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Steve Marie

ホーム  Artists  

Steve Marie

HO! (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PHLX 001. Rel: 18 Jan 21
  1. HO! (4:15)
  2. Devil Inside (6:44)
  3. Romanee Conti (5:41)
  4. Trancia (5:30)
Review: In a bid to make the first release on their freshly minted Philoxenia label stand out, Neu Verboten and Luigi Di Venere have turned to the invaluable experience of Steve Marie, a Paris-based Corsican producer known for his heady blends of techno, EBM and trance. It's a smart move, because Ho! hits home hard from the word go. Marie first offers some retro-futurist flavour in the shape of the bass-heavy, 1990 bleep and breaks style weight of the acid-flecked title track, before combining his EBM and neo-trance fascinations on the chiming and creepy 'Devil Inside'. He retains the deep bass and razor-sharp TB-303 motifs on laidback and angular electro number 'Romanee Conti', before puffing his chest out on trance-inducing, faintly foreboding late-night throb-job 'Trancia'.
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 in stock $11.43
Libertine Industries 04
Cat: LBIN 04. Rel: 21 Dec 20
  1. That's The Way (6:06)
  2. The Worth (4:38)
  3. Angry Uncle (dub mix) (5:32)
  4. Sundown (5:39)
  5. Destroyed Times (4:32)
  6. Stress Valley (5:05)
  7. The Universe (4:52)
  8. 80's (4:53)
  9. Last Run (5:06)
Review: Steve Marie's debut album on Libertine Industries is part of a new series from the label that aims to shine a light on fast rising talents. It's a cross-genre mashup of acid, new beat, techno, electro, wave and more, with a thrilling sense of forward motion and plenty of haunted atmospheres. 'That's The Way' opens with old school baselines and sci-fi vocals setting the strobe-lit scene. 'The Worth' is then a hard hitting jam built on sark metallic drums and with real urgency in its bones. Amongst other highlights, 'Stress Valley' really drills deep and makes you jerk your body in multiple directions at once.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
 in stock $31.16


Steve Marie
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