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Resort (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ITLP 19. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Hedwig Transformation Group (4:55)
Nostaglitch (4:31)
Reminiscrmx (4:33)
Element (5:43)
Waldmeister (4:33)
Daytime Gamer (6:48)
Schneiders Paradox (5:34)
BB Care (5:18)
Terminal Z (5:14)
Holzl Was A Dancer (5:40)
7AM At The Rodeo (5:17)
Vitamin 313 (5:22)
Review: The next level beat maker and sound designer that is Skee Mask returns to long-time home label Ilian Tape with another bold and brilliant album, Resort. It's an album that expands on the artist's usual sound with fusions of celestial ambient, IDM sound design and lithe, rhythmic techno drums. There are breakbeats on 'Reminiscrmx' backlit by heavenly pads, 'Schneiders Paradox' is marbled with zippy pads and raw drum hits, 'BB Care' glistens with a futuristic glow and 'Holzl Was A Dancer' slips into a shuffling, UKG tinged dub house pumper. It's a wild, wonderful ride that reaches all new levels for this already accomplished producer.
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Compro (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ITLP 04. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Cerroverb (5:27)
Session Add (6:17)
Rev8617 (3:46)
50 Euro To Break Boost (4:50)
Via Sub Mids (6:27)
Soundboy Ext (4:42)
Dial 274 (6:00)
VLI (5:43)
Flyby VFR (5:16)
Muk FM (5:32)
Kozmic Flush (5:15)
Calimance (Delay mix) (4:02)
Review: Skee Mask, who only recently was found out to be called Bryan Muller, comes through with his second LP to date, making a wonderful follow-up to 2016's Shred. Compro is, ironically, comprised of a much more explorative palette of sounds, with many corners of the album veering off into otherworldly ambient, often through a striking new-age sensibility. The most impressive element of this album is its flow and evolution across its 12 tracks, sounding a lot more like one single-minded thought rather than a collection of disparate dance-not-dance tunes. The quality of the recording is noticeable, too, with tracks like "Rev8617" or "Via Sub Mids" sounding professional, both in vision and style. Through an intricate collage of breaks, samples, polyphonies, and subtle electronic manipulations, Skee Mask has truly mastered his own art, and is giving a new direction to the wider 'UK rave' sound. BIG.
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ISS 007
ISS 007 (12")
Cat: ISS 007. Rel: 03 May 22
Daytime Gamer (3:13)
MDP93 (4:30)
Farm (3:19)
Past Present (3:57)
Hachures (5:08)
Verdigris (3:56)
Untitled 2014 (4:14)
Space Drill Dub (3:09)
Review: Skee Mask's run on Ilian Tape shows no sign of slowing down as his Skee Series clocks up volume seven. As always the sheer weight of ideas spilling out of his studio is remarkable, veering from the gorgeous aqueous tones of 'Daytime Gamer (version)' to the barely there drones of 'MDP93'. Beyond the dazzling acrobatics of his albums and EPs, these kinds of releases prove the range of inspiration the Masked one operates with, where intricate and exquisitely sculpted soundworlds can be as engrossing as the fullest, most dynamic beat construction. Skee Mask, with these sublime ambient drops you are really spoiling us.
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ISS 008
ISS 008 (12")
Cat: ISS 008. Rel: 03 May 22
A14 vs CB (5:29)
Stoat (5:54)
Type Beat 6 (5:05)
Wiz (4:25)
Review: The inimitable Skee Mask on the peerless Ilian label is one of dance music's best pairings if you ask us. Here the techno and breakbeat astro is in scintillating form across four blistering new cuts. 'A14 Vs CB' opens up at a high speed, with flashes of synth and distorted bass twisting and turning under high speed breaks. 'Stoat' is a panel beater that will boggle the brain with its edgy and ravey loops and then 'Type beat 6' is another melange of busted loops, pinging kicks and frosted synth work from a dystopian future. 'Wiz' closes in high impact fashion.
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Played by: Wes Baggaley
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Pool (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: ITLP 09. Rel: 09 Jun 21
Nvivo (5:35)
Stone Cold 369 (5:58)
LFO (4:58)
Rdvnedub (6:14)
CZ3000 Dub (6:19)
DJ Camo Bro (5:56)
Collapse Casual (4:28)
Breathing Method (5:54)
Ozone (4:56)
Rio Dub (5:43)
Testo BC Mashup (6:50)
Dolan Tours (6:37)
Absence (5:15)
60681Z (6:18)
Crosssection (4:46)
Harrison Ford (5:01)
Pepper Boys (6:13)
Fourth (5:27)
Review: Munich based producer Bryan Mueller aka Skee Mask presents his latest album titled Pool, via local imprint Ilian Tape which follows up his LP Compro which came out three years ago. There's an extensive collection of sonic experiments on offer on this one, such as opening cut 'Nvivo' which goes down an IDM route, to the glassy eyed rave euphoria of 'LFO', the intelligent drum and bass reductions of 'Rio Dub' and UK influenced steppers like 'Crossection'.
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ISS 006
ISS 006 (12")
Cat: ISS 006. Rel: 26 Jun 20
Cafe Mu (4:29)
Frogsplash (Reshape) (5:11)
MDP 5 (5:42)
Dolby (5:08)
MBASS 123 Excerpt (4:45)
Henk (version Whatever) (6:50)
Review: Creamy Encouraging Mystical Mantras.
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