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ホーム  Artists  Nils Frahm
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Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by Nils Frahm
Trance Frendz
Cat: ERATP 081LP. Rel: 02 Mar 16
Modern Classical
20:17 (4:58)
21:05 (6:04)
23:17 (5:23)
23:52 (5:34)
00:26 (5:23)
01:41 (4:07)
03:06 (4:45)
Review: Iceland's Olafur Arnalds (Kiasmos) and German multi-instrumentalist Nils Frahm team up again for some breathtaking excursions in classical/ambient crossover bliss. Frahm's sombre piano passages gently dance over Arnalds' serene soundscapes and eerie field recordings on this bittersweet and emotive journey. What was meant to be a one hour video recording of the duo in action turned out to be an eight hour long improvisation session and these are some of the segments of the wonderful marathon recording. We particularly enjoyed the gorgeously haunting electronic soul captured on "23:52" where those analogue synth strings just rise and rise to an epic climax.
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 in stock $22.32
Life Story/Love & Glory
Cat: ERATP 073SP. Rel: 27 Aug 15
Modern Classical
Life Story (5:40)
Love & Glory (5:08)
 in stock $6.16
Stare (12")
Cat: ERATP 042LP. Rel: 15 Jul 15
A1 (7:04)
A2 (4:38)
B1 (13:25)
Review: Current scene favourite Nils Frahm teamed up with Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Olafur Arnalds on three breath taking excursions through lush ambient textures on "Stare" as a surprise release back in 2012 for label founder Robert Rath. "A1" features Frahm's entrancing irresistible melody over some gorgeous all-consuming strings and glacial soundscapes courtesy of Arnalds. "A2" with its heavenly, transcendental beauty has just got to be heard while "B1" explores darker territory with its excavating soundscapes accompanying the most hauntingly delicate cello notes. Exquisite!
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 in stock $17.39
Music For Animals
Cat: 405053 8819397. Rel: 23 Sep 22
Modern Classical
The Dog With 1000 Faces (25:08)
Mussel Memory (12:37)
Seagull Scene (12:23)
Sheep In Black & White (24:16)
Stepping Stone (17:32)
Briefly (26:48)
Right Right Right (6:27)
World Of Squares (14:04)
Lemon Day (18:09)
Do Dream (21:37)
Review: Ambient and neo-classical pioneer Nils Frahm's Music For Animals is, amazingly for someone as prolific as he, his first fresh studio material since 2018's All Melody and 2019's associated All Encores. It is also his first work on the new label he has co-founded with his manager and it plays out over three immersive hours that are quite different to his previous work. It doesn't make use of his famous piano skills but is a mediative and spacious record that allows room to think. Despite the length of it, this is a record worth giving your full attention.
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 in stock $51.11
Graz (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ERATP 143LP. Rel: 27 Jul 21
Modern Classical
Lighter (3:41)
O I End (4:47)
Because This Must Be (2:49)
Kurzum (8:36)
And Om (5:06)
Hammers (1:51)
Crossings (6:10)
About Coming & Leaving (2:17)
Went Missing (3:07)
Review: Nils Frahm's latest must-check full-length excursion is not a brand-new work to mark Piano Day, the annual celebration of the instrument that made him famous, but rather an unheard collection from the vaults. It was recorded for Erased Tapes back in 2009, while he was still a student at the University of Performing Arts Graz, but for some reason they decided not to issue it at the time. It's Frahm at his minimalistic, spine-tingling best, offering up a swathe of solo piano pieces that veer from melancholic meditations, and immersive soundscapes, to genuinely cinematic compositions, yearning jazz interludes and - in the case of the brilliant 'Hammers' - gloriously uplifting workouts for vocal and piano.
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 in stock $20.24
All Melody
All Melody (2xLP + booklet)
Cat: ERATP 106LP. Rel: 26 Jan 18
Modern Classical
The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched (8:35)
Sunson (1:57)
A Place (6:44)
My Friend The Forest (5:08)
Human Range (6:59)
Forever Changeless (2:33)
All Melody (9:20)
#2 (9:20)
Momentum (4:58)
Fundamental Values (3:48)
Kaleidoscope (8:19)
Harm Hymn (3:27)
 in stock $24.90
Solo (LP)
Cat: ERATP 065LP. Rel: 10 Apr 15
Modern Classical
Ode (4:17)
Some (4:08)
Circling (3:41)
Merry (4:01)
Chant (5:02)
Wall (4:40)
Immerse! (10:38)
Four Hands (4:48)
Review: Classically trained pianist turned experimental composer Nils Frahm has previously been fairly prolific, so it's a surprise to find that Solo is his first album is some two years. As the title suggests, Solo is a wonderfully minimal, stripped back affair, full of rich, echo-laden recordings of Frahm sat playing his own piano compositions. He's a past master at creating evocative pieces with the minimal of instrumentation, and Solo is packed full of this kind of yearning, often melancholic fare. He doffs a cap to Steve Reich on the booming, circular chords and slowly shifting refrains of "Wall", while the soft focus "Immerse" is a 10-minute delight.
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 in stock $23.35
Late Night Tales (B-STOCK)
Late Night Tales (B-STOCK) (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 42 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
 in stock $25.43
Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 42. Rel: 07 Sep 15
Nils Frahm - "4:33" (3:36)
The Baka Forest People Of South East Cameroon - "Liquindi 2" (1:12)
Carl Oesterhelt & Johannes Enders - "Divertimento Fur Tenorsaxophon Und Kleins" (part 4) (4:40)
Four Tet - "0181" (excerpt) (1:15)
Boards Of Canada - "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country" (6:02)
Bibio - "It Was Willow" (2:02)
Dictaphone - "Peaks" (5:23)
Syste, - "SK20" (4:34)
Rhythm & Sound - "Mango Drive" (7:09)
Victor Silvester - "It's The Talk Of The Town" (Nils Frahm '78 recording) (1:43)
Miles Davis - "Generique" (2:48)
Colin Stetson - "The Righteous Wrath Of An Honorable Man" (2:28)
Penguin Cafe Orchestra - "Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter" (3:07)
Nina Simone - "Who Knows Where The Time Goes" (8:13)
Gene Autry - "You're The Only Star" (Nils Frahm '78 recording) (2:41)
Dinu Lipatti - "O Herr Bleibet Meine Freunde, BMV 147" (3:23)
Nina Jurisch - "Cleo The Cat" (0:46)
Dub Tractor - "Cirkel 4" (3:18)
The Gentlemen Losers - "Honey Bunch" (2:26)
Nils Frahm - "Them" (solo piano edit) (4:06)
Cillian Murphy - "In The Morning" (spoken word) (7:08)
 in stock $25.69
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