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CD Album Recommendations November 2010

Juno Recommends CD Albums

Juno Recommends CD Albums

CD Album Recommendations November 2010
2 Nov 2010
Cat: ESP 003CD. Rel: 25 Oct 10
  1. From Other Space
  2. Gomez Land
  3. Mescat
  4. DFG (feat Dr Nishimura)
  5. Chaosexotica
  6. Forever
  7. Heavenly Trax
  8. Indigo Blue
  9. Marcos
  10. I-Bizan (Build The Progressive Band)
  11. Natural Lifespan (Acid Orchestra mix)
Review: Anyone lucky enough to have indulged in one of the COS MES 12 inches released this year will have been rewarded with a richly sonic experience that sits far beyond the realms of throwaway dance music. The Japanese DJ and production duo of Flatic and 5ive seem to excel in producing riveting electronic music that sits between disco, house and outright psychedelia and approach each song with the intention of inviting your senses on a twisting journey. In single format, this has a syrupy spellbinding effect; when utilised over the course of an album, the effect is ten fold. Gozmez Land Chaosexotica is certainly one of this year's most edifying listening experiences, an exotic journey through a surfeit of electronic genres across the span of eleven tracks. Frank Zappa was famously - and wrongly - attributed to the pearl of wisdom that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture", but this album certainly reminds us that nothing can replicate the potency that the listening experience provides.
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Cat: HOMAS 09CD. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Erro - "Don't Change" (main mix)
  2. Osunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor - "Pride" (main mix)
  3. Osunlade - "Cantos A Ochun Et Oya"
  4. Osunlade - "Same Thing" (feat Maiya James - vocal mix)
  5. Osunlade - "Momma's Groove" (original)
  6. Osunlade - "Break It Down"
  7. KB - "El Musica"
  8. Osunlade - "Natives Tongue"
  9. Atelewo - "New Day" (vocal)
  10. Osunlade - "My Reflection" (original)
  11. Ben Westbeech - "So Good Today" (Yoruba Soul remix)
  12. Vivian Green - "Emotional Rollercoaster"
  13. KB - "Feelin U" (Yoruba Soul mix)
  14. Soul Central - "Time After Time" (feat Abigail Bailey - Yoruba Soul mix)
  15. Ian Friday - "Found Myself" (feat Chris Rob - Yoruba Soul remix)
  16. Reel People - "In The Sun" (feat Angela Johnson)
  17. Jazztronik - "Dentro Mi Alma" (Yoruba Soul remix)
  18. Tortured Soul - "Might Do Something Wrong" (Yoruba main mix)
  19. Bah Samba - "Tired Little One" (Yoruba Soul vocal)
  20. Teresa Jenee' - "Remember" (Yoruba Soul mix)
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Cat: WG 007. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Lee Jones - "In The Water"
  2. Flowers & Sea Creatures - "International" (Lee Jones Watergate remix)
  3. Andri - "White Sunday"
  4. Mymy - "Mymorial"
  5. Matthias Meyer & Lee Jones - "Basic Chord Tool"
  6. Ray Okpara - "Short Stick Can"
  7. The Cheapers - "Being Eaten" (Watergate edtt)
  8. Lee Jones & Daniel Dreier - "Lullaby"
  9. Brandt Bruer Frick - "Melansholie II" (Lee Jones Watergate remix)
  10. Alex James vs Alif Tree - "The Blind Busker" (feat Los Updates)
  11. Patrice Baumel & Lee Joens - "Voice Scatter"
  12. Lee Jones - "Yoyo" (Watergate version)
  13. Mark Henning - "Gibson Said"
  14. Acid Pauli - "December"
  15. Gregorythm & Greenback - "Lion Dreams"
  16. Lee Jones - "Kreuzberg 61"
Review: Who do you pick to mix the next instalment in your series when the last from dOP was one of 2010s finest compilations of so far? You play it safe by calling in tried and tested, Essex born Berlin based club resident, Lee Jones. There's a slickness and clarity to this mix which perfectly suits the future disco that is Watergate, but with injections of real musicality all throughout things never become as perfect and digitalised as to blend pleasantly into the background. At first it may seem noodly, but the fluid lines and subtle progressions here are what keep you coming back for more. That and gentle freak-outs like "Voice Scatter", tear jerking piano moments like "Melancholie II (Lee Jones Watergate Remix)", multi-layered organic rollers like "YoYo" or the loose, suspended tension of minimal patters like "December". Thread together as sensitively as they are, these records make for a mix which wears its heart on its sleeve: it's beguiling but delicate and commanding yet tender.
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Cat: PLVCD 002. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. High Tide
  2. A Tall Tale
  3. Let It Be (feat Steo)
  4. Three's A Crowd (feat D Bridge)
  5. Rubber Bullets
  6. Audio Assault (feat Krust)
  7. Moment Of Truth
  8. Unforgettable (feat Jenna G)
  9. Blind Eye (feat DRS)
  10. Pigeon Hole
  11. Days Of Rage
  12. Stand Alone
Review: The long awaited album from A.I, 'Stand Alone' is a thirteen-track excursion into one of V Recordings' finest acts. From the shuffling percussive breaks of entree 'High Tide', through the dreamy ethereal vocal work from D Bridge in stand out single 'Three's A Crowd' to the scintillating summertime sunshine in 'Vertical Drop' (feat. Marky). Notable tracks include the collab with Full Cycle legend, Krust in the ear-battering 'Audio Assault', Jenna G's superb vocal contributions to 'Unforgettable' and 'Blind Eye' (feat. DRS), first seen on Friction's Assassin mix of '09. Tuning into a vintage analogue sound, 'Stand Alone' is nothing short of a painstakingly crafted masterpiece. Outstanding.
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Cat: EXITCD 006. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Ritual Dance
  2. Dubwiser
  3. Red Energy
  4. The Ital Lion (feat Loxy)
  5. Sun Time
  6. Champion Dubkiller
  7. Version
  8. Above Politics
  9. Justice Over Law
  10. Stoned Zone
  11. Dub Drive
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Cat: METHCD 013. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog remix)
  2. How You Gonna Feel (feat Steve Spacek - Pangaea remix)
  3. Change (A Made Up Sound remix)
  4. Belleview (dBridge Belle Reviewed remix)
  5. Be True (Burial remix)
  6. Strictly (Kassem Mosse Needs To Feel edit)
  7. Spectacle (Two Armadillos 'Rhythm Of Life' remix)
  8. Emily's Smile (Sigha 'She's Still Smiling' remix)
  9. Satellite Type 2 (Marcel Dettmann remix 1)
  10. Satellite Song (Underground Resistance remix)
Review: Oxford Dictionary have just confirmed that the new definition of heavyweight is simply a photo of this ridiculously impressive Commix remix album. Both Metalheadz and the Cambridge duo deserve a golf clap for selecting the cream of the techno and dubstep crop to rework tracks from their seminal album Call To Mind. Burial's remix finally sees release after two years of lurking in the Metalheadz archives, but the droning atmospherics of his rework is more than matched here. Kassem Mosse drops a heavy techno throb atop the oscilatting rhythmic stutter of "Strictly" whilst Steve Spacek's voice is married to abrasive half step syncopation that punches through the mid frequency bass of Pangaea's remix of "How You Gonna Feel". Dave Huisman delivers another superlative turn as A Made Up Sound transforming "Change" into a mind bending industrial techno/dubstep cross pollination. Underground Resistance equal this in the impressive stakes with a remix of "Satellite Song" that ripples with futuristic menace. Essential!
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Cat: PERSEOCD 002. Rel: 11 Oct 10
  1. The Dead Of The Night
  2. Pitched Down Pugh (Gotenburg Boat mix)
  3. The Downside Of Gentrification
  4. Found You In The Dollar Bin
  5. Synthesised Throbbing Balearic Italo Track With Guitar Solo
  6. School's Out Forever
  7. Her Magic Spell
  8. Pulasky Skyway To Zanzibars
  9. Super Sensitive
  10. Disconet Dilemma
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Cat: FRCD 27. Rel: 11 Oct 10
Deep House
  1. Distant Memories
  2. Precious (feat Marvin Belton)
  3. Out Of Sight
  4. Found Another Place
  5. The More You Give
  6. Deep Field
  7. As One
  8. Tees Theme
  9. Waiting For You
  10. Serenity
  11. Everlasting
  12. Harmony's Song
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Cat: FABRIC 107. Rel: 11 Oct 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Ryan Crosson - "Metro Bunker"
  2. Four Tet - "Love Cry"
  3. Appleblim & Ramadanman - "Void 23"
  4. Kenny Larkin - "Glob" (Claude Vonstroke mix)
  5. Swayzak - "Ping Pong"
  6. Canson - "Sleeping" (demo version)
  7. The Martinez Brothers - "Broke In The BX"
  8. Roska - "The Sheppard"
  9. Soul Clap - "Break 4 Life"
  10. The Mole - "Nervous Disid"
  11. Cajmere - "Freaks & Stars"
  12. Art Department - "Vampire Nightclub" (feat Seth Troxler)
  13. Deetron - "Sing"
  14. Guti & Dudshape - "Every Cow Has A Bird"
  15. Soul Keita & Nicolas Jaar - "Para(SOL)"
  16. Damian Lazarus - "Diamond In The Dark" (Dop remix)
  17. Lee Jones - "Yoyo"
  18. Agaric - "Run" (Ostern Jam)
  19. Su Kramer - "Magic Dance"
  20. Bill Holt - "Program Ten" (part five)
  21. Bill Holt - "Program Ten" (part six)
Review: Crosstown Rebels have enjoyed something of a renaissance in the affections of clubbers this year thanks to a release schedule that has seen old hands like Larry Garnier and Freaks drop new material alongside the new school of house music in Soul Clap, Glimpse and Art Department (though the latter's two members are by no means new to the game). It's a pretty smart move by Fabric then to enlist label boss Damien Lazarus to select the 54th Fabric mix. Your senses lock in from the moment Four Tet's "Love Cry" rises out of the ethereal mist of "Metro Bunker" from Ryan Crosson and stay tuned in till the end. Momentum is slowly built up towards the moment Roska's delightful track "The Sheppard" arrives eight tracks in and Lazarus ups the ante for some heavy raw sounds from Soul Clap Cajmere, Seth Troxler's vampish turn with Art Department and Deetron. This mid point in the mix is a definite highlight, but Lazarus keeps a surprise up his sleeve when nineteen tracks in, the mix drops down a notch into the excellent "Was Dog A Donut" stutter of Su Kramer's "Magic Dance" before ending on the ambient droning weirdness of Bill Holt.
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Cat: 88697 786402. Rel: 11 Oct 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Flying Tokyo
  2. Fire (feat Ms Dynamite)
  3. I Need Air (feat Angla Hunte)
  4. The Bug
  5. Ping Pong
  6. Perfect Stranger (feat Katy B)
  7. Crossover (feat Katy B)
  8. Mad
  9. Boiling Water (feat Sam Frank)
  10. K Dance
  11. Box Of Ghosts
  12. Karma Crazy
  13. Getting Nowhere (feat John Legend)
  14. Certified Banger
  15. Corner Of A Dark Room
  16. I Need Air (feat Angela Hunte - digital Soundboy mix)
  17. I Need Air (feat Angela Hunte - Redlight remix)
  18. Perfect Stranger (feat Katy B - Benga remix)
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Cat: NHS 176CD. Rel: 11 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Ill Behaviour (feat I Kay)
  2. Judgement Day (feat Cyantific & I Kay)
  3. Tonight (feat Netsky)
  4. Rave TV (part 1)
  5. Hot Fuzz (feat Tomahawk)
  6. We Can Have It All
  7. Failsafe (feat London Elektricity)
  8. Sweet Harmony (feat Liquid)
  9. Rave TV (part 2)
  10. Planet Earth
  11. Quantum Leap (feat Terri Pace)
  12. Wait For Me (feat Zarif)
  13. Amen Alley
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Cat: BED 12CD. Rel: 11 Oct 10
Progressive House
  1. Sistema - "Krace Gelly"
  2. Maetrik - "Glob Monster"
  3. Wiretappeur - "Too Much Space"
  4. Vincenzo & Lovebirds - "Epic"
  5. Quivver - "Orgazoid" (mix 1)
  6. Misstress Barbara - "Azzuri" (Luis Junior remix)
  7. King Unique & Anthony Pappa - "Vamoosh"
  8. Max Cooper - "Ediolic Spectra"
  9. Christian Smith - "System Of Survival"
  10. Tone Depth - "Rumblefish" (Diyo remix)
  11. Nick Warren - "In Search Of Silver" (Ambient mix)
  12. Wiretappeur - "Too Much Space" (reprise)
  13. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Satellite" (Maetrik funky remix)
  14. Quivver - "Orgazoid" (mix 2)
  15. John Digweed & Nick Muir - "Bilder"
  16. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Involve"
  17. Christian Smith - "System Of Survival" (dub)
  18. Wehbba - "Mammut"
  19. King Unique - "Spikes"
  20. Robert Babicz - "Welcome To The 90's"
  21. Nick Muir - "Burkina Faso"
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Cat: R2CD 016. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Deep House
  1. Atheus - "Deploy" (original mix)
  2. Andy Catana - "Ironia"
  3. Pascal Feos - "Under The Golden Beat"
  4. Round Three - "Acting Crazy" (feat Paul St Hilaire)
  5. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Frontin"
  6. Peace Division - "Blacklight Sleaze" (Radio Slave dub)
  7. Christopher Rau - "Childhood"
  8. Simon Hinter - "Snowblind"
  9. Ron Trent - "Morning Factory"
  10. Nico Grubert - "Vancouver"
  11. Mualiem - "I Came To Jack"
  12. Mike Dehnert - "Umlaut2"
  13. Itamar Sagi - "Black Gold"
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  1. Nitin Sawhney - "Tides"
  2. Cinematic Orchestra - "All Things To All Men" (feat Roots Manuva)
  3. Quasimoto - "Come On Feet"
  4. Q-Tip - "Let's Ride"
  5. Erykah Badu - "Green Eyes"
  6. Jill Scott - "He Loves Me" (Lyzel In E Flat)
  7. Herbert - "The Audience"
  8. Jay Dee - "Rico Suave Bossa Nova"
  9. Dwele - "Too Fly"
  10. Amy Winehouse - "Take The Box"
  11. Gotan Project - "Triptico"
  12. Dizzy Rascal - "I Luv U"
  13. MIA - "Galang"
  14. Vikter Duplaix - "Manhood"
  15. Sa-Ra - "Rosebuds"
  16. Steve Spacek - "Dollar"
  17. Outlines - "Just A Lil' Lovin"
  18. Recloose - "Dust"
  19. Amerie - "1 Thing"
  20. Suen Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 - "Many Things"
  21. RSL - "Wesley Music"
  22. Sebastien Tellier - "La Ritournelle"
  23. Little Dragon - "Twice"
  24. Jose James - "Dreamer"
  25. Theo Parrish - "Goin' Downstairs" (part 1)
  26. Benga - "Emotions"
  27. Darkstar - "Aidy's Girl Is A Computer"
Review: For anyone not particularly au fait with how important Gilles Peterson's long running Worldwide show has been to breaking new music, this exhaustive double CD retrospective is all the evidence you require. The emphasis on track selection has been to choose the artists which Peterson has debuted on his weekly broadcast, which is syndicated across the globe. Thus there are some classic tracks such as Amerie's "One Thing" and "Galang" from MIA which were premiered long before the artists became international sensations (or should that be sensationalists in the case of M.I.A?). Alongside these and the likes of Winehouse and Dizzee, there are tracks from artists such as Benga, Quasimoto, Recloose and Theo Parrish - all big names within their respective realms and no doubt helped by exposure on Worldwide. This release is made all the more special by the conclusive sleeve notes compiled by Peterson and those who have worked alongside him over the years and some brilliant photography that charts his rise in the game.

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Cat: BARG 15CD. Rel: 18 Oct 10
Funky/Club House
  1. Jenn Mierau - "Hum" (Hollis P Monroe remix)
  2. El B - "I Feel" (feat Nat Mor)
  3. Quentin Harris & Drew Vision - "Sacrifice"
  4. Blaze - "Lovelee Dae" (original)
  5. Jamie Jones - "Ruckus"
  6. The Jinks - "Whip It"
  7. Andre Torquato Project - "Niente"
  8. Dualton - "Formula"
  9. Tracey Thorn - "Why Does The Wind" (Michel Cleis remix)
  10. Louie Vega & Jay 'Sinister Sealee' Starring Julie McKnight - "Diamond Life" (Rocco deep mix)
  11. 2020Soundsystem - "Sliding Away" (Johnny D remix)
  12. MDCL presents Sy Smith - "Truth" (MDCL remix)
  13. Jose Nunez - "Yesterday" (feat Shawnee Taylor - original mix)
  14. Tensnake - "Coma Cat" (Round Table Knights remix)
  15. Rober Gaez - "Get Funky"
  16. Maher Daniel - "3rd Time Is A Charm"
  17. John Jocobsen & G Martinez - "Getting On Down" (feat Lisa Rudy)
  18. Hanna Hais - "Rosa Nova" (produced By Sergio Flores - Sergio Flores 2010 re medix)
  19. Sergio Flores - "Give It Back" (feat Joy Malcom - original mix)
  20. Copyright - "Someday" (feat Tasita D'Mour & Imaani - original mix)
  21. Treasure Fingers - "Its Love"
  22. Miss Divine & Jon Kong - "No Grace" (original mix)
  23. Rasmus Faber & Alf Tumble - "Wilder Side" (feat Candi Staton - Tong & Rogers Wonderland club mix)
  24. Freeform Five - "Perspex Sex" (Ewan's Hi-NRG remix)
  25. Fishtank - "The Eighty Eight" (original mix)
  26. Hot Toddy - "Down To Love" (feat Jennifer Rhonwen)
  27. Azari & III - "Reckless With Your Love" (Tensnake remix)
  28. Home & Garden - "Sexuality...He's 2 Young" (feat Colette - Home & Garden's Drum Lingo mix)
  29. Lauer - "Delta NRG"
  30. Derrick L Carter - "End Of The Line" (Got Change For A $20)
  31. The Normalites - "The Sun Rising" (Pete Gooding remix)
  32. Kaine - "Love Saves The Day" (feat Diamond)
  33. Rob Mello - "Fantasize" (feat Cecile - vocal club mix)
  34. Scoper & Rubba - "I'm Satisfied"
  35. Bass Hitt - "The Beat That Makes U Move" (feat Dreamgirl Vee - The Rhythm Hype mix)
  36. Arthur Baker - "Tear Down The Walls" (feat Nona Hendrix & Ladonna - AB's Return To Chi-Town mix)
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Cat: 886977 96452. Rel: 11 Oct 10
  1. Metallic: Metallic Spheres/Hymns To The Sun/Black Graham/Hiding In Plain View/Classified
  2. Spheres: Es Vedra/Hymns To The Sun/Olympic/Chicago Dub/Bold Knife Trophy (Hymns To The Sun: reprise)
  3. Metallic: Metallic Spheres/Hymns To The Sun/Black Graham/Hiding In Plain View/Classified (3D60 version)
  4. Spheres: Es Vedra/Hymns To The Sun/Olympic/Chicago Dub/Bold Knife Trophy (3D60 version)
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Cat: TECCD 009. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Loveless
  2. Dread (feat Ruckspin)
  3. The Chase VIP
  4. Salvation
  5. Terminal
  6. Shoal
  7. Subterranean (feat Indi Kaur)
  8. Dune
  9. Relapse
  10. Regress
  11. Exit
Review: Leeds based producer Jack Sparrow is somewhat of a newcomer to the UK dubstep scene but he has swiftly managed to gain the respect of many of its pioneers and main players. Sparrow's carefully honed sound really marks him out from the rest as he emerges with his stunning and evocative debut album Circaidian on Pinch's Tectonic imprint. Sparrow's moody, nocturnal atmospherics rise and fall, joining the dots between blissed out entree "Loveless", tense, sub heavy venture "The Chase (VIP)" and murky jungle referencing riddim "Relapse". The restless pulsating explorative nature of "Salvation" is mellowed out by the cavernous but calming "Subterranean" later on in the cycle. "Exit" marks the end of the cycle, but paradoxically, also the beginning; the beginning of something very special for Jack Sparrow.

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Cat: RAMMLPCD 14. Rel: 04 Oct 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Spor - "Kingdom"
  2. Delta Heavy - "Space Time"
  3. Onslaught - "Mind Vortex"
  4. Chase & Status - "No Problem"
  5. Wilkinson - "Moonwalker"
  6. Loadstar - "Link TO The Past"
  7. Bladrunner - "Spartan Law"
  8. Hmilton - "Echoes"
  9. Octane & DLR - "Seven"
  10. Konflict - "Messiah"
  11. Sparfunk - "Crash Dummy"
  12. Mindscape - "Bounce"
  13. Shock One - "Polygon" (Dirtyphonics remix)
  14. Mind Vortex - "Now Its Time"
  15. Sigma - "Stronger"
  16. Noisa - "Deception VIP"
  17. Survival, Octane & DLR - "Transition"
  18. Hive/Ed Rush & Optical - "Blackout/Schranders Dice"
  19. Wilkinson - "Scream It"
  20. Rusko - "Hold On" (feat Amber Coffman - Sub Focus remix)
  21. Siren/Logistics - "Snorkel/Colour Wheel"
  22. Spor - "Halogen"
  23. Phace - "Stange Science"
  24. Loadstar - "Blvd"
  25. D Kay & Lee - "Tuning VIP"
  26. Break - "Breakfast"
  27. Culture Shock - "Ohrwurm"
  28. Dc Breaks - "Take That"
  29. Spinline - "Run"
  30. Gridlok & The Upbeat - "The Hitters"
  31. Ram Trilogy - "Gridlock" (Break remix)
  32. Commix - "I Have You"
  33. Culture Shock - "I Remember"
  34. Craggz & Parallel - "Turn The Page"
  35. DJ Die - "Ghet'to Bizness"
  36. Break - "All Thats Left"
  37. DJ Fresh - "Mission To Mars"
  38. Tyke & Recipe - "The Music Makers"
  39. SPY - "Go With The Flow"
  40. Fierce & Vicious Circle - "Section VIP"
  41. Enei - "One Chance"
  42. Culture Shock - "Foorloose"
  43. Hold Tight - "Lounge" (DC Breaks remix)
  44. Sub Focus - "Triple X"
  45. Blackout - "LOVE" (Hamilton remix)
  46. Delta Heavy - "Take The Stairs"
  47. Ed Rush & Optical - "Chubrub"
  48. Sub Focus - "Rock It VIP"
  49. Break - "Hot Love"
  50. Culture Shock - "Protection"
  51. Noisia & Phace - "Floating Zero"
  52. DJ Fresh - "Cylon"
  53. Total Science & SPY - "Gangsta"
  54. Total Science - "Squash" (SPY remix)
  55. Callide - "Supreme"
  56. Hamilton - "Soundboy"
  57. Wilkinson - "Samurai"
  58. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - "Can You Feel It"
  59. LTJ Bukem - "Atlantis" (Marky remix)
  60. Loadstar - "Hit The Ground"
  61. Break - "Get Hot"
  62. Underworld - "Scribble"
  63. DC Breaks/Sub Focus - "Pickett Line VIP/Deep Space"
Review: Ram's head honcho, the indomitable "executioner" of jungle legend returns to the fore with the fifth instalment of his Nightlife series. Conveying the same range, depth and energy as his live sets, Nightlife 5 takes us from Spor's incredible, funked up entree through more 'serious', stripped back moments with Survival, Commix and Craggz & Parallel Forces, to the tear out party anthems from Sub Focus, via heavy tech-y joints from Noisia, Phace and Konflict. Importantly showcasing the new breed of Ram artists (Culture Shock, Hamilton, Delta Heavy, Hamilton, Loadstar et al) Nightlife 5 shows where D&B is right now and where it's heading in the future.
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