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The Budos Band

ホーム  Artists  

The Budos Band

Maelstrom (7")
Cat: DAP 1099. Rel: 16 Aug 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Maelstrom (4:13)
  2. Avalanche (3:24)
Review: The Budos band might sound like they were from the '70s and hailed from Nigeria, but they're actually live and kicking these days around the Greater New York area. The majority of their music has come out thanks to Gabriel Roth's sublime Daptone Records, which also seen a vast number of incredible reissues land on its catalogue. "Maelstrom" is the lead tune on this fine 7", an instantly seductive psych track who electric guitar will have you shivering from head to toes from the very first verse - a total killer of a tune! "Avalanche", on the flip, isn't as visionary or grandiose in sound, but it is still perfectly capable of making you shed a tear thanks to its driving horns and hazy flutters of FX-laden guitar flying around like UFOs. Warmly tipped.
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 in stock $9.11
Magus Mountain
 in stock $9.11
Burnt Offering
Cat: DAP 034. Rel: 17 Oct 14
  1. Into The Fog
  2. The Sticks
  3. Aphasia
  4. Shattered Winds
  5. Black Hills
  6. Burnt Offering
  7. Trail Of Tears
  8. Magus Mountain
  9. Tomahawk
  10. Turn & Burn
 in stock $15.10
The Budos Band II
Cat: DAP 011. Rel: 01 Sep 07
  1. Chicago Falcon
  2. Budos Rising
  3. Ride Or Die
  4. Mas O Menos
  5. Adeniji
  6. King Cobra
  7. My Girl
  8. Origin Of Man
  9. Scorpion
  10. Deep In The Sand
Review: The Budos Band are the quintessence of Staten Island Soul. Since the release of the 2005 debut, their exciting new afro-influenced take on the instrumental music has been captivating listeners across the globe. "The Budos Band II" is an amazing release on Daptone.
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 in stock $17.68


The Budos Band
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