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ホーム  Artists  Tania Maria
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Come With Me
Cat: SB 7043. Rel: 27 Jul 22
  1. Come With Me (4:13)
  2. Lost In Amazonia (4:19)
Review: Brazilian jazz vocalist Tania Maria is a true icon with a huge back catalogue of music behind her, but of course it sometimes helps if a diligent digger weaves a path through the reams of albums and pulls out a couple of the best. That's just what Soul Brother have done with this 7", looking back to Maria's 1983 album Come With Me and lifting a pair of pearlers for a fresh walk in the sun. 'Come With Me' is a sundown slinker, with Maria's airy tone gliding over the sprightly piano chords while on the flip 'Lost In Amazonia' is a joyous, scat-powered slice of jazz funk with incredible slap bass flex.
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 in stock $13.78
Fio Maravilha
Fio Maravilha (limited 7")
Cat: DYNAM 7047. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Fio Maravilha (3:40)
  2. Bedeu (2:24)
Review: Dynamite Cuts lives up to its name with this limited 7" from acclaimed Brazilian jazz singer Tania Maria. Two driving and dancey tracks pressed nice and loud for the first time on 45, "Fio Maravilha" is a busy arrangement made up of wild piano, big raw drums and Maria's impassioned, lung-emptying singing that whizzes along at pace. "Bedeu" has a little more Latin flavour, bossa nova swagger and space in the mix for the soul to shine through. Drop either one and take shelter, cause both of these cuts are bombs.
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 in stock $12.77


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