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Back Catalogue: Coldwave/Synth

ホーム  Back Catalogue  

Coldwave / Synth

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Outro Tempo II EP: Electronic & Contemporary Music From Brazil 1984-1996
  1. Bruhaha Babelico - "Bruhaha II" (10:10)
  2. Individual Industry - "Eyes" (3:54)
Review: Music From Memory's first retrospective of obscure Brazilian electronic music, "Outro Tempo", was arguably one of the strongest compilations of 2017. There's a second volume on the way, with curator John Gomez this time focusing on music made between 1984 and '96. First, though, we get this taster EP featuring two previously cassette-only cuts. On the A-side you'll find Bruhaha Babelico's "Bruhaha II", a ghostly and mind-altering chunk of delay-laden new wave/industrial funk fusion full of fuzzy bass, echoing female vocals, dubbed-out electronics and psychedelic yelps. Turn to the flip and you're greeted by Individual Industry's off-kilter, outer-space synth-pop jam "Eyes". Like its predecessor, it's an unusual, intoxicating treat.
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 in stock $15.51
Aborting Your Dreams
  1. Peaceful Panic (6:21)
  2. Sleep Without Rest (4:35)
  3. Everything Is Done (feat Lasznikoff) (6:13)
Review: The latest instalment in Pinkman's white label Broken Dreams series is a collaborative affair with imprint affiliate Identified Patient joining forces with vocalist Sophie Du Palais, who has previously contributed to one of the producer's other EPs. Du Palais is in full on mascara-clad minimal wave mode on trippy opener "Peaceful Panic", a throbbing fusion of raw synthesizer riffs, mind-altering arpeggio lines and crunchy drum machine hits. Her stylish spoken word vocals come to the fore on dark and psychedelic electro number "Sleep Without Rest", before Lasznikoff joins in the fun on closer "Everything is Done", a fuzzy and up-tempo workout rich in macabre, low-register riffs, incessant percussion hits and trippy, late night aural textures.
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 in stock $11.42
Night After Night (Record Store Day 2020)
Night After Night (Record Store Day 2020) (limited red vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: SV 045. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Night After Night (3:23)
  2. Sense Of Male (4:17)
  3. Infraton (3:17)
  4. Motiv (5:52)
  5. Cherish (2:51)
Review: If this is your first run in with New York's Ike Yard then Factory Records might be a good place to start - these guys were the first US act to sign with the iconic but doomed Manchester label back in the day, and that says a lot about what to expect from their output. This was their first EP, released in 1981, making their proto-post punk and no wave trappings all the more groundbreaking.

The five tracks still stand up today, and certainly compare with some of the era and canon's definitive names. It would be unfair to say you can hear A Certain Ratio, Joy Division or Section 25 here, though, as Ike Yard were doing this at roughly same time to those UK counterparts, so it's less about mimicry and more a sign of just how necessary noises like this were back then.
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 in stock $17.68
Dust Under Brightness
Dust Under Brightness (white vinyl 12" in hand-stamped numbered sleeve)
Cat: MW 03612. Rel: 21 May 12
  1. Dust Under Brightness
  2. Highway Dark Veins
 in stock $17.95
Je Ai Dissous
Je Ai Dissous (limited heavyweight coloured vinyl 12" gloss printed sleeve)
Cat: MW 063. Rel: 15 Nov 16
  1. Je Ai Dissous (6:34)
  2. Je Ai Dissous (Page R version) (7:37)
  3. Tendencia (About Blank version) (5:40)
  4. Tendencia (v6) (6:13)
Review: Fresh from releasing the superb Pink Flamingos album on Dement3d, In Aternam Vale returns to Minimal Wave. This time round, he's not alone. Each of the tracks features the breathy, stylish vocals of Madrid-based Belarusian, Anneq. Her sleazy, whispered refrain is the headline attraction on the throbbing, industrial pop-meets-techno hustle of "Je Ai Dissous", while she also chats seductively over the undulating arpeggio lines, restless drums and dystopian atmospheres of "Tendencia (About Blank Version"). The ambient-leaning "V6" take of that cut is also hugely inspiring, while the Page R version of "Je Ai Dissous" is a dark, atmospheric and intoxicating celebration of legendary '80s "computer musical instrument", the Fairlight CMI.
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 in stock $16.31
The Living Daylights (Timothy J Fairplay mix)
Cat: ERC 076. Rel: 23 Mar 20
  1. The Living Daylights (original Uncut mix) (9:09)
  2. The Living Daylights (live In Studio) (3:46)
  3. The Living Daylights (Timothy J Fairplay Redub) (8:52)
  4. The Living Daylights (TJF bonus) (4:25)
Review: Leicestershire band In Embrace had a brief but productive run through the 80s that yielded a grip of albums and EPs, but Emotional Rescue have decided to focus on one track on particular. "The Living Daylights" originally came out in 1983, and here we get treated to two alternative mixes from a band who didn't take the transition from live band to studio project lightly. This is angular new wave with dubby undertones at its best. Timothy J Fairplay also steps up on the B side to deliver two choice remixes that vary the intensity from brooding disco dub to lysergic tripper without altering the groove.
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 in stock $10.88
Commerce (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 213. Rel: 25 Jun 18
  1. Alles (4:32)
  2. Language (4:45)
  3. Schwarz (4:00)
  4. Commerce (4:59)
Review: San Francisco trio INHALT burst onto the scene back at the turn of the decade, going on to release a trio of well-regarded EPs on [Emotional] Especial and Dark Entries. Here they return to the latter label with their first 12" for almost four years. As usual, their music is stylish, dark and clandestine, with wild-eyed German vocals riding brooding, John Carpenter-influenced arpeggio lines, creepy chords and bustling drum machine grooves. Our pick of the bunch is probably the up-tempo, triple time hustle of "Commerce", though the more polished and atmospheric opener "Alles" and EBM-minded bubbler "Schwarz" are also mighty fine.
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Played by: Snuffo
 in stock $12.25
Mutual Dreaming
Mutual Dreaming (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: CITI 005. Rel: 21 Apr 12
  1. Mutual Dreaming
  2. Relax
  3. Is This Your Love?
  4. Autumn
  5. Gravitate To Me
  6. In Your Gaze
  7. Moon In My Room
  8. Wating
Review: Mutual Dreaming, the second album from Innergaze, casts its members Aurora Halal and Jason Letkiewicz as stateside contemporary versions of our own Chris & Cosey. The ideas shown in Innergaze's recording career to date seem more fully formed across the eight tracks on this album courtesy of Minimal Wave offshoot Cititrax. Mutual Dreaming is undeniably more coherent than the sugary hypno-disco of the duo's 100% Silk drop last year. It's possible to say Halal and Letkiewicz have gleaned more than titular influence from the Mutual Dreaming club night they run in Brooklyn, the various guests that have joined them freeing up their minds musically and allowing them to explore ideas new. There's a saturation of sound throughout that is as vivid as Halal's video work and from the opening, almost brutal synth and drum machine manipulation of the title track you can hear fully the fingers of Letkiewicz.
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 in stock $21.49
The Future
The Future (numbered 1-sided 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: KOO 001. Rel: 17 Jul 19
  1. The Future (10:16)
 in stock $18.49
Ikin Vijne
Ikin Vijne (2xLP)
Cat: OR 48SE. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. The City (5:02)
  2. Who You Used To Be (4:55)
  3. Always Near (4:36)
  4. Thoughts
  5. Sin
  6. Fragile
  7. Ikin Vijne
  8. Real
  9. Scattered
  10. Words Unsaid
Review: Spanish darkwave enthusiasts Oraculo first appeared on our radar earlier in the year upon the release of the fabulous Larm Und Stahl EP - which featured great music by Melania, Crystal Geometry and Synths Versus Me. The Cataluna based label had been broadcasting their dark transmissions for a long time before this though, having released music by established names on the scene such as Boy Harsher, Kareem, Violet Poison and The Hacker. They now present I Tpame I Tvrame: the duo of Franc Kurti and Dina Hajrullahu, based in Tirana, Albania. Existing in the interzone of goth, EBM and electro, the duo's brooding noir antics are at once bold as they are sensual across this collection of a dozen or so tracks. Dina Hajrullahu's deadpan vocals are complemented by Franc Kurti's giallo synths, wailing guitars and metallic drum computer patterns.
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Played by: Elenacolombi
 in stock $53.31
Echo Echo
Echo Echo (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ORP 005V. Rel: 13 Mar 20
  1. I Come With Knives (acoustic) (7:36)
  2. Kiss & Swallow (acoustic) (6:17)
  3. Mercy (acoustic) (6:52)
  4. I Salute You Christopher (acoustic) (7:19)
  5. The Background Noise (acoustic) (3:39)
  6. You Can Be Happy (acoustic) (3:25)
  7. Bernadette (acoustic) (5:31)
  8. Spit It Out (acoustic) (6:24)
  9. Insomnia (acoustic) (6:02)
  10. The Power & The Glory (acoustic) (8:35)
  11. Surrender (acoustic) (4:10)
Review: Alt-rock, electro and new wave fusionist IAMX - real name Chris Corner) - has spent the last 16 years building his reputation via stylish, synthesizer-laden works. It's something of a surprise then to find that "Echo Echo", his latest album, dispatches with electronics almost entirely. Instead, it sees him serve up radically reworked, re-recorded acoustic versions of tracks from his bulging catalogue built around softly-spun folk guitars, simmering strings and sparse orchestration. For those used to his very particular leftfield electro-pop sound, it takes a little getting used to, but it's well worth persevering: in some instances, his songs sound even better (and certainly more fragile and emotive) when they're delivered in this most traditional manner.
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 in stock $19.30
Umf (4x7" + insert in hand-stamped box)
Cat: LAMOUR 078VIN. Rel: 24 Sep 20
  1. Umf (3:10)
  2. Bloiko (4:11)
  3. Olobo (4:09)
  4. Huju (3:33)
  5. Higo (4:20)
  6. Blung (3:54)
  7. Wulla (3:38)
  8. Gorem (3:53)
 in stock $32.37
Oasis (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: TIME 001. Rel: 03 Apr 19
  1. Sinfonia Al Sole Che Nasce (3:10)
  2. ...Miss Springtime (...Mia) (4:50)
  3. Non Una Corda Al Cuore (6:22)
  4. Lady Moon (3:15)
  5. La Ragazza Che Amava Il Mare E Il Vento (1:57)
  6. Disco Divina (4:06)
  7. Oasis (4:09)
  8. Immenso Mare, Immenso Amore (6:12)
  9. Zenith (3:05)
  10. Finale (0:42)
 in stock $26.93
Attended By Silence
Attended By Silence (hand-numbered heavyweight LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: HERTZ 054. Rel: 25 Nov 19
  1. A World Is Ended (3:51)
  2. Abandon The Station (3:08)
  3. Wave Of My Hand (4:45)
  4. Forgotten Dead (3:52)
  5. Living Alone (4:23)
  6. I See (3:58)
  7. Calling To Black Skies (3:43)
  8. Port Of Entry (5:27)
  9. Another Day (6:32)
 in stock $23.93
DUB (Dust Under Brightness)
DUB (Dust Under Brightness) (hand-numbered LP)
Cat: MW 036. Rel: 21 May 12
  1. Dust Under Brightness (2)
  2. Dance Binaire
  3. Twist Again
  4. Mat
  5. Metal
  6. Annie
  7. Al W
  8. Strawberry Flower
Review: Minimal Wave return to their self-professed "First French love" In Aeternam Vale with a second LP-shaped trawl through the band's sizeable archive of cassette only releases. The Brooklyn imprint first introduced us to the work of the hugely prolific Lyon band with an eponymous LP of remastered material in 2009, and Dub Under Brightness proves to be just as important a release. The label points to an article on the band originally published by the Douche Froide magazine in 2002, where the journalist nails their appeal in the opening gambit - "There are bands that have been acting ruthlessly in the shadow for years, in a completely confidential manner, then one day chance (but does chance exist?) makes you find one of their recordings, listen to it, and at that moment you could kick yourself for not having discovered these soundscapes earlier and you try to find all of them". If you haven't indulged in the sounds of In Aeternam Vale yet, this eight track selection makes for a perfect introductory primer.
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 in stock $23.12
8.15 (limited hand-numbered LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: GHMN 030N08. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. The Smile (5:54)
  2. The Tyger (3:57)
  3. True Love Doth Pass Away (4:05)
  4. A Little Girl Lost (4:39)
  5. Mad Song (4:29)
  6. The Chimney Sweeper (4:44)
  7. Holy Thursday (3:10)
  8. The Angel (3:56)
  9. London (3:04)
  10. The Sick Rose (3:36)
  11. 8.15 (5:01)
 in stock $20.41
8.15 (grey vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: GHMN 030N08C. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. The Smile (5:53)
  2. The Tyger (3:58)
  3. True Love Doth Pass Away (4:04)
  4. A Little Girl Lost (4:39)
  5. Mad Song (4:29)
  6. The Chimney Sweeper (4:44)
  7. Holy Thursday (3:10)
  8. The Angel (3:56)
  9. London (3:04)
  10. The Sick Rose (3:35)
  11. 8.15 (4:59)
 in stock $22.30
Singles Collection 2001-2021
Singles Collection 2001-2021 (quadfold 5xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 194397 337914. Rel: 04 Sep 20
  1. J'ai Demande A La Lune (3:32)
  2. Mao Boy (4:23)
  3. Le Grand Secret (4:16)
  4. Marilyn (4:15)
  5. Popstitute (3:52)
  6. Electrastar (5:51)
  7. Un Singe En Hiver (4:36)
  8. Alice & June (3:34)
  9. Ladyboy (3:36)
  10. Adora (3:43)
  11. Pink Water (4:10)
  12. Crash Me (4:24)
  13. Little Dolls (4:39)
  14. Play Boy (2:56)
  15. Le Lac (3:29)
  16. Un Ange A Ma Table (4:16)
  17. Le Dernier Jour (4:05)
  18. Memoria (5:40)
  19. College Boy (4:52)
  20. Black City Parade (5:37)
  21. Belfast (4:37)
  22. Traffic Girl (4:34)
  23. La Vie Est Belle (5:24)
  24. Un Ete Francais (5:29)
  25. Station 13 (6:23)
  26. Song For A Dream (5:37)
  27. Karma Girls (6:32)
  28. Nos Celebrations (5:09)
  29. Black Sky (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (5:05)
  30. Ladyboy (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (3:24)
  31. Un Ange A Ma Table (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (4:36)
  32. Memoria (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (3:22)
  33. Wuppertal (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (4:26)
  34. Un Ete Francais (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (4:41)
  35. La Vie Est Belle (Les Petits Pianos Sans Voix) (5:16)
  36. College Boy (Les Pianos Voix) (5:26)
  37. Le Grand Secret (Les Pianos Voix) (4:54)
 in stock $52.21
Dance To A Dangerous Beat
Cat: LPINFORDANC. Rel: 26 Feb 13
  1. What A Wrold
  2. Hungry Pets
  3. Satellite To Russia
  4. Imaginatin Is Wild
  5. Stop It, Don't Dance
  6. This Product Is Frozen
  7. Concorde Affair
  8. Proximity Switch
  9. New Values
  10. Underlife
  11. Great X1
  12. Factory Nightlife 03
 in stock $18.49
IMA (reissue)
IMA (reissue) (LP + photograph)
Cat: DE 198. Rel: 02 Feb 18
  1. Blurb (4:18)
  2. Points In Space (4:47)
  3. Just Testing (2:43)
  4. Blinxong (3:50)
  5. Beat Street (4:57)
  6. Battery Life (3:07)
  7. Rapid Ear Movements (2:52)
  8. The Look (4:03)
$17.40 SAVE 33%
 in stock $11.66
Transmit (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: HELICAL 001. Rel: 19 Jan 17
  1. Location 001 (1:37)
  2. Breaking Up (6:45)
  3. Waver (4:29)
  4. Arc (5:46)
  5. Wane (5:19)
  6. Stored (4:25)
  7. Another Time (4:23)
$18.23 SAVE 60%
 in stock $7.29
Remember The Future
Cat: TWIMC 7ILLP. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Open Sea (4:22)
  2. Wipe It Off (3:37)
  3. Some Body (4:19)
  4. Matters (6:36)
  5. Islander (4:14)
  6. Rememeber The Future (5:10)
  7. Crystal (with Jennie Abrahamson) (5:51)
  8. Race Against (2:42)
  9. Silence My Drum (3:44)
  10. Mysteries Of Love (4:34)
  11. I Keep (4:14)
Review: Ionnalee's 2018 debut album "Everyone Afraid To Be Forgotten" was superb, so hopes are high for the artist's similarly minded sequel. "Remember The Future" is a little bolder, shinier and more upbeat than its predecessor, though stylistically it still sounds like a 21st century update of Kate Bush's distinctive early '80s sound circa "The Dreaming" and "Hounds of Love". It's a dreamy, ethereal and otherworldly take on electronic pop that's always alluring and often memorable. The album's plentiful highlights include "Some Body", the superb Zola Jesus collaboration "Matters" - a deep, bubbly and intoxicating affair - and "Mysteries Of Love", an echoing, Royksopp-produced cover of a song from David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti's "Blue Velvet" movie soundtrack.
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 in stock $47.86
Double Bugger
Double Bugger (LP + insert)
Cat: LOW 6. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. New Kid (4:23)
  2. Fooled By The Sun (2:42)
  3. An Adorable Graveyard (3:01)
  4. The Wanker From Mataranka (1:44)
  5. Nothin Tougher Than Hard Yakka (2:18)
  6. Sometimes (4:08)
  7. Bong On (2:43)
  8. I Got A Is A (3:59)
  9. Have You Seen John? (3:21)
  10. Fooled By The Song (2:13)
  11. Choo Choo (1:02)
  12. Shut Up & Learn (2:57)
 in stock $15.22
A Slight Delay (remastered)
Cat: DE 083. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. Negreo In NY (4:01)
  2. Cool (2:37)
  3. Schmerz (1:17)
  4. Love You Generator (4:20)
  5. Tonite (5:10)
  6. Inta Plan A (17:50)
  7. Glad To Be Home (2:58)
  8. Thinktank (2:08)
  9. Beach (3:23)
  10. Excerpt From "Toys" (8:30)
  11. America Can Wait (3:11)
  12. Picassos On The Wall (3:26)
  13. Chapel (3:15)
  14. Opera Of Worms (3:49)
  15. Goin Thru Life (2:57)
Review: Biff! Dark Entries is on one of their famous rolls right now! We thought that after Portion Control's much needed reissue, the label were going to run out of steam but here they are again Van Kaye and Ignit's A Slight Delay, a tape cassette originally released in the early 1980's which has been hidden in the coils of time ever since. The Arnhem university duo were fascinated by percussive electronic rhythms and their collaboration works wonders, where lo-fi beats meet punky vocals in a fun yet sinister kinda mood. To be honest, this is just pure coldwave magic for all you collector-fiends out there and you'd be silly not to purchase because the only other way you'll find it is looking through millions of cassettes in weird junk shops.
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 in stock $22.83
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Back Catalogue: Coldwave/Synth
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