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ホーム  Artists  

Stephane Attias

Journey To The Light
Cat: VISIO 041. Rel: 28 Jul 21
Deep House
  1. Journey To The Light (with Trinidadian Deep) (7:52)
  2. Illusion (with Mark De Clive Lowe) (7:25)
Review: Stephane Attias is back on his elder brother's esteemed Visions Inc. with a couple of sublime journeys into the deep on the label's 41st release. 'Journey To The Light'' is a collaboration with the prodigious Canadian producer Trinidadian Deep, who brings his inimitable touch to the track with his hypnotic array of synth textures and emotive piano, altogether entrancing you with a backdrop of expertly crafted UK style broken beats. Over on the flip, it's a similarly nu-jazz affair with a right legend of the sound lending a hand; none other than Los Angeles-based New Zealander Mark de Clive Lowe who gives his Midas touch to the smooth operations of 'Illusion'.
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The Evolution: Phase Three
Cat: VISIO 040. Rel: 28 May 21
Deep House
  1. Deenamic - "Fears" (feat JM Bailon) (5:53)
  2. Orlando Voorn - "In Deep Thoughts" (6:43)
  3. Tryezz - "Later Frequencies" (5:46)
  4. Stephane Attias - "Fairy Tales" (6:16)
Review: The Visions Inc label has been defining its own grand of house music since inception in 1999. For this one the label draws on assured artistic talent from all over. Deenamic's 'Fear's manages to be a nice basement party jam but also oozes a sense of jazz-funk cool. Orlando Voorn again joins the dots between Europe and Detroit with the dancing keys and future techno soul of his magnificent 'In Deep Thoughts' and Tryezz builds the pressure on his steamy and late night 'Later Frequencies.' Stephane Attias's 'Fairy Tales' rounds out this limited 12" with more deep and misty eyed grooves for those who like it cosy and cuddly.
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Stephane Attias
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