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Peder Mannerfelt

  1. Isabella - "Ominate" (4:08)
  2. Andre Kronert - "Tenth Street Rag" (5:58)
  3. Peder Mannerfelt - "Wake Up!" (5:40)
  4. Sissel Wincent - "Tricky Question Why" (4:55)
Played by: Daniel Andreasson
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PM002 (12")
Cat: PM 002. Rel: 24 Jul 14
  1. Rhythm Inflection
  2. Failed Grammar
  3. Technology As Apathy
  4. Titled
  5. Worlds Falling Out The Bottom
Review: 2014 is treating Peder Mannerfelt very well so far, with a critically acclaimed third Roll The Dice LP completed with Malcolm Pardon complemented by his own development as a solo producer that's manifested itself in a debut LP for Digitalis and the launch of an eponymous record label. With plans afoot to release on Sendai's Archives Interieures label, Mannerfelt's second release on his Produktions label arrives and adds more shape to this most compelling of producers. Some five tracks deep PM002 delves further into the world of humming signal paths and discombobulated synth patterns with emphasis toward sound-sculpture over traditional rhythmic groove.
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PM 001 (12")
Cat: PM 001. Rel: 24 Feb 14
  1. Hook End
  2. Psalm & Songs & Voices
  3. Expanding Sinewaves
  4. Serpant & Cross Modulated Oscilator
  5. Pauls Chain
  6. Rhythm Modulated
  7. With Psalms & Songs & Praises
Review: In what's being described as a year of rebirth for Peder Mannerfelt, the Swedish synth specialist has put his previous work as half of Roll The Dice and his housier inclinations under the The Subliminal Kid alias to one side to focus on a new avant garde solo career. This trajectory is geared toward complex sound design and sophisticated synthesis and ahead of the Lines Describing Circles album for Digitalis Recordings, Mannerfelt has created his own platform called Peder Mannerfelt Produktion. The debut release, titled simply EP1, sees the Swede experiment with sonics in a manner that will appeal to fans of Mike Parker, Emptyset and Donato Dozzy, and Raster-Noton's blips and glitches.
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Played by: Kondaktor, SNTS
out of stock $7.53
PM 003 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PM 03. Rel: 23 Sep 15
  1. Acid Drop (4:56)
  2. DB At Holger (6:34)
  3. Mach 2 (1:47)
  4. The Limits Of Control (3:59)
  5. Word Clap Bass (5:29)
Played by: Ekoplekz
out of stock $8.83
Cat: PM 005. Rel: 16 Jan 18
  1. First Day (4:52)
  2. It's Coming (3:41)
  3. You Had (4:01)
  4. Texas Is The Reason (5:29)
  5. Against The Wall (1:48)
  6. Patient Boy (5:33)
Review: IDM and experimental electronics dwelling on the outer limits of techno here, from one of the most impressive figures on the Scandinavian scene. Titled 'The 3D Printed Songbook', it features the emotive chill electro of "First Day" that kinda sounds like space invaders in your typewriter. We also enjoyed the slow burning afterhours techno of "It's Coming", equally impressive with its industrial edge: off-kilter/steely and textured rhythms alongside sludgy arpeggios. Despite its name, "Texas Is The Reason" sounds more like Buffalo, New York via Stockholm on this hypnotic sci-fi thriller that merges Mike Parker style dystopianism with Mannerfelt's penchant for lo-fi electronics. By contrast, the sublime ambient interludes In between act as nice palette cleansers for the ears. Released via his eponymous imprint, Mannerfelt kicks off 2018 on the right foot, following up work on Fever Ray's most recent album.
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Played by: Nastia Reigel
out of stock $8.05
The Screws That Hold The World Together (hand-stamped 12" in screen-printed sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LT MP. Rel: 24 May 18
  1. Shining Beacons Of Light (4:38)
  2. The Toad (5:22)
  3. Every Day Had A Number (9:40)
 in stock $9.34
Variation EP (limited 12" in hand-printed sleeve)
Cat: UH 004. Rel: 25 Nov 15
  1. Variations Of Love (5:52)
  2. Ta-Ta Tommy Time (4:23)
  3. Set It Off (4:59)
  4. STROBB (4:46)
Review: With close ties to Glasgow vinyl institution Rubadub, the Ultimate Hits label has been a welcome addition to the land of techno with a refreshing approach demonstrated in their small clutch of releases to date. Having secured the massive "Skanker" by Lighter on their debut split release, Ultimate Hits have since embraced the full artist 12" with last month's I'm Back single from Max McFerren now followed by this superb record by Peder Mannerfelt. With the Variation EP, Mannerfelt delivers four idiosyncratic productions that skirt the boundaries of techno and oddball synth noodling and are some of the Swede's best dancefloor material since his Subliminal Kid days.
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Played by: Skudge
out of stock $8.30
  1. Joan @ The Rave (3:31)
  2. Public Images (7:22)
  3. Request Line (2:57)
  4. Blog Kept A Growing (7:51)
Review: All things considered, it's been a pretty big year for Peder Mannerfelt. First he releases on Glasgow's Numbers imprint, and then Will Bankhead and Joy Orbison's Hinge Finger label - what could he possibly come up with next!? Well, the dude is back on his own, self-titled record imprint with an unsurprisingly loose set of dance tracks, starting with the near-beatless ambient waves of "Joan @ The Rave", and followed by the beat-heavy techno punch "Public Images". "Request Line" kicks the B-side off with a wonky bit of leftfield dance experimentation, spear-headed by an aptly bizarre set of bass tones, allowing "Blog Kept A Growing" to ties this wonderful EP off yet more frivolity, manifested by a stop-start power electronic rhythm. Much needed - go grab it.
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out of stock $9.34
Cat: ATONAL 002. Rel: 26 Jul 16
  1. The Theory (4:41)
  2. Lines Describing A Circle (7:02)
  3. Limits To Growth (7:41)
  4. I Came (5:18)
Review: Peder Mannerfelt's live performance at Berlin Atonal 2015 featured an early '90s style virtual reality 3-D incarnation of the man himself, complete with mask (as seen on the cover) posing while his violent and psychotic analogue experiments powered away for nearly an hour. An excerpted edition of Mannerfelt's performance features here on the festival's rebooted label. On the A side, the sonar communications on "The Theory" feature, while the shocking grind and squeal of "Lines Describing A Circle" give a good audio snapshot of what the night sounded like. On the flip, "Limits To Growth" features bass powered half by drone pulsations, half by what sound like Gregorian chants, supporting laser zaps and cut up vocal loops. The jagged and angular groove "I Came" shares the same style of tongue-in-cheek weirdness as Diagonal's Powell, who played the same night.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
out of stock $9.09
Cat: NMBRS 52. Rel: 01 Dec 16
  1. Equality Now (6:14)
  2. Breaking Pattern
  3. Breaking Pattern (5:46)
  4. Rules, Rope & Strings (4:49)
  5. Rules, Rope & Strings
Played by: Savile
out of stock $9.09
Cat: PMHO 001. Rel: 12 May 17
  1. All My Love (6:12)
  2. Inside The Rain (2:26)
  3. Bird Chant (5:52)
Played by: Mark Forshaw
out of stock $9.34
Fallow (12")
Cat: STHLMLTD 031. Rel: 03 Mar 14
  1. Peder Mannerfelt - "A Narrow Dome"
  2. Jesse Jakob - "Jaak"
  3. Andre Kronert - "CODE1"
  4. Simon Haydo - "Procession"
out of stock $8.30
Corded (12")
Cat: STHLMLTD 033. Rel: 09 Oct 14
  1. Peder Mannerfelt - "Metastasizing"
  2. Peder Mannerfelt - "White Noise/Pink Ladies"
  3. Peder Mannerfelt - "Valle"
  4. Par Grindvik - "Speaker Attack"
  5. Par Grindvik - "Help Me Shiver"
out of stock $8.30
  1. Modeselektor - "Kalif Storch" (6:14)
  2. Peder Mannerfelt - "Sectional Healing" (4:57)
  3. Lory D - "Ob.bx-n" (7:43)
  4. Solid Blake - "Masha" (5:16)
 in stock $9.61


Peder Mannerfelt