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Juno Recommends Techno

Juno Recommends Techno

Techno Recommendations October 2010
7 Oct 2010
Cat: RS 1006. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. OFI
  2. OFI (Mad Mike remix)
  3. Huesca
Review: The presence of Model 500 on R&S some 11 years after their last appearance on the somewhat seminal label is further evidence of their new ethos of programming releases from past masters (Fabrice Lig) and future production icons (James Blake & Pariah). Model 500 in its current form includes techno founder Juan Atkins along with UR type Mad Mike, Detroit producer DJ Skurge and tartan fancier Mark Taylor. "OFI" marks the first recorded material from the quartet, vintage unhinged techno funk augmented by robotic vocals from Mr Atkins himself. Mad Mike Banks adds a further sheen of his own personal techno vision on a remix that retains the melodic core but strips back proceedings to a proper UR crunch. On the flip, "Huesca" unfolds in mesmerising fashion, with soaring arrangements driven along by a direct punchy groove.
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out of stock $6.41
Cat: TOKEN 16. Rel: 04 Oct 10
  1. Xylo 3
  2. The Dialogue
  3. Subtext
  4. Further Trials
Review: Four tracks here of brain throbbing, fast paced heads down techno business from London producer Phase. "Xylo 3" employs reverberant rushed metallic melodies to burrow deep into your psyche whilst the sheer percussive momentum of "Subtext" demands peaktime play. Dub technoisms played out at breakneck speed abound on the flipside "The Dialogue" whilst "Further Trials" has a vintage Plastikman swagger to it. Extra points for the grimiest looking sleeve art ever.

out of stock $8.55
Cat: MPM 9. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Power To Prophet (7:54)
  2. Clash (6:08)
out of stock $8.82
Cat: SYNCRO 05. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Evacuation (original mix)
  2. Evacuation (Skudge mix)
  3. Shimmer (original mix)
  4. Shimmer (Aubrey's unreleased 2010 mix)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: PARA 0506V. Rel: 20 Sep 10
  1. Room 2 (Pan-Pot Rave tool)
  2. Collecting Data
  3. Heart Of The Soul
out of stock $7.48
  1. Iland
  2. Just Soul
  3. Round Eco
  4. The Dip
Review: Laboratory Instinct grace our shelves with the third in a quartet of 12 inch releases that act as the vinyl version for A Guy Called Gerald's recent and rather sleek ''Tronic Jazz'' album. Your attention on Side A will dominated by the spectral dalliance with vintage Detroit techno mechanics of ''Iland'', with expertly layered syncopation reverberating around to a backdrop of cavernous throbbing bass and dreamy synth lines. This contrasts nicely with the neo techno futurism of ''Just Soul'' with melancholic strings slipping between tense off-kilter drum programming and bubbling atmospherics. Proceedings shift up a gear on ''Round Eco,'' which pulsates with menacing KiNK-ish energy, with an odd vocal murmur forming the driving groove around which Simpson wraps glacial keys and deviant bass twinges. Closing track ''The Dip'' oscillates wildly with B movie sci fi synth lines and scratching metallic tones.
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out of stock $9.09
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
out of stock $9.62
Cat: MATH 044. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Desert Expedition (original mix)
  2. Life Choice
  3. Fullness For Life
  4. Bright Shadow Of A Star
out of stock $9.62
Cat: BEARDMAN 8. Rel: 04 Oct 10
  1. Satellite (mix 1)
  2. Satellite (mix 2)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: AM 006. Rel: 20 Sep 10
  1. Your Eyes
  2. Transparent
out of stock $8.55
Cat: ART-NR 1. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Nairobi (original mix)
  2. Nairobi (Carl Craig remix)
  3. Unruly
Review: Not content with releasing an absolute beast of a track recently in the shape of "Exodus Earth", Kirk Degiorgio reaches into his archives to give one of his most revered moments a re-release via his Applied Rhythmic Technology label. Originally out at the turn of the century on the long defunct New Religion imprint, "Nairobi" and the accompanying remix from Carl Craig have been on the want list for many a DJ. It's the Carl Craig remix that impresses most, a textbook example in tension building with the Detroit don taking some two minutes to fully unleash the thumping beat. Not hard to see why DJ Hell included it in his recent Body Language mix for Get Physical.

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out of stock $7.48
Cat: BLACKEST 001. Rel: 31 Jan 11
  1. Retread
  2. This Foundry
  3. We Must Hunt Under The Wreckage Of Many Systems
out of stock $8.55
Cat: 4WCL 001. Rel: 20 Sep 10
  1. Dema (Revisited remix)
  2. Meridian (Revisited remix)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: SD 18. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
out of stock $9.62
Cat: HARDGROOVE 014. Rel: 27 Sep 10
  1. Nuke - "Kamikaze" (Ben Sims remix)
  2. Lighter Thief - "Comeback"
  3. Lighter Thief - "Heroes Return 2010"
  4. Sisco Dux - "Get Up"
out of stock $8.55
Cat: PRRUK 074. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Luky RDU - "Mi Dia Libre"
  2. A Paul - "Mirage"
  3. Exium - "Machine Language"
  4. Exium - "Awake"
out of stock $8.55
Cat: GLOBOX 016. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Paranoid
  2. Mechanism
  3. Drama
out of stock $8.55
Cat: HISTORY 1001T. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Liquid Air
  2. Distant Planet
  3. Can't Stop ((Acid) Rain Forest Mix)
  4. Acid
out of stock $7.48
Cat: MRECLTD 04. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Slowdown
  2. Basterd
  3. Backwards
  4. Forwards
out of stock $6.15
Cat: ART-DDS 3. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Exodus Earth
  2. New Genesis
Review: In "Exodus Earth" UK techno ledge Degiorgio has delivered one of the most instantly gratifying techno tracks of recent times. Classic Detroit atmospherics are merged brilliantly with contemporary production techniques as Degiorgio combines driving relentless percussion with trance inducing synth work. Destined to be heard bouncing off the walls of clubs across the globe.
out of stock $5.62
  1. Superluminal (Sleeparchive remix)
  2. Superluminal (Chris Liebing remix)
Review: Sleeparchive and Chris Liebing step up to deliver two contrasting but equally splendid remixes of Traversable Wormhole's "Superluminal". The Sleeparchive remix is that rare beast: a crawling dub techno remix which sounds equally unsettling at either 33 or 45 (the latter being the correct speed), while Liebing opts for a tension builder crafted from heavy duty industrial sounds. The midsection breakdown builds into a drop that is surely the techno equivalent of a multiple orgasm.

out of stock $9.62
Cat: DP 003. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. I Feel The Lies (feat Keith Tucker)
  2. Giro (Exium remix)
  3. Msry
  4. Giro
out of stock $7.48
Cat: DC 685. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Galaxy Express
  2. Old River
out of stock $8.55
Cat: DC 70. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Cacophony
  2. Souvenir
Review: Glaswegian techno veterans Slam make a swift return to Adam Beyer's Drumcode imprint after May's Maffaking EP. "Cacophony" is heads down peaktime techno business, with gruesome mechanical sound FX forming the backdrop to a relentless throb. On the flip "Souvenir" Slam implement some welcome melody into proceedings with wonderful results.

out of stock $8.55
Cat: RISQUEE 22. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Locus Pocus
  2. Sugar Hill Mountain
out of stock $9.62
Cat: SPSERIES 0285. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Paul - "Entangled"
  2. Rantan - "Rugged"
  3. Raul Mezolanca - "Nobody"
  4. Fer BR - "The Emotions"
out of stock $8.55
Cat: TPT 039. Rel: 13 Sep 10
  1. Raw Jam (Jonas Kopp remix)
  2. Raw Jam
  3. The Glass Bead Game
  4. The Glass Bead Game (Samuli Kemppi remix)
out of stock $8.55
Cat: PATRN 059. Rel: 06 Sep 10
  1. Savage
  2. Warning
  3. Tranki
  4. No Way
out of stock $8.55
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