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Sismo Samba Legacy Analogue Synthesiser & Sequencer Module
Cat: 735346
Rhythmic 8 steps tap sequencer - 8HP
Notes: SAMBA Legacy is a rhythmic 8 steps tap sequencer with three CV in. Each time you tap, add more steps.

SAMBA Legacy works as a passive module, used by external clock - include an analogue drum synth with bass and percussion rhythms.

This module also can be used powerless.

There is a Sync in-out and a synth part (square and noise) which brings different rhythmic flavours multiply by a low tone sine wave.

Power on, Plug the clock, tap the buttons and let's Samba!

8HP width
28mm deep
4mA +12V
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coming soon $246.97
Rainger FX Dr Freakenstein's Chop Fuzz Pedal With Igor
coming soon $295.30
Rainger FX Drone Rainger Digital Delay Pedal
coming soon $295.30
Flame Panmix Dual Panning Recorder Module
Cat: 749823 Rel: 31 Oct 19
Dual channel stereo panner with automation
Notes: The FLAME "PANMIX" module contains two independent panning mixers with one input each on two outputs left/right and is designed for audio or CV sources in the voltage range +-5v (audio modular level). In addition, the 2 inputs can be switched separately to +6db audio (for external audio line level sources) using the slide switch on the rear panel.

The movements of the two mix controls can be recorded. The recording time per channel is more than one minute. The playback speed can be adjusted in playback. The recorded track is played back once when the Play button is pressed briefly (one shot) or in the loop when the button is pressed a little longer.

Both panning channels have a separate reset input as well as a separate CV input (+-5V ) for controlling the mix e.g. by an LFO. The track data remains permanently stored (battery buffered memory).

In addition, there are three further audio/CV signal inputs (a mono and stereo left+right), which are routed directly to the output and mixed together with the two PAN channels. This allows you to mix in other sources directly and e.g. connect two or more "PANMIX" modules together.
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coming soon $202.95
Hittin' The Ramp: The Early Years 1936-1943
Cat: HLP 9042. Rel: 01 Nov 19
coming soon $202.94
Singles Collection Vol 2
Singles Collection Vol 2 (hand-numbered coloured vinyl 9x7" box limited to 100 copies)
Cat: AR 45BOX002. Rel: 28 Oct 19
coming soon $294.22
M Audio Air 192/14 USB Audio & MIDI Interface
Cat: 750529
8-in/4-out 24/192 USB audio interface
Notes: Conquer any recording session with professional studio quality and features:

The M-Audio AIR 192|14 is an 8-in 4-out feature-packed USB audio/MIDI interface that provides all the connections and software you need to easily create professional 24-bit/192kHz studio-quality recordings. The AIR 192|14 features (4) XLR+1/4" TRS combo inputs, (2) 1/4" line inputs and (2) 1/4" instrument inputs that have a specially designed gain and impedance stage to provide the most accurate representation of your guitar or bass when plugged directly into the interface. There is also MIDI input and output connections so you can connect any external midi gear that you may have such as external sequencers, drum machines and controllers.

We've included software to match your style:

The AIR 192|14 comes complete with a software package that has everything to get you started making professional recordings right out of the box. With 2 powerful DAWs to suit your production needs, AIR 192|14 includes Pro Tools | First M-Audio Edition, and Ableton Live Lite. This amazing audio and MIDI recording software will inspire you to create, record and share your ideas across the world at any time.

We've also added an entire Effects Plugin, Virtual Instruments and Loop package to cater to all your production needs. Whether you need a guitar tone, reverb, or delay we've got your effects needs covered with Eleven Lite, 20 effect plugins and AIR's Creative FX Collection Plus. With the included AIR Virtual Instrument plugins, you'll have a virtual drummer, drum machine, synth, strings, percussion, organ and piano plugins to add world-class-sounding instruments to your songs with ease.

Hear the Performance Now - Not a Second Later:

When recording, you want to focus on capturing that perfect moment, and getting the best performance out of your artist and talent. You don't want to be bogged down by "clicks," "pops" or latency. The AIR 192|14 not only features a high-speed USB connection for providing the lowest round trip latency (2.59ms) between your machine and your hardware, but it also features monitor mix control for listening directly to the source inputs, providing you with zero-latency technology.

Connect Anything and Everything:

The AIR 192|14 features 8 inputs for simultaneously recording up to 8 channels at once to meet all your studio's recording needs. The (4) dedicated XLR/TRS Mic/Line combo inputs with Crystal Preamps and phantom power are perfect for recording a vocals, mic'ing up an acoustic guitar, vintage guitar or bass amp or the core elements of a drum kit. The (2) 1/4" dedicated Instrument inputs use specially designed to provide the cleanest signal from your guitar, bass or keyboard, while the (2) 1/4" dedicated Line inputs provide a pure uncoloured signal for connecting a tube preamp, keyboard, synth or mixer, and MIDI input and output for connecting any of your boutique synth gear.

Mix, Monitor and Provide:

At the centre of the AIR 192|14 is a large metal monitor volume knob with inlayed rubberized diamond textured comfort grip for dialling in your studio monitor's volume, and smoothly referencing your mix at both high and low levels. The monitor and headphone outputs feature a direct mono/stereo switch and direct/USB mix knob. The (2) 1/4" headphone outputs have independent volume controls, and source select switches let you create mixes to suit your and your artist's needs. In addition to the (2) 1/4" rear panel monitor outputs, the AIR 192|14 offers an additional (2) 1/4" outputs for connecting outboard gear.

Crystal Preamps, Pristine A/D Converters and Premium Components:

Our engineers designed the Crystal Preamps to provide engineers, producers and musicians with a transparent, low-noise preamp that guarantees the best sound from your microphones and captures your performance exactly the way you intended. The AIR 192|14 incorporates pristine A/D converters to provide 24-bit resolution digital audio for explosive dynamic range that captures every nuance and subtlety of your performance.

Segmented VU Meters for Dialling in Your Best Signal:

When capturing a performance, you want to get the best levels possible. With the AIR 192|14's segmented input VU LEDs (-20db through 0dB), you can dial in the perfect gain setting every time, so there's no more guessing how close or far away you are from optimizing your signal.

What's In The Box:

- AIR 192|14
- USB-C-to-USB-C Cable
- USB-C-to-USB-A Cable
- (2) 1/8" (3.5 mm) to MIDI Adapters
- Software Download Cards
- User Guide
- Safety and Warranty Manual
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coming soon $289.92
The Complete Art Pepper At Ronnie Scott's June 1980
Cat: PPAN 012. Rel: 28 Oct 19
  1. Blues For Blanch
  2. Ophelia
  3. Make A List, Make A Wish
  4. Sad A Little Bit
  5. Ornithology
  6. Red Car
  7. Arthur's Blues
  8. Untitled #34
  9. Song For Richard
  10. Rhythm-a-ning
  11. Rita-San
  12. What's New
  13. I'll Remember April
  14. True Blues
  15. Ophelia
  16. Make A List, Make A Wish
  17. Stardust
  18. Red Car
  19. Straight Life
  20. YI Blues
  21. The Trip
  22. I'll Remember April
  23. Goodbye
  24. In A Mellow Tone
  25. Blues For The Fisherman
coming soon $202.94
Presonus Eris E4.5 BT Active Media Reference Monitor Speakers With Bluetooth (pair)
MRP:$264.16 SAVE 17%
coming soon $220.14
Mackie Pro FX10 v3 Mixer With Built In Effects, USB Recording Interface & Software Bundle
Cat: 748126
10-channel professional effects mixer with USB
Notes: The Mackie ProFX10 v3 10-Channel Professional Effects Mixer with USB is the ultimate affordable solution for live sound, home recording, and content creators. Now with our renowned Onyx mic preamps that offer 60db of headroom, everything from gain hungry mics to guitars will sound better than ever, and you can keep it all in check with simple single-knob compression. The new GigFX effects engine offers 24 built-in FX for even more options for adding the finishing touch. Record your tracks in 24-Bit/192kHz quality with 2x4 USB I/O plus zero-latency hardware monitoring for easy overdubs. Both ProTools First and Waveform OEM recording software/plugin packages are included.
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coming soon $228.73
WMD Voltera Voltage Expander For Metron Module
Cat: 742232
4HP voltage expander module for the METRON trigger & gate sequencer
Notes: Voltera is a voltage expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 4 bipolar voltage tracks in 4hp. Up to 16 Volteras can be added to a single METRON giving you up to 64 CV Sequencing lanes for your Eurorack modular system!

With independent voltage ranges and quantize settings per track, Voltera allows for real time control over 4 different parameters at once, allowing you to dial that track to the parameter you are sequencing.

Sequence melodies, modulate parameters, and more with ease by adding Voltera to your METRON set up.
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coming soon $209.40
IK Multimedia iRig Video Creator HD Bundle (includes iRig Mic HD 2, iKlip Grip Pro & 10 inch LED ring light)
coming soon $228.72
Befaco i4 Instrument Interface Preamp Module (assembled)
MRP:$282.20 SAVE 17%
coming soon $235.17
AIAIAI TMA2 Reflective Limited Edition Preset Modular Headphones
coming soon $214.76
Mooer GE150 Amp Modelling & Multi Effects Pedal
Cat: 748617
Multi-effects processor featuring 55 high quality amp models
Notes: The MOOER GE150 is the newest entry in the GE line of multi-effects pedals from MOOER. The GE150 comes packed with 55 high-quality amp models and 151 different effects, a straight forward and intuitive UI, topped off with a fully-functioning expression pedal. With OTG capabilities, users can record directly into a compatible device from anywhere!

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coming soon $204.02
The Singles Collection
The Singles Collection (23x7" box set)
Cat: 472617 1. Rel: 22 Nov 19
coming soon $206.17
L'integrale (Deluxe)
L'integrale (Deluxe) (limited numbered 180 gram vinyl 13xLP + DVD + slipmat + poster)
Cat: BEC 5650119.
  1. Rita Mitsouko
  2. The No Comprendo
  3. Marc & Robert
  4. Re
  5. Systeme D
  6. Acoustiques
  7. Cool Frenesie
  8. La Femme Trombone
  9. En Concert Avec L'Orchestre Lamoureux
  10. Variety
coming soon $292.07
1999 (LP box + DVD)
Cat: 060349 7850051. Rel: 29 Nov 19
coming soon $227.64
The Columbia Album Collection
Cat: 190759 23242. Rel: 15 Nov 19
coming soon $297.44


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