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The Gaylads

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The Gaylads

You Had Your Chance
Cat: CGI 7015. Rel: 14 Dec 20
  1. You Had Your Chance (2:49)
  2. Wha She Do Now (2:29)
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Wha She Do Now
Cat: OR 126. Rel: 17 Dec 20
  1. Wha She Do Now (2:13)
  2. I Love The Reggae (2:49)
Review: Although best-known for their early rocksteady singles and albums, Jamaican group the Gaylads also made some fine 'proper' reggae in the late 1960s and early '70s. 'Wha She Do Now', which was recorded and first released in 1969, is a great example. It was produced by Clive Chinn and features the group utilising their distinctive solo and group vocals atop a seriously bass-heavy riddim track rich in hazy Hammond organ stabs and chunky guitars. Over on the flip you'll find another gem from 1969: the extremely rare, Vincent Chinn produced 'I Love The Reggae' - a horn-sporting celebration of reggae music that's far more club-ready than the admittedly excellent A-side.
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 in stock $9.68
Gal & Boy
Gal & Boy (7")
Cat: RSCS 7002. Rel: 15 Dec 20
  1. The Gaylads - "Gal & Boy" (2:30)
  2. Roland Alphonso - "20-75" (2:35)
 in stock $16.81
Funny Feeling
Cat: OHM 7009. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. The Conscious Minds - "Something New" (2:47)
  2. The Gaylads - "Funny Feeling" (2:45)
Review: The latest 45 on the revitalised Soul Beat label, which was first active in the 1970s, offers up some serious buried treasure from producer, musician and vocalist B.B Seaton. Both tracks originally featured on an ultra-rare, white label 45 that slipped out in Jamaica way back in 1969. The A-side, 'Funny Feeling', features Seaton's celebrated trio, the Gaylads, offering fantastic group harmonies and exquisite delivery of Seaton's loved-up lyrics over a chunky rocksteady riddim. Over on the flip you'll find a fine instrumental from the Conscious Minds ('Something New'), which Seaton later reworked to become the basis of Ernest Wilson's 'I Know Myself'.
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The Gaylads
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