The Majestic
  4. The Burner (Nathan Surreal Reshape mix)
coming soon $9.71
Open Too Close EP 1
Cat: AUS 142. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Openings
  2. Pingalatu
  3. Moorings
  4. Visions
coming soon $12.01
Open Too Close EP 2
Cat: AUS 144. Rel: 27 Sep 19
coming soon $13.28
Isolat EP
Isolat EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VGNR 005. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Isolat
  2. Trance Later
  3. Encor
  4. Kassion
coming soon TBA
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Coming Soon: Deep House