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Juno Recommends CD Albums

Juno Recommends CD Albums

CD Album Recommendations May 2010
5 May 2010
Cat: FACESCD 003. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. Raw Cuts #1
  2. Raw Cuts #2
  3. Prayer
  4. Raw Cuts #3
  5. Raw Cuts #4
  6. Jayson Brothers - "All My Life"
  7. Jayson Brothers - "Monster Box"
  8. Raw Cuts #5
  9. Raw Cuts #6
  10. There's A Truth
  11. Monorail
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Cat: OSTGUTCD 12. Rel: 26 Apr 10
  1. Quasi (intro)
  2. Argon
  3. Screen
  4. Motive
  5. Drawing
  6. Reticle
  7. Irritant
  8. Captivate
  9. Silex
  10. Home
  11. Viscous
  12. Taris (outro)
Review: Marcel Dettmann drops one of the most anticipated albums of 2010, with his eponymous debut on Ostgut Ton. And it's everything you'd hope for (and expect) from a Berghain resident: dark, cavernous, atmospheric - utterly brilliant. The highlights are numerous, from the thunderous, atmospheric electrical storm that is "Argon" to the Basic Channel-esque hiss and crackle of "Drawing" and the looped percussion on "Reticie" that sounds like Dettmann has been dragging a bag of marbles around one of the unused rooms at Berghain. Techno, welcome to 2010.

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Cat: NHS 164CD. Rel: 26 Apr 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Netsky - "Memory Lane"
  2. Sonic - "All I Wanna Do"
  3. Camo & Krooked - "Turn Up (The Music)"
  4. Wilkinson - "Hypnosis"
  5. B-Complex - "Three Dots"
  6. Reso - "Slap Chop"
  7. Jonny L - "1 N 2"
  8. Enei - "Atlantis"
  9. London Elektricity - "Bare Religion" (Subwave remix)
  10. Illskillz - "Directions"
  11. Dan Habarnam - "No Ballast"
  12. Nu:Tone - "Battle Theme"
  13. Muffler - "Pinball Fantasies" (remix)
  14. Cyantific - "Hong Kong Express"
  15. MRSA - "Chemicals"
  16. Shapeshifters - "Twin Galaxies" (The Upbeats remix)
  17. Mistabishi - "Millwall"
  18. Logistics - "Warehouse" (Illskillz remix)
  19. Agent Alvin - "Moonlight Bay"
  20. Blokhe4d - "Sunscreen"
  21. Royalston & Mark Berry - "Tough Luck"
  22. Stanza - "Rose Garden"
Review: Hospital drop the second Sick Music comp upon their incredibly loyal fanbase and the good news is that it's a real stormer with a really tasty range of songs from the mega successful D&B label. Some highlights include Muffler's "Pinball Fantasies", which rocks an interesting glitchcore/Planet Mu-style lead melody, an unusual sound for a Hospital banger. Another surprise is the slinky, tech-inspired vocal tune "Turn Up The Music" by Camo and Krooked, a tune that craftily keeps the listener on tenterhooks as it threatens to spill out into complete mayhem. Every bit as strong as the first time around, this is yet another chance to gorge on 22 unmixed D&B future classics from Hospital. Sick indeed.
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Cat: DESCD 14. Rel: 19 Apr 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. David Durange - "Juegos Fantasticos"
  2. Roy Murakami - "Off The Wall"
  3. David Durango - "Striptease"
  4. Rene Breitbarth - "Le Groove Rhodes"
  5. Moodymanc - "Omiette" (Dplay remix)
  6. Andrade - "Merise"
  7. Burnski - "New Road FM"
  8. David Durango - "Human"
  9. Claire Ripley - "Labyrinth"
  10. Ryo Murakami - "Just For This" (Graeme Clark's Revenge remix)
  11. Rene Breitbarth - "Detective"
  12. Tigerskin - "Voodoo"
  13. The Discowboys - "At Midnight" (Steve Bug's Always Late mix)
  14. Dan Berkson & James What - "Keep On" (feat Robert Owens)
  15. David Durango - "Perfect Day" (Matthew Meyer remix)
  16. Moodymanc - "Snore" (Dubba dub)
  17. Two Armadillos - "Hamlin" (Sascha Dive's Secret dub)
  18. Moodymanc - "Talker"
  19. Claire Ripley - "Labyrinth" (Gorge remix)
  20. Claire Ripley - "Utopia"
  21. Langenberg - "Alternate Rhythm"
  22. Solomun - "Woodstep"
  23. Burnski - "Me & You"
  24. Innocent lovers - "Neophunk" (Ryo Murakami remix)
  25. Moodymanc - "Omiette"
Review: Steve Bug's Dessous imprint is one of the best and most consistent deep house and minimal labels going. On Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2, the follow up to 2007's first instalment, they prove it yet again with a compilation that charts both the current and future sound of the label. Full of emotion, warmth and soul, the release serves as a true indication of the label's ethos as a whole and leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

David Durango has been making impressive appearances on Dessous and Poker Flat of late. So much so that the young half Swiss, half Spanish producer was chosen to open this compilation with the first of his three offerings on the release. "Juegos Fantasiticos" opens proceedings with some warm, deep house that sounds as comfortable as it does laid back. "Striptease" showcases Durango's more upbeat side before "Human" delves into a minimal aesthetic courtesy of deft high end percussion, low bass squeezes and acute phaser work.

Alongside smooth, chord-laden house like "Le Groove Rhodes" from Rene Breithbarth and Claire Ripley's "Labyrinth" we get the techno influenced twisted synths of Moodymanc's "Omlette" and the darker more driving sound of "Merise" by Andrade. "New Road FM" by Burnski brings the groove with some cosmic, jacking twists and Graeme Park closes the release with his slo-mo house remix of Ryo Murakami's "Just For This."

Dessous Best Kept Secrets Volume 2 takes you on a delightfully soulful and rhythmic journey of their label. Although the compilation never strays too far away from their signature sound nor breaks any new barriers, it does an expert job of bringing you the vintage and emotive deep house that has made the imprint so special in the first place.
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Cat: MEDICD 003. Rel: 26 Apr 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Kromestar - "Marz Attakz"
  2. Kromestar - "Rainy Dayz"
  3. Quest - "The Seafront"
  4. Quest - "Deep Inside"
  5. Silkie - "Hooby"
  6. Silkie - "I Sed"
  7. Tunnidge - "Face Melt"
  8. Tunnidge - "Geddeon"
  9. Goth Trad - "Law"
  10. Goth Trad - "The Clown"
  11. Mala - "Miracles"
  12. Mala - "New Life Baby Paris"
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Cat: TRUCD 212. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Lizzy Parks - "Forever & A Day" (Eric Lau remix)
  2. Nostalgia 77 Sessions - "Visions" (feat Keith & Julie Tippett)
  3. Kylie Auldist - "In A Week, In A Day" (Ashley Beedle's Streetsoul edit)
  4. Azaxx - "Play Again"
  5. Belleruche - "It'll Come"
  6. Lizzy Parks - "Forever & A Day" (instrumental)
  7. Stonephace - "Stonephace"
  8. Up Hygh - "Be Known" (feat Eska)
  9. Natural Self - "The Origin"
  10. Kinny - "Forgetting To Remember" (feat Nostalgia 77)
  11. Quantic & His Combo Barbaro - "Cancao Do Deserto"
  12. The Bamboos - "Move On" (feat Paul Machines)
  13. Lizzy Parks - "All That" (Natural Self remix)
  14. Kinny - "Petrified Dazed" (feat TM Juke - Andy H remix)
  15. Kylie Auldist - "One Goodbye" (Flevans remix)
  16. Azaxx - "Autumn Dreamy" (Hint remix)
  17. Flevans - "Hold On Water" (Azaxx remix)
  18. Quantic - "Tell It Like You Mean It"
  19. Azaxx - "Le Millionaire"
  20. Quantic - "Mishaps Happening" (Flux Pavilion remix)
  21. Fredo - "Squadron Face"
  22. Natural Self - "Days Get Brighter" (club version)
  23. Lanu - "Beijo Do Sol"
  24. Hint - "One Woman Army" (feat Laura Vane - Hint club mix)
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Cat: ISMCD 001. Rel: 12 Apr 10
  1. Hot Fridge
  2. Fan The Flame (feat Holly Backler)
  3. ...Is The Word
  4. Into My Life
  5. Fear (intro)
  6. Fear (feat Danielle Moore)
  7. Mat N Me
  8. Voices (feat Holly Backler)
  9. No Jose (intro)
  10. No Jose (part 1)
  11. No Jose (part 2)
  12. Spirit
  13. For The People By The People
  14. Run With You (feat Danielle Moore)
  15. Bring Me Light (feat Danielle Moore)
Review: Ron Basejam is the alter ego of keyboardist James Baron of Crazy P and Secret Stealth fame. Here he drops his superb full album for Yam Who's ISM label. Fans of Ron include the likes of Gilles Peterson (who put the charismatic ''Into My Life'' on the recent Brownswood Bubblers 5 compilation), DJ Harvey, Dam Funk, The Revenge and Greg Wilson, and it's easy to see why. The album trips through musical genres effortlessly taking elements of the past and fusing them with modern day production techniques. Ron's influences are all represented here, with touches of deep house, disco and melancholic dreamscapes set against jazzual synth funk-fired treatments and vocal sample snippet production. Definitely one to check.
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Cat: VSNCD 001. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Machine Gun
  2. My World (feat Giovanca)
  3. Shitbox
  4. Split The Atom
  5. Thursday
  6. Leakage
  7. Hand Gestures (feat Joe Seven)
  8. Headknot
  9. Red Heat
  10. Shellshock (feat Foreign Beggars)
  11. Whiskers
  12. Alpha Centauri
  13. Soul Purge (feat Foreign Beggars)
  14. Diplodocus
  15. Paper Doll
  16. Dystopia
  17. Sunhammer (feat Amon Tobin)
  18. Stigma
  19. Square Feet
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Cat: HDBCD 004. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Ikonoklast (Insert Coin)
  2. Idiot
  3. Yoshimitsu
  4. Fish
  5. RESOL
  6. They Are All Losing The War
  7. Millie
  8. Sahara Michael
  9. Continue?
  10. Heston
  11. Psoriasis
  12. Video Delays
  13. Look (Final Boss Stage)
  14. Red Marker Pens (Good Ending)
Review: Having kept fans hooked since her first Hyperdub single Please/Simulacrum, Ikonika graduates with flying colours into the the big league with this stunning debut. Ikonklast (Insert Coin) starts things off in a measured but confident way, with half-step beats and bent Eastern scales vying for your attention. The rollicking funky meets glitchcore of Idiot is a revelation though. A perfectly tempered mix of stacked snares, sub bass and a complex melody picked out of a slew of bleeps and test tones, it's both satisfyingly familiar whilst also sounding totally unique and fresh.

While her early singles were leapt on by dubstep fans everywhere, Ikonika takes the wise decision not to go down any cliched or well-trodden routes on Contact Love Want Have. There's no gratuitous wobble for example on tunes like Millie or Sahara Michael, the basslines are tight and full of bounce rather than showy and over the top. There are also so many influences at work here (all expertly realised through her sharp production) that every listen solicits a different response from the listener. Continue? for example gives off a slow-jam R&B vibe with the beats but quickly picks up the pace and transforms into something else entirely. Heston gives off some serious kwaito vibes too, coming over like a sequel to Township Funk (Mujava's classic which Ikonika remixed for Warp last year) and Psoriasis will be the one that dj's will go crazy for - a seriously banging fusion of funky and swirling melodies. Fans of Zomby, Kode9 and the extended Hyperdub and Planet Mu family will instantly rate this straight away, but there's every chance it's unique edge and all round quality will see it reach a wider audience pretty soon.

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Cat: HCCD 002. Rel: 12 Apr 10
  1. Intro
  2. Ragga Tip
  3. Cars That Go Boom
  4. Ghetto Electro
  5. Take It Easy
  6. Hi Top
  7. Mexican
  8. Street Sounds
  9. Forget Dre
  10. Block Parties
  11. Dance The Way
  12. Toy Friends
  13. Sweet Vibrations
  14. Cruel Booty
  15. Shake It To The Floor
  16. Know How
  17. Night Moves
  18. Oh Why
  19. War
  20. Mind Control
  21. Riverside
  22. WTF
  23. Use Somebody
  24. Sugar Me
  25. Hail Up The Lion
  26. Top Rankin
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Cat: UQ-031. Rel: 19 Apr 10
Deep House
  1. I'm Comin
  2. Below
  3. Strings From The Hood
  4. Marco's Love
  5. Play Date
  6. Listening In
  7. SHIT
  8. Matrix
  9. Stimulate
  10. Dub Project 3
out of stock $8.91
  1. Altered States (original version)
  2. The Afterlife (original version)
  3. Making Love (original version)
  4. As Is Above So Is Below
  5. Ibashe
  6. Urban Skylinez
  7. Altered States (Carl Craig East Side mixx)
  8. Altered States Of K (K Alexi mix)
  9. Altered States (Terry Hunter's States altered mix)
  10. Altered States (feat Harry Dennis from The It - Ron Trent's Mothership mix)
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Cat: PC 080CD. Rel: 26 Apr 10
Drum And Bass
  1. Gjallarhorn
  2. Creatch
  3. VD Majick
  4. Rebrth
  5. OMG Bleeps (with Limewax)
  6. Jungle Techno
  7. Chiropteran
  8. The Puritan (with Lethal)
  9. Rage (with Donny)
  10. 4-4 Frstyl
  11. Crypto (VIP)
  12. Word Of Thoth (Dean Rodell remix)
  13. OMG Klonk (with Limewax)
  14. The Evil Seed (Limewax remix)
  15. Thunderdrone
Review: Six years on from his last album, Underground Superstardom, German drum and bass madman Mathis Mootz aka The Panacea is back with his sixth full-length set, Chiropteran. Any ideas that this renegade producer might have gone soft over the years are thoroughly dispelled right from the outset, as the sinister opener "Gjallarhorn" launches a horror-core assault on the listener, breaking into a tight drum break right at the end and launching into the furious "Creatch". As the album progresses, Panacea takes it on to new levels. "4/4 FrsTYL" is gabba brilliance, while the equally off the hook "Crypto" keeps a techno-gabba vibe to the intro before breaking off into some genius warped jungle lunacy. Incredibly well crafted with enough ravey power to last the whole summer, Chiropteran is a sick masterpiece that shouldn't be allowed to pass you by.
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Cat: SNDWD 024. Rel: 19 Apr 10
  1. Ebo Taylor - "Heaven"
  2. Fruko Y Sus Tesos - "A La Memoria Del Muerto"
  3. Papi Brandao - "Viva Panama"
  4. Lito Barrientos - "Cumbria En Do Menor"
  5. Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band - "Bukom Mashie"
  6. Les Loups Noirs De Haiti - "Jet Biguine"
  7. The Sweet Talks - "Akumpaye"
  8. The Action 13 - "More Bread To The People"
  9. Los Silvertones - "Tamborito Swing"
  10. Celestine Ukwu - "Okukwe Na Nchekwube"
  11. TP Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo - "Gendamou Na Wili We Gnannin"
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Cat: K7 257CD. Rel: 12 Apr 10
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. Sandstorms
  2. Groove La Chord
  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. Isolated Syncopation
  5. Acid Eiffel
  6. Distorted Rudiments
  7. Oxygene (part IV)
  8. Jaguar (part one)
  9. Jaguar (part two)
  10. Distant Rhythm
  11. High Noon
  12. Sandcastles
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