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Disco Recommendations Best Of 2013

Juno Recommends Disco

Juno Recommends Disco

Disco Recommendations Best Of 2013
4 Dec 2013
Cat: LIH 002. Rel: 06 Feb 17
  1. Rayko - "Broadway"
  2. Rayko - "All Around The Watchtower"
  3. Em Vee - "Give Me Your Love"
Review: REPRESS ALERT: This time on transparent vinyl. Amsterdam dwelling editor par excellence Em Vee took the solo reigns on the inaugural Lumberjacks In Hell - and truly excelled with a great reimagination of "Miss You". The second release on the label sees the German share duties with Spanish edit demon Rayko, with the Rare Wiri boss hogging the A Side. First up is an expert rearrangement of Candi Staton's cover of the Bee Gee's standard "Nights On Broadway" which strips the track of its orchestral leanings to focus on the groove! Following this is a meaty take on a classic, with Barbara Keith's cover of "All Along The Watchtower" reinforced with some bottom end bump. Em Vee spreads a special disco version of Alma Lee's late 70s Philly delight "Gimme Your Love" with an extended intro that fully displays his edit talents.
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Cat: OLS 004. Rel: 16 Nov 15
  1. Spiral (10:28)
  2. Q (12:00)
Review: A firm favourite throughout the summer, "Spiral" is Terje at his most 'big room'. Driven by crisp synths and a dynamic chord progression, there's an overwhelming sense of progressiveness throughout that isn't dissimilar to that of Eric Prydz. "Q" continues this mainstage motif with a bold, loopy construction which builds and builds without ever being too over the top. Next level business.
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Cat: CTG 001. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Folks Prescription (The Doctor Edit)
  2. Jimmys Weakness (JC Edit)
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Cat: TUFF 003. Rel: 15 Jul 13
  1. Holiday (LNTG rework)
  2. I Love Ya (LNTG rework)
  3. Lovely Day (LNTG rework)
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Cat: KLRLTDRSD 001. Rel: 06 May 13
  1. Frank Booker - "Movin' On"
  2. Frank Booker - "It's Time"
  3. Ugly Drums & Chesney - "Soul To Keep"
  4. Ugly Drums & Chesney - "Girls Girls Girls"
Review: Initially released as part of last week's Record Store Day antics, Juno are happy to get our mitts on some of this limited "split grooves" 12" from the always reliable Kolour Ltd. Mr Frank Booker of Hit It Or Quit It fame leads the way with two A Side productions that sit happily between disco and house; loose, funk laden disco is very much the shape of lead track "Movin On" which features some great drum chopping. Complementing this, "It's Time" takes discoid elements and applies them to a crunchy mid tempo house template. Flip over and rising talent Ugly Drums pairs with Chesney for two soul laden productions, with the dusty Raw Cuts style antics of "Soul To Keep" complemented by the sugary beatdown of "Girls Girls Girls".
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Cat: 23-10948. Rel: 09 Sep 13
  1. You Got The Stuff (stereo disco version)
  2. You Got The Stuff (mono disco version)
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Cat: LIH 101. Rel: 13 May 13
  1. Moplen - "Let No Man Put Us Under" (Moplen remix)
  2. The Reflex - "Rock The Casbah" (The Reflex revision)
Review: * Lumberjacks repress ** Italian producer Moplen teams up with The Reflex to share a track each on a transparent 10". Both acts re-jig classic disco and rock gems, with Moplen taking to '70s Philadelphian disco quad First Choice and their track "Let No Man Put Us Under", while The Reflex tinkers with The Clash's "Rock The Casbah". Where First Choice's original may be more about people-power and self determination, Moplen gears his remix directly for the dancefloor with re-swung drums, guitars, bass and First Choice's infamous everyday of my life vocal (used to great effect in Sepalcure's 2010 Love Pressure EP). The Reflex boldly revises a Clash classic, with a specifically engineered four-four drum beats dominating his casbah riddum, which is totally rebuilt from the groups original 1982 hit.

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Cat: NI 1241. Rel: 12 Aug 13
  1. Release Yourself
  2. Release Yourself (Dub)
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Cat: KF 003. Rel: 14 Oct 13
  1. Moon Plain (7:14)
  2. Oblong (7:28)
  3. Sentenced Beyond The Seas (5:05)
  4. Moon Plain (Soft Rocks Acperience) (7:14)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Little do people know that Coober Pedy is an opal rich town buried deep within the red and arid outback of South Australia. Lewie Day (aka Tornado Wallace) and Tom Moore may be from Melbourne, but the duo make up the Coober Pedy University Band, coining the term "Krautback" to describe this Moon Plain EP. Drawing upon italo synths and mid-tempo Balearica as inspiration, the first release comes in 12" form via Soft Rocks' Kinfolk label. The reverb washed Australian crooner Chet Faker appears on the title track "Moon Plain" alongside heavy struck piano chords, while "Sentenced Beyond The Seas" is a flow of groggy atmospheres and downtempo beats. "Oblong" is the the EPs stand out italo track with short bass arpeggios a highlight, while Soft Rocks "Acperience" mix of "Moon Plain" takes on an acidic and space western theme.

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Cat: SRBR 002. Rel: 22 Jul 13
  1. The Music Sounds Better With 'Fro (Soft Rocks Adjustment)
  2. Brothers (& Sisters) On The Slide (Soft Rocks Adjustment)
Review: Black Rox is back with 2 more sneaky Soft Rocks specials that have somehow been liberated from locked CD wallets and released into the wild for general consumption. Lead track "Music sounds better with 'fro" is a Stardust aping afro groove exploding into ecstatic, almost house, pianos. This one has been thoroughly road tested by dem Idjut Boys and Soft Rocks themselves... dancefloor detonation guaranteed. On the flip we get more righteous with "Brothers (& Sisters) On The Slide". Funky rollin' drums and a spoken word intro leading into a glorious anthemic song about struggling against the man.

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Cat: ERS 003. Rel: 27 May 13
  1. White Wish
  2. Afrobotics
  3. Winded Up On The Floor
  4. Moon Life
  5. Angel's Eye
  6. Psouvenirs
  7. Knocking On Wood
  8. Lagoland
  9. Walkin' On The Water
  10. Roll
  11. Piano Waltz
  12. Foggy Twilights
Review: With recent releases for Internasjonal and Tim Sweeney's Beats In Space Records, Los Angeles based producer Secret Circuit (otherwise known as Eddie Ruscha) has had a breakthrough year with his brittle synth jams, taking inspiration from Balearic disco and minimal wave alike. However, he's been a prolific producer since 1996, and this record on Emotional Response, entitled Tropical Psychedelics, collects productions from Rusha up until 2010 that have previously only seen the light of day on cassette releases. Described by the label as a "Balearic-Tropical-Afro-Psychedelic whirl", the album packs a rich palette of analogue textures into its ten tracks, from the Afro dub of "Afrobotics", through the hazy, beatless combination of piano and analogue synth on "Psouvenirs" to the psychedelic tropicalia of "Foggy Twilights".
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Cat: TAIN 11. Rel: 14 Jan 13
  1. Pitch
  2. Bonus Pitch
  3. Slice
  4. Bonus Slice
Review: As anyone who follows their Facebook feed can attest, the still-somehow-mysterious Tiger & Woods have largely spent the past twelve months treating the clubs of Europe and beyond to their own distinct brand of heavily diced up and devilishly EQ'd disco goodness. As a result, Editainment releases have slowed somewhat, though last year's Castle Rock EP from River & Phoenix demonstrated a welcome stylistic diversion into 80s teen drama classics. The Banana Balls EP heralds the return of Larry & David. There are few words that can be said about "Pitch" and "Slice" that haven't been uttered about a Tiger & Woods production previously, though given the fact the great edit glut of 2010-11 has thankfully passed it's probably quite nice to drop these loopy gems in the midst of a house set. The high octane "Slice" is a particularly rubbery delight.
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Cat: ERC 010. Rel: 01 Jul 13
  1. The Dream
  2. The Calling (long)
  3. Meditasian (short)
Review: Emotional Rescue reaches ten releases and their second to be defined as a "cosmic classic" though that doesn't really do The Dream by The Ganges Orchestra full justice. Discovered and championed by a young Daniele Baldelli, The Dream mixed duggis, shenai, tabla, conga and guitar through Indian raga and European rhythm structures to create a unique musical vision. Long known to more open minded collectors and DJs, the whole EP has long been sought after and staple of many sunset and sunrise experiences. For this reissue, Emotional Rescue take it further with a longer version, previously unreleased track "The Calling" which is essentially an ambient version of "The Dream" and has been extended especially for this release by The Invisible Hands. In addition they also provide a short edit of the original releases 24 minute epic "Meditasian".

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Cat: GRIME 006. Rel: 08 Apr 13
  1. Rahaan - "Rebound"
  2. Zernell & Rahaan - "What!"
  3. Tim McAllister - "I Need Help!"
Review: The highly anticipated release of Grimy Edits Vol. 6 is here with the type of monster edits you'd expect from GRIMY! On this sixth volume of the popular edit series you have Veteran Chicago DJs Zernell & Rahaan bringing the heat with Rahaan's supercharged version of Rebound as the 1st track, coupled with the Zernell - Rahaan collaboration of an obscure B-side Latin Disco / Break Beat Jam perfectly titled WHAT! Joined on the flip side of the release is veteran edit master Tim McAllister of M.I.L.C. Music fame who takes a lesser known JB 7" and transforms it into the dance foor killer titled "I Need Help!".
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Cat: ERC 011. Rel: 12 Jun 17
  1. The Conversation
  2. The Conversation (version)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: With just one 7" release to their name in the form of the 1981 release, Jive Baby On A Saturday Night, the cult of The Jellies was possibly accidentally assured with the long lost song being rediscovered by collectors and championed by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore no less. Picked up and reissued by the stellar Trunk Records in 2010, the B-side cut, however, was sadly overlooked. Now Emotional Rescue are proud to license The Conversation and remaster it especially for this rerelease. Based around a simple drum and bass rhythm, interspersed with crowd noise, playful female vocal yelps and sprinkled with dub effects thrown in to the mix and you wouldn't probably think too much would be going for a track that the band put together in the last two hours of their studio time after Jive Baby had been completed. However, what you get is a killer gem of pop-punk-dub oddness that gets your head nodding to its infectious, repetitive rhythm laden with effects. With just this one (perfect) track available for license it seemed only right to hand it over to the in-house production team, Apophenia, to do their increasingly trademark dubbed out reworking, this time in the form of a true, but respectful "Version" for the flip. With both members of The Jellies sadly now living overseas this piece of early '80s British dub as it were, can now be fully treasured for posterity while also, proving a nice little smokers delight.
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Cat: ST 001. Rel: 15 Jun 20
  1. Good Times (7:12)
  2. Everybody Dance (7:49)
Review: The inaugural release from King Of Nothing's ridiculously collectable Star Time edit series, these Chic-shaping jams have been so popular it's been repressed. In case you were asleep, on another planet or unfortunately incarcerated when this first dropped, both "Good Times" and "Everybody Dance" are fully authentic edits, crafted straight from the original master tapes. Beefier drums, more spacious dynamics and some really cool remoulding of the vocal placements, KON has added to Chic's hit-smashing repertoire with subtlety and soul. A must-have.
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Cat: FUD 07. Rel: 15 Jul 13
  1. Disco Rocket (Faze Action mix)
  2. Disco Rocket (Faze Action dub mix)
  3. Ready To Work (Dicky Trisco Free Yourself mix)
Review: If you love slap bass then don't read another word and just press play... The bulbous slappery on both of Faze Action's remixes really is a funk disco delight. Couple with pounding pianos, a robust electro and big room dynamics, this is a perfect example of how nu-disco can be up-scaled to peaktime without losing any of its charm. Dicky Trisco's take on "Ready To Work" is much more traditional in that sense; with its sweeping strings it's not dissimilar to a Sunburst Band dub while the ticked out vocals are reminiscent of PKA's "Temperature Rising". Premium gear, this; we're anticipating many pocket rockets for "Disco Rocket".
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out of stock $7.76
  1. Nothing Has Been Proved (12" dance mix)
  2. Baby Blue (12" disco mix)
  3. That's The Kind Of Love I Got For You (12" disco mix)
  4. Spooky
out of stock $9.15
Cat: RNT 003. Rel: 15 Apr 13
  1. Skin (Frank Booker Godfather edit)
  2. Cosmos (Frank Booker Interstellar edit)
Review: Brooklyn label Razor N Tape return with some razor sharp edits from the personal armoury of Frank Booker, Anyone who keeps a left eye on contemporary deep house and disco should be familiar with the Auckland based DJ, producer and co-host of the Hit It & Quit It radio show with Recloose; in fact those that aren't should enrol in disco night classes right now! Those might help you ID the source material on the two edits from Booker here, though the gliding horn heavy funk and distinctive grunts of A Side rework "Skin" should be all the clue you need. On the flip, the loose limbed percussion and rising Philly strings of "Interstellar" provide equal doses of dusty disco delight.
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Cat: ERC 006. Rel: 03 Jun 13
  1. Electric Eels
  2. Eros In Exile (parts 1 & 2)
  3. Praise The Night!
  4. Bush Recorder
  5. Pointy Birds
Review: Emotional Rescue certainly laid a claim for the most esoteric of reissue endeavours last year, and they are maintaining this approach in 2013. This release sees the label dig further into the cassette archives of Kevin Harrison, focusing specifically on the Neo project the Coventry musician did in cahoots with fellow electronic explorer Peter Every from Neophyte Records. As you can tell from the primitive drum heavy tone of the music, Neo surfaced in 1985 with the 8 track cassette release Global Network. This twelve presents five of those tracks, all of which echo the pulsing electronic rhythms of the Fly EP, Emotional Rescue's previous Harrison reissue, and will find as much favour with those who sleep on the left side of disco as fans of cold wave.

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